Well, it’s been a while since I’ve made a substantive post and I hope you can take this one in the spirit in which it is meant. Please bear with me while I touch on all kinds of subjects. At times what I say might be depressing while at other times hopefully what is said will lift your sprit and offer you hope. There may be times when I seem condescending, I do not intend it that way. I speak as though what I say is fact, it’s up to you to discard it or consider it as you see fit. As I mention names let it be known that I speak on my own behalf. I am not speaking for anyone else nor do I mean to put words in anyone’s mouth. I’m just going to speak freely and let the chips fall where they may.

First, my health is good. I consider myself free of Morgellons. While I do still have issues such as anxiety, Costochondritis, and so on I do not attribute these to Morgellons. The crawling, biting, fibers, and specks and classical Morgellons symptoms are gone. Am I in perfect health? No. But then who is. What I do not do however is walk around and attribute every ailment, ache, and pain to Morgellons. Morgellons is a very distinct ailment, you know when you have it, and you know when it’s gone.

What is Morgellons? Well, in my opinion it is the result of a cascading set of events which causes a catastophic failure of the detoxification system within the human body. Is it caused by parasites? No, it is not. However, remember, everyone on this planet has parasites. If your body turns into a garbage dump full of toxins, poisons, and candida then the parasite population is likely to explode, however this an effect, not the cause. What are the fibers? Are they exotic, other worldly, unexplainable artifacts? No, they are simple by-products of the human body which are being created from everyday elements. I think of them as a by-product of being a walking, human Super-Fund site. Is Morgellons a result of Lyme Disease? No, it is not. Is it true that most people with Morgellons will test positive for Lyme Disease? No, it is not, despite claims to the contrary. Do people with Morgellons also have Lyme Disease, yes, some do, but that doesn’t mean much. I won’t go into this futher but I could write a book on why I say what I do about Lyme Disease. Remember, these are all just my opinions; you are perfectly free to ignore them.

Should you spend your time researching and reading all of the crazy things posted about what the cause of Morgellons could be? No, that is an utter waste of your time. Morgellons is not so much a “thing” as it is a “state”. And this “state” or condition is the result of many, many things. That being said, there IS a specific state in which Morgellons manifests producing the crawling, biting, specks, fibers, and so on, so in that respect, it is a very distinct condition. But can one point to a bacteria, fungus, or parasite that causes Morgellons? No. Will they ever be able to? No, I don’t think so. The good news is however, it really doesn’t matter.

I have been at a loss for words since recovering, and now I know why. I’m going to tell you that reason in just a minute, but first this.

It would be a great story and truly inspiring if, looking back on the whole Morgellons experience, I could tell you that it made my life better, or was a profound experience that somehow made me a stronger person. While I might have thought those things initially having more distance between myself and those days has changed my opinion on that matter. Morgellons sucks, sorry for the frank language but that’s how I feel. I don’t want to think back on it, the misery, the impact on my wife and kids, the loss of professional credibility that could have easily ruined me, all of it, I want it forgotten. Morgellons stole at least three years of my life and has left a huge scar in my persona. People send me links about Morgellons, possible causes, new information, all kinds of things that I just cannot bare to look at. The truth is, I want to forget the whole miserable thing. So, if you’re one of those people forgive me, don’t stop sending them, my opinion on all this could easily change once more time passes. I hope you don’t mind my directness here.

I know why I have been at a loss of words, the truth is, I’m not qualified to offer much more other than comfort, encouragement and so on.

On September 28th I listened the MorgellonsFocus conference call with Dr. Dan Harper. I hadn’t listened to any of the conference calls “live” from MorgellonsFocus before that night. Now, before I continue I do correspond with Pamela of MorgellonsFocus from time to time and she knows why I haven’t listened, I want to forget this whole miserable mess. That being said, for some reason I felt I needed to listen to this call, with no prompting from anyone, except maybe the Holy Spirit.

Well, Dr. Harper started talking, for the first 3 or 4 minutes he was extremely technical, I was barely holding my own, but after that Dr. Harper began to put things in terms that were more easily understood. As I listened I became keenly aware that Dr. Harper had a deep understanding of the human body and how it worked, what he was saying seemed to fit with my understanding of terrain issues (which I learned of during this whole experience). Dr. Harper seems to hold a deep faith in our Creator as does John Burgstiner of Logos Nutritionals. As Dr. Harper continued I was deeply struck by the common sense medicine he was proposing, and the indepth understanding of the mechanics of the human body. There were some things that Dr. Harper spoke about which I don’t really subscribe to, one is the Chakra concept (which he mentioned in passing) and muscle testing. I could probably be more easily convinced of muscle testing. However, Dr. Harper spent very little time speaking of those two things, rather, he spoke of hard science regarding the human body. I was very impressed. I’ll be honest; I wish I could sit down and speak with him for a few hours. Not just because it would be interesting, but I would be able to understand how to take care of myself better.

