Thanks Trisha for Alerting me to this.

The CDC Page on Morgellons has indeed been updated.

Here is the cached page => Before Change

Here is the current page => Current Page

The new text, which is present on the current page but not on the prior page is as follows:

What is the current status of the study?

We recently completed the data analysis. A final report has been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

So, now we wait some more. Does this mean another 6 months? A year? Who knows…  To be honest, I could care less about peer review at this point. I will post any new information as soon as I am aware of it.


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  1. I have a hunch its not going to be what we want.
    The CDC would have been aware of transgenic releases, whether they were plant or animal. APHIS-FDA would have received this information also. As part of the US Defense strategy, Morgellons can never be admitted to exist because its origins are searchable. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

  2. Joe Keleher said:

    I am curious what peer reviewed journal will publish this study and public access . Of course, I’m interested in what they will have to say. I suspect they have dragged their feet (and likely will continue) because they are questioning their own conclusions (and given what I think they had concluded…this is good!). Still, those making decisions and causing such delays need to be held accountable.

  3. GOD DAMN THEM! I’m about to lose my job because of this disease. I’ve been doing pmp for over a year, and I just went back on silver because I was so bad. The job is very high- stress, so maybe letting it go will help some…I will get a small early pension and not starve. The longer they drag their feet, the longer the doctors ignore every word I say to them. I know I can’t make full retirement, and I can’t get disability, either. Thanks, CDC.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Hang in there Jenny, what are you doing to try to get better? Have you tried any of the stuff on my poor mans protocol. Also, there is a chance there could be good news in this for us, not hopeful but it could happen.

      • PMP for over a year! Back on silver this week to try to beat it back some. I get too tired to follow through as as I should.I’ve got the calm, the special fish oil, vit D3, the aminos and C, but my foggy brain forgets to remind me to take them.And I’m too tired when I get home to exercise, or no more than once a week. Now I hear in the news that even more people will be qualifying for disability, and that no doubt means that I, truly disabled, will be still dragging myself off to inner city schools so I can be taxed to help all those others who have a negligible, but definable and understandable disease. My doctors will NOT HELP. I’ll refresh myself on the protocol, make sure I’m doing it right, but, dang, I am still so sick. Colored fuzz coming out of my hair all the time, pain and TIRED.

        • Jenny,

          I had this disease for seven years and tried LOTS of
          remedys that didn’t help. (Doctor’s didn’t help at all.) It’s a disease you get from an insectbite.
          Buy three bottles of Kleen Free. (From the net.)
          Take a shower every other day and marinate your entire body with Kleen Free(it’s biodynamic, not dangerous and it also smells nice) after the shower using a spunge. Let the solution dry into the skin for a minute or so..
          Obs! Avoid the eyes.
          (Mix with perhaps 1/2 dl warm water.)
          Do this for 30 days.
          If you have the disease I had, the parasites (and fungus) will surface from underneath the skin.
          The affected areas in question turn purple, then lots
          of black, white and red, dead parasites fall out.
          This is what happens.
          I think this is a disease/insect that was brought back from the desert after “Desert Storm”.
          (With compliments from Saddam?)
          The disease is mentioned in The Bible.
          King Herod died after having this disease for more than two decades. All the symptoms are the same.
          The disease is from “over there…”

          Too bad the CDC, nor anyone else will listen to me…
          Oh well.

          • Thanks, I’ll try it…but I know for me it’s a gut thing. And in the blood. It did begin with a bug bite, though, two years ago. Either a bed bug after visitors from a motel, or poultry bugs, they are just about indistinguishable, and it was a juvenile. And I will be more on top of everything else in the PMP I am supposed to be doing.

          • Hi Lotte,

            You are so right. After marinading myself with Kleen Free using a sponge all over for twenty minutes or so, the parasites do in fact work there way up throught the dermis.
            I did not turn purple though. Also I found that Kleen Green seems to be a stronger mixture, so it lasts longer. One is from and the other is from Perhaps they were one comapny and split, I am not sure.

          • Mr. Common Sense said:

            Sharon, can you tell us exactly what brand you used, if it was diluted, and what exactly came out?

            • Sorry to be just responding now, did not see the earlier post. Currently I am suing Kleen Free but liked Kleen Green better. The supplier names are very similar and I have heard that EcoVie is even better. They are a Cdn company that I beleive can ship to the US but last time I tried to order they were awaiting. Yes they all have instructions for dilution. It is difficult to describe the organisms they morph as most of you are aware. Three of them were shrimp like perhaps one eighth of an inch long that culed up into a fetal like position when plucked from my skin. It felt like they had almost suction cup attachments to the skin. One of the ladies had mention trilobbites whihc thery were very similar to. Some appear to be larva, sticky little white things slightly smaller than the shrimp and sometimes just black blobs that move only when emerging from the skin and then go dormant. I do not have a microscope. Then there are the nasty nematodes that are hairlike (but not hairs there is no root and they move that infect pretty much anywhere you have hair. Some are reddish brown straight as a pin and they sting/pick you. Others are pure white look like a grey hair perhaps except there is no root, they move when the rest of your hair isn’t and when you pluck one they look like the have sections to them and work it in your fingers slightly and another one seperates from the big one. I also get what appears to be black mold coming from my pores after a work out or sweating in general it only shows when you wipe the area with something white. I should keep a journal because as you write this stuff down after the fact it is just too unbelievable doesn’t it?

