There are American’s Planning your Destruction. This is not a joke. There are Americans planning on causing the economy to collapse in May of this year. Hear it in their own words as they plan it.


Comments on: "The Greatest Threat Facing you and your Family" (3)

  1. I believe they are planning to put the big banks where they belong. Wake up people your country and human rights are being taken away from you step by step. The current economy is a false one and cannot be sustained. How many so called depressions do you have to experience to realize this? Your education system rates 23rd in the developed world. You have 50 million people on food stamps. How many countries are you at war with? Imagine, how that money could do good rather than blowing up civilians? Unfortunately big systems often have to break down in order to be fixed. Why not be pro active?

  2. We are in a time of big changes, as you may have noticed the light is shining on all areas of darkness in our society, the old ways are falling down now.

    Large corporations (and rich individuals) driven by greed and power with no moral conscience have been controlling our societies, especially in North America.

    It is time for individuals to stand up for truth and their own personal health and freedom rights (without violence).

    Here is an example of what an individual can do now.

    Rally For The Right To Know
    Genetically Modified Foods need to be labeled!

    The national Millions Against Monsanto campaign staff is gearing up for a nationwide day of action on World Food Day, October 16, pledging to make it the biggest action on genetic engineering in US history. To help raise awareness for the campaign, Millions Against Monsanto activist Trish Wright has sent out a call for a demonstration at the White House on Sunday,March 26th and has urged other activists around the country to “Rally for the Right to Know” locally. The response has been tremendous. Millions Against Monsanto is spreading across the country!

    Current events are listed below. While we will attempt to keep this page up to date, new locations are being added daily, so please check the campaigns’ Facebook page for updates in your area/location:!/topic.php?uid=150163591710461&topic=152

  3. theotherme said:

    The cats have been away, and evil mice are at play!

    Man is inattely good, but fooled when sleeping. This is their final secret weapon. Taking down our financial institutions is NOT the answer, but taking down the people that are running the show is. No doubt our government, economy and society is broken, but the break is due to a lazy society who is idolizes movie stars, and has taken our freedom for granted. Our once thriving country of CAPITALISM has been under attack for a long time and these Mad people have infiltrated our government and institutions and want us to collapse. Knocking out the financial institutions will destroy our country and bring people to their knees begging for food in the streets. Don’t fall for it!, it is a socialist agenda!

    Our founders fought for our freedom, and did everything to protect it. A govern-less society is a third world, and not possible, that is why our government was created.
    Mad people with agendas created Morgellons, chemtrails H.A.A.R.P., synthetic biology, and use un-knowing, innocent citizens to create and distribute this disease. They confuse people into protesting, and getting them to believe they are doing the right thing. Our elected officials are puppets, and the Mad people are the puppeteers. We need more than just a handful of people to grab those strings and take our country back by using the same tools they use to destroy us.

    Capitalism is founded on GOD, with values too! WE LOST THAT!. Our bodies need spirituality. Every reference to God has been removed. Socialists and liberals removed GOD. The truth in every way has been undermined with a lie. Those that tell the truth will continue to be attacked, and remain the minority until enough people stand up and let their voices be heard.

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