Comments on: "Morgellons Community Asks of the CDC" (4)

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

    • Thank you Mr C., Trish, and Pamela,
      This is so powerful.Brings me to tears.
      Lets all pray that God will touch even one person at the CDC that could help. Heavenly intervention is needed.
      I’m a parent battling this with my two beautiful children.
      We have had this illness for seven years. Recently,the morgellons bacterium has become present in our school system ,daycare and library.
      It is time for the CDC to address this very serious infectious disease.
      We try to rebuild and morgellons tears down,the quiet invader, sneaking in taking away more and more.Pushing sufferers to the brink, to the very edge,no words can describe,as only another sufferer knows.
      On any given day with this disease, you may wake up with a bone infection, lose your spouse, best friend, or business.I feel scared and alone much of the time, but,
      I ask God to hold my hand everyday. I ask for his strength to go on. He hasn’t gone anywhere.

      I pray for strength and peace for all who endure this disease,
      God bless those trying to help,
      truly Gods angels here on earth

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        melissa, my prayers go out to you and your children. Do you’re children have this? It sounds like it from your reply, I used to give my kids eco-vie baths, it helped, they are fine now. I wish I could make this go away for everyone, I truly thought I would figure it all out and stumble upon a universal cure …

      • Hi Melissa
        I give prayers and healing wishes to you and your family. I have had morgellons symptoms for 8 years.
        By finding supplements that help (please see Mr. CommonSense’s Poor Man’s Protocol II (PMP II) on this site) such as garlic and tumeric capsules and probiotics. Also avoiding GMO food (corn, soy, canola especially, and try to eat organic when possible) has helped. Most important is to find spiritual support for yourself, for me it has been books, prayers, visualizations, yoga, and now Reiki.
        There are some American Doctors now treating people.
        Check this site and Pamela Crane’s site:
        Many are getting the Metatrix GI Effects stool test.
        There are many possiblities. Keep your courage and hope up. Focus on things that make you better. Try slow breathing, to release your fears.
        Hugs and good health, Jade

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