After nearly a year of being totally free of Morgellons to my surprise I was re-infected by a single pat on the back from a person who I know has Morgellons. This happened to me on July 12th of this year. At the end of this post I am going to summarize what I think this all means.

I must admit, I was shocked. As soon as this co-worker gave me a pat on the back I thought “Oh crap!” but assumed nothing would come of it because my terrain was strong (even though I wasn’t doing much terrain building for months). However, something did happen and it happened very quickly. I felt the crawling start within a matter of minutes and even more alarming was that within two hours the crawling had reached my ears. I say alarming because in my previous three year struggle with Morgellons never did I have crawling in my ears. At this point I was still at work and my mind was racing with thoughts like “How bad is this going to get?” and “What in the world could go from a pat on the back to my ears so quickly"?” and so on …

Then, there it was, the panic, the fight or flight feeling, and a whispering in my ear, “You’re in for it this time, it’s going to get really bad now”. I decided I wasn’t falling for it. I mean after a year and a half of blogging and encouraging people not to go down that road was I now going to do that very thing? I was pretty sure I was done with this mess, but reality had other plans. It wasn’t long before I pushed those thoughts out of my head and began to formulate a plan.

I needed to go back to my Morgellons survival roots. So, the night of July 12th I informed the kids my couch was once again off limits (and still is as of this writing) and that evening I took a shower, lathered up in my sulfur Azufre soap, turned the water off, and stood there for a few minutes. Then I rinsed and slept on the leather couch. There’s nothing like sleeping on a leather couch to make you feel like you were rode hard and put away wet. One of the jokes I liked to say to my kids in the morning was “Did you get the license of that truck?” and they would say “What truck” and I would answer “The one that ran over me last night”. This is because that’s exactly how I felt (and did so for three years). I definitely did the right thing, if I had infected my bed I might not ever get out of this mess. However, things continued to get worse.

Within two days my stomach had the red rash/bite marks that had plagued me for so long, you could compare it to the skin on my Pityrosporum Folliculitis post only not as bad. The crawling seemed to re-infect my computer area again such that whenever I worked on the computer (which is often) I seemed to get re-infected thereby thwarting any progress I might be making. It became clear to me at that point that until I was better I had to limit my contact with nearly everything. I had to be very careful and starting right that very moment had to limit my contact with anything and everything in the house. And that is exactly what I did.

When I slept on the leather couch I used two towels, one on the bottom and one for a cover, they were big towels, beach towels basically. In the morning they went into a black garbage bag. I started washing my clothes with two to three times more the amount of Doctor Bonners Peppermint soap than I would normally use.

One night I covered my stomach with coconut oil just before going to bed. I figured that not only was coconut oil very antifungal but it would also suffocate any unwanted visitors. I actually think that it helped quite a bit. My stomach seemed to look much better the next morning. I also recalled that I had used the FIR heating pad I had bought quite a bit before I turned the corner the last time I got better. So, for three of four nights in a row I used it a lot, moving it to a new section of my body every 30 minutes or so. Things really seemed to clear up, my stomach looked normal again. However, the pad is very expensive, $400.00 and it might not work for you, so please don’t run out and buy one on my account. Things might be working for me because my terrain is working against Morgellons as well.

But how to treat my ears? At times I would feel the crawling in them and I hated that. I don’t use the FIR pad near my head, I’m afraid it might hurt my eyes so that was out of the question. I even felt the crawling slightly in my eyes (something I had dealt with in the past quite often). I went with what I knew seemed to work for me in most areas, sulfur.

ears eye

Sulfur Ear Drops

Sulfur Eye Drops

Hepar sulphuris
is a homeopathic remedy that was created by Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Hahnemann combined the inner layer of oyster shells (Calcium carbonica) with flowers of sulfur and burned them to create Hepar sulphuris calcareum, or Hepar sulph. as it is commonly called.

Now, it’s important that such things not be abused and that labels be followed correctly. Both of these products contain 12x sulfur, never use the ear drops in your eyes, ever. The Similasan ear and eye drops are available where I live at any CVS store, probably any drug store as well, but that’s usually where I go.

I did the ear drops four nights in a row. You simply turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the clear applicator and a drop or two will come out. This stopped the crawling in my ears eventually. Interestingly I had to throw my head phones out at work however.

In the morning I would get a wet dish towel and wipe down my leather couch each morning (after squirting a good squirt of Doctor Bonners Peppermint soap on it) and I would wipe down my computer table area.

