WE ARE EXCITED to announce our first ever Conference call

for our whole community with Dr. Dan Harper from Solano Beach, CA.!

Dr Dan will be speaking and answering questions on:


‘Blocked Detox pathways’ and ‘Why aren’t my medicines/vitamins working?’


What is Kineseology/Muscle testing?

What are Homeopathic remedies, and the basic theory on how they work?


Pamela Crane and Nancy Guberti will host Dr. Dan Harper

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4:00PM Pacific time

5:00PM Mountain

6:00PM Central

7:00PM Eastern

Call in number: 712.432.3100

You’ll be asked to punch in a code: 506331


Dr. Dans practice is based on the premise that the body was designed to heal itself. Good nutrition, moderate exercise, clean lifestyle and correct attitudes go a long way to maintain health. If something has disturbed the process, Dr Harper assists you in finding the problems and looking at options to restore good health using:


Comprehensive Diagnostic Laboratory and Radiological studies



IV Therapies of Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Supplements

and Alternative Therapies 


Professional Designations

B.S. in Biology; M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine; Family Practice Residency at Porland, OR; Boarded in Family Medicine in ’79, recertified in ’85, ’92, ’02; ’08; Boarded in Holistic Medicine in ’02; Doctor of Homeopathy in ’03; Board Eligible for Emergency Medicine ’07 Board Eligible for Environmental Medicine ’08

Pamela Crane




Comments on: "MorgellonsFocusHealth Conference Call with Dr. Dan Harper" (3)

  1. Another dr. who doesn’t really know what morgellons is or how to treat it. Now he will be followed by the evil bastards who spread this who want to keep all doctors silent. I hope that he will be ok. Look at dr. spencer on youtube and what they did to him.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I had no idea what Morgellons is, I’m free of it, you just have to understand the body, what it needs to operate, and provide for it. But ya, they go after almost anybody who wants to help.

      Truth is, we’ll probably never know what it is, with government health care coming you’re probably less likely to hear about it, Morgellons is unfortunately on the fringe, and will 30 million new people pouring into a system who won’t be paying a dime for thier medial care somethings gotta give. And give it will, less care, denial of treatments and so on, and Morgellons, trust me, they’re not going to waste a dime on us.

      My heart has been heavy on this issue, a terribly tradgegy is coming that is far worse than Morgellons and it’s called “Government”. They are pressing heavy on banning supplements, there’s a new bill before congress now that has that aim. The reason is they know they work and once they start denying coverage folks will turn to it, this could undo big pharma, and with a CVS or Walgreens on every corner it’s the biggest business in America, a cash cow.

      My advice, learn everything you can now about health, growing your own food if need be. Keep your ear to the wind because not even the internet is going to free and open for much longer. Sound crazy? I wish it was but the writing is on the wall in my opinion.

  2. The CDC and Obama Health Care are a joke. I wrote the CDC an E-mail over a year and a half ago and told them I had lice which embedded in my scalp and wanted to know if they knew of a Dr. to help me. I get an e-mail this week saying that they don’t recommend Drs. but check with local physician.

    Right after Obama signed his health care bill, I was told by Great Plains that medicare would not cover three tests that were originally covered when I first turned my paper work in before Obama signed the bill. So I had to resubmit my papers. I realized then that the medical care will keep going down hill. Also believe that Drs. are deciding to retire so that there will be more patients with less drs.

    I believe you are right on Mr. C. about the big pharma is in control, I’ve experienced it already!!!
    Take heed people and be prepared for fighting tooth and nail against big governement.

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