She’s one Tough Cookie

I came across these Video’s from a female Morgellons sufferer. In the first video at about 3:57 seconds into it she shows two of her lesions that are just dreadful. This first video was made on October 27th, she’s sick as a dog and you can tell. However look at her Part 1/ Part 2 video’s, she’s fighting back, and in a good way, and she’s feeling much better. She’s a fighter, she’s sharing her thoughts and also what’s helping her feel better. I watched all three video’s tonight and found her approach refreshing.


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  1. Joe Keleher said:

    This is great stuff! I watched most of all three. Tina has the right attitude…you can get well! I can’t believe she is smiling on the first (she is certainly not well). As she states, it does seem things get worse before they get better. The gut connection is important. It takes time to get well. She did an excellent job. It’s good to visibly see her health improving.

  2. It’s encouraging to see someone else who suffers from Morgellons so optimistic. The more I read about GMO’s, the more I am convinced that Morgellons is the reuslt of consuming food that has been genetically modified — particulary corn from which many food products are derived. Even armed with this knowledge, eating healthy is not all that easy because shopping for GMO Free food is expensive. And then I think of the billions of dollars that the government is giving to farmers to grow modified crops and all the profit Mansanto and other biotech companies are making to the detriment of the health of others makes me so angry.

    • Good news about buying organic though, I’ve been seeing organic popping up everywhere. I am most pleased that Costco has many items now that are more affordable than pretty much anywhere else. I’m buying “voting for” organic everywhere I can.

      • Don’t forget people about the new organic laws passed by our corrupt govt. Since GMO’s caused many people to start eating organic. Because of this, the FDA and the lobbies that own them and Wash D.C. passed a law last year allowing “food” corporations to start labeling their products as “organic” as long as they contained 25% natural organic ingredients. Isn’t that just typical? Between the “healthy forest initiative” Environmental Protection Agency, and all the other Rove inspired misleading named titles to destructive bills and agencies, it doesn’t surprise me one bit this has happened. What is tragic is that most people don’t know this has happened. So when you see “Organic” stamped on lettuce or milk, make sure it’s really organic and not 1/4th natural and 3/4th GMO.

    • Christine I agree with you about GMO Frankenfoods. I have signed every petition and spread the word where ever possible how very bad GMO is for our entire planet. Organic farming is becoming increasingly difficult in California and Mexico due to these organisms mixing with nature. I urge folks to do whatever possible to raise awareness of the danger and end this madness of gene manipulation without checks and balances done in advance.

    • We as individuals can do something about GMO food.
      Jeffrey Smith, the author of Seeds of Deception is a wonderful Non-GMO activist. Go to this website, Insititue for Responsible Technology and learn how to become a non-GMO shopper and/or become a advocate for Non-GMO food.

      A small tipping point of consumer rejection will take GMOs off the market. Please help make this happen.

  3. Torpedolynn said:

    Thank you for posting this. Very encouraging.

    In Light Lynn

  4. It seems I am in stage 2, and found I related to this woman in so many ways. Currently in and around my eyebrows are these painful bumps which turn into mini lesions which we all know are quite painful, but most days I feel I have improved taking sulfur containing supplements, digestive enzymes, probiotics, colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, forty thousand dollars with 2 major rounds of holistic dentistry that DNA testing of old root canals showed positive for bartonella and mycoplasma. After months of IV hydrogen peroxide treatments resulted in rust and blue black colored ooze coming out of my pores on my neck. I now have the lumps on the back of my neck and eyebrows that Tina speaks of. During early days of infection when brushing my teeth (with baking soda) a large chunk of smooth white plastic came popping from under my gums. Though I find it a bit disheartening when experiencing set backs with major scalp issues still.
    It is good to see others beating this scourge. It does get better though as this is my second infection in four years I find it a daily struggle to rise above it and not let IT define me.
    Oh yes on the financial level I am on the verge of bankruptcy but not too stressed over it.
    Strength to all

    • hi sharon,
      i would love to exchange information. my name is tina, i did those videos. it does sound like we have similiar morgellons issues. if you like, please send a may do so throuh my youtube channel… would be great to compare notes! i hope you are well, tina

      • Hi Tina, I replied on YT. Hope to chat soon.

        Merry Christmas everyone and an enlightened New Year to all !

      • Tina, I have been suffering with this condition for over 3 years and am at my witts end! Nobody beleives me and I have tried every cure in the book. I want so badly to watch your videos but it won’t let me because it says they are private and I must friend request you. I have no idea how to do this. Please help.

  5. Hey I tried this and it works, feeling better (not cured). Earthing, also called grounding is very good to do. Go to youtube and search Earthing. By grounding ourselves we have access to free electrons that help get rid of free radicals (oxidative stress). I hooked up a cheap computer grounding pad (bought on Amazon) and put it under my feet while I sleep. There is a web site called that you can learn about it,also a book called “Earthing, The most important health discovery ever?”
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers,

  6. do you have other links to the videos that are not flash player media type, for those whose ‘puters do not (or cannot) have flash player?

  7. herehoping said:

    Love her! Thanks for the post MCS!

  8. Hi Mundane,Tina,.I am so glad that you did these video’s,..they speak for the whole Morgellons community,.God Bless,..& Merry Christmas to all,.. would be nice to talk with you Tina. take care & be well

  9. Tina!,.your video’s depicted what so many of us go through every single day,. many of us are too sick to make a video,..don’t have what it takes,..we all have been dealing with the same suffering, and unselfish caring way, by isolating ones self, so they don’t give this Horrific Disease to Family & friend’s,.or for that matter, anyone else. I keep seeing new people coming through the doors to these social site’s every single day,’s crazy!. Thank you so much Tina for putting your self out there for all of us. I wish a better new year for all P.S. sorry about the 1st post,. had a Morgellons moment.

  10. Can anyone tell me how I can watch this video? I have been suffering from this for 3 years now and nobody beleives me. I can’t find a place to friend request her, but am in desperate need of any additional help and info I can get.
    Thank you so much,

    • hello carrie,
      this is tina (i made the videos.)please hang in there. this “m” thing is crazy for sure but there are a lot of great people sharing incredible info and support. please keep your head up. at the moment i am traveling and have only limited computer access for the next three weeks….so i am hit and miss just now. i am looking forward to messaging with you. there really is hope! honestly! i was really in bad way for a long time but i am so grateful to say that i am real close to feeling completely healthy again. i will email you. i do not know if you have read all of mr. common senses posts, but a lot of the stuff i did and do to feel and stay better, is similiar. he provides great info. we can catch up in email. love, tina

  11. hey bruno,.must be the owner pulled them,.their are social site’s with people to share with,.Morgellons Research message index,.Lymebustes,. Morgellons Sanctum,.folks on these site’s eill help. Take care.

  12. Joe Keleher said:

    Carrie, It is very, very difficult. I am sorry you’re going through this. There are plenty of us who believe you because we’ve been there. As someone who has recovered from symptoms, I think the best approach (as well presented in these videos) is to detox. Mr Common Sense has been good enough to provide some of the best postings and links on this. To your health- Joe

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