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In Support of this Weekends Rally in DC


I thought it was awesome, interesting perspective on the cleanup afterwards too



After Obama’s Inauguration

After the Restoring Honor Rally




Morgellons Disease Report Published

Morgellons disease is a new emerging disease that is still controversial and believed to be, by some practitioners, as nothing more than delusional parasitosis. The Center for Disease Control has recently launched an epidemiological investigation into this disease due to the increased number of reports. A first case is reported of an oral lesion and symptoms consistent with Morgellons disease. The nature of the characteristic fibers associated with the intraoral lesion is investigated. Research has started at a number of institutions to elucidate the nature of this emerging disease.

This could be important? See the link HERE, unfortunately the article must be purchased. There’s snake oil on both sides of the isle it appears.

Nevermind, this was the conclusion:

Investigation reveals that these fibers are synthetic and possibly implanted into the tissues by the patient. This patient did not report any of the other symptoms associated with the Morgellons disease listed above other than itching and irritation at the lesional site. This supports the commonly held belief that most of these cases of Morgellons disease are nothing more than delusional parasitosis and should be treated as such. A correct diagnosis must be rendered before an accepted treatment can be expected to yield some results and alleviate symptoms. In this case, the findings support a diagnosis of delusional parasitosis due to evidence supporting the fact that the fibers are synthetic and must have been introduced into the lesion by the patient.

Yawn …

HowICuredMorgellons Conference Call Today

From Mel’s site

We will be having our first teleconference call in three months, this Thursday 8/26/10.

Our main topic will be the understanding of Hope, or if I can do this, so can You!

I will talk about my two year journey to my complete recovery.
John B will discuss the development and evolution of the protocol.
PS will discuss the slow arduous journey of Morgellons recovery.
We will then answer all your questions.

THURSDAY 8/26/10
7:30pm Eastern
6:30pm Central
5:30 Mountain
4:30 Pacific

DAIL 1-218-862-1300 Conf.code: 664059

See you all there,
God bless, NEVER NEVER give up Hope!


I’ve run out of things to say …

I’m going to take some time off everyone. God bless …


Closer to the Heart

Reminder for those interested (it’s tonight)

Greetings everyone its conference call time once again!
Pamela Crane Hosts
Nancy Guberti, C.H.N to teach on
‘What Effect Do Parasites Have on the Body? Wednesday, August 11, 2010
• What should I say to the Doctor if I think I have a parasite?
• What are some of the issues we face when dealing with parasites?
• What are some of the solutions?
• How does this relate to Morgellons sufferers?
Janice will talk about what topical herbs and ointment
will help the skin of Morgellons sufferers.

4:00 PM Pacific
5:00 PM Mountain 6:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Eastern

Phone in to: 712.432.3100
You’ll be asked to punch in a code: 506331