Somebody recently had been commenting on various posts about how Kleen Free was doing wonders for them, however, I received this as a comment from a different reader. Please folks be careful


Just a note of caution on Kleen free. Just recently used it; in tub and to shampoo hair. My eyes got very cloudy, thought I just had suds in my eyes etc. After 30 minutes of rinsing my eyes in cold water I ended up going to the Emergency Room to have my eyes flushed with saline. (Like your own personal water boarding)!

It was not a fun experience, and with limited health insurance, this will be an expensive lesson learned! I had used Kleen Green in the past in a similar manner with no problems, so thought it would be OK. I think they came up with Kleen Green as something that would not be so bothersome to the eyes. In the emergency room they told me my corneas looked like they had been rubbed with sand paper as the enzymes were eating away or whatever they do!

Next day saw an Opthamologist who said I looked 90% healed, that the cornea (thankfully) can heal itself.

I don’t want anyone else to learn this the way I did!


Somebody had posted that this product did wonders for them. Please folks be careful, there are no cure-all type things out there. All of these enzyme based things are dangerous to your eyes. Monica, I’m glad you are going to be okay. I removed a ton of posts from folks talking about Kleen Free.


Comments on: "Warning to Readers Regarding Kleen Free" (33)

  1. Okey,

    That’s unbelievably stupid…

    For the last time:

    I had Morgellons for 12 years.
    If I hadn’t cured myself using Kleen Free
    I would probably have been dead today.

    I don’t know if several different conditions
    are called “Morgellons” or if it’s the new
    all-time-favourite thing for hypocondriacs
    to refer to…

    All I know is:
    a/ I got an insectbite with circles around it
    – it was in a bed – no, it was not a tic.
    b/ 6 months later I was lethargic, had problems
    with my balance, felt confused, “drunk” and had
    some sort of tunnelvision…
    c/ about a year later I noticed the first “spots”
    (on my lower legs) and I ignored them…

    To make a long story short…

    The tissue gets infested with parasites/mold.
    Kleen Free (enzymes or whatever)kills the parasites.
    It’s biodynamic and not dangerous in other ways.
    Avoid getting Kleen Free in eyes, though.
    (Anyone should understand that…)

    I don’t have to care about other people.
    12 years of suffering is enough. Truly.

    When I had soaked my body in Kleen Free every other
    day for about a month the parasites surfaced and I was on my way to recovery. That’s all I know.
    I have no idea why people refuse to listen.
    This disease is TRULY horrific.
    It’s the devil in disguise. Basically.

    • Hi Lotte ans Mr Common Sense,
      I wouldn’t have used the Kleen Free in my eyes either. I’ve only used it for cleaning and laundry. Haven’t used it for awhile now. I had a few questions about it. Does anyone know if you should use it alone in the laundry or if its a good idea to mix it with other detergents or Dr Bonner’s.
      I have had Morgellons since 2005. I haven’t been online or looked at Morgellons sites in a long time. Lately I’ve gotten sicker and I felt I needed to re connect with others who have Morgellons. I also wanted to ask a few questions of other members but I don’t want this post to be too long so I’ll sae it for later. I’m pretty computer ignorant so I’m not sure how to use all this blog , facebook, twitter stuff 🙂 Oh an Mr Common Sense if you can and want to can you email me? Thanks

      Safety Information
      Keep out of eyes!

      It’s on the listing dipstick….

    • I also got an insect bite prior to getting spots on my arms, legs and body.
      The bite was from some sort of insect that was so small I could not identify it.
      The bite spot was on my left arm and it swelled up and had a black bruise around it.
      I thought it might have been a very very small brown recluse spider bite.
      It ultimately healed. And then several weeks afterwards and for the last two years I have been getting what appear to be bites on my body. They look like a mosquito bite but are definitely not mosquito bites. Then….if I leave them alone they turn into a itchy rash. I put steroid cream on them as I get them and they will go away after about two to three weeks.
      Were your spots similar?

      • Joe P,
        Kleen Green or Kleen Free works eliminating lice, bugs and some fungi from the skin/hair. However Lotte’s statement of it curing Morgellons is not exactly accurate. As in your case, it your infection came from a bite it is now in your blood stream and no amount of Kleen Free is going to cleanse it from organs. It is for topical use only, though very soothing on itchy skin and it does kill bugs without killing you. Read Mr C’s posts and check out the links on this site, I believe on the lower left side of the home page. You will see ESP Botanicals from our friend Trisha Springstead,RN. Also: MorgellonsFocusonHealth from another good friend Pamela Crane.

