Morgellons disease is a new emerging disease that is still controversial and believed to be, by some practitioners, as nothing more than delusional parasitosis. The Center for Disease Control has recently launched an epidemiological investigation into this disease due to the increased number of reports. A first case is reported of an oral lesion and symptoms consistent with Morgellons disease. The nature of the characteristic fibers associated with the intraoral lesion is investigated. Research has started at a number of institutions to elucidate the nature of this emerging disease.

This could be important? See the link HERE, unfortunately the article must be purchased. There’s snake oil on both sides of the isle it appears.

Nevermind, this was the conclusion:

Investigation reveals that these fibers are synthetic and possibly implanted into the tissues by the patient. This patient did not report any of the other symptoms associated with the Morgellons disease listed above other than itching and irritation at the lesional site. This supports the commonly held belief that most of these cases of Morgellons disease are nothing more than delusional parasitosis and should be treated as such. A correct diagnosis must be rendered before an accepted treatment can be expected to yield some results and alleviate symptoms. In this case, the findings support a diagnosis of delusional parasitosis due to evidence supporting the fact that the fibers are synthetic and must have been introduced into the lesion by the patient.

Yawn …


Comments on: "Morgellons Disease Report Published" (8)

  1. Oh, how very disappointing. How the h–l does one implant a synthetic fiber in ones mouth? Cut and Paste? I tried to buy the freaking article; had difficulty and fortunately gave up.
    This is definitely a blow to our cause.

  2. The thing to do now is find a Doctor/s who do not dismiss Morgellons as DP (there must be ONE/SOME) to write to the magazine and share their professional thoughts on the topic in response to this article. Not Morg patients – doctors.

    • summergirl7733 said:

      I went with my boyfriend to UNC in Chapel Hill to the Dermatology Dept. with my boyfriend, carrying a fiber and pics off the computer.He is not nearly as symptomatic as I am (But has Insurance!)They were sceptical during the initial exam of him, but the resident brought the head dermatologist in after seeing my lesions and how upset I was.Her reaction was encouraging. She asked why I hadnt made an appt.,looked at my arms and legs..mentioned larvea and a biopsy and set me up with a financial adviser so I could return.She said there was a task force(LOL) gave me a website to visit and said they had treated people and hadnt been contaminated themselves, but did not have enuf info to tell me for sure about the contagious angle. Paperwork is in, hope to go in the next 2 weeks.Will update. Hope?? oh yeah, they didnt magnify the pics and didnt microscope the fiber before she saw me in the exam room.. I honestly think they wouldve handled that differently had they seen me first.

  3. Just wanted to share links to 2 military medicine departments I recently found. I read through a lot of the AFIRM annual report. It’s a PDF. I think I found the folks responsible for our affliction. You will see names and departments as well as university affiliations working on some of the stuff I believe is involved in Morgellons. There are summaries of the accomplishments of each department. This report is 300+ pages long. I think if you read through this and connect the names of institutions and people involved with the studies here, you’ll find out why the CDC study was conducted and it has only to do with more real world data collection for these military medicine departments. and
    Coincidentally there was an incident in Oregon recently where around 15+ football players all came down with something called compartment syndrome at the same time. It seems that the mrmc department mentioned above just so happens to be studying this rare syndrome. Connect the dots guys, I don’t think we’ll be getting any help from the powers that be. 😦

  4. Hey all the department that the first link points to is the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine. That’s the address. The report I was referring to is on the home page near the bottom right under AFIRM Links and Resources. It’s the first link entitled AFIRM annual report. I have no problem opening that link. It’s an adobe PDF file. The other address gives me a security popup up too but it’s a legitimate sight linked directly from the AFIRM site. That department is call the US Army Medical Research and Materiel (Yes, this is the way the Army is spelling Materiel) Command. If you take the time to read the annual report, you will see that some of the departments of certain Universities that were studying Morgellons and suddenly fell by the wayside are involved in this annual report.

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