I am creating a new video inspired by “Morgellons Joe” called “The Faces of Morgellons”. This video will scroll through the photos of Morgellons sufferers showing their photo, along with their first name, age, profession, location, and a quote of their choosing. 

The reason I would like to include the location such as New York or Northeast (or country if non-United States) is to help dispel the “California, Texas, Florida myth” concerning Morgellons. The idea is to also show that we are ordinary people, from all walks of life, who simply need help. As for your quotes, we are not looking for conspiracy theory stuff. This must be done in good taste, if we don’t get enough participants I wont make the video which is okay.

If you are interested send the following information to facesofmorgellons@yahoo.com

First Name:
Location: (State or Area, or Country if non United States)
Profession: (Stay at home mom is a profession)
Quote: Keep this two about 2 sentences max …
Photo: I am only going to include those who send photos in the actual video.

If I do make the video once the video is complete all emails will be deleted and the facesofmorgellons@yahoo.com email account will be deleted. If I don’t make the video the same will thing will happen as well to protect everyone’s privacy. Everyone is welcome, the bird mite folks, the nano folks, the whatever folks, if you’re suffering from Morgellons you are welcome.

If you haven’t seen my previous Public Outreach Video you can watch it by simply clicking HERE.

If you want to see this project happen help spread the word among the Morgellons community. We need folks from all the different forums to participate. Again, this video will be along the lines of my previous outreach video only it will not address the CDC, it will be just be us, real people, real faces, and real suffering. The video will be about 7 minutes long so we have room for a lot of people.

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Faces of Morgellons Video Project" (7)

  1. This is a nice idea. Can you play the tune Strawberry feilds by the BeeGees with the video. Parts of that song hit me hard. Weird how a song can kind of fit your situation. Just read on Yahoo news that they are making concrete that repairs itself. It has little fibers in it that expand when it gets wet and refills the hole made by the wheather. Scary.

    In Light Lynn

    • Hi Lynn,

      Strawberry Fields was originally written and recorded by the Beatles. I once grooved to that music in my long ago but feels like yesterday youth. Yes I think the video is a great idea and will risk the exposure to get our plight out there.

  2. I kind of thought the Beatles did that one first. That is better yet. Their original version of that. In fact the Bee Gees sang all their songs from the beatles in that film they made way back when. lol.

    In Light Lynn

  3. Mr. Common sense. For some reason words just seem to come to me and I feel compelled to give them to you. I think they are meant to belong to you for your video or some other future cause.

    In Light Lynn

  4. Joe Keleher said:

    I’m glad you’re giving this a try! The world needs to know everyone and anyone can get this condition.

  5. The world needs to know just how many people now have Morgellons……. and how fast it is spreading.

    You are a shining star, MC.
    Thank you for all you do.

  6. Off Topic/WARNING

    In Texas my neices 2 year old was taken. She grabed her 5 year old and ran screaming at the stranger. People steped in and stoped him. Please the crime rate keeps going up as the econmy goes down. Please keep an eye on the little ones and use a harness leash for the little ones.

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