Finally, I was taking two showers a day, lathering up in my sulfur soap, turning off the water in the shower and standing there for a few minutes, then rinsing. When I towel off I do so very rigorously, rubbing my skin pretty hard.

At this point my crawling has all but stopped, I still feel what I call “tinges” now and then. I am not ready to say I am 100% out of the woods, but I think I have nipped this in the bud, however, this experience opens a whole series of questions.

What does it all mean?

First, and most obviously, at least in my case, I can be re-infected by a single touch from a person who has Morgellons that is not treating it at all. Let’s stop and consider this for a moment.

This person who touched me meets with clients and shakes hands with them and so on. What happened to me probably doesn’t happen to many, if any people he meets, though I cannot know for sure. I remember once early on speaking with Randy Yaskal, she had Morgellons and was free of it for nearly 10 years and then got it back again. Her last words to me were exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. It is my guess that we are susceptible for one reason or another to whatever it is that causes this reaction in us while others are not.

For people that cannot seem to shake it is their environment so full of whatever this is that there is no becoming free of it? Perhaps I just don’t know, I’m still trying to unravel what this whole experience may indicate.

Here’s where I think what I did comes into play with my recovery, and that is a strategy of “Minimal Contact” with everything. Keep in mind that I did very little to no cleaning that final year and yet became Morgie free. Maybe it was this strategy that played a bigger role than I thought. Do I think cleaning up my terrain is still key, “Yes I do”. But now I also think “Minimal Contact” with all things cloth might have played a big role as well.

You’ve heard me say this before, I live out of a single laundry basket. My clothes never touch anything made of cloth such as a hamper or other clothes in a dresser, they only touch each other. I only have like three, maybe four days worth of clothes in my laundry basket. I wear shorts and a t-shirt to work each day so we’re not talking a lot of clothes here. And when I’m taking two showers a day as much as 50% of my clothes go through the Doctor Bonners laundry treatment each day. I also dry them twice on two full hot cycles. If you are wearing clothes out of a dresser maybe it’s like your dipping your freshly washed clothes in a tub of Morgellons before you wear them again. All speculation of course. However, and let me say, living like this is abnormal and could cause strife in your home. Luckily, my wife puts up with it, but remember, do not tear your family life apart, try to keep things as normal as you can, especially if you have children.

Also, remember I slept on a leather couch, again no cloth except for the beach towels which are washed each night.


When we travel I bring a lawn chair very similar to the one in this photo that I can sleep on. I never sleep in a hotel bed, and never will again for the rest of my life.

If you are serious about trying to isolate yourself from all things cloth and don’t have a leather couch this might be something to consider. Of course, the older you are the harder it is to really rough it. But then I was designed to go through living hell, my wife says I should go on survivor. By the way, I sit in a vinyl chair at work and a wooden chair at my computer at home.

If there was something in my environment plaguing me then it died off because there came a point where I felt no crawling for a year. Did my minimal contact strategy play a role?

I hate to repeat myself but when a person first has scabies it can be weeks before they know it, maybe even a month, however, Re-infestation can provoke recurrence of symptoms within 24-48 hours, or sooner. The body reacts very quickly to them upon re-infestation. Am I saying that it is some kind of mite? The truth is, I don’t know. From a pat on the back to crawling in my ears within two hours certainly has me wondering. However, like my last post states, don’t trust your senses, it really acts more like a fungal element in the end. For now, I’m going to leave it at that.

Also, I get out outside every chance I get, I love full sun on my skin. I’ve been eating a ton of watermelon, it’s in season and very alkalizing not to mention delicious.

I hope I’ve helped shed some light on this subject. I’ll be honest, I’m couching my words as to what I think this is because I know two days from now my thoughts will change. I’ll let you know when I am for sure that I am 100% clear of this. I’m very close now but it’s only been two weeks and I want to be sure.


Comments on: "Morgellons – Conquering my Re-infection" (20)

  1. Bless you, MCS. I am sorry this has happened to you.

    Could you use a swab in your ears and look at it under a high powered microscope? That maybe would tell you if it’s mites.

  2. How will you keep this person from touching you again?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      The truth is I can’t. Believe it or not I walk with him and another guy every day, I’m always afraid he’ll touch me, worse so now. I am going to switch jobs soon, it’s just the stupid economy isn’t so great right now.

      • Why not tell him about Morgellon’s?

