A little politcal humor …


Comments on: "Hitler Finds Out The GOP has retaken the House" (1)

  1. I do not get the difference really between your parties. Is the U.S. in such a different place now than in the Bush years? You are still at war on foreign lands protecting the American way of freedom when conversley America started losing personal freedoms with Bush’s war on terror and continue to do so today. Please see the documentaries outlining the leaders of the economic meltdown that started in the U.S. and spread worldwide of which the middle clasee is still struggling to get out of.

    Read some of the published and verifiable information published at want to know info.com published by twenty or more journalists worldwide. The website was formed by Fred Burks a former insider of the Bush and Clinton regimes who worked as an interpreter for the U.S government. They are not conspiracy theories but facts being reported in the old school form of journalism reporting the “who, what, when, where of a story”. Some of these journalists were fired from major broadcasting companies just for speaking ou against things like GMO food and drugs.

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