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  1. sherry taylor said:

    Dear Mr. C,
    love your posts particularly the beatix potter is bitter sweet, eh? New beginnings..and we are a literate society….the alternative is not so good..however the human spirit bristles under so much control. Yes the running around going nowhere..i remember my father in his nineties saying that about my brother..very wise. Quality of important.
    I’m about to go back to Canada for how long I don’t know.
    Signing off for now, Sherry

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I completely understand Sherry and your father was wise indeed. I spoke on the phone to my wife today from work, she was at home. Her sister had just turned 50 and it brought on that we are growing old, I could hear her voice crack on the phone, then we hung up. I was sad for her. She said she should be happy at least she doesn’t have a job that she hates that she must go to everyday.

      (I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to dump a ton of self pity here.)

      Well, that’s me, I’m extremely unhappy right now. I shouldn’t be, we live like kings compared to 95% of the rest of the world. My thing is I’ve no time and time is the one thing I cannot control, it just keeps moving forward. I can always make more money, but want I really want is memories with my children and wife but they are so fleeting, they are growing up and we cannot stop them from doing so. I’ve almost no vacation time, life is all work. I’m tempted to quit my job and go on a two month vacation for once in my damned life, call it mid life crisis, I don’t know. What I do know is I’m a machine, barely human, going to work each day just to keep things from falling apart at all ends when falling apart is probably the best thing that could ever happen to me.

      If I could do things all over again I wouldn’t fall for the lie that our society pushed on me. We don’t have to live this way, but when you’re in deep there is almost know way out …

      Anyway, Sorry to dump this on you, the video really hit home, I should be jumping with joy having been freed from the Morgellons nightmare. Happiness is not in things or circumstances, it’s in people and God, and I’ve arranged my life so as to have little time for either, therein lies my misery.

      I think 2011 is going to be the year of major change for me, I need to take the bull by the horns as it were …

      • Hi Mr. C,
        After reading your above post about how busy your life is and the lack of time that you feel you have, it struck me that you might be interested in learning about Mindfulness Meditation. I took a 6 week course a couple of years ago and it helped me to cope with my situation. There are many books, videos and teachers out there. It is a way of training your mind, essentially looking at your thoughts and accepting them and also using all of your senses to be in the present moment. It can bring a sense of calm and joy back to yourself.

        Here are some helpful links:
        A Bhuddist monk explains mindfulness:
        Thich Nhat Hanh on living in the present moment.

        Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now, The New Earth. He speaks about the ability to end suffering by being present. There is another way to live that does not create more suffering.

        Jon Kabat-Zinn, an American professor and director of a Stress Reduction Clinic in Massachusetts has created several books and CDS on mindfullness.
        (My course was based on his teachings.)

        Another thing that helps me through the difficult times (when I am calm enough to remember), is to practise gratitude. Each day, at bedtime or first thing in the morning, think of 3 things that you are grateful for. This small action can help lift your spirits and only takes a minute.

        Hope this helps, Jade

  2. zara cybele said:

    Beautiful. Thanks for posting that. Very original.

  3. Dear MCS,
    I recently came down with Morgellons disease. Two months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with intense itch, crawling on my legs, and biting. Now the mites, they’re everywhere. They’re in my car, my clothes, bed, furniture. I ended up throwing everything away. I sleep on the vinyl loveseat and my husband sleeps on the sofa. Last week,I saw some white fibers attached to a black speck coming out of the skin on the bottom of my foot. And now, my husband starts to itch and has occasionally crawling in his hair. We’re so desperate and scared. I haven’t seen my family in months since I came down with this. I came across your blog and appreciate all the posts and comments that guide me through this terrible time. The only thing I fear so much right now is we could give this to our teenage daughter who hasn’t showed any signs yet so far. I clean and wash like mad everyday and haven’t seen any relief. I bought the peppermint soap and sulfur bar like the PMP, but not yet try the vitamins and supplements due to a rheumatoid arthritis condition that I have. I’m so afraid to go out because I don’t want to infest others. I could feel the mites crawling on my feet while I drive. Please shred some light on how to treat inside of the car and home. I don’t want my daughter to come down with this terrible disease. I’m scared to death every time I accidently touch her hand or come up to her room. I internally appreciate any advices or comments that you or others might give.

    Traci N.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Traci, I’m so sorry for you guys, I will reply tonight when I get home from work. I can tell you how I cleared my car of it and it worked, I mean really worked.

      • Thank you very much Mr.CS

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Okay, Traci, here’s my advice. First, relax, easier said than done I know, but it truly helps, you are not going to die from this and things will get better.

          Regarding your daughter. If you haven’t already done this go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy those vinyl “mite proof” mattress and pillow covers, they zip around the entire mattress and pillow. Eat alkalized diet like watermellong, orange juice and stuff like that.

          As far as clearing a room or a car of this menace here’s what I did, and I learned it from others.