  2. Christine said:

    I happened to read just yesterday the posts left by Lotte and others about Kleen Green and was considering purchasing some for general house cleaning. After reading the most recent posts, I went to a website selling Kleen Green and read the following, “Potential Health Effects: Eye: Eye Contact with product may cause irritation. Avoid eye contact. Skin: Adverse effect not known to occur. Avoid prolonged skin contact with the product. Ingestion: Swallowing may cause irritation of mouth and throat. Mild diarrhea may occur if ingested. First Aid Measures Eye Contact: Direct contact with eyes may be painful and irritating. Flush eyes immediately with plenty of water. Seek medical attention if irritation occurs. Skin Contact: Adverse effects are not known to occur. Rinse exposed areas with water.” On another website I was able to view the government MSDA (Material Safety Data Sheet)which also stating that diret contact with eyes may be painful and irritating.

    • Opps forgot to mention this.. I used a product called Bio-Enviro. It’s almost the same as Kleen Free but I liked it better.I’m sure it would cause the same problems if it came in contact with your eyes but I remember it was easier to use for cleaning.The Kleen Free left alot of residue and the Bio didn’t/ It also has tea tree oil and coconut oil in it.Seems like it might be a bit milder. I just emailed both companies and asked them to send me the ingredients in the products. Kleen Free advertises as a bug killer, Bed bugs etc..Who knows. I had read alot about enzyme cleaners when I was reading posts about Morgellons back in the day and alot of people said it helped to clean with them. Anyway maybe you should try the Bio ,Monica. I think the price is the same.Can’t hurt to have tea tree and coconut oil too..

      • I used something called Eco-Vie out of Canada that is also the same as Kleen Green basically except believe it or not, is much more condensed. I mean 1 capful turns water in a spray bottle about the same rust color as Kleen Green does for 1/3 of a cup. So to each his own.

        I would never bathe in it and have never been told to. Ive only read about spraying yourself with it on your skin after showers and during the day 2 or 3X.

    • GregOry von Hausch said:

      Ran out of my normal toxic cleaner and found this Kleen Free in the back of the cupboard. Cleaned the counters in the kitchen with it before going to bed. I had used just a paper towel and poured the stuff on the counters using the paper towel (in my hands!). Brushed my teeth and went to bed. Now about an hour later I wake up with a sorre throat and my stomach is eating away. If I survive the night, this stuff is going in the trash…and I hope it doesn’t reek havoc on the aquafir.

      • There is some confusion in the names. I use Kleen Green by Natural Genisis. These are enzymes made from plant material. Do you still have the bottle of Kleen Free, it is to be non toxic. Perhaps the sore throat is a symptom of something else?

  3. Is the Kleen Green the same as the Kleen Free??

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Both have warnings about your eyes. Enzyme’s eat can eat your eyes a part.

    • The Green Kleen really helped me and the directions on how to use it are included in the shipment.

    • Kleen Green is I think a little stronger which means when diluted as directed it lasts longer, Kleen Free was a little stickier.

  4. So anyway,the amount of Kleen Free used as well as the duration of each soak was not mentioned.Unless morg brain read this never realizing.Re:Lotte’s Kleen Free testimonial.Scared.

  5. Oh. Now I’m not sure if I used Kleen Free or Kleen Green back then!Don’t know if this helps anyone but what I did was spray it on my body AFTER I took a bath.I never put it on my face but there were times that my ears were so bad that i put some in. I didn’t have any adverse affects doing that but I’m not sure it did any good either.I spray the Bio Enviro on everthing in my apt. I also sprayed it in the air.Again don’t know if it helped but it didn’t hurt. I think I have a “strain” of Morgellons that nothing helps.I know the posts here are about the cleaner but I don’t know how to start another topic somewhere else on the blog so here goes..
    Has anyone had unexplained kidney failure?
    Unexplained severe night sweats?
    Double vision?
    Nose bleeds?
    Ive never had alot of skin issues with Morgellons. It bothers me that “they” always call it unexplained skin condition.I’m asking this because I kind of need some validation. I’ve seen Dr’s for the above things. Had tons of tests and they find nothing.I’ve been bedridden since Sept. I had mold problems in my apt and others things happpened. Being bittin by something etc. I’ve been trying to move since 2005 and now that I finally am I’m wondering if it’s worth bothering since the crap is in me anyway.
    Moving is a big deal because I have to get rid of my dog that I’ve had for 13 yrs.I wonder if anyone felt better after they moved and if they left everything behind. I have so many questions! Sorry..:-(In some twisted way I’d feel better if someone on here told me they had symptoms like I have.At this point I plan on taking nothing with me. Trying to figure out if it matters if you have leather or fabric sofa.All sounds so trival but with this illness everything that used to seem trival is a huge deal! Thanks guys…

    • saffron, I have to say my story sounds exactly like yours. I don;t have nose bleeds but something crazy is going on this year. I too got sick first in late 2005 after heavy aerosol spraying in my areas that left strange web-like dust material everywhere. I even bought 3 more hepa air cleaners because the 1 I already had running in my house since 2000, suddenly was becoming filled with that strange new fine dust material in 1 or 2 days. The prior 4 years it would on average take the air cleaner 3 months to get dirty. And it was a very different look to the dirt. It didnt have the strange beige web-like look to it. Anyways, 3 more filters did no good. Instead, all 4 air cleaners got dirty in 1-2 days. I could have 20 and they;d all get dirty when they sprayed above.

