My next post is going to be a very interesting tale of my being re-exposed by a single touch of an infected person to my subsequent recovery (yet again). I think this next post is going to prove very useful to some because being exposed again gave me a chance to really observe my recovery, especially since I am beyond the freak-out stage and all.

Logic verses senses and feelings, which is the betrayer ?


Comments on: "Morgellons, What it feels like and what it is might not be the same" (5)

  1. sherry taylor said:

    Dear Mr. CommonSense,
    I’m eagerly looking forward to that.. as reinfection is a big issue..still can’t find the sulfur soap in Detroit..any ideas of where on the net?
    Thanks so much for all your sharing and big heartedness.
    Some new people coming on the site are indeed in the freak out stage..understandable.
    We all just do the best we can. Gordon’s house is still very near a big drainage ditch, and besde a bird haven next door..and lots of dead trees the city is ignoring.. He paid $500 to have several taken out..but there are many more.
    Homeland security seems to think retired little old me visiting may be a risk..goodness sakes. How times are a changing. Love your videos and music, Sincerely, Sherry

    • Hi Sherry
      I found the best place besides Walmart is mexican/grocery or Dollar General. The brand I find at all three places is AZURE sulfur soap and cost between 99 cents to $1.19. I hope this helps you to locate locally there in Detroit.

    • zara cybele said:

      Yes. I got my soap at a spanish pharmacy. Try spanish bodega’s as well.

  2. I downloaded the plug in, but there is still no video. Am I missing something here? Not to “with it” lately…

  3. Ok, here’s a crazy thing that may be significant. I had a broken tooth, dentist was unable to get the rest (root) out without major surgery, suggested I give it a few weeks. That was four months ago. The gum stayed sore, swollen, painful, etc. I used Aleve (prostaglandin inhibitor, anti-inflammatory) with good results. The root and rest of tooth fell out when I was flossing. It was literally covered with hair, not cotton, but mostly tan and a few black moving fibers. I had to pull the “fur” off to see if a tooth was actually in there, it was. I’m sending it to OSU/Dr. Randy Wymore for examination. I did not “seed” my mouth with cotton or qtips, etc.,. used waterpick to keep thing clean. It is really truly gross, but perhaps the dense fibers are the mechanism for many of us losing our teeth- if the fibers choke off the root, nerves, etc..of course the teeth will die and hopefully fall out. I wonder if this also explains the bone loss in my upper and lower jawbones. I’ve been accused of drug abuse by several physicians based on appearance of my teeth, yet Im innocent of their accusations. My excoriated forearms have also gotten me thrown out of two ERs and one very ignorant opthalmologist’s office…. I’ve lost 70% of my vision, my right eye muscles are gone, literally, and several cranial nerves controlling my right eye movement have been damaged. They blamed it on my blood pressure, which when normal or low, has absolutely no effect on my eyes movement… can no longer drive, have grey and black objects moving in my eyes, two are the exact shape of collembola, yet I’ve been told insects or parasites cannot get inside our eyes… I am excited that this yucky tooth may provide some information for research…. thanks for listening. I’m not delusional. We should give every doctor a magnifying glass or USB microscope. Even at 16X, the world looks very different.

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