          I used the Mountain Rose Herb Menthol Crystals:
          CLICK HERE

          You only need a pound or two, they last forever. Get yourself an electric diffuser (not a flame based candle one). Fill the diffuser with the crystals, place it in your car on a flat surface with a plate under it incase it gets warm, have all windows rolled up and let that thing fill up with such strong methol crystals that nothing can survive, 4 to 8 hours in a row. I did that twice and it stopped in my car and never came back. I cover my chairs in black garbage bags to this very day (can’t break the habit now). My next car with be leather.

          Now, it is important that you don’t breath in the strong fumes, let the car air out really good before driving it again. I would use an extension chord from the garage and leave the car outside (though I actually did mine in the garage).

          I also used this technique to clear rooms, but you must never be in the room and might have to stay out of it for 24 to 36 hours until the fumes totally clear.

          If it is mites, they don’t like menthol (google it) that’s what they use in bee hives to control mites. I believe it in fact kills them if they are there.

          Never move the diffuser until the menthol rehardens which will happen quicky once it begins to cool.

          • Thank you Mr.CS. But where can I find the diffuser.
            I called several Kmart stores where I live but they do not carry these. Please help. Thank you so much.

        • Hi Tracy,
          You can get a diffuser from Mountain Rose Herbs as well. They have a small electrical one for 19.95 suitable for a car or small room and larger ones for 39.95. I tried some from the Canadian equivalent to KMart and had to return ot did not work.

      • Hi Mr C,

        Please do tell how you cleard your car. Mine has been cvacuumed and shampooed but I still get those wispy things flying around the air and the odd stinging around my ankles when driving.

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          See my post above …

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Sharon, this is for you …

          • Thank You for thinking of me. A very sweet reminder of what is important in life, yes? I loved her books as a child.
            On a different note, Did you read Bugsleuth’s post regarding the military medical report? I was afraig to access it whn I got a security warning.
            Mr C, could we skype sometime soon?

  4. Has anyone read the post or tried to access the Report referenced by Bugsleuth?

  5. miss miserable said:

    Dear Mr C,

    I came down with this affliction 2 months ago. I have been Itching profusely & I have been cleaning my house & linen everyday. I have tried several experiments to try to get rid of these mites.I have been to the clinic 3 times.They would not look at the bugs I had in jar.They refused to look at them & gave me a prescription for permethrin 5 %, I have had two prescriptions of it & it only gave me temporary relief.
    they were back the day after.after totally cleaning carpets,linens, etc.I then got a prescription of Ivermectin 12 mg.I took it & had excruciating stomach pains and felt quite sick from it. It gave me relief for 2 days & it was back.I finally came to the conclusion they were spring tails, after Identifying it online. I even went to health depart. They could not Identify it. I am disabled & have pulmonary fibrosis.I have depleted every cent I have trying to get rid of these things.I found a product at the family dollar store called Dr.Jh.Mcleans Volcanic Oil.
    It smells like it came from the back wood swamps of Mississippi.The Ingredients are,active Turpentine 9.7 %,Inactive,canphor,sassafrassy oil,Chlorothymol,linseed (Flaxseed) oil, petroleum, pine oil, said it was for Pain Relieving Liniment.
    I rubbed it all over even my scalp. I have several bunps inside of my scalp, and i Itch all over,They are in my feet something terrible.I can’t get any sleep. I am now washing my cloths with pinesol.
    Anyway I rubbed it from the scalp down.10 minutes later all these microscopic black dots appeared.they are hard & don’t move. I see them with magnifying glass. My daughter was homeless & moved in with me, with grandchildren.My grandson, who is two years old, has them all over now.When I washed his sore with tea tree oil, which i mixed with mineral oil. I rubbed it all over his sores.with a cotton balls.when I did that all these black specks came off on the cotton balls.I feel so bad. I bought revolution for my three cat’s. It didn’t work.They are all Itching.I have them Isolated from me.I am so Exhausted. I am not getting very much sleep.I have steam cleaned my carpets several times with flea & lice shampoo for dog’s , It didn’t work. I vacuumed my mattress every other day & sprayed the lice shampoo on my mattress.I now have sprayed my mattress with pinesol.I cannot afford a mattress & box spring cover, so that is out. My friend is mailing me the Dr bonners peppermint soap.I bought sulpher soap at the dollar store & it just gives me temporary relief. I have them really bad in my ears also. I rub sulpher soap on & in my ears & let it dry.Any Input would be a welcome..

