Seen here is a controversial new stool sample technique the CDC was using on Morgellons patients. The Morgellons patient was asked to put on a helmet and walk up and push the black button. Results are expected to be released in early 2011, or 2012, or whenever they get around to it …

The rocket cost $365,000 dollars which was the full amount of the study, so they only got one sample before funding ran out, still, there is rumored to be great hope in the outcome.


Comments on: "WikiLeaks Releases Secret Footage of Morgellons Study" (13)

  1. Funny!!!!

  2. Joe Keleher said:

    I fear this “Stool sample collecting” footage might actually have more credibility and answers than the actual “research”.

    Accountability is the word I used most in emails to the CDC. Of course they don’t respond. Taking years to release a short study doesn’t even merit the “Good enough for government work” rubber stamp. These people need to lose their jobs.

  3. Joe Keleher said:

    Thanks for the link. I watched the first half hour while drinking my morning cup of coffee. I will watch the rest tonight….definitely a worthwhile watch! Thanks- Joe

    • hi Joe, I got that far also but am told has a great ending. There are 2 more preceeding it but unlike a series can be watched in any order. The older gentlemen’s voice is that of Jacques Fresco and the Venus Project, very interesting and brilliant social and industrial engineer. People may wonder what this has to do with Morgellons and I would say that in Jacque’s world we would have been healed already.

  4. Hhhaaaa haaaa I laughed my total self off!!!! very funny mr c as most of the time I am knee high in this stuff. Glad to see your humor emerge! Yahooo!
    Yeppers you funny!
    Pamela Mae

  5. MCS,
    Absolutely Hysterical…I needed this. You have made a bad day, into a good one.

  6. Dear Mr. Common Sense,

    I can no longer download the on-line book by Judith K. I found it on Feb.20, 2011, and it was still available, but I didn’t have time to print it. Looking for it again, I find that it is not there. It says that her web page has expired. Can you do something to make it accessible again? Thanks!

  7. oh dear you’ve got a great sense of humor!

  8. i went to my senator, cornyn of texas, and asked for assistance in forcing the cdc to release the results of the research paid for by we the people. his rep said they would not intervene. please tell anybody you know in texas to not vote for that rino.

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