          • Lotte, I hwve used both Kleen Green and Kleen Free. Kleen Green lasts longer as it is a 7 to 1 ratio when diluting it. Kleen Green is available on the net from
            Having said that I have heard that the enzymes from EcoVie are even better. They are a Canadian company.
            The bugs coming out of my skin currently are black seed like things but if you touch them you feel they are alive. They have a somewhat clammy feel like a caraway seed. What I cannot seem to get rid of ar about 4 different types of nematode (worm). They are threadlike, or sharp silvey hair like things. Many of them resemble hairs (but they move) I have seen them hatch from both the little fuzz balls and little graysih specks that seem to get almost glued to your clothing. Other neamtodes are straight like a pin, they are nasty hurtful wretched things.

        • Hi Jenny, regarding disability – Trish Springstead has worked as a patient advocate on this very subject and they won the case. Perhaps it could be applied to Canada?

      • kathy pierce said:

        has anyone had morgellons affect the arteries of the heart

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Kathy, I have gone to the emergency room several times thinking I was having a heart attack. Not in a few years now but it wasn’t real heart problems. I have Costochondritis, it’s a swelling of the rib cage cartilidge (and more) and often feels like a heart attack. Also, one time I was very low on Potassium (never suppliement with it though). This was all when I was very sick with morgs. I’ve had a ton of heart tests, all normal, though I have PVC’s (heart palps, non life threatening). My heart has been a big concern, but so far so good.

          If you are having troubles go get an EKG, talk to your doctor about it, that’s one area should definitely follow up on.

          • Mr C, I too did the whole emergency routine – heart palps as well as my heart slowing to the point I thought it would stop beating altogether chest pains etc.I am not spelling it right but was told I hav brachycardia (irregular heart beat) Weird about the ribs though I get that pain nearly every night, it feels like my stomach is being pushed up into my ribs. I have just stopped going to doctors as it is too disheartening. Pamela is hooking me up with some Docs here in Canada that will hopefully at least do some testing.

    • The Website: “Healing Grapevine” is the source of healing aids for this nightmare.

  4. the link I proved is full of people with a Horrific Disease, know as Mrgellons Disease, Doctor’s & the Government is not helping the people that number over 200,000 and climbing every single day because it is CONTAGIOUS!! it’s the new PLAGUE OF THE 21ST CENTURY & we need the General Public’s help, this is a Public Safety Issue because you & your Family’s CAN BE INFECTED!! because the Government has not taken this as serious as they should. The reason I’m telling you this is I don’t want YOU & YOUR FAMILY to join our club of Horrific suffering, people get PAINFUL LESIONS, BAD SKIN PROBLEMS, THE BECOME DISABLED DUE TO PROFOUND FATIGUE & more. I will be starting the proses of writing an appeal to CONGRESS via an IPETITIONS that all can sign to push the Government to take this Disease serious or more will become infected, and will leave all that suffer in silents to their Deaths in time if not confronted in the near future. Please help us, help your Family’s by not getting Morgellons Disease, by signing the petition I will post soon. Thank you all, Bless you all, Sincerely: Doc Holliday

  5. sherry taylor said:

    Well that said nothing at all except bureaucratic gobble gook near as I can tell. If their recommendation is to see your”health care provider”..everyone knows there are maybe enough to count on one hand who know anything about this..and they are waiting for the CDC to come out with something “helpful”. More scientific obfuscation..would it be that hard to say..”we don’t have a clue”?
    I just saw a video re the Gulf Coast..very similar symptoms to Morgellons..the lesions look the same as mine..they were using GMO bacteria to eat up the oil.
    The shot gun gene punching method with it’s creation many aberrant cells..has created quite a frightening world.
    The crossing of species barriers with bacterium with mixed characteristics of plants, animals..and who knows what else..a gene from the plague spliced in there it make it hardy?…and the fox is guarding the hen house.
    Do you think Europe will let us move there..where at least they haven’t ruined their food supply?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sherry, interestingly they use Pseudomonas putida to eat oil (google it). This is the same thing Dr. Wymore cultured off Morgellons fibers. Coincidentally this is the favorite food of Collembola (that’s a proven fact), the microscopic arthropod that has been proven to infect Morgellons patients. I too have seen the photo’s of folks from the Florida Gulf with the lesions. I think a very detailed write-up and review of my intial theory is in order. One more thing, Pseudomonas putida was discovered where? In France of all places, where the term Morgellons comes from. It was discovered in 1991 (interesting on the timing here).

