Whatever Happened to the mysterious disease known as Morgellons?

By Brigid Schulte
Sunday, October 31, 2010

In 2004, Sue Laws began to itch. She found tiny red fibers all over her back. Within weeks, her skin broke out in lesions. She felt bugs crawling under her skin, and one day, she said, she pulled a worm out of her eyeball and coughed up a springtail fly. "That’s when I thought, ‘I’m really going to kill myself,’" the Gaithersburg resident told The Washington Post Magazine in 2008 in a story about a strange medical condition she thought was Morgellons.

Laws’s doctors thought she was delusional. But she found a host of other sufferers on the Internet and joined the Morgellons Research Foundation and the lobbying effort that prompted a number of lawmakers, including then-Sen. Barack Obama, to write the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention demanding an investigation.

Now, nearly three years later, the CDC has completed its investigation of Morgellons, or what it calls unexplained dermopathy, evaluating patients in Northern California and sending tissue samples to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for analysis. CDC experts are preparing the final draft of their report, which they hope to submit for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal sometime in early 2011.

So, is Morgellons real? Or is it a delusion?

The CDC won’t say right now, for fear that releasing information might jeopardize the study’s publication. Mark Eberhard, director of the CDC’s division of parasitic diseases, said, "We were very clear from the outset that no one study, not even this one, would likely provide the whole answer."

A few years ago, a handful of scientists thought the so-called fiber disease could be the result of infection by some strange new bacterium, parasite or fungus. Almost all of them have dropped their research. "I believe the disease is real. But there are lots of crazy people involved. So, I distanced myself," said Ahmed Kilani, an infectious-disease microbiologist at Clongen Labs in Germantown. Plus, there was no funding.

The sole remaining researcher is Randy Wymore. A pharmacology professor at Oklahoma State University, he has spent the past three years doing "slow and tedious" and ultimately inconclusive DNA testing of the fibers that patients claimed were seeping from their bodies. He has ruled out unusual bacteria, fungi or insects. "We have a better idea of what the fibers aren’t," Wymore said. "But we’re no closer to figuring out what they are."

Sue Laws received a diagnosis of small-cell lung cancer in 2008. As she underwent chemotherapy, she wrote on an Internet discussion board that when her hair fell out, out, too, came "millions of red, blue, black and clear-white fibers and springtails, spiders, ants, dog scabies, human or dog lice."

By October 2009, the cancer had spread to her brain. She refused further treatment. She died Dec. 13, 2009.

Her last wish was that her body be donated to science to help find a cure for Morgellons. But her family couldn’t find a researcher who wanted it. Her husband plans to spread her ashes in St. Croix in the spring.

The original story back in 2008

Figments of the Imagination?

I knew Sue from a certain Morgellons forum. When I first became sick she actually mailed stuff to me at her cost to try and help. She fought against this thing very hard. The CDC is proving itself more inept than we could have imagined, another Morgellons report deadline of “sometime in early 2011”. Give me a break. As far as I am concerned they can take their report and shove it.

By the way, these are the “fictional” (sarcasm) springtails or Collembola that came from her scalp after radiation treatment. See this POST. They were in fact, quite real.

Mr. C


Comments on: "Washington Post – What Ever Happened to Morgellons Disease?" (13)

  1. well a long overdue update:
    tropical disease found nothing from my consultation; of course, they only tested for strongyloides…. despite my request (when they asked what can we do for you?) to find out what was in the skin. A complete bungle…. complaining about skin and scalp symptoms, and what do they do? look for intestinal parasites A joke.
    This, combined with the latest cdc news(?) makes me believe that some people somewhere know what is going on but are delaying, procastinating and dithering intentionally.
    In other news: new NHS (UK) junior doctors may now “opt out” of yaking the Hippocratic Oath. ’bout time they finally admitted it up front, eh?

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Belinda, unfortunately your story is the same as so many others, like I’ve said before, there are less than a handful of parasitologists (literally) in the United States that are worth their salt, the rest are unfortunately idiots in the true sense of the word. They know nothing at all.

    By the way, I updated the story above but will post it in this comment as well, these were the Collembola or springtails that fell from Sues scalp after treatment.

  3. A sad story,..surly,about Sue Law,.is this what it takes to get morgellons in the news now day’s??,. it seems to everyone the C.D.C. is taking it’s time,…I do hope it’s about getting it right!!,..what are your thoughts?, Hi Belinda,..sorry your having such a hard time,..seems we all are,..stay with it,..thank Mundane.