  6. miss miserable said:

    P.S. I just wanted to add, I have been racking my brain, trying to figure out how I got this.I had answered a add , That someone was giving away two Siamese cat’s, that they had for 8 years.The person drove the cat’s up to me. A 3 hour drive.The person that gave them to me, would email & ask how the cat’s were & telephone.I had had them about 3 weeks, when I started noticing the severe Itching.I told the old owner about it & asked him if the cats were suffering from this prior.He then stated no. And has Ignored my phone calls & has not emailed me since.I found it strange that he was getting rid of the cat’s.he stated that he could not give them enough attention.
    I am home a lot, due to my Illness.I know this sounds strange, but I have been trying to pin point, how I got this.Also with my Illness, I have respiratory acidocis.Everytime I have had a respirtory failure, I have had it in my blood.Only once in hospital, I was akalie. So I am wondering how I am going to correct my body & hopefully I will not have a respirtory failure, by trying to change it. Also the volcanic oil, only worked once.So I am in wonder, how they should develop Immunity to different things I have tried so quickly.

    • On The Other Side said:

      Hi Miss Miserable,

      I totally understand where you are at. I think I had a MASSIVE springtail infection and was so miserable. Everything was infected. I highly highly recommend cedarcide. It is expensive, but really works. Now, I am left with some ‘condition’ or whatever that makes me attractive to dust and seemingly all other kinds of mites, but no problem with an overwhelming infection. I also can leave the sheets on for days before washing! We had to cedarcide many times, but it completely knocked out the springtales.

      So sorry you are going through this nightmare. There is hope. The other thing that was most effective was treating ourselves every night with water, hydrogen peroxide and borax. It is on

      Good luck!

  7. miss miserable said:

    dear mr c,

    Why did you remove my post?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sorry Miss Miserable, I didn’t remove this, I just had to approve them and was offline for a while, I’ll respond to you in detail later today, you’re case is very interesting to me.

      • miss miserable said:

        Hello Mr C,

        I have been waiting to hear back from you. I know you have a very busy schedule. I was told that my cat’s, or humans can not give this to another person. But yet if I touched a fern, rock, or whatever was infected, I can get it that way. I am really confused. :>(

  8. Forgot to mention I am a nurse. According to OSU Health Sciences Center in Tulsa, nurses are the largest occupational group with Morgellons- they outnumber teachers 3:1. but there arent statistics on military. The only commonality I can think of in nurses and military is most of us have had Hep B immunizations. I’d be curious how many sufferers out there have had that immunization. I’m dismayed how many doctors just assume I’m delusional, without attention to the many organ systems that are failing. We bought our home four years ago from a physician who just happened to leave all his upholstered furniture behind. I bet he was a Morgellons sufferer, because we both got sick shortly after beginning to sleep in his gorgeous but probably contaminated bed… Nurses need to know, and maybe they are the way to get doctors to listen…I’m going to atart educating as many nurses as I possibly can. Best wishes to all, and I found that ticonazole 6.5%, an over the counter vaginal anti-yeast medication stops skin itching immediately.Good luck.

  9. Hi Mr. C,
    I am not sure what section to put this in….Another synchronicity, I was just read your twitter about Tumeric may help in Alzheimer’s. For over a month now I have been taking Tumeric to help with my morgellon-like symptoms. I have been using Tumericforce by NewChapter who makes an herbal extraction concentrate (200:1) without chemical solvents. It has been helping clear up some of my persistent skin lesions and helps with the brain fog and head, jaw pain. So far, it is one of the natural products that has helped me the most, besides garlic and coconut oil. It has reduced the need for some of my other supplements. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine. According to some websites it has several medicinal properties: antibacterial, liver detox, helps with depression, skin problems…
    Although this American site by Medline says further are studies are needed
    The NIH has 19 clinical trials going on, according to
    wikipedia and sales in it have been rising.

    (Possible side effects
    It should be used with caution by people with gallstones, stomach ulcers, or bile duct obstruction as turmeric may exacerbate these conditions.

    Turmeric can be a uterine stimulant, so pregnant women should consult with a doctor before taking turmeric during pregnancy.
    Check it out.

  10. Mr. Common Sense said:

    We setup our kids pool on Saturday, it’s one of those big EZ Set Pools. I was sitting there in a lawn chair in the grass and there were literally thousands of very tiny springtails climbing all over the pool and tarp I put under it. I put the hose in the grass near the edge of the pool and a million springtails crawled up all over everything trying to get out of the water. I looked down at my feet, there were springtails all over them (I had tennis shoes on). I sat there and stared at them, didn’t even bother to shake them off. I had seen this other times too, our yard is loaded with them. I wondered if I’d feel anything later that evening or the next day, suffice it to say whatever change I’ve made to my body I am once a again just a “thing” to them. No longer do they sense me as habitat. I’m not saying “M” is springtails, but it will certainly take you to a place where to springtails you are effectively terra-firma.

  11. There you have it folks… you have got to repair your bioterrain so that you are no longer a hospitable environment for them.

    Thanks Mr. C for your wisdom and for your willingness to share it.

    Praying for a deeper revelation of His presence and renewal of peace and joy in your spirit.

    Love Always,


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