Update on My Health

I wanted to check-in and share with everyone my current status. As far as Morgellons goes I experience zero of the classical symptoms; no crawling, no biting, no fibers or specks, and in general no skin issues at all. I consider myself cured from Morgellons. Also, my heart palpitations seems to be going away and I’m much relieved for that.

However, from time to time I go through extreme periods of pain which involves both muscle pain and joint pain, and extreme fatigue. I think even more of it stems from nerve pain to be honest. It sometimes overwhelms me and recently I reached out to some folks for prayer. I still have the anxiety too, which for me is worse than pain. I know the two are linked somehow, but which-causes-which is still a mystery to me. I go in and out of these very painful periods and my recent bout was horrible and long lasting, and with me to this very day. Nighttime is the worst for the pain but I won’t go into all the details.

I want you to know though; I do not attribute this pain to Morgellons. There is nothing horrifying about what I am going through right now, it’s just pain and fatigue. Misery for sure in its own right, but I have long been accustomed to living with pain.

I had Lyme three times in the past 2 years as the deer are literally all over our property, right up to the house. This year we are ripping out all of our plants and flower beds. It’s a shame but a reality I must face. My pain may be the result of Lyme or co-infections but I can take care of it with good diet, attitude, and exercise. Despite all I have been through I believe there to be “NO” link between Lyme Disease and Morgellons. I had Lyme clear back in 1990 in Connecticut back when it all started. Morgellons is Morgellons, Lyme is Lyme, that’s it.

My battles are different now, but even though the pain now is far worse than it ever was two years ago, I do not have Morgellons and am so thankful. Pain, fatigue, and anxiety are all a living hell in their own right, but full blown Morgellons makes what I am going through right now a walk in the park. So, to those still suffering from the biting and crawling sensations my heart goes out to you. Please don’t waste prayers on me, pray for those who still have Morgellons.

There are times when I reach my wits end and those that I reached out to in prayer know that all too well. But I always climb back up. In fact, I’m looking forward to hitting the “Elliptical” tonight as I am intent on powering my way through this. Things aren’t all that bad, life is still good, we had a wonderful Christmas and in many ways though my pain is worse my mind is at ease most of the time.

Finally, if you were to look at me you would think me in perfect shape. I look fantastic for a guy that gets run over by a freight train every night.


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  1. MCS, I am sad that you have pain. I will say prayers for you.

    My Morgellons has basically gone away, too, except that I occasionally can still see blue fibers with my microscope. I believe that sulfur soap is the most important thing when dealing with this disease.

    Happy New Year, and may God bless you.

  2. PS. Seeping on an electric blanket helps to alleviate my joint and muscle pain (from arthritis). I wonder if it would help your joint and muscle pains?

  3. Hey Mr. CS, I’m the first to admit I don’t know much and I am pretty sure you aren’t asking for advice on pain management, but I am wondering if you have checked into grounding, aka “earthing”. I know someone mentioned it somewhere on your blog. I haven’t had the chance to purchase any neeto equipment yet, so I can’t even speak from experience, but I wonder if it would be beneficial for your situation. I figure if God made the sun to give us important components for health it makes sense that he might make the earth to do the same.

    God bless you and keep you…

  4. sherry taylor said:

    Thank you.
    Of all things honesty is so very precious.
    I had a friend who had something mysterious after a minor accident from which she didn’t recover..after 10 years when her husband started having health issues..they discovered a rife machine that worked for them and their family..a happy ending..there are things we don’t know about yet just around the corner..who knows? Staying open is such a gift isn’t it?

  5. mr common sense could you please contact me at kevlee67@drtel.net
    I would enjoy a visit with you.

  6. maybe I need to pose this question. I dont have the pain that most of you say you have. In fact I have virtually no pain, I can pour rubbing alcohol on my sores and it only gives me 15 minutes of non itching. I can not say that I feel bugs crawling under my skin. I can not say that that I have severe headaches, I dont see any hairs growing out of my sores..
    what I can say is that I live an almost pain free life. I have virtually no pain, I have nothing crawling under my skin, I have and I have severe itching. I can go in the shower and take a shower and that alway aggravates the itching and I can scratch til the water turns red. I can say that a tanning bed does wonders for me, it heals the sores in almost 24 hours, I can say that clob ointment when used with a band aid will heal a sore in 24 hours. For the most part, I do have sores that have been on my body for 2 years and never seem to heal. I have on occasion felt pain, but its very rare, all I have is severe itching. I can tell you I wake up almost every morning with blood on my finger nails…on a good day its only on one hand. I unfortunatly have resorted to drinking, and the more I drink the worse it is. My new years resolution is going to be no more smoking, no more chewing, no more beer and no more mt dew. I have ordered stop smoking stuff and I push off the drinking to the end but when all is said and done, if I dont drink I dont sleep. 3 hours a night is more then enough for me if I dont have atleast 3 beers. I love my job and I work 50 plus hours a week and my boss and I, in my opinion are almost best friends. I bend over backwards for him and my christmas bonus this year and last has proven he appreciates me. Last year was $4200 and this year was a bit over 5 grand. I make more being a farm laborer then many farmers make. What I really want to know and all this stuff I have read tells me that there really should be atleast 4 strains of morgellens. I really have no clue if I have morgellens, what I have to say though is, the sores I have seen online more resemble the sores I have, then any other skin problem that I have looked up. I have not lost much work other then the doctor situation other wise I still work my 40 to 80 hours a week. I can not say I see fibers growing from my sores but that dont mean much since I dont have a microscope and my vision is not the best, pain I have so little, my syptoms appear more about between 4 and 7pm and happen during the night, when I am sleeping. I just want an answer, I can say that many of you have tried this and have tried that and for some it works and for others it dont. Thus the realization that there are more then one form of morgellans. I would appreciate if anyone that has similar issues as I have would contact me, at kevlee67@drtel.net It just so appears to me that there are so many different forms of morgellans..I have prolly worked more this summer with my sores then I have in my life. 40 to 60 hours at work plus kids and I planted two huge gardens. My oldest son loves salsa…and we made well over a 100 pints of it this summer.
    again mr common sense I would appreciate if you would contact me and anyone with the most similar issues I have. My sores have cost me much. Lady I loved left and the most severe itching I have ever had in my life, yes it affects my moods……but what can I do. I purchased a tanning bed and it does wonders and I use it often.
    can anyone help me? let me know what you did or didnt do?


