From March 21st, 2011.

CDC spokeswoman Lola Russell said today that the CDC had sent its findings out to independent reviewers and was now editing the report on what it calls Unexplained Dermopathy.

“We’re nearing the final stages,” Russell said, adding that she did not know when or where the report would be published. The additional review took time and the CDC wants to do a careful analysis because “people are suffering,” she said. “This is an initial study, which would give us initial insight into the condition.”

It won’t be the final word, Russell said.

From this article ….

This whole thing seems very strange and backwards to me. If I knew people were suffering the last thing I would do is take additional time? If it’s a bacteria or a  fungus then let us know. If it’s a parasite then let us know. What in the hell are they doing? If I didn’t know better I’d say they were playing hot potato with information they would rather not be in possession of.  And they don’t know when or where it will be published? Come on, this is BS.


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  1. sherry taylor said:

    yup that sounds like gobble gook to me..a PR explanation that says nothing but..assumption “we care about you” from “people are suffering”..when really “we are covering our ass” is more like what is happening. If say something that is the total opposite sometimes people will buy’s so out of the realm of rational thought. Do they teach PR people to lie? Sanitize would be a word they would use. Sorry about the’s just that the trickle down to the average GP could take many more years..and other countries are actually waiting on this. Sherry

  2. I can’t understand for the life of me, I just posted a way to get folk’s involved, I worked very hard for 2 months & y’all are not even noticing what I am saying, all you guy’s are doing is having an EGO argument!! go figure, stop all the bickering & look at what I posted Please, you want to do something, well then let’s stop talking & do something. Doc Holliday

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Doc, I don’t use facebook, I access the urls you posted but they really didn’t take me anywhere but to a page with yet more links.

      • Rhonda Fouch said:

        I have been sick for over 10 years.
        I just got back from the Swedish Wound Clinic.
        This is the third time I have seen him. He said he thinks I have Morgellons. I couldn’t believe it. I had mentioned to him about the CDC’s study just before he left the room after my last appt.
        I am CONVINCED the Dr. allowed the fibers etc. to be very visible. He thought I had a mycobacteria related to TB and Leprosy because of how the MSM made the lesions appear.
        I am currently on IV Vanco 2x a day, Cephalexin 4x a day, Lamisil 1x a day. The last five years I have been treated by a Rheum for mixed connective tissue disease and celiac disease. I could not tolerate any of the meds because of low blood counts.
        The Dr. said I would be a case study. He took tons of pictures, and is sending samples to a lab in California.

        Please put MSM directly on lesion (use Orajel for pain) and go to the DOCTOR so they can see what we FEEL.
        Rhonda Fouch
        Mill Creek, Wa

        • Rhonda Fouch said:

          I meant to say that I was CONVINCED that putting DILUTED MSM on the lesions before appt. allowed the Dr. to see the fibers, black specs. etc.

          Rhonda Mill Creek, Wa

          • Rhonda Fouch said:

            I can’t believe I posted this wrong TWICE!!!

            It is NOT diluted MSM it is diluted MMS!!!!!

            Serious Brain Fog!!!!


            Wound Clinics are great, because they can monitor weekly all the changes that take place during the life cycle of Morgellons lesions. Don’t forget to put Oragel topically for pain and skin crawling, MMS can make it very SEVERE, but it is worth it if Dr. can SEE what is going on.
            Rhonda Fouch

  3. I see they are still calling this a skin disease. Hopefully they will be doing some catching up at the conference.

  4. This is f’ing outrageous! I think it’s time for a class action!

  5. I have 5 Major site’s linked right now through F B , MDR,L B , Concen a non mrgellons site& that was very friendly to what I put fourth about Morgellons, & their are more. I worked my tail off, I ramped up F B with live feeds & Apps to accomplish a simple goal, weather you like F B or not, I’ve been making it work so far & can not be bothered by complacency or people that really don’t have the will to fight for not only them selves, but for all that are SUFFERING!!, this is what I intend to do, I need as many people that have the heart to work with it. all I’m asking is for folk’s to come together for a simple cause es all. I work with out ego & are willing to let others take a lead, all I would like is to get a webdoc for the Morgellons infected & the General Public involved, this is a Public Safety Issue as well. thank you Mundae, I always respect your ability’s to get people to listen. well then use this to your advantage, so many hang on your very word, why not make it really count. I know we can do this, but we need to all of us to come together Please.

  6. Mr. Common Sense said:


    A man goes to his doctor, he’s sick as hell. The doctor draws some blood, sends off the results, then gets the results back. The doctor calls the patient and says, hey, I got the results, I’ve reviewed all the data, and the data does give me some clue as to how to help you, but before I do I’m going to send the data out to a bunch of other doctors who are going to review it. Then, when I get thier feedback I’m going to publish it in a Journal of Medicine. I’m not sure which one or when I’ll get around to it, in fact, I’m not even going to give you a clue as to when or where. But I want you to know, I’m doing all this because of your immense suffering. I’m doing it all for you dear patient. You can hold on another few days, possibly a few months, maybe another year, another decade right? Trust me, this is in your best interest.

  7. Would like things clarified, Mundae!, I was not directing this to you, rather to all that were posting, & at times seems like crying & doing 0 about their fate, you my Friend have done a ton of good things. I know this as Fact, so please don’t take that as a guilt thing directed to you, it surly wasn’t!, you’ve been too good a friend for me & many others to pull that. thank you for all you gave us through the year’s. I appreciate all of you hard work, was worried about your silents for a month or so. Sincerely: Doc Holliday

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I knew that Doc, don’t worry, and I’ll see what I can do about the cause …

  8. why……..t y Mundane!, hope you feel better, me lol, we understand how it works. Sincerely”: Doc.

  9. oh Mundane!! just stated a Poll at MDR & L B, see how motivated folk’s are, if they aint, I’ll drop it all, take care of your self. don’t put your self out for folk’s that seem complacent. t y Sincerely: Doc

    • seriously Doc, complacency….at times some of us just can not spell it much less type it, sick, fogged, alone, broke, afraid, and in general just not able to do what we know we need to do. a little patience for those less strong …please.

  10. Excuse my ignorance, but you might get a better response if you just said what MDR and LB are!BTW, complacency needs a gentle touch, not anger!

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