      Like I said before “Could this natural soil bacterium (Pseudomonas putida) have gotten into the people of France in the 1600’s and now, our super GMO hopped up Pseudomonas putida is proving itself far more effective. Just a thought … But there is a massive chain of events and facts surrounding this that I have to believe are just mere coincidences for Pseudomonas putida not to be a major player in our plague. Ever wonder why my root URL for this blog is morgellonsPGPR? Google PGPR and rhizobacteria and you’ll know why.

      Forget Europe they are already falling under Sharia law, you wouldn’t fare well there.

      • Mundane!! good to see you more active, was worried about you, seems like things were to quit for smoe time, take care & be well Doc.

      • Torpedolynn said:

        PGPR I googled it. Could not believe my eyes. Used in Chocolate. I was a chocolate everything aholic. Wonder if that is any connection to the original begainings of the dease. For me mine was slow starting. It came on over a 6 to 8 year period of time before the bugs became a part of it. I am not sure mine started with a bug bite. I am leaning torward it starting with toxic conditions in my life along with certain mold exposesures. Serious mold exposures. Hope one day we know for sure. I could see how a bug could carry the same exposure and bite someone and suddenly they are stricken with this dease. But even then I was a chocoholic.

        I feel compelled like many of you to do my part. I am close to being well. Can not seem to get across the dang finish line. I am in a mold study at the Stanford University in CA. I might be summitting my blood results into another study in Southern CA. If the first study gives out blood results in time. I might give a talk at a colledge class. Inviromental class. Right now the proffessor and I e-mail one another. I just got done writing an article and waiting for approval. Just personnal experience on that one.

        In Light Lynn

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  7. LyndainCanada said:

    At this point – they have to give some kind of an explanation…Clearly it is not DOP as so many in the medical field still believe it to be…The least the CDC could do is to CLEARLY explain in their Doctor contact letter, the unlikeliness of the cause being DOP. Sheesh.

  8. If you go to this site I wrote a piece on the Gulf Oil Spill and tied it into Morgellons and lyme.
    It is Called our toxic Bioterrain and it’s effects on life. Will the poisoning of people ever stop. It is getting quite tiresome. I just finished a letter to Congress and it is being presented with a group at Earth Org. you can read the paper there.

    • Woe, I just read this article by Dr Joseph Mercola and have copied one paragraph that has some chilling facts about the new post 9/11 powers the CDC has. Civil Liberties; what Civil Liberties. Here goes:
      Within weeks after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began promoting health policy legislation that dramatically suspends civil rights during declared state of biological emergency. The text of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) gives public health officials and governors of the several states the power to arrest, transport, quarantine, drug and vaccinate anyone suspected of carrying a potentially infectious disease. The Boston Globe originally broke the October 31, 2001. The story was almost immediately forwarded to medical freedom activists throughout the country who responded en masse in outspoken opposition to the proposal. The article was quickly removed fromThe Globe’s website.

  9. Users from the US are not permitted on my site all of a sudden. I will post the piece for you. The Government is all over the Internet at the time.

    • LyndainCanada said:

      Users in Canada “not allowed on this site” either…so much for free speech…please post your article — appears quite relevant.

    • It works now, I just clicked on the link. Will read it in the morning, thanks Trisha.

  10. Actually I have to tell you I have gotten to know Jeff Quite well and he is a very kind man. He Edited this for me and posted it.

    • Great, informative paper. We’ve all been bombarded for years by toxins. Most of us here have been sick longer than this, and I’m wondering, too, what is the connection to bug bites? In my case, and others, I think, there were years of being “unwell” and over-treated by antibiotics. But a bug bite was the difference between general sickness and sickness with fibers and all of the Morgellons products extruding from the skin and gut. How does a bug bite kick me over the edge if I’m toxified already? What’s in it?
      And Was corexit in general use before the spill? Or do car and gas fumes provide all we need to get sick?

    • You know Trisha, I love you and I buy your stuff, it helps. I appreciate all that you do, truly.

      Please stop reading the Huffington Post and passing it along to us morgies.

      I don’t doubt the Corexit stuff but when you start with the Cheney/ Halliburton thing it all becomes a political diatribe to me.

      I first contracted this crap in 91 and I don’t live near Alaska or the Gulf. I was a So Cal resident in 1986 however, and my husband did a weeks worth of oil drilling in Alaska, in the ocean in November of 85. My son was born in 94 and he has symptoms so I am not making the connection here.

      I am all for scientific research but when folks start getting all indulgently Liberal, intolerant and blame gaming, it really turns me off.

      I am better, thank you for your contribution to that effort.

      I hope that you have success, I really do.

      I don’t mean to criticize, Just tired of being lectured, no offense intended.

      God Bless you in your efforts and may you continue to shine.

