I’m sorry to post so many video’s of late, I’ll be back to writing very soon, in the meantime, this video really struck home with some of the demon’s I deal with …


Comments on: "Father won’t you help me, Hallowed be thy name …" (3)

  1. sherry taylor said:

    I like your videos..keep it up. I’m having major egg laying problems after attempting to seal this ceramic tile in my new place..which was emitting a lot of cement like dust. Turns out it can’t be sealed..meanwhile I had swept the floor with Gordon’s broom and didn’t realize the cleaners had left it unwashed..well my whole seat area..where I was sitting on the floor is a mess…How to clean this rough ceramic tile..? and get rid of the infestation in the skin.
    We are working on a solution..wish I had one of those old fashioned floor polishers..and looks like I’m going to get a wet vac..with a good washable hepa filter.,,and am looking for a floor scrubber.
    The sulfur soap makes a very sticky white paste on the skin that is very difficult to rub off.
    Problem is the skin is quite sensitive..you can see eggs and larvae sprouting out…mostly cream colour..some black.
    Emotionally this is hard..because the blisters are very painful.
    Anyhow…trying to e optimistic about Ontario vs British Columbia..it’s pretty cold right now…and I miss the mountains and ocean.
    There is a little skating rink in the center of Windsor..time to do a winter sport..to keep sane.
    My stuff arrived yesterday..now to clean it all bit by bit.
    Most Sincerely, Sherry

  2. Also – if you have pain in your muscles etc.
    I had severe pain in my feet (especially in the morning) for a while – almost like a cramp.

    Then I heard about flavonoids (in red wine etc) and that this is especially good for the circulation/blood. I bought “Antistax” (don’t know if you have something like it in the US) and after a couple of weeks the pain was gone. Great stuff.

  3. Jeannette said:

    I am new to this forum, although I have read numerous articles here and other sites, as my nightmare began July 2010. After lots of searching, questioning, praying, trying to find out what was going on with me, I eventually stumbled upon Morgellons. I have one question and one comment for you Mr. Commonsense, please. At least for now. I’m not gonna pull any punches here. I have read the treatment regimens and I am freightened as I have abused my body most my life, I am elderly, morbidly obese, and wonder if there’s even any hope for me, plus,I am afraid to try a lot of these things. I like others am afraid I’m contageous and have not seen or visited loved ones family since July…which saddens and depresses me. Much of my itching has subsided and I attributed that to winter, I am petrified what will happen come summer. I have attributed my lesions as something biting me. It wasn’t until today, and I’m still not convinced, that when I washed an area of my body I began to see fibers in my skin. I do have other symptoms. My question I saw no date on the one article with your treamtent regiment, and having read several other articles I wasn’t sure which one is the current one. My comment is this. I have seen everyones approach to this by way of the physical, and believe me that is necessary also, but unless we also have a Spiritual healing I am not sure one can totally ever get control over this nightmare from Hell.

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