Our very own Joseph Keleher has written a wonderful book. In case you are unaware Joe has recovered from Morgellons and has written five of the very best articles published on our condition. They can all be found by clicking HERE. Here’s a quick sampling of the book.

“Mateusz and his grandfather decide, one wintry day in Krakow, Poland, to begin the creation of a traditional Christmas crib (a manger scene set in a model based on one or more of Krakow’s historic buildings). The boy is the artist and works on the design, while Grandpa focuses on the model construction.

Mateusz abandons the project after Grandpa’s unexpected death. Grandma’s wishes and Grandpa’s words of, "Always finish what you begin" rekindle the construction and completion of the award winning Christmas Crib.”

I think this book would make a wonderful Christmas present for the young and old in your family. For more information on the book click this LINK. It’s available for purchase HERE and HERE.

By the way, Joe is a real adventurer and has been in Africa for these past six months or so. Way to go Joe and Congratulations !!  I know I’m ordering my copy, though we have never met I feel like I know Joe personally.


Comments on: "Our Very Own Joe – Local Boy Done Good" (7)

  1. Joe Keleher said:

    Thank you for the support! I’ve gotten emails telling me the book came out nice and I hope to see one soon(given my current location, in Tanzania, I may not for awhile). While it wasn’t dedicated to Morgellons sufferers, you may find some hints of my view towards Morgellons in several of the images (my publisher doesn’t know this…but will soon enough). I plan to dedicate my next book to those still suffering from Morgellons symptoms.

    Related, somewhat, is an article on my PA home in the Nov/Dec issue of Natural Home Magazine; last year I worked on home renovations largely to eliminate toxins (this article is a return piece). I’d hoped to actually live there, but had to go where I could find work. Again, I haven’t seen the final article (I didn’t write it)…and wonder if the writer brought up/mentioned Morgellons. We all need to be talking about it!

    Thanks again! Asante! Joe

  2. Hey Joe! Great job! Will it be on Amazon? Then we can read excerpts? Mr. C…. could you give us that feature? 😉

    God Bless Joe,my best in your great new journey!

    Pamela Mae

  3. I have a copy of it and it is an incredible story. Joe you are my hero.
    Just want to let everyone know that I will be on Feet to the Fire tomorrow night at 9 PM. I am going to talk about morgellons disease but also about my experinces at the Gulf Oil Spill. The science is out there and I am being helped by a group of Drs, Tom Termatto and others I am piled high in research today so that I don’t come off as a whacko. Everyone please say your prayers that the words I speak will be for the good of all. It is a wake up call, Mother Nature is spitting out what doesn’t belong. If you look at the map we have on you can see how many rigs have been lined on and in our gulf for years, Documented people who are afraid to come out and talk openly about what is really going on up there. I am warning our Government if we do not mind our own business and get out of these other countries and help our own, close the bases in other countries and bring out soldiers home now.
    So please Pray. that water and its emissions are now radioactive. Due to drilling, and drilling and drilling. Reports were coming to people who worked in the Exxon Valdez Spill, years ago of this hypertoxic disease.
    Niche’ “Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.”
    Bless our earth and pray that people wake up to the realities of nature and how we have destroyed the terrain of our globe. Piece by Piece by Piece.
    Because of the actions of man, this is why we are experiencing earthquakes where we never have seen them before. This is why our environment is a mess and this confirms that much of the toxic pollution is absolutely man made. This also confirms that we are just a reflection of our environment and the tinkering, deforesting, dumping of chemicals in our water, on our crops and the spraying at night with pesticides and dangerous chemicals, what we are eating has caused illnesses. So many illnesses.
    With Light and Prayers,

  4. Glad to see this book mentioned. The bookstore in Wellsboro has copies ordered and coming in. If your local bookstore, doesn’t have it, they can order it.

  5. Joe Keleher said:

    Pamela Mae, My book is on Amazon…just do title search. Trish, thanks for the compliment on my book.

    Had some health issues to deal with here. My heart was racing on and off all Sunday night. I got check out and am fine. Here’s the thing…I got tested for diabetes, malaria and even had an EKG. In the States even with health insurance I’d have paid $500 or so I’m guessing. My cost here for all including consultation was right around $18. Makes you wonder, eh?

  6. Hi Joe,
    Congrats on the book!
    Sorry to hear you had some health problems, but glad you are doing well now.
    Take good care!

  7. Pat Van Niekerk said:

    Dear Trisha,
    Although I agree 100% with your sentiments about the mess that humans are creating on this planet, I just need to inform you that earthquakes are not caused by anything that one or a zillion humans can do. Please study a little bit about a subject before being dogmatic about it. Thanks for all the other good stuff you are doing.


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