For the record I am not posting this as Chemtrail article, that is something that I consider on the “fringe” but don’t let that offend you, we all have to make our own choices. I try to keep this site rooted in the believable so as to lend credibility to our effort. That being said I often notice the skies clear in the morning and then totally clouded over by jet contrails by evening and wonder “Just how much polution we are being exposed to?” I know it wasn’t like this when I was a child.

Interestingly, our friend Toluene shows up here yet again.

PITTSBURGH – A ground breaking study from a U.S. university has shed light on how the sun transforms jet engine exhaust, potentially creating toxic particles, reported Friday.

Researchers have discovered that drops of oil created by idling aircraft engines can over time turn into tiny particles that can easily penetrate the lungs and brain.

The surprising discovery has been detailed in the latest edition of the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Journal.

In the first study of its kind, experts from the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa., collected pollution from an idling commercial plane as it operated at different loads.

When the jet operated at full power the emissions were composed of mainly solid particles, however when it idled on the runway they took on a different form—microscopic droplets.

When the exhaust was exposed to sunlight in a “smog chamber” a chemical reaction took place that saw the formation of toxic particles from the interaction between the oil and gases.

It was found that sunlight can generate 35 times more particles than were originally emitted from the jet’s engine and 10 times what had typically been predicted.

These particles can include compounds such as benzene and toluene, which are known to impact health.

“Smog chamber experiments indicate that photo-oxidation of aircraft emissions produces significant amounts of secondary PM [particulate matter], which, under typical summertime conditions, exceed the primary emissions within minutes of the exhaust leaving the engine.

Allen Robinson of Carnegie Mellon University said the results were “unbelievable.”

“It sort of blew our minds,” Robinson said.

The research is a step further in understanding how aircraft emissions can impact air quality.


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  1. Didn’t know that about jet engine exhaust and it’s link to toulene/benzene. Thanks for the post.

    I find it surprising that you discount chemtrails as fringe. Have you watched the documentary “What in the world are they spraying?” It is a real eye-opener.
    There are very high levels of aluminum particulates (among other things) being released into the atmosphere for ‘weather modification.’ Then we wonder why Alzheimer’s rates is climbing.

    • I believe this spraying is an international effort being done by a force that thinks it is somehow above any laws that we the people must adhere to.

  2. Another source of toulene is from fracking or hydro-fracking. Halliburton was the first company to introduce it; at that time they used napalm and water. Guess who more or less deregulated that whole industry – Dick Cheney of that very same company. Why do you think it is fringe when this sort of insanity is documented. Anyone interested in signing a pettion sto stop this there are many out there but I will look it up if you are interested, being a Canadian my signature would not mean anything. And they think are tar sands are an eco-nightmare! Google the spraying of chad by the US Air Force and see if this website is so far fetched: Do you not wonder why the Army was involved in the CDC study?

  3. sorry I meant CHAFF not CHAD. It is not conspiracy theory when there is documented proof. Some of this work is subcontracted out to Evergreen who do all sorts of spraying. Anyone notice the spider webs that upon inspection are not quite what they seem? The first time that I was infected with Morgellons my car and back deck were covered in them. This is very real. Do not discount me as having DOP open your mind – do some research.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sharon, even if I was an adherent to the Chemtrail theory (which I am not) I wouldn’t talk about openly on this site because my purpose behind this site was two fold:

      1) Create a safe place without all the scary and conspiracy stuff which the support forums are rife with.
      2) Have a site that is also outward facing, that is, where non-sufferers find data in search engines as they want to learn more about this disease and come away thinking “Hmmm, maybe there is something to this after all …”

      I am not saying that Chemtails are definitely not happening, rather, I find it hard to believe that of all of the people needed to produce and ship the billions of metric tons of fuel/chaff needed for such an operation, plus the special fleet of plains, rather large, thier maintenance crews, pilots and so forth all in on it and can keep a secret so big. I just don’t believe that is possible. For me personally I am rooted in the mundane, the simple explanations because that is usually the case. How many 1000’s, ney, probably 10’s of thousands of people would need to be on it it?