After the conference call, instead of being elated I became depressed, a sense of hopelessness washed over me, and it lasted into the next day and is partially still there. After listening to Dr. Harper I became even more aware of how seemingly hopeless up our medical system truly is. I learned most of this on my own as I fumbled around desperately trying not to “kick off” due to Morgellons. Now, for the record, Dr. Harper never made such a statement that modern medicine is screwed up, in fact, he didn’t bash anybody, the truth is, he didn’t have to. Based on my feeble knowledge, and it is feeble trust me, I knew enough to know that what Dr. Harper was speaking of was the way to diagnose health issues and find the path of true healing. But why be depressed over such good news? Well, the truth is, there are probably only a handful of Dr. Harper’s in the country, certainly there is no Dr. Harper in my hometown that I can go and see. So many are suffering and not being helped by our current system, including me still. During the call-in portion of the conference call a woman called in who was too weak and sick to even get off of the couch. Had she been to many doctors? My guess is yes, probably more than she cares to remember. This is my opinion only, but my feeling is Dr. Harper can probably get her off that couch and living life again. It is hard for me to relay what I felt during the conference call, I would encourage you to listen to the call. Am I saying that Dr. Harper is the only way to get better? No, I’m saying that people like him are going to be the ones that lead us out of this mess. I have a great hope that by the time my children are my age Dr. Harpers knowledge will be common among doctors.

I also realize how deeply unqualified I am to be of any help. Oh sure, I published what I did with the “Poor mans Protocol I and II” which seemed to work for me, but it was all guess work, with some direction from other people of course too. I know I could still benefit through testing, which I have not done as yet.

I think what I can do however is be an encouraging voice (after this post, which is somewhat a downer tone) for those who are just coming to find themselves in this same mess. I can offer advice on how not to destroy your family and relationships, how to cope with this alone if need be, and let people know that they can find their way through this to better times. I have called a few people that were really bad off and at their wits end and am willing to do that at times.

Remember, I am better, and with testing and expert medical care at your disposal you have a much greater chance. In my opinion MorgellonsFocus is finding great resources for our community. I believe what Pamela is doing over at MorgellonsFocus by bringing in real experts is the way to go. I would encourage you to listen to the MorgellonsFocus conference calls. I told Pamela I was going to post a link to the recording of the conference call, but she had no idea I was going to say all this. You can find the September 28th conference call with Special Guest Dr. Dan Harper on this page:

It’s the 2nd recording entitled “Blocked Detox Pathways“.

Dr. Dan Harper’s Page

If I had a “sure fire” cure I’d post it the “same day” for all to have free of charge. I hope you know and believe that. I will continue to announce all conference calls from MorgellonsFocus and Mel’s site, both are good resources.


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  1. Yes it would be great if there were a Doctor Harper in every town. Doesn’t mean people can’t work with him if they can’t get into his office. He will work with patients using their lab results and phone consultation.

    Same goes for Dr. Sloan and Nancy Guberti who are also excellent and who use the Great Plains and Metametrix testing. Each has their own style and unique approach to help Morgellons sufferers get well.

    Pam has unrelentingly been trying to discover practitioners that understand how to work with this disease and bring them to the awareness of the public. A big thanks to you Pam.

  2. Amen…that is a lot to say and I am glad you are saying it. I did listen to the conference call and was also amazed at Dr. Dan Harper’s knowledge. When the male caller came on and said “I cured myself of morgellons” it took me a moment to realize that it was Mr C. I was actually hoping for a second person to spring forth and claim cured with only supplements. It would be inspiring… I am not cured and doing all the right things, I think. At any rate, I have missed the posts and thanks for this one.

  3. New here. Been reading a lot, just wanted to say I am so thankful for you and for the fact that you have recorded this journey. It helps everyone. Continued good health to you and many, many blessings. I plan to visit often. (Several times a day, at this point.)

  4. Thank you Mr. C/S for keeping in touch through your web site. If you dropped out of site it would be like loosing a friend whom you looked forward to every day to see what is happening in life. Happy for you that you are cured and because it gives us all the hope we need to lift our spirits to keep fighting!! Hopefully we all join you in reaching the brighter side!!! Bless you and all those who are fighting this terrible grunge!!

  5. Dear Mr C/S

    Thank you again.

    Can I please ask something?

    Hubby got the onset of this in Sept 2008, after being bitten, multiple times and very viciously in a Depot bed, this was diagnosed at the time as scabies, but could have been bird mites.

    He felt something biting him from time to time, over time from then on in the Depot, my belief, now, is that the intial vicious attack made him a main host by these Arthropods at the Depot.