  11. Can y’all stop tooting your own horns & agenda & stick to the subject, what time machine are you folks using. get with it please, Trish you should know Better, get on topic Please!!! the link I proved is full of people with a Horrific Disease, know as Mrgellons Disease, Doctor’s & the Government is not helping the people that number over 200,000 and climbing every single day because it is CONTAGIOUS!! it’s the new PLAGUE OF THE 21ST CENTURY & we need the General Public’s help, this is a Public Safety Issue because you & your Family’s CAN BE INFECTED!! because the Government has not taken this as serious as they should. The reason I’m telling you this is I don’t want YOU & YOUR FAMILY to join our club of Horrific suffering, people get PAINFUL LESIONS, BAD SKIN PROBLEMS, THE BECOME DISABLED DUE TO PROFOUND FATIGUE & more. I will be starting the proses of writing an appeal to CONGRESS via an IPETITIONS that all can sign to push the Government to take this Disease serious or more will become infected, and will leave all that suffer in silents to their Deaths in time if not confronted in the near future. Please help us, help your Family’s by not getting Morgellons Disease, by signing the petition I will post soon. Thank you all, Bless you all, Sincerely: Doc Holliday


  12. nice Trish, while your doing all of that writing for so many other things, would ya throw a piece in about the Morgellons Disease & the Plight of all who are suffering with the Disease


  14. Hey Doc,
    Read the paper it opened with Morgellons, sorry to insult. Many of these people have NCS aka,
    Morgellons, AKA Hypertoxicity. I am not referring anything to Huffington Post. Have you seen the lesions on some of the people. Sorry to Offend, I won’t post anymore. God Bless.

    • trish I’m not offended Darlen, just trying to see how many people are serous about signing a petitions to the U.S. Congress & the U.K. parliament, so I can get things rolling with everyone’s help es all, no problem.

  15. LyndainCanada said:

    Trisha – after reading your paper I felt more informed about the possibilities of the origins of this disease. It was very relevant and suggested some other reading that I want to investigate. I was NOT insulted at all — I was thankful that you took the time to post…Re: your apparent “political diatribe” – You are lawfully permitted to express your opinions particularly when backed by documented support…Please continue to post your ideas…The last thing we need are people too afraid to post for fear of offending others politically. The powers that be are cutting off the voices of the people…lets not do this to each other. Agree to disagree politically then build a bridge and get over it – – Trisha your info suggesting that Morgellons is Hyper Toxicity is very compelling – your paper consistently focussed on that and included info that looks at the big picture…I want info that focusses on Morgellons as well but, one cannot look at the issue with tunnel vision – in a vaccuum. — IT IS NOT! Your closing arguments were right on the mark: “As we pollute our environment — we harm ourselves…” Don’t you dare say you won’t post — I thought you said you would not be silenced!

  16. I worked on that piece on U Tube Doc Holliday, with Pamela and Mr Common Sense and if you read the work it reflects in the citations right back to this group. I am no longer on facebook because of peoples cruelty. Read the citations in the paper and maybe you will understand. Every single word on that paper was VALIDATED. THAT PAPER IS GOING TO CONGRESS, YOU WANT HELP THEN STOP TRYING TO SHUT OFF YOUR HELP. I AM NOT TRYING TO WIN ANYTHING HERE I AM TRYING TO GET YOU VALIDATION AND HAVE WORKED MY ASS OFF TO DO SO. THAT PIECE ON UTUBE IS ALL OVER RENSE, JANICK AND MANY CONTACTS.
    You go work for 300 hours for free on a landmark lawsuit and tell me what my intentions are. By the way we won and the judge said Morgellons 3 times.

    • LyndainCanada said:

      Trish what can I do to help here in Canada? Feel like I am supposed to contribute somehow. (I am mostly healed from protocols suggested by the Nanotransformation people… I believe there is a fungal connection…Let me know your thoughts about how I might help here in Canada. I have a family member who was a member of Parliament here in Canada…)

      • Hi LyndainCanada, Health Canada’s official response was to wait and see what the CDC investigation discovered. This is my second infection since 2006. This ime around seems to be harder to kick. I suspect IT was dormant in my system from 2006 andcame back in 2010. (Both times after visiting the US) not sure if that is coincidence or not.

    • LyndainCanada said:

      Hi Trish – I just got this email…called “Radiation cloud headed our way. Got iodine?” and was curious re: your thoughts to this contribution to hypertoxicity…could iodine pills help with hypertoxicity?

