Healthy Cooking and How to Shop

with Pamela Crane and Nancy Guberti, C.H.N.

October 27, 2010

What are the basics of Healthy Eating and Cooking?
Why shouldn’t I cook with the microwave? What does it do?
Fast food and why it isn’t good for you.
Is there anything a busy person can cook fast?
What in the world does FOOD have to do with Morgellons?

 4:00 PM Pacific
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7:00 PM Eastern

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Pamela Crane


Comments on: "Healthy Cooking and How to Shop – October 27, 2010" (3)

  1. This is a technical question. Is it possible to join in on this conference call using skype? I have found I can key in the telephone numbers but if one reaches voice mail and must press any other numbers they are not “heard” by the voice mail attendant.

  2. Hi, Mr. CS: Just a technical question- I recently have been experiencing a dramatic drop off of symptoms in the past few weeks, just like I did at this exact time last year (living in California). Of course, everything started up again last Feb, then totally exploded in April. Is there a seasonal dormancy in winter of some kind? If so, what does this mean for cleaning protocals?

    • Hi Terri,
      My experience has been that there is a cycle to this but it is not limited to a particular season. My first outbreak occured in June 2006 and I improved somewhat over the years, with up and down cycling. This time my re infection started in September 2009 and peaked in December 2009. Though I am better not quite symptom free. The last full moon set me back some.

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