      Anyways, after reading 2 of your posts and seeing so many similarities, I figured I’d say hey. Can I ask if you live on the west coast of the USA? BEcause it seems that the west coast got that Morgellons blast in late 2005 continuing until mid 2006. THen 3 months later, the skies of NYC looked exactly like the skies of L.A. and Anaheim the year before. Then after heavy spraying for 8 months in New York ending in 07, it started in England, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, etc. So are you in the west or southwest?>

      • Hi Mondo,
        Sorry I took so long to reply. I haven’t been online in awhile.
        I’m In NY. I too saw and still see that dust you talk about. For years I’ve had 4 air cleaners going 24/7 in my apt. but like you say it does no good. I trace my problems back to what could be 3 causes. I bought some clothing online from China. I bought a kitchen table and chairs from the salvations army and it had a strange weeby thing on it that I cleaned off or these weird looking flea like things were floating around my apt and I got bitten. Maybe it was all 3 things. who knows.There’s always spraying and chem trails around here.Mondo, I wish I had some advice to give you but I’m in need of some myself! I’m moving next Monday but I think it’s way too late . The crap is inside me.. I couldm have sworn you asked me about the kidney failure but now I don’t see it in your post. I’ll answer the question anyway… I was diagnosed with kidney failire snd was hospitolized. I have no idea how it happened and neither did the Dr’s. I was lucky in a way because the day they were to put me on dialaysis my kidneys started to come bak to normal. There are levels of something they check in your blood ( if you wsnt to have youself checked out) However I had no pain or anything.I was having routine bloodwork done when it was found. Now thy say I have “restless leg syndrome” Yeah sure.. It’s the Morgs.Wish we could chat mor email 1 on 1. let me know if you’d like to and can figure out how. TC

        • Saffron, if you still suffer from restless leg syndrome have your B12 levels checked and ask for the optimum level not just normal. if it is low your doc an gice you shots which works the best of sublingual B12 liquid spray or drops. Dr Mercola has a good one at I used to restless leg and the b12 worked. idon’t need the shots anymore but still take the sublingual spray.

    • Hi Safffron, When you say kindey failure, do you mean diagnosed as having kidney failure? I have had pain in the kidney area and bladder issues. Not sure if it is Morgellons but I did a kidney flush and the pain went away. I also have extreme night sweats. This could be something else all together depending on your age (assuming that you are female). This is a systemic illness though and much more than a skin condition.

    • Nosebleeds are a common symptom of a mold infection. There is a book called Mold Warriors by Dr Schaler who is in Florida also helping Lymies, Morgies and Gulf Oil spill victims. His rates were fairly reasonable, I just could not afford the travel.

  6. I just soaked in enzymes.I seem to have survived OK.I feel like Meryle Streep’s character in “Silkwood”.

    • drmimi, as the bottle warns not to get it in your eyes. It is safe if you follow the directions. Soaking in the bath with enzymes gives tremendous relief of unbearbale itching.

  7. Janet Fedeles said:

    Hi Saffron, I have terrible skin problems but I also have double vision and nosebleeds. I had a mild mold problem in my home. I have moved 3 times since getting Morgellons and a move has never helped my condition. I moved, initially, because I had to sell my home. (the mold problem, I fixed). I have a 13 year old dog and I would never get rid of her. Saying all this, it is important to get out of an environment where there is mold or get the mold problem fixed. I believe a lot of sufferers also had a mold problem where they lived so somehow this seems to be a connection. Other people may have other opinions or experiences but this is mine. Wherever I am, I clean all the time and still nothing in this way, really helps me. But then, I am very hypersensitive to the outside environment as well and there is nothing I can do about this except keep trying to get better with building my immune status, etc. Take care. Janet

    • Hi Janet,
      Thanks for your reply. Yes I also think mold may have something to do with all this. It’s kind of depressing to know my moving won’t matter. I kind of knew it already though.I never got rid of the mold. It was too expensive. I still don’t know what will happen to my dog since there are none allowed in the new place. I’d like to change my mind and just stay here but too late. I won’t get my money back. I;m thinking of sneakingher in since she’s small I might get away with it. To be honest I’m so weak I don’t even know mhow I’m going to make this move! I haen’t even packed anything. Have you been to a Dr for the bad vision and nosebleeds? If so whast did they tell you? Thanks.