      • Mr CS.
        I am so thankful to your blog and indeed I have been reading it all the time. I also went to a couple of Russian forums dedicated to Morgellons and there are many people on that forum believing that it is fungus. Indeed they posted information on how one guy sent all those fibers and stuff to test in lab and all it came as a bouquet of fungus. and the bio-film is apparently mold. I have strongly believed it was a mite too and I still do to an extend, but realizing that fungus can affect so many areas of human body and stay for such a long time on nails and skin. what i cannot understand is the way it spreads seems so much like bugs or invisible ants. Trying to analyze here if fungus can be felt something like that. Also I had experience something that made me think it was a fungus. I had a black spec coming out of my saliva and what I did i squeezed it with my nails and it became flat and opened like a worm and I took that and stretched it, what I saw it was a cotton like inter winded fibers of white color, but initially the outer area of that thing was black just like a worm. I am now going to try some remedies against strong fungal infections with all those protocols that you have, I have been doing better , but lots of anxiety, I cannot take magnesium, since I believe i have weak kidneys. I did not find anything that could replace magnesium for me. , but I keep searching,

  3. Perhaps it wasn’t the pat on the back but sharing a workplace? I know my symptoms are worse when at work. I have a co worker with very dark hair and either she has a down pillow or has Morgs and does not know it. One more month and I am giving notice. We have sold our home and moving to the country. I look forward to winter when all the bugs freeze!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sharon, it was definitely the pat on the back. There was no mistaking it. If you saw his skin you’d know. Good for you for moving to the country, sounds great !!

  4. zara cybele said:

    Thanks Mr. C.S for sharing this with us and for your honesty in letting know of the relapse. Someone with more ego might have not have been as forthcoming.
    Sorry to hear you are still dealing with it again.

    Hope you don’t mind my adding my 2 cents (okay… 5 cents) about cleaning.

    At the beginning of my onset with Morgellons, I cleaned often and steamed my rugs adding a tablespoon of Kleen Green Naturally to the water tank. I stopped the obsessive cleaning after a month or two, because I became convinced that whatever this is, wasn’t in my environment any longer—but was just within me. Now I am back to my messy ways and seem fine.

    1. Laundry —
    My feeling is that clothes are the big reinfection point. I too had a dedicated SEALED bin for my laundry. When something was worn, I threw it in there. Rule of thumb: Never handle worn clothing more than once. That means killing anything BEFORE you even put it in the wash!

    I used Menthol Crystals to do this.

    Put clothing in a large bin or garbage pail, rest a cup warmer (Mr. Coffee makes them) on a stable surface on top of the clothes and heat up the crystals in a little cup.

    The shortest time I would do this was 3 hours and I’d usually do it before going to bed (I am not crazy about using heating elements when I am sleeping).

    After a few hours of clothing being in the menthol, you can reach in and turn the clothes to make sure everything was fully exposed. Do NOT pack clothes tight. Air circulation is a good thing. Turn off the cup warmer and leave the clothes in the sealed bin overnight for extra assurance. NOW do your wash. This works well—especially if you have things like down coats.
    You can do your shoes this way too!

    2. For computer equipment —
    I disassembled all my equipment (even the cords) and put them into a big bin with mothballs. The kind with ‘PARA’ in the ingredients. I left them in there for 24 hours.
    It did the trick.
    Note: Mothballs are nasty and toxic, so I did this in a sealed bin and held my breath when I opened the bin (running away to breathe).

    3 Couch —
    Bought a big plastic drop-cloth from hardware store with as thick a plastic as was available and ‘TENTED” my couch. I used 2 cup warmers under it (my couch has room to do this) and let them mentholate overnight or longer. I tilted cushions on end for greater air circulation and turned them occasionally. If you can’t place cup warmers underneath, then rest them elsewhere on the couch. I treated couch every couple of weeks initially.

    At one point I was sure my couch was ‘infected/infested’ and didn’t sit on it for months. I now sit on it all the time and am fine.
    You can use this same ‘tenting’ technique for your computer chair.

    You can even Mentholate closets this way. However, remember, if you do this and don’t wash your clothes, they will smell strong and feel icy to the skin. I wouldn’t make a habit of wearing unwashed mentholated clothing.

    A note on Menthol. It is strong. Avoid breathing on a regular basis. My acupuncturist insisted they were toxic over time—but she is precautionary beyond anything I can relate to. Just be smart about using them.