      Dear People, Friends and Family,

      How quickly people forget! The Chernobyl cloud went around the earth several times, dribbling radioactive fallout all the way. Up here in NW Ontario, we were told not to drink the surface water for two weeks! Luckily, I had a 250 gallon tank inside our island home and could last it out. Of course, just about all the water up here is surface water. Here in ___________ everyone drinks Lake Superior water. Not many wells around here, just kinda kleen water in rivers and lakes. ANYWAY…

      The Japanese reactors at Fukushima and their stored used fuel are now putting put a cloud of crap into the air that is going to may Chernobyl look like the proverbial chest Xray. Sorry to say that… but it’s true. The radiation they detected in CA three or four days ago was the little bit coming from one reactor before the containment failed… long before the other three reactors failed or their used fuel started burning. Just the tip of the iceberg and all that, doncha know. Take a look at the jet stream maps and predictions.

      Those of us lucky enuff to live near nuke facilities may have a much better chance of getting iodine pills. These pills would take up the place where radioactive iodine products would settle in our bodies [thyroid, mostly]. Not a foolproof method or panacea, but look around and tell me what is foolproof. Not nuclear power or weapons.

      Anyway, I went around to several Pharmacies up here and asked for iodine pills for radiation and was met with blank stares. Nobody has ever needed them up here so they are not stocked. I called the Pharmacy where I do my business…and they have already ordered the iodine pills and have started a list for those wanting to be called when they arrive.

      On a lighter note, the pro-nuclear people are calling themselves the “Shima” faction and the anti’s have always called themselves the “Fuku” faction.

      • Hi LyndainCanada, This is Sharon from Canada. I am just curious about the email was it from a trusted source? I had heard that the radiation was minimal; though I know no amount is acceptable. We are located just south of Huntsville so not quite NW Onario but close. I have ordered the iodine on line. It apparently is also used for topical skin cancer treatments done by an Italian oncologist named Simoncini.

        • A dear friend of mine who is a well respected Doc told me shortly after 9/11 that you can wipe liquid iodine on your inner thigh several times a day. Don’t ask me why it’s inner thigh, I cannot remember, he said three times a day is the basic equivalent of the iodine pills.
          I seriously doubt at this moment that we American’s are threatened by any fallout. Take baking soda in your H20. Keep yourself alkaline, MSM, but worry will make you more ill than anything.
          God Bless.

  17. Trisha,please forgive Doc Holliday , seems he is forgetting that professionals don’t use patronizing terms to women online like ‘Darlen’,no warm fuzzies over that stuff.
    Doctor Holliday, I have always been personally opposed to posturing,being an alarmest,and exiting riots-or just plain non productive confusion.
    I am sure you mean well,but you don’t seem to listen well.
    The Petition has been done already.
    The approach Trisha Springstead has is to educate the public,she has gone through schooling,and certification to read specialized testing, to help what is ‘Eating at’ those suffering from Toxic disease- which Morgellons is one. Reading,serving,and systematic research, then action are productive ways to fight— inciting riots are not.
    We all who have this are tired,we are tired of posturing,and frightening things, and we want valid science based study.It is up to us,and to those doctors and labs withing our realm of influence.
    We yearn and our hearts ache for the politics to stop and for all to join toghether as ‘Morgellons Joe’ so elegantly stated, and use all our energies productively and positively to encourage doctors and labs to work together..
    No one owes us anything, we owe the creator of this universe our deepest gratitude each day for giving us breath. That’s enough.
    I wish you well, but I think you need to calm and stop the wobble.
    Pamela Mae

  18. Was not my intention to start a flame war here, I apologize if that was the end result. I hope you don’t leave Trisha, we all value your help and support and your knowledge is invaluable.

    This is a disease that seems to make us all hyper sensitive in one way or another.

    I apparently was inadequate in expressing my gratitude to you, I did not think so when I wrote my post. One of the curses of the internet is that no can get “nuance” and comments are often misinterpreted.

    Having had DOP pasted all over my medical records and not having seen an MD in three years, by choice, I get frustrated when I look for help and see what I view as “politics”.

    I don’t particularly care (personally) about that whole deal.

    Doc here, is as passionate as you are regarding this horror show that we live with every moment of every day.

    You have been a passionate advocate for us all and I repeat, I am personally grateful for your help and your products.

    Sometimes this condition is so overwhelming that those of us who are stricken with it can only concentrate on one thing..
    that is how much energy “focus” takes for the average “m’s” sufferer.

    I repeat again, thank you and God Bless.

