Hey, don’t blame me for that title, it’s from a new book just released titled “The Panic Virus“. There is actually a chapter called Help There Are Fibers Growing Out of My Eyeballs and it’s on page 87, click HERE if you want to read it.

It’s a pretty harsh view of Morgellons, in some respects I cannot blame the author. I am sure his search turned up the same stuff that in part drove me from the forums, and that’s a lot of crazy stuff. Now, Mr. Mnookin not having suffered from this condition has no way to comprehend it’s bizarre nature. He doesn’t take into account what it must be like to have the sensation of millions of bugs or perhaps worms crawling under one’s skin. I’m in agreement with Joe Keleher on this point, the sensation is not bugs, it only feels like bugs. Please note that I am not saying bugs aren’t eventually drawn to a Morgellons sufferer, we know that is true. My point here is that one of mans primal fears is the fear of bugs, this is documented in study after study. Is it any wonder the sensation of such a thing is enough to drive some over the edge.

No doubt many attribute every piece of dust, every strange thing seen under a scope to Morgellons and have posted some embarrasing things that hurt our community, and this only serves as ammuntion for those who would mock Morgellons sufferers. To the Morgellons sufferer I say “Stop looking”, it doesn’t matter. It’s how you feel that counts.

Anyway, the author presents a pretty dim view of Morgellons, some of it justified when viewed by an outsider never having suffered from this condition.

Here is the last paragraph from the chapter. If you really sit and think about what is being said here it is truly revealing, not to mention some of the factual errors such as “millions of dollars” and “widescale study”. In all of the forums in all these past years I have yet to hear of a single person who was actually in this study.

The CDC, whose budget is determined by Congress and the president, had no choice but to acquiesce, and for perhaps the first time in it’s history agreed to fund a widescale study into a condition that doctors and scientists overwhelmingly agreed didn’t exist. In a statement announcing a study that will cost millions of dollars to complete, the agency said that “an increased number of inquiries from the public, health care providers, public health officials, Congress, and the media” led to it’s agreeing to look into “an unexplained skin condition”. To this day, there has not been a single, independently verified case of Morgellons syndrome.

I think it’s interesting that this book is just coming out, surely the author knows that the CDC Study results have been sent off to be published, probably in JAMA. He even has a chapter dedicated to “Mercury Moms”, interesting I thought considering the presentation made by Joe last night, which by the way, will be covered in an upcoming blog post as it was terrific.

Click on the picture of the book for a review …


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  1. LyndainCanada said:

    I hope the mentioned book is part of the “cycle” of eventual acceptance of foreign ideas as truth: Anger – ridicule – acceptance. It sounds like the author ismocking the Morg-sufferer or survivor with statements like” there is a fiber in my eye” –

    I just keep hanging on to the fact that the CDC has to release their findings at some point – and – I pry that the results are valid and give some acknowledgement to those who live the reality.

    What does JAMA mean??? Havs the CDC announced when it will have their findings published????

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Lyndain, I just updated the blog post above, I added the last paragraph from the chapter on Morgellons, if you didn’t see that when you read the post go back and re-read it, very enlightening.

      JAMA is (The Journal of the American Medical Association)

      Here’s where I am watching for the CDC Study to be published.

      If you scroll down on each issue there is a section called “From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” and that is where I think we are going to find the study. It’s a weekly publication and I check each new issue.

  2. Er, I had Morgellons for a LONG time…

    Yes, it is bugs. And they live in the soft tissues/liver etc.
    And they multiply. No, it is NOT delusional. It’s real.
    And we’re talking small, tiny red & white worms.
    And lots of dried blood, since they eat their way through the flesh.
    Yes, it actually happens. And then there’s some sort of fungus or
    whatever, “things” with long, soft threads right underneath the skin.
    And black and red “specs”, stuff that looks like black (&red) pepper.
    There might be other diseases with “threads” (green & blue?).
    That’s not what I had. The disease I had I got from an insectbite.
    The bite had circles around it. My theory is that this insect is from the
    deserts of Iran/Irak. It got brought to the West with soldiers & equipment.
    King Herod (from the Bible) had this disease. All the symptoms are described
    in “The Book”. And he was a rather famous builder. (Like…)
    The insect in question likes dark & moldy places and dirt/soil.
    Gee, wonder if the CDC reads this website. Would be great.
    The cure is “Kleen Free”. The enzymes kills the bugs in question.
    Then the body rejects them all. It took me five years to pluck them out.
    It was NO fun.

    M orgellons Disease is NOT some kind of “weltsmertz”, like Mr Common Sense
    and other people seems to (want to) think. It’s an absolutely horrific disease/condition. So there. And (of course) as usual nobody will listen.

  3. Rhonda Fouch said:

    Hi Mr. Common Sense,
    Just saw a video from Pbs.org by Nova called “Making Things Smaller”, I would love your input and thoughts.
    Hope you are feeling well today.

  4. Joe Keleher said:

    I read the chapter on Morgellons by Mnookin and left a review. It amazes me how poorly the general public understands the suffering.

  5. You have to be kidding me !
    Who is this a*hole? Is this person related to Alan Steele at Mass General or what?

    • P.S.
      JAMA and NEMJ have become an absolute joke, bought and paid for by big Pharma.
      /just sayin’

  6. Joe Keleher said:

    Currently this book has a four star rating. Typically the higher the rating, the better the sales. If you do read Mnookin’s understanding of Morgellons and agree it is cruel and unkind, why not leave a review? I think the more the Morgellons community educates the public on this condition, the better. I gave him a one star simply because he can write (also I think a zero is not added to the calculations for rating).

  7. Short term buzz.

    Try to be discreet, my family is of the utmost importance, no social websites… period.

  8. I’m new to all of this and i find it very interesting how people just assume there’s panic, delusional thinking, etc. when they simply don’t understand something. The irony is that they are trying to paint those who are suffering as being somehow deficient or ignorant, when in reality it is the “accuser’s” ignorance that prevents him from allowing that something could be real simply because he doesn’t see or understand it.

    My “issue” started a little over a week ago. While in a certain room in my basement, I experienced the sensation of bugs crawling on my legs, then arms and head. Outside our home are many different insects, as it’s a fairly heavily wooded area. Bugs never bothered me much and I have no particular fear of them or obsession over them. But, the sensation was just there.

    Worse, it did not leave me when I left the room, though it did become less intense. Several days went by, and while I could find nothing inside the room or outdoors around it (checked door area, windows, etc.) the sensation absolutely worsened in that room almost immediately upon entering and subsided noticeably upon existing.

    Finally, an exterminator came out and found a bunch of guess what, in a corner just outside the door? Springtails. I’d previously overlooked them and had never heard of them until now, but there they were. At that point he surmised that they could be getting inside and causing the sensation. It only took a little common sense for me to agree.

    So, I wonder how people can be classified as delusional after the fact? It wasn’t as if I’d read all of this info on springtails, then decided there must be some crawling on me. The sensation came first, then the ID of the problem. Now, what are the chances that there is so much anecdotal info out there about this specifically, but my situation is just a coincidence or another delusion?

    I hope this is not a long term problem for me, but now that I’m aware of it, I feel compelled to help. Not sure how, but I do know that no one deserves this. Pity that the CDC is moving so slowly.

    God Bless.

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