    One more thing, some people have tried to Mentholate rooms. I don’t know that this works, but if I were to do this, I’d use a few cup warmers placed throughout the area. Make sure to seal-off the room from regular usage.

    Hope this helps someone.

  5. Thanks Mr.CS, very good article. I also got this malady from a brief contact (4 years ago). I did not have any idea how to treat it, foolish me I took a shower with rubbing alcohol (just hours after this contact)! I agree about minimal contact with cloth. I wash laundry everyday and found that in addition to detergent, oxygen bleach and Borax do the trick. In desperation to get sleep I used topocal fungicides to chase the crawlies away. I will use the products you mention instead.
    I found that to keep peace in my house best not to use menthol chrystals very often!
    You are so correct about the thoughts changing about this situation…that is one reason why I love your blog, your mind is searching and open, creatively making a path to wellness and sharing it with us.
    I have also taken an assertive mental stance regarding the attitude toward this disease. At night I tell “it” to stop and tell it I am not its propper home, it doesn’t belong on me or in my home. I visualize the situation is how I want it (free). I really think this lowers stress, and improves immune function, it gets rid of the victomhood and helplessness. I am getting better and better.
    Thanks so much for this blog,

  6. Janet Davis said:

    SPRINGTAILS!!!! They JUMP! I have been studying “bugs” and finding what I think I see, feel etc., in terrain and on me and “out of” me. Springtails are tiny, much smaller than a flea or gnat. I thought I was seeing fruit-flies. But started seeing them in bunches of dead ones in my bathroom, window sills, everywhere in kitchen. Moisture is what they go for. Add them to the coctail of pests already mutating in and on our bodies and… MY THEORY TO YOUR REINFECTION: When the untreated man patted your shoulder, might a springtail have “jumped” on to you and going for the closest damp place, walah! your ear. Or if more than one, they could have split up, ear and eye! Or, nose, mouth, any combination or all of above. I really, really think that’s what got you. Of course, it must have mated with “something” and there you go,a full-blown mutated infestation. I have decided to call Orkin and get a good thorough eradication, I know they come in from flower beds. I used to be an avid gardener. I read about colembola forever before I decided we have the springtails. Everything is perfectly textbook on my terrain for them. Look on your window sills; they go to lights. My lamp shades are infested and I try to clean them with menthol, I now have a leather shade on my desk lamp. Those tiny bugs hang around your eyes, nose, mouth, when you are outside, especially if you’re sweating. My goodness, we just might have found THE TRIGGER to Morgellons!!!!! I am just now remembering years ago when I first started having “bites”. I was gardening, sweating of course, a slight breeze would blow wisps of hair to my cheeks and “tickle”. I’d swipe with my cleanest hand or glove, once I had to literally PEEL my hair of several strands off my cheek! I knew something made a glue type stuff that stuck my hair to my face. Aha, you might say: Bio-film, hair for a cocoon or nest, add springtails and sweat, you got a good start on Morgellons. My immune system was really low because something terrifying had happened to me just months before, my daughter had a big church wedding, and I totaled my mini-van. I was a “bug magnet walking.” It is only after-the-fact that we who suffer can begin comparing symptoms, solutions, theories and then throw them all on the wall, the ones that stick are answers!!!! What’cha think?

  7. Mr. C/S I really want to thank you for being so honest with us. You could have led us to believe that you are well and doing fine.

    You mentioned that Randy Y was free of it for 10 years, that was also my case and my reinfection was due to lice and low immunity. I am a year into it this time and feel I am close to getting it back into the dormant stage. I no longer have to worry about my environment, clothes washing (felt that washing in MMS killed them but it does bleach out the clothes)

    In the winter I slepted in my bath tub (I live alone) using my sofa cushions for padding and cut old sheets in half so did not have a much washing.(tub was warmer did not have to use blanket) Also did not use towels except beach towel in winter to cover up with. After bathing I used paper T. after taking wash cloth and getting extra water of.

    Summer I sleep on my back swing which is similar to those lawn chairs you show but it it is about 3 feet off the ground. It has the strapping which is nice because it lets air circulate and you do not get as hot and sweaty. Again I use half sheets on bottom and top.

    I believe I am getting on top of this taking Nac with C, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, Wellness vitamins with extra c,d,b, melatonin, biotin and a detox program from my Dr. MMS, MSM and molecular Silver. I also feel that the fir pad that you showed is helping me kill them off. It is however a slow progress for the move to other places other than where you are treating and colonize. Also becuse you can’t irradicate them all at one time they have a chance to multiply so it is two steps forward and one step back.