  19. I truly do understand people frustrations, I truly do care about the suffering people are going through. I have tried to be an advocate and the best one that I could be.
    Joe, Pamela, MCS and many have worked very hard also. Just because I do not have this disease doesn’t mean I will ever stop caring for the ones that do. It is a pandemic and the lesions I am seeing on the Gulf people show me that many have this also.
    I have seen the horrors and heard the horror stories and I do not think I could ever be desensitized to the plight of the Suffering.
    Your brothers and sisters of the Gulf are being misdiagnosed also and treated like garbage, just as many of you have. That paper was meant to tell the full story….and guide the reader to the closing conclusion.
    I had the honor along with my husband to go to the Metametrix Seminar and learn from the best about Environmental Medicine. It is reaching its time now and USF is opening a program in Environmental Medicine. To go to a meeting like this and hear Doctors, MD’s and NDs be allowed to say cure in front of 150 of us was something I had never seen in my life. They actually said CURE.
    One Doctor even said Parasites, I almost dropped my teeth. Do you know how big that is??? Then word got around that there was this woman and her husband who knew about Morgellons. I can not tell you how many asked me what I knew and I have spoken to some since. So people are waking up and I believe that screaming for years is what I needed to do.
    Have Faith for people are truly beginning to wake up that the disease is real. No matter what comes out of the CDC study, know that Doctors are finally admitting to me that they are seeing this, now they need to be educated.
    Advocacy, Awareness, Recognition, Treatment, Cure. Every single Doctor who is treating this should co to an Environmental Medicine Conference. There is a book called “Clean, Green and Mean” by Dr Crinnion that every one should read. It is an eye opener.
    God Bless,

  20. Thank you Trisha,for your service to us all.

    Pamela Mae

  21. Trish calm down please, what some people have done that is good,… but in the past~!, this was truly appreciated by far, BUT! it lays in the past not in the future. I was trying to get some interest seeing the original topic Mundane put fourth was about the C,D.C., I didn’t see anything for the future for Morgellons suffers here now, leave the oil spill to the people that have an interest in the oil spills, either do good for all who suffer with morgellons here & now, not in the past what good is the past, or for the oil spill!, get to a point that will help all the suffer with this Disease!! so please, I ask you for help. thank you. lol Pamela, professional’s !! Ladies lets not put professionals in the mix, they may mess it all up!! like making Money!! not referring to you Pamela, I know you would do your best for not a Penney surely!! but to follow the yellow brick road to nowhere, Pamela, I was not born yesterday surely, just help in the task I’m bringing up please this is all I’m asking. Trish you have the energy to do all that?? that’s Great!! I don’t along with thousands more! ya think ya might put your energy’s to work for a good reason to make an impact on all that are too dang sick, here & now please. Sincerely: Doc Holliday

  22. oh! by the way the Morgellons Disease is a PARASITE,, help us on that issue please.

  23. Pamela!!!! let it go Darlen. it is not the time or place for what you are implying!!!!

  24. mundane, sorry about the negative side of me that was brought out as Trish said by frustration, sorry Trish do you think you could draw up a petition with the right language to the U S Congress & the U K Parliament so the moneys from both Country’s would be pooled for a Comprehensive program that will actually help the suffers of Morgellns Disease??

  25. Sorry all, I am truly having a very bad day. I posted a poll at L.B. & M.D.R. for what I was talking about.have 4 major site’s linked to Facebook, and bring information to people on non Morgellons site’s with a very nice reception. I’m done with all the negitive stuff. hope you will also Pamela. Doc Holliday

  26. LyndainCanada said:

    To the best of anyone’s knowledge — is there anyone “fighting” for acknowledgement for sufferers in Canada? Any info on Joni Mitchell? Doc Holliday, why do you suggest petitions for congress in U.S. and U.K. and not Canada? I would like to get involved…I think…

    • LyndainCanada,

      I got ahold of K and she is willing for you to have her email address.
      Pamela Mae

      • LyndainCanada said:

        Hi Pamela Mae — Who is K? and how do I get her email address? Why do I want it? My apologies if I should know…

  27. lyndaine Canada,

    I would be very willing to connect you with some very down to earth ladies and people in Canada.
    They live there and are working with trying to deal with your system there.I would love to see the bridge crossed with educating the Docs there.

    There is also a Naturopath there who is connected with a pharmacy that does treatment for morgellons patients.

    Would you like me to have them get in touchwith you?
    They have had basic testing done through Metametrix labs and we work to try and deal with your system there. Would you be interested? If so I really would be interested in working with you,
    Pamela mae

    PS.Doctor?Holliday, Please quit being so intrusive on public forums,I personally do not like your control tactics,and then calling me ‘Darlen’ very red necked,and you missed the point entirely.Trisha is a professional,and so am I. If you really have a positive thing to say – say just that. I would really appreciate it if you would discontinue your condesending comments.

    • LyndainCanada said:

      Hi Pamela – YES YES YES! I did send you an email with my personal email address on it, did you not get it? I will try again…Please – any connections you could arrange would be very helpful and welcomed…Absolutely please have the labs contact me…I have warm fuzzies…I know of no available testing here of that kind. I have a naturopath who would probably interested in contributing…perhaps some doctors as well.

  28. why……….LyndainCanada, this can be put into the final petition no problem, do you think the Canadian Government will put moneys into the pot for this endeavor??? if so I have no problem with it, I would never leave any one out surely. Thank you for the input & will put it in the final draft. Canadian money is just as good as the U.S & the U.K. the more the better, but people in thos Country’s will have to address their Governments. join me on F.B. find the Polls on L.b. & M.D.R. to participate. Sincerely: Doc Hollday the link–!/home.php?sk=group_178012635574539&ap=1

  29. wish I could delete some of this but I can’t, so I just hope folk’s understand, sorry Trish, Pam, Mundane and every one else. having a not so good day. peace to all

    • Doc.. take a break. We are listening… and evaluating.

