Beyond the Barrier:
A Hypothetical Model for Cause and Progression of Morgellons Disease


Joseph W. KeleherWriter,Teacher, and World Traveler

Will air on:   April 28, 2011 4:00 PM Pacific Time

The author proposes the symptom set often referred to as Morgellons Disease is the result of increasing inorganic mercury levels beyond the blood/brain barrier (hereafter referred to as the Barrier Theory).

Joining Joe to add depth to his research will be Patricia Springstead RN, and her husband Dr Richard Springstead.

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This is being put on with the help of Pamela from Morgellons Focus which is now called Hyper Toxic World

I will definitely be listening in. Joe has contributed a lot to the Morgellons community, he even has his own category on this web site, to see all of Joes articles click HERE.


Comments on: "A Hypothetical Model for Cause and Progression of Morgellons Disease" (11)

  1. Dear Joe,
    I got this from my mother. She complained of the symptoms, ie: bugs crawling on her, sores that would not heal, hair falling out. So, I said “come visit me here 1300 miles away” She came, slept in my guest bed for six weeks and left.
    I slept in that guest bed one night. Thought I got bit, felt funny the next day or whatever but I ended up with Morgellons just like her. The heavy metal is a good theory, maybe you need heavy metal to contract it. But, all in all, I don’t think it is THAT contagious, you need a lot of “intimacy” but I don’t think my mother is loaded with heavy metal. I am, as I used to play with it when I was a kid (1960) and my father would bring it home from the plant for us to fool around with….who knew?

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Robin, take a good read of
    Morgellons in the Ancient World (1600’s)

    Joe lays out an Amazing case of Morgellons in the ancient world being tied to Mercury, especially toward the latter end of that document. I hear what you’re saying about the contagion aspect, but perhaps a person does become infected with something that they can pass along to others, its worth considering.

    Before coming to where I now live from Seattle, I had a ton of Dental work, crowns, root canals and alike. Having a ton of mercury in mouth as a kid I now probably have less than a 3rd. But it was removed during normal dental work and I didn’t even know about the danger at the time, my guess is most of it when right down my throat during the dental work.

    Anyway, Joe has written alot about it, see his site too. I don’t know if he’s right, but what I like about Joe is he back things up with real evidence, unlike a lot of the nano craziness and other theories …

    Anyway, should be an interesting show …

  3. Joe Keleher said:

    Mr CS, Thanks for posting this! I am not a huge fan of public presentation (unless, of course, it is in written word) and want to enjoy my time sharing. My theory is one among many. My hope is the medical world will give it equal consideration with the rest.

    Robin, You bring up a couple of important points. First, my theory sees mercury as the foundation of Morgellons. I know many sufferers are having bugs pulled from their sores. I also know the cases of reduction or elimination of symptoms seems to require detoxing. I would like to see more effort put into considering Morgellons patient history (what kind of symptoms were experienced prior to Morgellons symptoms? what kind of history of potential toxic exposure exist presently and in the past (including prenatal)?). I also think testing patients for neurotoxicity may shed some light on the root problem.

    I’m not entirely certain what I’ll be saying on the show, but thank Pam for giving me the voice. I hope the communication between patients and the medical world grows. Maybe this will be a baby step among many? Thanks again, Joe

  4. Torpedolynn said:

    Hi all

    I think there is really something too what is said about the Murcury. Around the time I got fillings in four teeth I started to get small burst 2 or 3 times a year on the head. You know that feeling one gets when someone has you close you eyes and pretends to brake an egg on your head. Kind of a prickle or tickle floating down the head feeling. As I got into menopause and one of my fillings was slowly comming apart and causing alot of pain. I started getting that spilling over the scalp feeling more often. Than the nerve ending under the scalp would do little fire burst.

    Sometimes I had wondered if small veins were bursting. I now know it was just the nerve endings miss firing. Sense doing detoxes I have not had that happen in 2 years now. I came down with this whole disease really slowly. All the symptoms of Morgellons stretched over a 5 to 8 year period of time before the bugs hits. Durring those years I had always contributed it to poor cirulation, getting old, getting fat, and Menopause. Boy was I wroung. Most of those symptoms are all gone sense the detoxing.

    2 years before the bugs hit I had that one filling that was causing so much trouble removed and put in plastic. Only thing I could afford. I had asked the dentist about contamination from the filling and of course he was not worried about it at all even though I told him what I wanted. I do know I swallowed grains of the feelings. One or two small chunks and tiny grain sand like peices. I tried to do a lot of nose breathing. The other filling on the bottom jaw has also started to give me the same trouble before bug world hit. Only by using a natural product for my teeth has that been kept in check, but I do want the filling removed eventually. I have only 4 filling, but the two bottom ones were real deep and are the ones causing me all the trouble.

    I wonder how many if any have no fillings that have this disease?
    In Light Lynn
    p.s. Love the new update of this site. It is wonderful. Thank you Mr. Common Sense.

  5. Joe Keleher said:


    I know there are many cases of people who do not have amalgam fillings with Morgellons. Mary Leito’s son was only 4 when he started pointing at his gums and saying, “bugs”. I think prenatal exposure is a possibility both today and historically (as in the Languedoc accts).

    Other possibilities for mercury exposure include skin creams, historic mining for gold/silver (mercury is used in the extraction…and may get into groundwater), and seafood.

  6. So maybe .. mercury saturation,hence an abundance of fungus..feeding off the heavier amounts of mercury,possibly whatever morgellons is comes in to feed off the higher levels of fungus.There was an old woman who swallowed a fly….

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      There was an old woman who swallowed a fly….

      Very good analogy, I think there is a lot of truth in that statement.

  7. lyndaincanada said:

    Joe – I keep trying to contact you via your blog Morgellonsjoe and it won’t let me post – it keeps asking me for some profile thing? what is this???

  8. Lynn, You are welcome to email me via the link on my website . I’m not certain why it won’t let you post.

  9. Joe Keleher said:

    I’m not certain why blogger is set up the way it is. If you’d like to email me, you can use the link on my website (one of my hats is as a writer).

  10. there seems to be a metallic element to this that does not respond to chemical drugs. i felt “electric shocks” when touching metal. this subsided when i held a strong magnet on the spot. many others have reported the same symptom. that’s not a viral or bacterial organism. why would this happen?

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