    Get lots of pain when the pad is just right over them so I feel that is the killing off. If pad is not over them, it feel just like a heating pad and I get no pain. For my face I have been using the sulfur cream and MSM cream and treating my lesions on my extremities and they are slowly going away.

    I wish you the best in trying to get it under control again. My thought is they stay dormant and can be set off again under right circumstances. Will be checking in now and then. Thank you again for your honesty, that makes me believe in you and all that you have shared!!! Lynn

  8. zara cybele said:

    Mr. C,
    Do you still have your copy of ‘bodybugs’?
    She had a recipe for dealing with the ears. It’s tea tree oil mixed with something else (maybe olive oil).
    She gives the right proportions of drops. If you find it, could you post it. I never was able to download my copy of the book and then they disappeared. POOF!

  9. This is how everyone ends up getting well.. 😉
    Bravo brave man.

    I believe God blesses pure motive
    Pamela Mae

  10. Janet Davis said:

    Mr. C, what did you think about the springtails? Wondering. Janet

  11. Wow, this article is great MCS. I stumbled upon it b/c I am experiencing reinfection. I first got the Morg bug in sept. 09. I actually spread it to my parents house about a month after I got it. They claimed they got rid of these “bugs” w/in a few weeks, but whenever i would go over there I would feel it EVERYWHERE. So I didn’t see my folks for a while. I battled Morgs w/ my girlfriend who didnt really feel it except when it was really bad early on. We did everything! laundry w/ b;each/borax/bronners. Got rid of 90% of my clothes. Got rid of all our furniture (except our bed which we covered w/ a bed bug cover) Went on a vegan raw diet. The list goes on and on. The process was very very slow. Started in sept 09, feb 10′ i was feeling hope and having less and less bites no crawling. By summertime I felt very little symptoms. It seemed like I was only getting bites during full moons. August 10′ I was confident I had completely cured it w/ zero symptoms and I probably was, but them Xmas happened. I celebrated Xmas Wednesday 1-5-11 b/c i had to work Xmas. My gf and I got a lot of cotton clothes from my parents plus I was on their couch all night. Later that night a went home and got in bed. I FELT A BITE. Didn’t think much of it plus i was buzzed from drinking. The next day I started feeling itchy w/ the a couple bites and that night I had lots of itching and biting. Now it’s back to the protocol. I woke up today yesterday only two days after reinfected and focused n alkalizing my body, went to the tanning bad, did laundry by protocol etc. I feel confident I can get rid of this w/in weeks/months b/c ive been through this before. At this point i’m not concerned as much about getting rid of it b/c i know i can. Know I am concerned about my parents having this for over a year. Can I ever go to their house again? Sorry about the rant, but that is my reinfection story and I’ll be sure to let you guys know what happens and how long it takes after already knowing what to do. Tomorrow is day 4 of reinfection.

    • Happens, I originally got it in ‘ 91. Stay on your useful protocol
      if it works for you.
      I cannot say… I moved 5 times after that.
      My dog is involved.. I know that for sure.
      Every 14 days from the full moon are tough.

      The powers that be have some knowledge, we’ll see what happens in 11.

      Vitamin D, Light and aminos are my smallest best bets.

      Olive Leaf by Barlean’s will help keep you flu free, do not take a vaccine.

  12. This is the most inspiring blog I have read in my quest to rid myself of these bugs. People please keep it up. There are too many horrible, defeatist websites out there that have made me suicidal thinking that I can overcome this. Anyways, I am done with feeling that and I want to succeed in this fight.

    I believe I was first infested with Morgellons the last week of July of 2010. I was in New Hampshire with some friends and we swam in a lake. I stayed most of the time on a floatie over some algae. I am hypothyroid and it has always made my immune system weak. At that point I was living with a partner and him and I decided to take a break in September. I moved out to a questionable apartment where there were some cockroaches and possibly some bed bugs. The bed bugs bit me but I was finally infestation free when I moved into a different place in December. The last week of October I started noticing that I had intense crawling sensations once in a while (which I attributed to bed bugs walking on me although I never saw one). In the beginning of January I took a trip abroad for ten days and all the symptoms disappeared. Once I came back to my home I found myself experiencing the same intense crawling sensations. This time they got so bad that I was actually kept awake all night. I called a new exterminator thinking I had bed bugs again and my apartment was treated. I went to see a doctor the last week of February and I was told that I had insect bites. After the doctor visit I endured another month and last week the intense crawling sensations came back as well as insomnia.

