I’m going to take some time off everyone. God bless …



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  1. Enjoy! Everyone needs to stop and smell the roses! Just not the genetically modified ones;)

  2. sherry taylor said:

    Dear Mr. C,
    Awesome…I mean not that you’ve run out of things to say…I always enjoy your posts..but great you “know” when you’ve run out of things to say.
    You are much loved..whether you are saying things or not.
    Take care..oh, guess what my daughter just announced she is pregnant with my first grandchild..pretty cool..they are so excited..still fighting the fungus from the wedding..I’m afraid they may have gotten that from me..but they aren’t blaming..just living..Mat just graduated from engineering..and jobs are scarce..the usual young person stuff.
    We are very happy..new beginnings.
    Sincerely, Sherry..PS..I adored my grandparents…so it’s all good.

  3. Glad you are finding some time for you, will miss you on this end, though. Hey, does anyone have any experience with Skin Cap products?

  4. Hey Mr C, enjoy your time off, but please do come back. I enjoy your posts and the discussions that often evolve.


  5. Please check in on us occasionally to chit chat – if nothing more. You are loved.

  6. I will miss you! Here is a book title that you may enjoy for some summer reading. “Healing is Voltage The Handbook” by Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), ND(M). Total brain candy!!!! His web site http://www.tennantinstitute.com/TIIM_MAC/Welcome.html

    Also I have had a measure of success with Liver
    cleanses, I was wondering if anyone else has too. I used the method described in “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz. I am interested in “First do no harm” modalities, that are cheap or free! I do work with a Naturopathic Doctor (doesn’t understand morgs, but good for most problems).

    Blessings to you Mr.CS, and much love.

  7. Thanks for your great work Mr. C.
    I’ve been working on a blogsite as well.
    Hope to get you to review it.

  8. Mr C
    Your site is very much appreciated. I’m happy you are taking some time off for yourself. I have been inspired to write a treatment blog.
    That web address is http://morgellonsaid.wordpress.com/
    Morgellons Aid

  9. Enjoy your time off, it is great summer weather.
    I appreciate your site very much, it has given me much hope, just knowing one is not alone is helpful. I am still working (slowly) through your ideas.

  10. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kid and his Fish

    • oh wow… Too funny! I have felt just that way many a day.. stll do on occasion. May be I should try just letting go more often… smart kid,no?

  11. precious!

  12. So cute.

    In Light Lynn

  13. awww, absolutely adorable…Thank you 🙂

  14. Dear MCS,
    I recently came down with Morgellons disease. Two months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with intense itch, crawling on my legs, and biting. Now the mites, they’re everywhere. They’re in my car, my clothes, bed, furniture. I ended up throwing everything away. I sleep on the vinyl loveseat and my husband sleeps on the sofa. Last week,I saw some white fibers attached to a black speck coming out of the skin on the bottom of my foot. And now, my husband starts to itch and has occasionally crawling in his hair. We’re so desperate and scared. I haven’t seen my family in months since I came down with this. I came across your blog and appreciate all the posts and comments that guide me through this terrible time. The only thing I fear so much right now is we could give this to our teenage daughter who hasn’t showed any signs yet so far. I clean and wash like mad everyday and haven’t seen any relief. I bought the peppermint soap and sulfur bar like the PMP, but not yet try the vitamins and supplements due to a rheumatoid arthritis condition that I have. I’m so afraid to go out because I don’t want to infest others. I could feel the mites crawling on my feet while I drive. Please shred some light on how to treat inside of the car and home. I don’t want my daughter to come down with this terrible disease. I’m scared to death every time I accidently touch her hand or come up to her room. I internally appreciate any advices or comments that you or others might give.

    Traci N.

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