This is an important post, by the end you will see why I feel this way.

“Morgellons Focus” is now “Morgellons Focus on Health” and I am totally impressed by the new site. There is a wealth of “good” information available on “Morgellons Focus on Health” but more importantly is it’s actual focus on health. Pamela Crane is a true warrior for the suffering. She spends a lot of time helping others to arrange for proper testing which can begin to decipher what is going on inside ones body. She also hosts conference calls along with Nancy Guberti that you can listen in on, they are extremely helpful. The next one is August 11th and it will focus on ‘What Effect do Parasites have on the Body?’ I am for sure not going to miss it.

What I really like about this new site is it’s whole hearted commitment to restoring ones health combined with the complete lack of, well, how shall I say it? nonsense and conspiracy theories.

There is a lot of new material including a “Morgellons Awareness Packet”, see the the link on the new site. You can purchase aware buttons and there is a poster that you can download, print, or just forward to others.

It is my hope, in fact I think it will become a reality, that we are going to here of more and more people recovering from Morgellons and getting their lives back. I think Pamela, AYLA Productions, and friends from Morgellons Focus on Health are on the right track.



Comments on: "An Incredible New Morgellons Site" (6)

  1. well now,…..I really don’t see what all the fuss is about,..Lab’s seem to be Lab’s,..least all the folk’s at most of the site’s I’ve been at say,.. there is no differences in any particular Lab,….I just don’t get it!!,…and when I was lambasted at one site of one of the great Scientist MR. W.,.. that has concluded that all the fiber’s he has studied doesn’t burn at a temperature of 1,500 degrees,..can’t get a match of any fiber on this God given Earth,..and has no clue what so ever what this is,…I believe in Science,…but what ever this thing is defies all Science as we know it,…and we have Dr. Sa. that treats people with unproven medicine that doesn’t seem to have helped anyone accept lighten there bank account,…this is beyond my thinking,… how is it that this person could help anybody???? Sincerely: Doc Holliday

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Here’s why I think a lot of good is going to come from this. After my recent re-infection I started back on my probiotics and to my suprise had a lot of stomach discomfort, bloating, and pain. Through my research this was the result of massive die off of either yeast/candida. So I had to return to the basics and what Dr. Staninger told, the battle is in the “gut”. Regardless of whatever else anyone thinks of her she is dead on regarding where the battle is. The testing Morgellons Focus on Health does is in large part an examination of what is living in the gut, not just bad things but the good flora too. It is my hope that they eventually see a distinct pattern and locate the strange “parasite” dna. All I know they do everything in the open, use reputable labs, hold conference calls so people can learn and hear for themselves what they are up too. They are also accessible, have their phone numbers right on the site, this is more than most organizations have to offer.

      Only time will tell, but my hopes are high.

  2. why,…..I am truly sorry,…must be the Whiskey!!,….I would hope in all Sincerity that all people,…from all the site’s come together as one,…just imagine what could done,….if we all can forget about EGO!! and come together for the same cause,…helping people!!!, this not the point!!..sometimes their is no right or wrong,…and to forgive and forget is the best thing for all,..and most impotent for all of us is to heal,…be what God has meant us to be!!!,… think about it!!,…with the power of some site’s that has the ability of good press and good intention’s of all,.. and the willingness of all to become selfless in the endeavor to help the helpless,…think of what can be done. Sincerely: .Doc Holliday

  3. Reply to Doc.
    The labs do make a difference!! One gal I knew personally had her tests done by a local lab and had good results. My Dr. gave me a choice of that lab or another which she said in her opinion was better but that turned out to be untrue. My lab results came back all negative while the other gal’s indicated that she had something in her stool and was recommended to take certain natural antiobotics. That is when I decided I needed to use the Great Plains Lab.

  4. Thanks for sharing Mr.CS.

    The new site is beautiful… excellent job Pam. I love the awareness buttons!

    May your efforts to serve be blessed a thousand fold.

    John Burgstiner

  5. There is so much going on inside of your body with Morgellons and just as one thing appears to disappear, another pops up in its place. The point is that all you must reconcile is that you MUST persevere in DUE DILIGENCE to the end, but you will win this war for your body. In my e-book through the blog are the things you will probably experience and things to try that truly helped me and others that did not. It is only a beginning, subject to new information and change,but it is free and available to anyone to at least use as a basic beginning. My prayers are that it does nothing but help heal.

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