    Then he was bitten and vectored again in a big way, by mites on a bus, in January 2010, leading to full blown Morgellon, we say by bird mites as birds were allowed to take refuge in these buses while they were left open every night in the Depot,and they left much proof of this.

    At the time, although hubby complained, as this would obviously be unhealthy, we had no real idea how detrimental to our health this could actually be.

    We have found many sufferers here in Australia, but the 5 we have had most contact with and compared notes with, had bird mite infestations in the houses and this is how they got Morgellons.

    We also, after much research, see many other all over the world who have said it started after being bitten and infected/vectored by Arthropods, often bird mites.

    I suppose the question is, when you say one can not point to parasites etc as a cause, I am very confused and your opinion on this is very important to me.

    Sorry if this is a silly question, and I am probably just misunderstanding, but with such a strong obvious link to parasites and from my personal experience.

    Could you please help this confused mind, by explaining what you mean, when you say this.

    Thank you for everything you do and I hope this question is taken as it is meant, purely to clear my confused and scattered brain.

    Luv Jodie

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Jodie, believe it or not I did actually find and catch bird mites on me at the onset of this. They are very fast moving and unlike scabies visible to the human eye. I’ll never forget that day, we were outside and my daughter said to me “Dad, I feel like there are bugs crawling all over me”. Well, that horrified me, because at that time I already knew I had Morgellons. We were in the back yard by where we used to have bird feeders. Later that day, we were in the car and I sat there in the parking lot with my arm on hanging out the window, the window was down. My arm was in the full sun, low and behold, what did I see? A bird mite. I ended up catching three of them.

      We had happened to walk through the grass where the birds would feed on the ground and had gotten them all over us. For my daughter, it was nothing, for me, Morgellons continued to rage out of control. The problem wasn’t the bird mites, it was something in me.

      Bird mites don’t even live on birds, they live in the nests, I know there are bird mite forums and everything but I don’t buy into that. But remember, I could well be wrong. I do think we become sick first, then arthropods come to feed on us as we are like rotting logs.

      I’m sorry for you and your husband, I’ll tell you what worked wonder for me, the Sulfur soap I use, that’s why they use sulfur dips on pets to kill heavy mite infestations, sulfur kills arthropods.

      I admit that as I went after my terrain I also treated this thing as if it were mites, just in case, that is why I used my Sulfur soaps and Dr. Bonners peppermint soap, but honestly, bird mites don’t live on hosts, and they can be seen quite readily with the human eye.

  6. http://www.parasitetesting.com has come a long way also I have been in contact with Dr James Schaller, Brad Gould and Dr Kolb.
    MRC, You absolutely deserve a break, you as well as I understand the need for some solace and a life.
    You can not cure the world MCS but you have made and incredible dent and you are loved.
    I myself, am seeing this now in the Oil Spill People and the skin lesions on them. I am going to get on with my education and do some volunteer work with the Barefoot Doctors on the Gulf.
    Those of you that have this, there is good information on this blog. Mr Common Sense needs a normal sembalance of life. He has done this whole project on his time and his dime.
    May he be blessed forever and find the peace he so richly deserves.
    God Bless You All,
    Trisha Springstead RN
    and my Husband Richard Springstead MD

  7. PS Thank you Dr Burgstiner for listening to me last week as I had a melt down. Through your prayers and love I am finding peace. God Bless this good man, who is not only an insturment of Gods love. You talk the talk and walk the walk.
    I am honored to know you both and please pray for Joe in Africa. He needs some good reading materials and some herbals over there, he is quite an amazing guy.
    Anyone wanting to donate you can contact me through my website. The shipping is very high there.
    Thanks Again and may God Bless You all.

  8. I can never thank you enough for your website and all of the hope and information that it imparts to desperate people. You and your work are a Godsend. Thank you so much.

  9. Joe Keleher said:

    Mr. CS, Honestly, I wish I’d connected with your blog when I first got the symptoms. I am glad to have you as a friend and thank God you set the tone of “Common sense” for this blog from the get-go! You can take a break though and life will continue to progress (God knows I’ve taken some major hiatuses from my blogs!).

    Jodie, you’ve come to a good place for information. Honestly some of the stuff out on the web related to Morgellons makes Stephen King novels sound innocent. One thing I am certain of…being scared on top of being ill won’t help matters. I think knowing you can get well from this condition is important. Detoxing is a key part to recovery.

    Trish, Africa does have its challenges…but there are perks too (I’ll be traveling to Zanzibar next week for example). I truly believe prayers are the very greatest gift you can give to anyone…and air mail cost the same as ground delivery! I have connected to a homeopath over here and have some good meds to ward off critters. I’m fine…but it is nice you’d want to send a care package. Hakoonamatata (no worries) as they say over here.

