This is all that is left, did they forgot to scrub this link?

The full link was:

It’s now gone …

You will find this information:

P984. Small Bowel Capsule Findings Suggest that Morgellon’s Disease Has an Organic Basis and Is Not Psychosomatic in Origin
Daniel Chao, MD, David Cave, MD, PhD, University of Massachusetts
Medical Center, Worcester, MA

in this PDF, you can see it was a very real document (Search for “P984” in the PDF):

The full article from best I can tell …

Small Bowel Capsule Findings Suggest that Morgellon’s Disease has an Organic Basis and is Not Psychosomatic in Origin

Daniel Chao, MD, David Cave, MD,
PhD University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester, MA.

Purpose: Background: Morgellon’s disease is a poorly described, severe ulcerative skin condition that histologically is consistent with dermatitis artefacta. It has therefore been dismissed as a psychosomatic disorder, much as was the case with ulcerative colitis in the period from 1930 to 1960. We present the first case of a patient with Morgellon’s syndrome who had additional findings suggesting that it is a systemic disease.

Case report: A 65 year old white female presents to us with an unexplained iron deficiency anemia. She had a history of systemic lupus and a 2 year history of severe skin ulcerations. The ulcers contained fragments of black material. She had been seen by multiple specialists who told her that the lesions were self-inflicted and that she should get psychiatric care. Physical exam was of note for numerous papules with erythematous, ulcerated centers measuring 2 to 12 mm located on the trunk, back, upper and lower limbs and outer ear canal.

The ulcers were notable for sharply angulated corners and clearly demarcated edges. She had extensive scarring on her arms and legs. Her labs were notable for a hemoglobin of 9.1 g/dL with MCV 83.3, serum albumin 3.4, and ESR 32. ANA was negative. She had recently completed a course of intravenous iron. A video capsule was performed. This showed denuded villous patches in the jejunem, which were unusual for their sharply angulated appearance, similar to her skin lesions. Small bowel biopsies were normal. Skin biopsy showed hemorrhage and non-specific inflammation. Histology of the black debris from her ulcers suggested vegetable matter. Repeat capsule examination 6 months later showed spontaneous resolution of the denuded patches. Occlusion treatment on one limb led to some improvement.

Discussion: This patient demonstrated cutaneous ulceration consistent with Morgellon’s syndrome, but she had co-existing evidence for systemic disease with iron deficiency, low albumin and small bowel villous changes consistent with a mild enteritis. This is the first time that evidence for systemic disease has been demonstrated in association with what has previously been considered a disorder limited to the skin. Further investigations are warranted in a larger patient population.

WARNING: DO NOT go out and take iron because of the medical report above. Iron is very dangerous and can easily lead to death. Again, DO NOT go out and take iron suppliments. Iron will not cure you of Morgellons.

Here’s the rub  …

The final sentence of the short article is as follows:

Further investigations are warranted in a larger patient population.

They certainly don’t have to look far for a larger population do they? I fully concur that the battle of Morgellons lies in the gut. From the PDF it appears that this was actually a topic of discussion at the “American College of Gastroenterology” 2009 conference. This is over a year old, was the article taken down?

PS: Special thanks to those who pointed this article out, I don’t know how I missed it back in October 2009. If anybody in the New England area has Morgellons I’d try and contact:

Daniel Chao, MD, David Cave, MD, PhD, University of Massachusetts
Medical Center, Worcester, MA


Comments on: "AMA Article – Morgellon’s is Organic and in the Gut – Disappears?" (6)

  1. Good catch, Mr CS!
    Lots of people circulated this via email. I have a copy, as do many others. I have printed out a few copies. Maybe the medical community is a bit wary after all the DOP/DNA diagnosis’ made…. hmmm.

  2. I just finished watching the video on GMO’s posted to your website — great video! I’ve been doing some research on this subject myself and I am now beginning to think that GMO’s are the common denominator of Morgellon’s. This would certainly explain why the CDC has responded in the way it has, both in the lack of recogniton of the the disease itself and now the failre to release any informaton regarding the study that is supposed to be released in 2011. There’s no way that the USDA, EPA, and the FDA would ever let any information released that would link GMO’s to Morgellon’s — or cancer, or any other disease that is on the increase.

  3. Well, I have had some rather similar thoughts along those lines.
    I was thinking about what I can actually see on my skin. I know, Mr C, you keep saying, if you had to guess, you’d say it was some sort of mite. But like you, I hesitate to say it aloud and get into robust discussion.
    The reasons I think ‘mite’ are many: it behaves like a mite; seems to have a life cycle similar to mite; it demonstrates aversion and susceptibility to miticides; to name a few.
    But the idea of GMO, like Christine, keeps niggling, as well.
    Then I came across this:

    The soybean plant disease is called mad soy disease and cannot be cured. The primary carrier is the black mite, and the problem compounded with the use of glyphosate-tolerant GM crops.
    I gave up eating all soy a month before I developed my current health problem. I note that soy is in many foods, and that many foods that do not necessarily contain soy are processed at sites that also handle soy, so contamination of foods that do not contain soy is very possible.
    My point? Well, it is an established fact that insects and pathogens that historically infect only plants, have not been seen to also infect mammals. Of course, the recent exception to the rule (and there are always exceptions) is Photorhabdtus lumiensecens (Pl). a bacteria once thought to infect only root crops. However, four Australian patients have been documented to have been infected with Pl: one in 1994 and three in 1998. Infection has also been reported in the USA in 1989.
    I am wondering just how far down the rabbit hole we are going?

  4. Hi Mundae,.I didn’t know where to post this,I don’t know how to get information to you except here,.would you approve this post or put up a new post for it,LymeBusters trying to start a grass root movement for people w/Morgellons Disease. sorry the graphics wouldn’t paste Member state/area contact info

    Thanks so much to morgellons uk for the use of the graphic

    This board is for the purpose of getting members together that are from the same state or area in order to form a grassroots support and activism groups by state. This board will remain locked and viewable only by members

    To alleviate confusion and congestion Admin will post the members user names and location that wish to participate as indicated by the “what state do you live in” thread. Member’s that wish to contact each other may private message their contact info directly to the member they wish to contact or contact Admin and have admin relay your info to the contactee.

    In the end it will be up to the contactee if they want to follow up
    These transactions should never take place on the open board as your privacy and your security is our primary concern. Lymebusters will never relay any contact info unless ask.

    I would like to thank those who have participated thus far and, hopefully, I can encourage those of you who have taken an active part to follow through and meet with other morgie’s, not only, to form action groups, but also, to form lasting friendships and more.

    Over the years I have met quite a few morgies and it was the best thing that I could have done to help me survive this disease . There is nothing quite like being able look into the eyes of someone and talk to them knowing that they understand your pain exactly. I remember my shut in years and how bad they were and I will never go back. Those whom I have met have enriched my life more than I could have ever imagined during that worst time in my life.

    I would really like to see this work. To make this happen, we must take the first step. If you haven’t already posted your user name and location, please join us in this endeavor. I know from my heart of heart’s that the more we unite the better chance we have for morgellons to be recognized and to be moved closer towards an end game, not ony, for us that a have morgellons, but also, for those who will get morgellons in the future.

    I never want another soul to have go through this nightmare. We really need more participants to make this work. If you haven’t already, please sign up. Then let us all take the next step and meet.

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