    • Springtil’s!! I would like to explain,.during the first year or so,.I had in my hair what looked like one of those photos of sringtails,.& their were many clinging to the hairs on my head,.in fact!,.I had my head shaved twice because of this,..later,. after boiling my clothing & bedding,.I would find these things in the pot of water,,.& they looked very much like a springtail,.I couldn’t believe my eye’s,.I didn’t know what they were,.but now after seeing that one in the photos you have,.it looked very much alike,.whether it is,.I can’t say for sure,..but like I said,. it looks very much like the same animal. Thank you. Mundane

  4. I am crying and so sad for Sue, though I don’t know what good that will do her now, my husband too, had things hatching out of his head, coughing up similar bugs and he expelled one worm from an area of his body, and while trying to collect it, for a sample, it jumped off his finger, he ran away, but the worm waited in our garage on a change table, for him to returm some days later and with dead pin point accuracy, jumped into his eye (tear duct area) and possibly still lives there, it is hard to tell, as his eyes crawl anyway from the Morgellons fungus/organisms. Try explaining that to the Doctors who are telling him he is imagining itching, crawling and some very obvious and unusual marks on his body, etc we will get to the bottom of this with the help of people like Mr C/S, Mr Wymore etc, we all need to be loud, clear and persistant about it, so many who email me for help have been scared into hiding away and being very secretive about it. I explain to them that this is one of the reasons it is still under the rug and why we are left to suffer in silence with no Medical assistance and that this will not help our children/grand children etc, I educate them on the best ways to go about informing others about Morgellons, one that will be heard and remembered by those that they can educate, I feel this is imperative.

  5. How sad is this story? When I read the words is it “real, or delusion”? I thought to myself…WHAT???? They are the ones who are delusional, if they don’t want to see all the proof by thousands of sufferers. Shame on them…this is the reason people with the disease try NOT to seek help, out of fear they won’t be believed. The disease is real, VERY REAL and bizarre, but that doesn’t mean we are bizarre, crazy, or delusional. Why is it with this disease that the sufferer keeps on being talked about like they are insane? Regarding Sue, I am deeply sadden that she died. Maybe there can be a tribute for her in the future.

  6. Randy Wymore seems like our only hope now. I have an idea – instead of studying the fibers, he should study the people. All of the people with morgellons who have done the Metametrix DNA stool test have gotten a result of unknown parasite, as well as other things, ie: fungus, bacteria. One person I am in contact with has done antibiotics, antifungals and antiparasiticals. She feels good at last, and, planned to do a final metametrix stool test to see if it is all gone. All is gone EXCEPT the unknown parasite has showed again in her test. Maybe Randy could begin to study the people and the tests and start making a list (for the gov. CDC, etc.) Forget about what the fibers are made of. For now. Let’s try and find the parasite causing them.

  7. Randy Wymore is not an MD, he can not put his hands on anyone, only licensed professionals can touch patients. Sorry to say Randy is not our only hope, I showed him photos of the Parasites that I got from peoples skin and he didn’t want to look at them. I am in no way putting him down, but people are not ready to look at the parasites in the Universities. I get called Delusional every day even when I send out photos to Entomologists.
    Another thing is that antiparasitics contain toluene along with permathanes, many of our meds in this country are dangerous and patients are going to end up in liver or kidney failure.
    It is a life style change and it is not one parasite.
    We all want it to be one thing, it’s not one thing.
    One bug, one fungus, one bacteria, one plant organism, one virus.
    No one will ever find just one thing. Look up Slime Mold and see what that attracts and what Morphs just from slime mold.
    If you want someone who can really id this go to, the reason people are not seeing this in stool is because they are not using the right fixatives and it is degrading the samples.
    We have sent stool sample, after stool sample and they all come back negative. Only after sending blood smears, stool samples, urine samples and swabs to Dr Amin did anyone get any answers.
    I am not pushing any products to anyone here, I am just trying to get it through people heads…it is not one thing. The Human Condition is Polluted. Detox or Die.


    Does this look familiar to anyone??? I am not trying to scare anyone but this is the reality of what I am seeing,
    I was on that gulf trying to get samples and almost was arrested. That is a Class 4 Felony and a 40,000.00 fine.
    Now Scientists are reporting to me and I am calling Parish Sheriffs offices and making them record my statements. If you want to get results, you have to start Screaming and demanding that your politicians wake up.
    I have become a Rabid activist and a whistleblower, being quiet is not going to help anyone. When you tell your Politicians if they allow this to go on, they could be indited for Genocide, they wake up pretty fast.
    Like Dr John Said, It’s high time to tell the Government that the, “Emperor doesn’t have any clothes on”
    If we don’t start making noise for each other, no one is going to listen.
    Delusional Trisha

  9. Thanks Trish… by the way, I am not a medical doctor, nor to I play one on TV.

    My father was a very courageous MD and nutritional pioneer who was willing to risk his career and highly respected standing in the medical establishment to pursue and promote truth about the relationship between our environment, our choices and our health. It is my honor and joy to carry on with his legacy through Logos Nutritionals.