  10. sherry taylor said:

    So great you are working with Pamela who helped me tremendously in a time of need..and continues to help others.
    I realized that I need to focus more on the bacteria(GMO) which you can’t see rather than the parasites,,which you can..at least some of them.
    Building the terrain..a lifestyle change..major.. makes a lot of sense to me…that means separating from the pack in terms of self care and eating..and being disciplined about it.
    Your love and support are so extremely valuable..plus your computer skills in reminding us of balance in life and making things like audio recordings easily available. Thanks again, as always..may we all be free to help each other. Most Sincerely, Sherry

  11. God Bless you MCS.
    I would not still be here and functioning well without your support.
    I will be forever grateful.
    I pray for the best for you and your family.
    God’s grace is with you , Brother.

  12. I appreciate your humility. That is one thing that I have learned from having this condition. I am praying for healing. I thought the doctor on the call was great! He was very practical and holistic in terms if how he approached healing.

  13. herehoping said:

    Thank you so much for this! I have been asleep for awhile…….it is time to wake up! I KNEW it was the McDonalds! Thank you, thank you, thank you MCS

  14. I currently believe that Morgellons is most likely caused by some kind of infectious agent, probably man-made and genetically modified. People are affected by it in different ways depending upon their genetics, their immune system, their GI system and their lifestyle (diet especially). I pray that the truth will soon be discovered. Hopefully the gathering of common lab results from Morgellons patients that Pamela Mae is doing with Metametrix GI Effects and Great Plains will help illuminate the source.

    Have you seen this journal of Medical Case Reports published July 2009, by Dr. Harvey who is director of the MRF medical advisory board?

    Morgellons disease, illuminating an undefined illness: a case series


    Dr. Harvey was involved with a small case study of 25 people to show that there are common medical symptoms in Morgellons and that it is not just a delusional condition. The interesting thing about the article is that it points out some of the common medical conditions.
    “The most common physical abnormalities found in this series include: 1) Numerous “senile angiomas” on the trunk, head and limbs of many; 2) Recurrent fever; 3) Awareness of itching, crawling, stinging or biting. When present, patients describe a circadian tempo to the symptoms; some occurring solely at night. Itching of unbroken skin specifically appeared to precede all other skin symptoms; 4) Unidentified objects (called “filaments” or “granules”) “extrude” uncomfortably from unbroken skin or skin lesions; 5) Painful ulcer-like concave, circular skin lesions with distinct border; 6) Excoriations adjacent-to but separate from ulcerations were common; 7) Dermal symptoms were the central focus of discomfort for most patients. 8. Multiple organ system symptoms often appeared within the first six months of illness onset. The most common systems affected were the central and peripheral nervous systems, autonomic nervous system then endocrine, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems.
    All blood pressures were low and all resting pulses were high.
    Routine laboratory tests were often inconsistent and varied both positively and negatively, but within range more frequently than out of range. Common abnormalities were NK cell numbers and percentages (low), and fasting insulin levels (very high). Occasionally abnormal were RBC indices, hematocrit, WBC count (low), monocyte count (high), serum calcium (high), globulin level (high), and A/G ratio (high).
    Contradictory autoimmunity data was frequently noted. Some expected inflammation tests such as sedimentation rate and Anti-double stranded DNA antibody tests were negative, while C-reactive protein and TNF-alpha were routinely high. IFN-gamma, Homocysteine and Leptin were also elevated. There was a high prevalence of transient “autoimmune” diseases such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, hyperparathyroidism and adrenal-cortical hypofunction.”

    In this report’s conclusion it says
    “The unfolding mechanism strongly suggests a chronic infectious process.”
    “The authors conclude that Morgellons disease is a multi-systemic illness that has been presumed as a delusional phenomenon for decades as its most obvious and disconcerting manifestations resembled actual (but “unverified”) parasite infestation as well as various psychopathologies. However, using recent technology and even a modicum of consistently obtained physical data supports that Morgellons manifest as a skin phenomenon, an immune deficiency state and a chronic inflammatory process. ”

    Also, many Morgellons patients report that their symptoms are worse at the full and new moon which could indicate a parasitical agent.

  15. So right about the full moon, this last one in particular was a bad one for me. I thought I was making progress and was hit again, with most symptoms. I moved to a temporary home while ours in the country is being built and unfortunately the landlord proudly had installed new carpeting throughout. It looks like a year of relentless cleaning and intermittent symptoms in spite of my many efforts. I cannot seem to be rid of what has infected the sheets and towels. I have used Dr Bonner peppermint soap, borax, bleach, double wash double dry, soak overnight in vinegar and am now waiting for a new batch of enzymes to arrive. I get outside everyday now at least the symptoms are less pervasive then and I am looking into a infrared mini furnace as well as a DIY sauna consisting of 3 infrared bulbs and non toxic canvas sheeting that can convert your shower or a closet into a sauna. Than you Jade for the link.
    Best of Health to all.

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