  8. Hi again Sharon,
    Yes Im female . The nightsweats aren’t hormonal. I had a Lyme test back in 2005. It came back. “Borderline” Never heard of that but Dr said not to bother with antibiotics so I just forgot about it. But today I was looking up nightsweats online and its a symptom of Lyme. Maybe you should get tested. I agres this is way way more than just a skin condition. seems like it’s many conditions. I was going along for yrs and only back in Oct did I suddenly get much much worse. Who knows why. It’s a nightmare. You’d think with these famous people popping up like Joni Mitchell that the world or the medical community would take notice.So it goes… TC

  9. rev. mother said:

    as far as the skin lesions and soars i am covered from head to toe. they hurt a lot, like slivers of glass coming through my skin. my doctor found my morgellons disease, found parasites and suedo skin and fungus. These parasites are strange. my doctor said they looked like plant parasites. Some chemical disorder in the atmosphere must be cause them to attack people with this disease, because everytime I go outside i get more. also it blasts your immune system to where you get chronic fatigue, not to mention the soars and lesions and white things that come out of your skin. the itching and pain. i have ended up with ra now and signs of lupus. this is rampant in florida, texas and california, as well has been reported in all fifty states, possibly global. all i can say is pray and try to do what you can. the cdc knew about this i believe in 2006 but has not hurried about it until now. i don’t know if this is intentional or not, but whatever it is is evil, vile and cruel. i wish you all luck, my doctor has evidence of all my stuff. it would be ironic if this was done on purpose and backfired on the one or ones responsible, it intentional or unintentional. too many have it to be delusional. it is real. i pray for all of you who suffer the same. i hope that you may be cured or find a cure. we all need hope.

    • Rev. Mother, it sounds as if you have a good doctor, who actually found something. Perhaps you could share the name, so that others can also document this even if he/she does not know how to treat your condition, it can give credability to the legions of sufferers.

      • Rev. Mother Deborah said:

        Thank you Sharon I do. She has been very good with me. I am on two antibiotics, flagyl 500 mg 1 half of a pill three times daily and clindamycin 150 mg twice a day. I started taking by myself Vit D3 1000 iu and C -500 mg with rose hips in large doses. I take three a day. I wash in hot water with peroxide and epson salt. They seem to be clearing up a lot. But I do have the scars and plenty of them. I still get new ones. I am on other medications for pain because I have arthritis with it. But the vitamin and atibiotics seem to be working on the outside, I just don’t know what it doing for the inside. The antibiotics are switched around to Bactrim DS or to amoxillin at times to change up. Also an antifulgal for the skin, lotion is better for me. The spray is messy and you breath it in. My scaling is clearing up. I have not worried to much about my diet except I ate healthy for years, organic and other and still got sick. Now believe it or not, I do not by processed like microwavables, but I do eat things I loved as a child, hamburgers, and fast food. What is weird is I feel better. When I ate so called healthy from the grocery stores I always still felt ill. imagine that. Sometimes I feel we are told not to do something, do the opposite. It maybe intentional. I just can’t see certain people that really care about our health or welfare, they are just in the money. I will let you know as my doctor and I are trying to get this out there. The CDC hasn’t. They have known about this for a while, at least 5 to six years. I have really been studying this. You have to catch certain sites before they are shutting them down. I have already seen sites that were willing to help before, write differently. something strange. We must try to help each other. Suffering like this, if this was intentional, which I certainly would hope not, but I am not shocked about anything anymore, to the devil with them. I continue my prayers for all who suffer this horrid disease. Please pray for me as well. Thank you and God Bless.

  10. How do you mix kleen-free for a bathtub full of water? Follow exact directions on the bottle?

    • It depends if yours has already been diluted or not. I put between 4 and 6 ounces that has not yet been diluted into a tub with just 4 or 5 inches of water otherwise it is diluted too much. Then just lie back and flip over onto front then side etc. If you want a fuller bath add more enzymes. Do not rinse it off, let your skin air dry if possible. I also very carefully apply it to my hair and scalp being careful not to get it in my eyes then submerge back into the warm water. You can also spray it on your body after a regular shower.

  11. The indications are clearly printed on the Kleen Free bottle WARNING AGAINST getting the product in eyes. There is nothing wrong, bad or harmful about the product when used in accordance w/the printed indications & heeding the printed warnings. Haste, ignorance, oversight of the consumer do not condemn a product.

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