Just a quick word

All of my crawling has stopped again, I’m back in my bed and off the couch and things are normal again.

However, when I got home yesterday my wife said a neighbor gave us a chair. Well, I nearly went ballistic because the people who gave us the chair have pets, the chair was in the garage within 10 seconds and won’t be coming back in the house, ever.

You don’t have to agree with me on this but Pet’s are a real “no no” with Morgellons. Take a look at this post I noticed today: http://lymebusters.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=rash&action=display&thread=14129 

Cat’s are especially known carriers of fungal infections such as ringworm and more. All dogs and cats are carrying parasites, parasites that infect humans as the recent CDC study has shown. I will not go into the home of a person that has pets or even ride in any vehicle but my own for the very same reason. When I deviate from that plan the crawling inevitably starts. For what it’s worth …

I pray she gets better quickly, she has already realized that dwelling on Morgellons and surfing scary forums makes it worse so she’s already got a lot going for her …

Mr. C


Comments on: "Just a quick word" (14)

  1. hey Mundane,….. wow!! I can’t believe your wife would have excepted this chair that was sitting round,…and your right about some of this,…I got Morgellons Disease,..from helping a friend that had two flea infested cat’s???? it wasn’t flea’s,….my whole nightmare stared 3 to 5 weeks weeks later,..one thing led to another,….my friend much sooner,….don’t know if it was caused by a flea bite,..or if it was the actual Mogellons parasite??,…hope all will be well foe you.

    • sorry typo’s not a good day for me,….take care, for not foe,…..lol,…unreal,..I do this lots,..Doc H.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Ya, you know, it’s just hard for somebody who doesn’t have this to understand the new world in which we sufferers live in. She just cannot believe how I could be effected, but who would if you hadn’t been through what we’ve been through …

      • yes…I too found the MTN online and watched and cried and shared…thanks
        so very much…have read numerous postings from you these past whiles and have kept you in prayers…blessings to you and love to all who suffer these days…not just from M but from all hypetrtoxicity on this planet now.

  2. I know, my husband and I had a major blow up over his insistence on getting a dog. I lover her, but I am freaked to think of the extra parasite load. We are like magnets to the little so n sos

  3. Bugsleuth said:

    Since several people with and without pets on the Lymebusters forum are experiencing a sudden resurgance of symptoms, anyone consider that the cause may be the solar magnetic storms that have just occurred? I definitely believe there is a magnetic component to this whole mess.

    • Bugsleuth,

      I too am experiencing the “surge”, I thought because it is August(humid and hot). I think you are on to something. How can we use this information to our benifit?
      Thanks for the input.

  4. How did you stop the crawling this time? Did it just finally go away on it’s own? What exactly did you do to stop it? Regardless, glad it stopped for you.

  5. herehoping said:

    I have seven dogs, three cats, and two horses.

    I have posted my story here before. But I must say I DO NOT think pets are a serious threat to us as Morgellons suffers. If you have pets please do not think you have to get rid of them.

    There is lots of info out there regarding Morgs and pets. Please let me know if you need the sites.

    • I agree with you. Even though some animals will be infested with bugs from time to time. I go to peoples homes with dogs and cats all the time and do not get bit. Also I know Sue is free of this mess over two years now and has dogs, cats, and exotic birds and never got anything from them. She was careful not to go to near them though so she would not make them sick.

      I think though if you do have a pet that is infested and you have this its just to much to take care of both. You have to survive so the pet has to go sometimes.

      In Light Lynn

    • Marion Horton said:

      Please send me the links on pets. I need to know how to keep my cat healthy, and if he gets it, how to treat him. I’m also seeking any possible information how to keep this from spreading to my human friends and loved ones. Thanks so much — I appreciate your help.

    • YES!!!! I have 6 catz…. all indoors, no fleas… like $10,000.00 Savannah cats that are over half African Serval cat. I am more worried about infecting them as I became aware of what was going on maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago, with full blown fibers… black specks for 20 years. I have never heard of this before looking up my wierd symptoms and the lesions that blew open like 4 weeks ago. I still feel like I have woken up, mid nightmare, in the twilight zone X groundhog day…. but if these bastards want a war, they came to the right lady! Its ON! >^..^<

  6. Sorry herehoping.. hate to be a wet flea! My dog contracted this “pathogen” at the same time that I did She is getting near death at a young age ( just turned 9.. a Lab) I have done everything under the sun to save this girl, whom I love dearly.

    She is now quickly passing and I am sad and grateful.
    I will miss her, but I know in my heart that my family will be healthier
    Maybe we can have some peace, my son is not well.

    One thing comes to another… bye bye doggie.
    Love my boy.

  7. Sadly I also think pets are a “no no” if you have biting or crawling symptoms. I believe my issue is related to pets that carry chewing body lice such as cheyletiella. I worked with an animal dermatologist who identified probable cheyletiella on my pet. Her thinking is that only a small percentage of humans are bothered by it. My pet was prescribed an extended course of ivermectin; I was also prescribed ivermectin. The issue would subside for a while only to return. I ended up finding another home for my pet given I had tried for two years with no success and I was truly suffering as many of you on this blog can understand. Now if I am exposed to a source, I can get back to normal pretty quickly and I believe it could be partly because I don’t have a pet in my own environment. I’ve been on an alkalizing diet for a while now and believe that is also a big help. Take care everyone.

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