      Has it occured to you that there are some of us who do not wish to have names published for a myriad of personal reasons?

      I have a fully functioning family and i don’t wish to stain their names or their brains with my reality.

      I get by and this is their new “normal”.

      Somebody comes after me and mine…don’t mess with me.

      I will not publish my stuff … period.

  30. Trisha,
    God Bless you and your hubby. We are all grateful for you, MCS, Pamela, Joe and other warriors leading our army.
    We need to be heard!
    My personal thought is that of a teen….. I know that they know, They know that YOU know
    and we all know that they know.

    A fine line between “knowing”, “denying” and acknowledgement.

    God Bless you all, with many thanks.

  31. Joe Keleher said:

    Being a teacher is hard enough…having these symptoms on top makes it seem hopeless. I mentioned in my account of having/recovery how stress seemed to make symptoms worse. I really think it does. There is a recent study listed on mentioning the use of hypnosis and success with Morgellons patients. I guess yoga, meditation, prayer, and walking all helped me. Take care of yourself and realize you are not alone. Peace, Joe

    • LyndainCanada said:

      Hi Joe — I was just wondering who the teacher is — “Jenny” (who is this “Jenny” online?) or you? Just curious as I am a teacher as well and just wanted to connect with another teacher who is surviving this challenge. Thanks for the hypnosis info — I will investigate!

      • LydainCanada,
        Hi, this is Pamela Mae and you asked me why you should contact K.
        You asked to be of assistance in Canada.
        K is from Canada she is a DentalHygenist who has morgellons and she has gone through the riggers of getting the basic functional medicine testing done for herself there in Canada and is in probably some of the same circumstances as you.
        I thought you two would be of help to one another,I just do not want to post her email on the open blog so I gave mine so I could send you her contact info.

        Perhaps this would help you in some way.
        If not, be blessed.

        • Hi
          I am also from Canada and am interested would like to contact Jenny/K and LyndainCanada about Morgellons.
          Perhaps we can share emails through pamela somehow.
          thanks Jade

        • Hi Pamela,

          I am another Canadian that would like to be in touch with K if possible. I would be interested in how she went about testing and finding a DR that would order the tests.

      • Joe Keleher said:


        Jenny made an entry up above and mentioned teaching in the inner city. I’m a teacher as well.

      • It’s me. I’m teaching high school, inner city, had Morgellons two years now. Last night was so physically painful! I’m trying to make it enough years to retire, at least one more for survival, but that will be early and minimal. No disability, of course. I feel like I’m clinging to the wing of a jet most of the time. Exhausted. Eight more weeks, then some rest.I get too tired to pay enough attention to all the regimens I am supposed to follow. If the docs could experience what I go through….? What would they do?

        • LyndainCanada said:

          Hi Jenny – I teach high school as well. I was lucky to have had collected almost 20 years of sick days and used most of them up last year when the symptoms showed up in November of 2009. I took the rest of that school year off trying to figure out WTF was going on…and trying to NOT think of suicide as an option…When I think back to those days, I just shake my head — can’t believe that I survived…The sensations do go away…and now just barely-there “moon episodes”…

          I gave my personal email to Pamela Mae to forward to other Canadians who want to bond…please click on her blue name and it will lead you to her site where you can personally email her and get my address. (Would love to “talk” to Joe as well, being an English teacher myself — I am curious about your writing.) Jenny — let me know where u teach — I am in mid-Canada, on Lake Superior.

          • That would be great. I went to Pamela’s site, tried the contact link for emailing her, but it didn’t work. I couldn’t get her email, or even send her one. I teach in Denver, CO. Joe’s theory is interesting, I played with mercury as a young kid! I am fading out, gotta go.


    This is a short 8 minute clip with the Earth Org. Watch closely on my statement in the clip. They have so many of the symptoms except you are not inhaling Hexane, 2 Methylpentane, 3 Methylpentane, ISOOCTANE on a daily level.

    Trisha Thanks to all and the Earth Org

    • Torpedolynn said:


      This vedio was very well put and so sad that there are safer faster ways and no one seems to care enough to push the right things through when it sets on their table. Makes you wonder what their real agenda is for not getting the paper work done to allow the right things to be used. Thanks for all the hard work.

      In Light Lynn

  33. OK,Here’s a story…copied the three (…) from Sherry Taylor.Come fall of this year being 2011,I will have had morgellons for five years.Close to four years into M word “my baby daddy” developed intense itching,skin rash,and the classic little black flecks on his skin ,went to a county clinic, was pescribed lindane for suspected “scabies”as well as bactrim for secondary infection due to scratching.Talk about your happy ending,within three days all of the symptoms listed above were gone. That’s his lucky a double s experience re:M word.I seem to be so far into morgellons in that when I tried my luck w/bactrim I chickened out @ three attempts of taking the bactrim due to apparent herxing.I’m not suggesting a thing to anyone,sorta thinking out loud,given bactrim is sulphur based,be that a good thing or terribly bad.Just a story.

