DATE: Sunday 12/5/10
TIME: 4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST, and 1:00pm PST
PHONE #: DIAL 1-218-862-1300 Conference code: 664059

The last Thursday of the month falls on Thanksgiving Day, so Mel decided to reschedule and try something different this time. It will be on Sunday, hoping many who were unable to attend due to work could listen live. As a bonus many of you have free weekends minutes on your cell phones.

Our main topic will be ‘Avoiding the Pitfalls of Diagnosis’.

PS will be presenting information on this and visiting with 3 other Morgellons Sufferers (and posters on our forum) about their experiences. They will also discuss developing a good Doctor Patient Relationship. See you there. God Bless, NEVER NEVER give up Hope! Mel


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Comments on: "HowICuredMorgellons Conference Call December 5th" (10)

  1. As a recent suffer of Morgellons (self dx since 3 md’s said I have no bugs) and I just learned it is a fungus, I was real excited to see the title “How I Cured Morgellons conference call listed. I really thought it was going to be the real deal here is the cure. So to say the least I am disappointed to hear this is just a support group call. I love support groups and will most likely call in but I was counting on getting the cure today so with this thought I think the conference call headline needs to be changed to “Support Group for Morgellons”. I am sure I am not the only one disappointed in the conference call headline, but on the bright side get this… I saw on line a few folks having good results from Mecurocleanse something new from Mecurochrome makers. I am having CVS order for me since I can not find it on the self here. Will let you know if it works. Peppermint oil has been good for me also.

    • I understand your frustration. Read the Poor Man’s Protocol or PPM2 on the side bar of this website or log onto Mel’s website (how I cured Morgellons) a link which is listed on the side bar here as well. I must check out Mecurocleanse.

    • P.S. – there is also a great ebook listed here under Blogroll by Judith Knilans also very informative

  2. Joe Keleher said:

    Light and Sharon,

    Please consider detoxing before choosing to let anything containing mercury into your system. Mercury is extremely dangerous and is difficult to remove from your body. I believe there is a connection between mercury and the Morgellons symptoms (as I’ve written about). Cleaning out the system takes time and other resources… life is worth it.

    • Hello Joe,

      Thank you for the update. As I missed the conference call, I was unaware that the cleanse included mercury. I am aware of the dangers of mercury after spending a fortune having it removed from my mouth as well as toxic crowns and bridges. I worked as a dental assistant years ago and one of my jobs was to mix the amalgam/mercury fillings. Oddly when it was delivered to our office it was marked as Hazardous Materials, but then was OK to pack it into a person’s mouth!

  3. Joe Keleher said:

    Hey Sharon,
    I didn’t get to hear the conference call either. I was responding to statement related to Mercurocleanse (which,if I understand correctly, contains mercury). I had my amalgam fillings removed as well and have been doing chelation since (3 1/2+ yrs….although I ‘m now taking a break as I’ve run out of replacement minerals and can’t get them shipped to my current address). When I first started chelation I thought it would be a month or two of cleaning out secondary deposits…it can take years.It is tough to get it out of your system.

    • Hi Joe,
      Currently I am taking chlorella tablets, marketed on Dr Mercola’s website. My Doctor is one of the few in Canada that does IV chelation as well as other types of IV therapies for heart disease, diabetes, etc. When he tested me for heavy metals I was sure my merc. levels would be high but it was the lowest compared to aluminum (off the charts) and lead cadmium and nickel. So I am attempting to work a way for another round of chelation treatments, since my move to the country it will take two hours to get there and you are pretty wiped afterward. There is an awesome YouTube video from the University Calgary check it out called “the Smoking Tooth”. If you have root canals, these also need to be cleaned out and redone with bio compatable materials. My lab tests revealed that I had a lot of a sticky TAR like substance at the tip of each root canal that tested positive for mycoplasma and bartonella. My dentist had only seen this once in his 20 years of practice. Mr Carnicorn’s research has shown cultures of some Morg fibers which developed into a sticky and tar like substance; interesting yes?
      Enjoy the day I am even though we are to get about twenty inches of snow today!

  4. Joe Keleher said:

    I’ve seen the smoking tooth video. Yes, pretty telling!

    You might want to look into oral chelation. I was making an 8 hr. drive to get IV chelation…until Dr. Shelton prompted the move to an approach used by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (considered the world expert on such). Anyhow, when I have replacement minerals (these are important as chelation takes the good stuff too)…I simply take a tablespoon of Phospholipid Exchange and OSR#1 mixed in my morning juice every other day. It is not as quick as IV chelation…but I think it works well. You might talk to your doctor about this option.

    Take care and send some snow this way (I’m in Africa), Joe

  5. Hello
    I have had itching for a bit over two years now. Its only itching and lots of sores. I have been to many drs all the way to the mayo clinic in Rochester. The other morning I woke up at 4 am which is not out of line for me, so turned on tv and there was a lady on there that had sores like I did, so listened some more and she had a dr on there in austin TX talking about morgellons. Well I only have the sores, have not missed any work other then the trips to the drs….have not noticed colors strands coming out or anything, however never looked under a microscope either. I also figure I just probably scratch them out at night anyhow. about 3pm to 7pm is when the itching starts…last til mid morning.
    Again I am not sure I have morgellans but the sores look the same. I found tanning bed to be very effective however tanning 3 times a week, my dermatolagist told me if I keep that up I will be her best customer til I die from skin cancer.
    I really dont have time to read everything on the net about this….and I can see there are other people who have other issues going on.
    I have not found the article on mr common sense on how you took care of your situation. I can only spend so much time on the net, I work between 50 and 60 hours a week so time on the net is limited for me.
    I would appreciate if everyone can let me know what they tried, and how it worked. I would greatly appreciate this.

    Thank you in advance

  6. also the dr from Austin TX says that her paitences are all diagnosed with lyme disease. I have not been checked for that, and in my reading of websites I have noticed that either lyme disease or a MRSA and for merca I have been checked and I am a carrier….I also have seen that bactrim ds is a prescription med, well that is fine but vets have this on the front shelf…I discovered this when I was a dairy farmer, we gave it to the calves when they had scours…5 cents a pill..then my x wife went to the dr and he prescribed the exact same pill but at a pharmacy it was well over 50 cents a pill. So if anyone wants to take the bactrim, which is smz/tmp visit your local vet and when you crack the seal on the bottle it will have HUMAN dosages in the bottle in on the info paper. Its the same thing just a fraction of the cost. the local vet has the pills for 24 cents a pill now…go to vet and get the meds, its the same thing..bactrum DS same as smz/tmp

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