  7. Hey Mr C

    Check out the silva mind body healing blog. There is a download for meditation. A visualization technique for perfect health/healing disease with the mind.I’m going to practice this.
    Meditating is one thing I never had much success with in the past-but this instruction was simple and effective- I slept through the night for the first time in months.
    It sounds as if I have the same kind of anxiety you speak of. I never had this prior to Morgellons.
    You’ve helped so many,we love you here.
    God Bless!

  8. Hi Mr C.,
    My prayers are with you for healing from your pain and anxiety. I also have fatigue, anxiety and pain (mainly in jaw/neck). I have found that garlicforce by NewChapter helps with the anxiety as does NewChapter Tumericforce.

    You may still have the (nano)bacteria in your system.

    Perhaps your ratio of Magnesium and calcium is out of balance. Apparently this can cause heart issues, fatigue and anxiety. You may not be getting enough calcium (and may also want to look into Coral Calcium) and/or your magnesium may be too high.

    see bottom of this link about ratios…

    “The key to understanding the effects of calcium and magnesium on the heart is this: Calcium is needed for muscles to contract and magnesium is needed for muscles to relax.”

    Also, you may be low in Boron, a trace mineral which may affect joint and muscle pain, mental fatigue.



    Vitamin C,D, and E may help support your immune system. ” Vitamin E enhances the production of B-cells, the immune cells that produce antibodies that destroy bacteria.”

    You could also consider a Dandelion leaf tonic

    For help with mood and memory you could try smelling
    Rosemary and Lavender Essential oil.

    You should check these ideas with your naturopath or holistic Doctor.

    Sometimes your body needs rest, you are doing a lot, working and supporting your family while living with this condition.

    Here is an interesting article about chronic Lyme and CFS and FM.
    “He has concluded that chronic Lyme disease is remarkably similar to CFS, FM”

    I hope these ideas help.
    Good health blessings to you and your family.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Jade, you know that last link about Chronic Lyme and CFS? That was the doctor that saved my life when I lived in Connecticut, Dr. Donta. Small world, and thanks for your advice, I did buy trace minerals, going to go take them now.

      • Some say there is no such thing as coincidence, it could be God’s way of speaking to you. You may want to contact the Lyme Doctor again about your on-going symptoms, as you know Lyme disease is difficult to clear.

        Laughter is the best medicine.
        Here is a very funny skit called “My Blackberry is not Working”.

      • Please don’t post this!!!
        It was intended for you

        • Thank you.
          Sorry for the confusion. MCS can decide if he wants to forward my info. I am computer illiterate and made a big mistake.
          /////going to bed now embarassed.. sorry

  9. Janet Davis said:

    O, dear, dear Mr CS! I am truly sorry! When the lumps, bumps, biting, stinging etc began on my scalp, I was diag. w/ Fibromyalgia by rheuma.the most excruciating pain,had-similar to childbirth-had rest.
    leg Synd-cramping-maj-muscles-husb massage deeply-uric acid release-pain of the massage-horrible PAIN-I was screaming-with kneeding of spot-it gets the Uric Acid spread out-pain stops-try it. e-m if u want:)

  10. Happier New Year All,

    I had always assumed that my pain was part of the whole systemic disease that we share which partly consists of “classic symptoms” as well as moodiness, angst, mental fog, severe joint and muscle pain, swelling of feet and ankles, etc. What makes our stories different is that this illness has a tendency to morph into something else once you have it all figured out 🙂

  11. if this is indeed a worm is it possible that the worms went to your muscles instead of your skin? Just a thought…you know your situation better then I do.

  12. Shortly after recovering from Morgellons, I also suffered from severe joint pain and swelling. My doctor prescribed a 6 week course of doxycycline for Lyme disease; that was as easy as pie compared to Morgellons. The puzzling thing is that I don’t recall any tick bite or bulls eye. I’ve also read that ticks are not the only vector of the borrelia bacteria http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16187890 so I haven’t ruled out the possibility that it could have been related to my infestation.

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