    The article posted above is a pitiful example of the ignorant “reporting” of deceptive and inherently biased “information”. “What ever happened to”… give me a break! One day – if and when the facts finally come out – Ms. Shulte will be ashamed of herself… or perhaps not.

    I would never wish this disease on anyone, but those who are demeaning the good people who are challenged with it would be well served to experience for a season the horror that Morgellons sufferers are enduring.

    We can only hope that bad publicity is better than no publicity, and that someone with influence and means will see through the smoke and be led to take up the cause of exhaustive research. At least the article did point out part of why that is not happening… no funding.

    Then again, research is only as good as the intent and agenda of those who fund it. It seems that every grocery store, elementary school, all the professional sports leagues, many corporations and even many churches are collecting BILLIONS for so called cancer “research”.

    What kind of return are WE getting for that investment? It is clear who the returns are going to. Just like our manufactured heart disease epidemic, the cancer industry is BIG BUSINESS that isn’t going anywhere… but that is another rant.

    The CDC head’s comment about not expecting too much from this study is telling…

    The fact that they have turned samples over to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology is telling…

    The “fact” that the “only remaining researcher” has “ruled out” unusual bacteria, fungi or insects is really interesting, considering that the vast majority of the population he claims to be studying is infested with all of them.

    The problem with real research is that it would bring into the light things that the powers that be don’t want exposed. That is not likely to happen… and that may be a blessing in disguise. Even if it did happen, just like the cancer and cardiovascular disease industries, the “research” would yield not a cure, but more ways to “treat” and profit from it.


    The good news is that the conspicuous absence of Morgellons research is not depriving us of a silver bullet, because there is none. Detoxing our bodies and repairing our bioterrain are the logical and strategic responses needed to survive and thrive in these last days.

    Morgellons is a ubiquitous plague that is here to stay, but we are not powerless to do something about it. Proper research could and would help us to improve our understanding of the causative agents and various metabolic challenges posed by the disease, but it would not likely change the basic approach or support tools used to help patients contain and overcome it.

    The ancient profit Hosea stated that “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

    Don’t buy into the lie that there is no hope and no one who cares. This website is evidence of God’s love and His desire to work in and through the lives of His people.

  10. Thanks John,
    I found this link from the movie, On deadly ground and it is really quite Prophetic.

    We can take back our power. It is our birthright, God given and ordained and it is not too late. John your smarter than many MD’s that I know. I am so glad I made the decision early in my life and education not to become an MD. We have the inherit right to question authority, unfortunately not as an intern or as a Resident, in our “Modern Medical System”
    My parents were livid when I made my choice that would have been like joining the Military. LOL I would have never made it.
    I have been reading articles on “Nurses becoming the New Doctors.” There are many good Doctors who care about these patients and they are stepping up to the plate now and asking questions. It really is quite exciting to me that in the past week, 3 Allopathic MD’s have phoned me. This is a good thing.

  11. Becky McClain said:

    Morgellons may be the result of some new biotech synthetic-nanotechnology design. If so, traditional and current micro or parasitic analysis will not do any good. The general public has no clue how dangerous these new emerging advanced technologies can be. The public is not aware of the lack of regulations and oversight of the labs conducting this type of dangerous research and the threat they pose to public health and safety. This research has the ability to create new disease which would then be very difficult to diagnose.

    I feel for the Morgellons community…for their suffering and lack of medical care. I hope one day they will find legitimate medical help. I hope one day they will find the answers that they desperately seek.

  12. Joe Keleher said:

    Given the current situation for Morgellons and all it represents, ultimately the sufferers truest hero is right in the mirror. I know what I went through. I did thank plenty along the way, but it the end it was sorting through what made sense and investing time, energy and money in getting well. Decisions I made on my own. Yes, detox work is key.

    Personally, I think God puts us right where we need to be. Of course when you’re in the middle of a tornado having faith is a greater challenge. I hope for those suffering you will find some peace and make the choices that will help you.It is a tough place to be, but getting well is a possibility. Health to you, Joe

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