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Comments on: "The Pretenders- I’ll stand by you" (2)

  1. Ahhhhhh – Beautiful!!!

  2. Mr C,

    How come you had to go and post this?
    This made me cry.
    Right now I have decided that when we have been chosen to be ‘Warriors for those too weak to defend themselves,such as in ‘Morgellons’ that perhaps to ask too many to stand by us is humanly not possible for some.
    People(and we all are one 😉 ) will stand with us once in awhile and we are very blessed when they do.
    To ask for those to wait,to be patient with our melt downs,to fight and commit to the degree that we have been asked to commit,may be too difficult for many,and sometimes maybe we ask to much.
    So what do we do? We continue in the direction God has sent us anyway.To Serve Him -to behold His beautiful face and to know purity of intent,that is enough.
    What do we do when we see we thought we had someone standing with us and they really aren’t ? We stand anyway,we love to the degree they are able to accept love and we increase wisdom in how we do all that.
    Wisdom in how we serve,how we stand,and whom we stand with. We revel in the joy of being motivated by the pure and perfect love of the Lord God of Heaven.
    So because your pix said ‘don’t say thank you to you,I won’t’
    But continuing steadily with pure intent…
    I pray God will always put a watch over our hearts for that purpose.
    Pamela mae

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