    I began taking Echinacea, Garlic and Alfalfa capsules to boost my immune system four days ago. This has diminished the crawling sensations during the day tremendously BUT at night they come back full force. I believe I have infested my bed and bed linens. I found one of the Morg fibers on my blanket. Aside from the intense crawling sensations I am also experiencing itchy rashes, and I swear after every Epson Salt bath I take it is like finding a little shop of horrors in my tub. Black and white specks, black, red and blue fibers (straight and curly).

    I am moving again this weekend and I urgently need recommendations so I dont infect my new place. I will have a washer and dryer on site so I can launder clothing easily everyday. I bought a gallon of ammonia. Will this help? I plan of purchasing a mattress cover and wiping it daily with ammonia, bleach or rubbing alcohol. Will this help? i also have a lot of books that I have been in contact with during my infestation. Should I dispose of them? Is there anyway I could treat them?

    One last thing, my partner and I are back together although we dont live together anymore. I believe he was also exposed to the Morgs at the same time I was. If my infection happened after we stopped living together, he has been in constant contact with me. We sleep on the same bed almost every night. He does not show any symptoms of infection and he has a healthy immune system. Whenever I sleep over his apartment (he has been living at this new place for about two weeks) I can sleep soundly. Should I be worried about infecting this space?

    For all of you suffering from this my heart goes out to you. Keep strong!

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi Buggie

      I remember those days of what you are going through. I would even wonder if my hubby was a carrier even though he did not have Morgellons. The more bugs I had he would itch like crazy. Now I have everything beaten down to a low key and hope to see the other side as my Best Friend is well for over 3 years now like a hand full of people I can think of. My house was badly infested. The only thing I did was down size a little and once I was close to be well I got a new mattress along with a mattress cover. I still have to spray the bed every morning and burn menthol to get relief, but no more being covered head to toe like the old bed.

      I am disabled and only wash sheet every two weeks and on bad days spray furniture and flooring with a mixture I make. I am to disabled to clean all the time. I went from take washing all over off and on all day and spraying myself off and on all day to only spraying once every two weeks. I now only take one to 2 showers a day depending on what is going on. I think you will be able to get rid of your infestation when you start to get well even if you stay in one place.

      My best friend did not throw out anything and has all sorts of pets and is well for over 3 years now. Just like this web site its all about the terrain. Its a fine balancing act of not over doing it and learning what works. Hope you have a fast recovery or at least get it low key so its more bearable. I think we all can get well. I think it is harder for some because we have to figure it out on our own without the medical back up.


  13. interesting,watermelon is very high in the master antioxidant glutathione. it is an excellent detoxifier, with the ability to chelate heavy metals such as mercury & even radiation!
    i recently read that toxic dental fillings (amalgam & even certain white ones) can compromise the immune system to such a degree so as to make a person become more susceptible to morgellons.

    as for the people who unleashed this on the population, i say may God bless you & that you surely must not know what you are doing!
    you will reap what you sow & one day you will understand that you did not only do this to the people of the earth, but The Holy One in heaven, as Jesus feels everything even the smallest person goes through. the angels catch our tears & take them to God who sees every evil deed done under the sun & repays accordingly.
    go hide in your bunkers & try to extend your lives a little while longer: you will still die as all men do & what will you say when you stand before God in Judgement, how will you repent of your genocide if you are dead?
    your money cannot bribe God who made everything & who is no respecter of status.
    are you guaranteed another day? what if your life comes to a sudden & unexpected end like so many others?
    a mans life is fragile & can be blown out like a candle. the power of your life is not in your own hands!
    you will find all satans promises are lies, and you cannot walk the road to eternity by paving it with the bodies of helpless children and blood stained hands.
    & the plague you created will seem like a welcome paradise compared to the creatures that will crawl in & out of your burning, rotting body in the screams & darkness in the pits of filthy hell.
    the only way to life is following the hard & narrow path with Jesus.
    turn to Jesus now! He is waiting for you with open arms. He wants you to spend forever with him in heaven.
    hear the call before its too late. REPENT!
    get on your knees, ask Jesus for forgiveness & to give you a new heart & a new life. He will wash your sins away & clear a path for you & open doors that were shut.
    He came not for the righteous but to save sinners.
    come back you lost sheep of the Lords flock!

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