I think you’ll find this very interesting and can give you some insight on what is the cause of our condition. Watch the video …

The Intel Hub
Alex Thomas

We have heavily documented the sickness that has been caused by BP and their use of the toxic dispersant known as Corexit. We have produced photographs, eye witness accounts [See the June/July archives of our radio show], and multiple blood tests. The problem is that every time we receive more evidence it doesn’t indicate that the crisis is beginning to get better, rather it indicates that it is much worse.

Kindra Arnesen has battled BP and their toxic spraying from the beginning and has been a ray of hope for all. She has helped to expose the many cover ups perpetrated by BP and their puppets within the American government.

Last week, a radio broadcast by The Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana, complete with a radio host broadcasting live from the hospital, created a tremendous uproar throughout the internet. Florida Oil Spill Law posted the audio which was subsequently picked up The Intel Hub and Rense.com as well as many others. The audio indicated that all the members of the CHSL radio show were sickened, with health problems ranging from a staph infection to neurotoxin poisoning.

Naturally the radio broadcast left many unanswered questions and Project Gulf Impact has attempted to answer at least some of them. Gulf Impact has worked diligently to expose the disaster and this video is one of the most important they have ever produced.

This video really speaks for itself. Kindra, along with many other gulf coast residents have had their natural skin barrier DESTROYED.

Doctors in the area will not deal with these clear medical problems. Have they been bribed or do they simply not want to put their livelihood on the line for the sake of someone else s health? Some have tried to help while others have seemingly misdiagnosed people on purpose.




Who would allow such a sickening chemical to be used so close to the human population? Why are the people of the gulf being used as guinea pigs in an experiment sanctioned by elements of our own government?

Please Spread this article to everyone you know. This is extremely important information. The Gulf disaster is NOT over, in fact, the actual spraying of Corexit hasn’t even stopped.


Comments on: "Gulf Disaster, “Natural Barrier of Our Skin is Gone”" (7)

  1. I went to a meeting and Met Riki Ott, she is an outstanding woman. Rikis assistant phoned me and told me of stories of people from the Exxon Valdez Spill. She described the brain fog, the lesions ect. Doctors tell them that have PTSD, and when they get over it they will be fine. I have people telling me that they are so sick and after they get over this, they are going to need counseling for PTSD.
    Did you see in the article where 300,000 people will be and are getting more ill. This crap should be on the Front lines of the papers, “Oh the spill has dissipated”. BP-Biological Poisoners, is responsible, for this mess along with Haliburton and TransOcean.
    This is absolutely appalling. This is todays old news with the media. We need to find a way to get this to Sanjay Gupta and in the mainstream media immediately.
    Obama…please Wake up to what is happening the with our Gulf, it is now a Dead Zone.
    Love and Light,

  2. This is what I saw on the Beaches, I look horrible in this because I was really not feeling well.
    I got em laugh a little with my story.

  3. Torpedolynn said:

    Hi all

    It just make me sick about the people who are getting sick from the oil spill. I pray for them as I pray for many other things. Thank You Trish for being so brave. If I was not born cripple and so sick I would help you in your fight to heal and prevent.

    In Light Lynn

  4. Dearest Lynn et al,
    I would like to find the person who said “God never gives us more than we can handle.” and kick his butt. LOL
    There are no accidents in this life. I met Ricki and her assistant on a phone call. When I met her I was was so impressed at her spunk. She is a great fighter.
    She blew out her Adrenals from stress during the Exxon Valdex spill.
    She had no idea nor did she know what I was working on.
    Coincidence, I don’t think so, what are the odds.
    God takes us to the people, places and things that we need to meet, in order to carry out our mission in life.
    I have known you a long time and you have been a dear person to me. OK a quick way to detox and Ph your body.
    1. Gallon of Good Clean water
    2. The Juice of 8 lemons
    3. 2 cups of Raw Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar Syrup
    4. a small pinch of cayenne and some grated ginger.
    It is a poor mans detox.
    Love and Light,

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Thank you for the receipe Trish. Thank you Mr. Commone Sense for letting me post. I have a question that you may not be able to answer but might know whare to send me to search and find out. We did a PH test on our well water at the small home we rent. The Alkaline was off the charts. Unreadable. I hear its bad to be to far in either direction. Is that hold true for water? Or am I lucky to have water that may be healing. I know I do really well standing in that shower. It does feel healing, but may be fooling myself.

      Hugs and love
      In Light Lynn
      P.S. I am going to try to become a patient of Dr. Dans. He is in CA. Like me.

  5. Joe Keleher said:

    The parallels to Morgellons are there. The quick diagnosis of scabies by a medical professional with little or no desire to investigate further was my story (as well as many others). I guess in a perfect world doctors would become investigators instead of quick diagnosers. Thank God for the medical professionals who are willing to break free from the box and question assumptions.

  6. This is a quote by John F. Kennedy, every time I hear this I cry. My whole life has been by the sea.



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