    • Sulfur is a great thing! But use it in soap and MSM. Read the Mundane Approach post regarding supplements!
      I eat eggs three times a week, They do a number on my digestive system but my colon is clear, baby, clear!
      Don’t mean to be gross, but if you find something that works for you!

      I am drug free, no chemicals in my family’s bodies, no chemicals in my home, no crap in my food and I am 90% of the way there. Still have some bad days but these bad days are nowhere what they used to be.

      I am one of those people who needs to prove that I am right stubborn that way. Keep an open mind and an open heart.

      You will get there! Now if I could only get rid of the moon cycle episodes and cure my dog, why I’d be a Contender!

      Forget the allopathic route. Follow your head and your heart.
      Drugs and chemicals are not our friends.

      (You would have to know “Finding Nemo” to get the allegory)

      God Bless you, don’t give up!

      • LyndainCanada said:

        I too feel almost cured…am having “moon cycle” episodes as well, although they are less and less and less noticeable as time goes by. Do they ever just disappear?? Am still taking MSM and doing salt baths and spraying enzymes – will I always have to? Mr. Common Sense – Do you have these answers — or does anyone else? What does “Post-Morgellons” look like?

  34. Hi to all! I would like to know what happened to the Army’s involvement in all this? I feel sorry for the C.D.C., they really don’t have the “power” to do their work. There are much ” higher up” people running an operation we have not been introduced to. I have read many books by Richard Preston that will give us some idea what goes on. He wrote The Hot Zone, Demon in the Freezer (about smallpox) My favorite “The Cobra Event” (fiction, but this “great writer and researcher” really takes you there!)I have thought of contacting him about Morgellons disease and see if a book could be written on this disease (fiction of course!).Thank you Mr. Common sense for this website, as it gives me hope in my quest to find the truth we all deserve! Love and peace, Terrie Lyons RN

  35. Not to be fussing so much this am,but my brain seems to be physically hurting and I wonder, is the pain due to being inflammed or actual infection.More than likely both.I become frightened when I don’t seem to be able to make my brain work or think like (I,it) did before morgellons. Thank you MCS for giving me a place to put this out there.

    • MiMi
      it comes back eventually, but you have got to give yourself a break.
      Go outside, take a walk, get some Vitamin D from God’s source, the sun.
      Clean your bod, your environment and don’t eat or use anything chemically related again.
      Enzymes will help.

      I still have no memory but I can function, for me, that’s a GOOD thing!

      Far infrared heat helps also, hair dryers, heating pads, water filters, you name it.

      Ya gotta do your homework, we are all different but in the same Ark.

  36. Bless you Lamb.Good reminders,Thank you.

  37. Lamb,see see see,I used an upper case t in the word thank,and then there’s the OCD thingy.

  38. Fuggedaboutit! We are all OCD now, ain’t no thang!

    I can’t even copy and paste, I don’t understand what it means!
    God Bless you Sister… Hang in there!

  39. LyndainCanada said:

    Re: Nodules — About the time that I got sick I developed two nodules – One on my upper arm and one on my upper back – I read that others have developed these as well. I went to a Dr. who claimed that they were just benign fatty deposits – nothing to be concerned about. However, I have this nagging intuitive feeling that they should be removed…What are they? Why do many Morg-survivors have them? Anyone have any info or theories?

    • Yes, Lynda I have a nodule on my chest that I have been curious about but have not had it looked at; though I have felt there is a connection. That and the zip lines I have read are symtoms of bartonella (one of the several viruses that I have been diagnosed by DNA testing and cannot seem to shake)

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        I have nodules too, some half as a big as a golf ball, had them for years, doc said just fatty deposits, but I’d love to have one cut out of me and examined.

        • LyndainCanada said:

          I thought for sure you might have some theory!!!! More questions…no answers…

  40. re:nodules,do ya’ll think they may be morgellons “stuff” that is picked up by the lymphatic system…I should be a doctor

    • LyndainCanada said:

      I sometimes get “twitches” on or beside the nodule on my upper arm…freaks me out…makes me think of parasitic worms coming out of some egg sac or something…what is the latest on these nodules? Trisha – do you know? Anyone???

  41. One word… Chemtrails, look it up, it makes sense and answers the question of why the CDC isn’t doing anything.

  42. Mundane this seems to be an old document is it not??, I haven’t seen anything new or at least I think I haven’t, can you tell me how old this news is & if you know of anything up to date?? Thank you

  43. oops sorry brain fog, I get it!, Thanks, so no new news about our plight?

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