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  1. Mr.CS
    This has nothing to do with this article , I don’t know of another way to get it to you. I found this pub. and it fits with my hypothesis as to our multi-faceted problem , and possibly why Mels protocol seems to work, Though I’m not using it
    If you google tetracycline & Filarial & Nematode & Symbiotic & Intracellular in different combos you’ll find a plethora of articles like this one. I’ve not tried the tetracycline yet for this. I’d like to know what you think . I have been given many meds for this since 2006 and of them I can say what works and what didn’t. Doxycycline worthless, Amoxcillin worthless, Clarithromycin worthless, Stromectol (prescription ivermectin) wothless, AZITHROMYCIN destroyed the Morgellon bacteria within 2 days no itching fake pimples (histamine bumps?) clearing up, and in 5 days I was damn near normal, in 10 days was clear and 5 days since my last pill.(you only get 5)about day 17 I started seeing the little red bumps again. The zithro is very expensive but very effective , I went back to the doc asked for 6mo. supply and he wanted to scare me off with talk about bone cancer. I have since done extensive research on Azth. and can’t find anything like that, they give it long term to people with MS, CF with no ill effect and thats due to the way this drug works Its not a liver or kidney killer its almost a smart drug in that it only attaches to infection sites period. My feeling is he didn’t want to answer to Blue Cross for it. Anyhow I’d like your opinion on this . Thank You, Dave

  2. Loved your song “I will try to carry on….”

    After reading about GMOs and the health problems they may cause I thought about this song and spent a few days writing the following:

    We as consumers have the power to demand safe and healthy food in North America

    Please, please, please educate yourself about the safety of GMO food!

    After watching this video clip created by Jeffrey Smith, activist, author of The Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette,
    I was disturbed at the health and environment dangers it may cause. I was shocked that GMO food is allowed to be sold without
    studies showing that it is safe for humans when there have been studies in animals showing its dangers. Europe has been much more cautious about this than North America.

    The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reported that “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,” including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. The AAEM asked physicians to advise patients to avoid GM foods.”

    We as consumers have the power to create positive change in the quality of our food in North America.
    To do this we need to educate ourselves, our children and others about the safety of our food. Buy nonGMO food .Ask local store managers to carry nonGMO food. Tell food companies we do not
    want to eat GMO food. According to Jeffrey Smith, it will just take a small amount of consumers
    to avoid GMO food to create a tipping point that will shift how our food is grown and the ingredients disclosed.
    This link describes how one can take action and also has a NonGMO food shopping guide.

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