1976 Time Machine

I remember loving to hear this song on the school bus heading for Jr. High …

They are saying “Funky” just to be sure here.


Comments on: "1976 Time Machine" (4)

  1. Yesterday’s newspaper had this story about listening to your favourite music.

    “Music produces a natural high, McGill study finds”


    so keep listening…

  2. My absolute favorite song of all time! Tx!

  3. Mr. Commonsense,

    I have a question about Morgellons, I was diagnosed with scabies, everything looks like scabies except when I feel a bite and then I rub with toilet paper or whatnot and pull this thing up.

    What I end up getting are little black specks. I put the specks under a 40X microscope and see all different fuzzy lines, some look like balls of wool, some are blue, a few even brown or red. I can see a human hair under the microscope and it is 5-10 times thicker than these hairs.

    some of these hairs have a ball on them, which looks like scabies feces, then connected to a long piece of wavy hair, fiber, whatever you want to call it.

    What are these? Are they materials that mites make burrows out of? What is the difference between Morgellons and Scabies?

    My scabies are going away and the amount of hairs has dramatically decreased as well.

    Can you send me a reply to my email so I can send you a drawing of what I am trying to describe.



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