I am so stupid !!!

Okay, I’m thinking back to way back when I posted my first “Poor Mans Protocol” and how amazed I was that I got so much better and so quickly. And even though Dr. Staninger said the battle “was in the gut” I drifted away from that.

I received an astonishing email from a “little bird” (I’ll let her chime up if she wants to) who wrote to me about the Great Plains Organic Acid test and Metametrix stool testing and she recommended that I really sit down and listen to the recordings on Pamela’s Morgellons Focus site by “Nancy Guberti”. So, today I have been listening very carefully to Nancy Guberti and I am very impressed.

Well, I see now where I went wrong. I was doing my probiotics and digestive enzymes regularly back when I made my amazing recovery but I stopped when I started to feel good, big mistake. Also, I realize I need expertise to get rid of this biofilm which I am sure I have because of my malabsorption problems. I am going to seek help in getting ridding of this biofilm after I get the tests done.

I have decided to do the full “Great Plains Organic Acid test and Metametrix stool” battery of tests. Meanwhile, I’m back on the probiotics and digestive enzymes like I was when I started my initial recovery. I will let everyone know the results. Meanwhile, I highly recommend, and I mean “highly” recommend, listening to these two recordings and in this order …







Click on the speaker icons to listen to each recorded conference. Please, if you do nothing else listen to that first one on probiotics and biofilms.


Comments on: "I am so stupid !!!" (7)

  1. Never…Ever…. call yourself stupid! We are much smarter and better informed than those who think we are “delusional”….
    NOW you are talking IGNORAMUSES!

    Always listen to your heart, your soul and your logic.

    The Gut is the key
    Our faith is the catalyst.

    God Bless us all.

  2. Sherry Taylor said:

    Hi Mr. CommonSense,
    I just listened to the first audio tape totally awesome. Sherry

  3. I concur with lamb…you were simply drifting back to life as it was. In my mind you are a fantastic person, very caring to people you have never met by doing this blog.
    Talk about a cliff hanger, I can hardly wait for the posting of your lab results and eventual healthful results.

    Peace and blessings,


  4. zara cybele said:


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Thank you zara, I am in your debt, you were right, those tracks were great listening, can’t wait to get my tests done.

  5. ahopeful said:

    I used to think there were “parasites” and had same symptoms as you. I realised it was an anutimmune response to gluten (aka coelic disease) which can cause an itchy skin rash called dermatities herpetiformis. I suggest you have a coeliac screen and stop going down the parasite route for that way lies ruin! Symptoms can come and go at random over long periods so its probably just coincidence. However I found that taking the supplements you recommended also helped me. Look into it.

    • You can get a stool test for Gluten intolerance
      at a lab called enterolab. It is not that expensive.
      According to them, gluten intolerance may be alot more common than is currently recognized (35% of population).


      This lab believes the stool test detects more people with gluten intolerance than a blood test as the immune reaction starts in the gut.

      There seems to be different beliefs about celiac versus gluten intolerance. Most doctors just test for celiac disease by blood test and or biopsy. Naturopaths recognize gluten intolerance and some will do the stool test.

      I appear to be gluten intolerant and also have morgellons symptoms. Gluten intolerance has probably caused my GI system to be more prone to other infections (fungal, parasite).

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