Thank You


I just wanted to take this post and thank everyone for your wonderful input and feedback on this blog, and that goes for all the lurkers who read and never post as well. It’s really nice knowing that I’m not alone and that there is someone I can turn to when I need support. You might think that I do things for only altruistic reasons. However, you might not realize how much I benefit and receive in the way of support and comfort through this blog. I am so thankful that I have this lifeline available to me. If I could drop anchor into a rock of sanity you have been that rock for me.

My daughter took this picture of me today. It’s been a really hot summer and I try to soak up sunshine after work each day, if only for 15 or 20 minutes or so. We’ve been doing a lot of bike rides (you’re never to old to ride a bike).

Please don’t reply on this post and tell me how thankful you are. You’ve done that way too often already. This post is for me to thank you. I am thankful that we are in the mess together (as opposed to alone). I am also especially grateful that we don’t fight over what the cause might be or tear each other apart over petty issues. Amazingly, it’s really never been an issue here and that is to your credit. Finally, because of your welcoming attitude and helpful replies to each other many are being helped and that is to your credit and appreciated greatly by me and I’m sure to those being helped as well.

Thank you,

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Thank You" (7)

  1. zara cybele said:

    Alright then…
    Where did I put those tissues… darn!

  2. Wayne Newton would sing ” Danke Scheon” (sp?)!!
    We are all grateful to be here.

  3. Sherry Taylor said:

    Awe, made me cry. Nice picture your daughter took..some talent there.
    To think I barely understood a word you said when I first started last June..and was ready to Pamela Mae thought and rushed in with her love and compassion.
    Then caring started to grow all over the place and i found a spot where I could be myself.
    I went in and out of the “cause detective mode” a number of times..but mainly healing is the focus.
    Much love, Sherry

  4. I never thought of myself as a lurker as much as just being part of a silent majority. It reminds me of lyrics in a P.F. song “Quiet desperation is the English way”. I can’t thank you enough.

  5. …this one brings me to my knees everytime. I saw her live with Neil Young at the Greek Theatre with my mom and aunt…awesome memory, I needed this one.
    My heart goes out to you (from part of the sorta silent majority).

  6. Another semi lurker here. I like what Sherry said about having a place to me oneself. Can not do that around people who think you are imaginning it and do not even knowtice how difficult things are. Like friends not understand why you have to go home early. Either because you became to buggie, or the tiredness that hits arrived, or just how long it take to prepare the body and bed to get as many critters gone as one can in hopes of a nights sleep.

    Its aweful that the dang disease makes us look odd or madd. Even though I am near the finish line I still wonder if I am going to get out all the way before I run out of steam or get to old to fight anymore. Than what? I will not go further.

    In Light Lynn
    p.s. Sorry about the down note.

  7. MCS, you’re looking great!
    Plus, you’re gifted with the good genes of having a full head of hair!!!

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