      I don’t want to get in a shouting match over it wtih you because I like you, I’m fine with those who want to believe it, I won’t shout them down, all theories are welcome here. I am just saying for me personally, I don’t subscribe to that theory as plausible. There is no reason for us to divide over this issue however. It’s a big tent and room for many …

    Even conservative Wikpedia covers this – note the first instruction to MAINTAIN population at five hundred million. Like Pamela, I was a suburban housewife soccer/baseball Mom. We paid our taxes, bought homes and supported the economy. Only had one child in reference to population explosion to be avoided, etc. Imagine my surprise when I read a paper authored by Henry Kissinger back in the 70’s about population control. One of the major suggestions was to get more women in the workforce. Heck I fell for it. Stressed out, and burnt out following years of being SuperWoman. For what. To be too ill to enjoy the fruits of my labor. No this is not FRINGE unfortunately. I was in denial for a long time until becoming ill and in that way it has been a blessing because I see life on Earth in a much different light.

  5. mcs,I was reading from another morgellons site about a lady that currently has “the m word”and she mentioned that she now includes an iodized salt soak (generic brand)daily as part of her morgellons protocol,which reminded me of the one time I soaked in exactly that, with what I would like to think were really good results.There was no funny film on my hair strands,and my skin felt quite ” gooey” w/a nasty smell to it.Gross I know,but I believe it’s worth mentioning.I remember using right at eight containers of salt for the one soak,this lady said she uses bunches per soak.Please, I hope this suggestion helps my fellow “morgys” by bringing some relief to some of the suffering.

  6. anonymous guy said:

    this is an insult .. now my family will really think I am nuts !!! Mayo Clini / CNN trying to steer the CDC ?? Saying w e are delusional !!

  7. Sharon…
    Just a thought. How can Wiki be “conservative” when anyone can re – edit a post and essentially create “a new truth”?
    Don’t believe everything you read. It’s a wild world out here on the net.

    NICE….NOT. I just called the writer and told her that I can photograph DELUSIONS.

    • From the comments section of the very same article (interesting)What a bunch of bull, so now over 1 million Morgellon patients are all crazy, give me a break. Heres a fact, over two dozen workers from a small pharmacuitical plant near Clute Tx all suffer from this disease. The plant introduced one of the first Bio-remediation plants in the US around 1993. I was a mechanical technician at this plant and responsible for all the rotating equipment at the waste water treatment part of the plant. Bio-remediation is a process of genetically modified bacteria and bugs to treat wastewater.The bugs were dumped into a open pit called a digester. From the Beta Caratene plant all the waste from making Beta caratene flowed into this same digester. Air was fed into this mix with a couple of Roots blowers, for the bugs have to have oxygen to live. This caused a vapor fog to constantly drift near the walkways wher employees entered the plant site. I have personally seen these bugs under a microscope in the plant lab, someone said that the microscopes where a 100k a piece. The lab had 3 of them. When the boss was away, several of the lab tecks would have races to see who could find a bug first in the scopes, looking into a pin drop of water. As I was told these bugs/microbes are a 1000 times smaller then a human blood cell. It would take an hour sometimes to finally find one in that pin drop of water, I can’t imagine trying to find one in a blood cell. The new Bio-remediation plants use completly sealed digesters today. As a pump mechanic I have been to several of these facilities. These microbes are a multi billion dollar buisness. Someone should also tell the Mayo clinic that DOP is no longer used with the CDC. The CDC said there is no such thing. That would mean we are all crazy My family and I have suffered with this disease nearly 20yrs now. And whom ever come up with the name Morgellons, did more damage then good. The disease should be called Bio-remediation infestation. Thats my two cents on Mayo clinic…

      Ask any pychiatrist if a Dermatologist is qualified to diagnose DOP and they will tell you absolutely not.

    • You GO Trisha! We have Allen Steere here who is still employed at MGH! I won’t go into the Lymeatrix vaccine fiasco.

      These people all think that they are the smartest people in the room.

      They don’t know crap and it sucks to be sick in Boston.

  9. Ask any Psychiatrist if he/she can even spell “dermatology”?
    Ask any dermatologist if he/ she has ever met a sane psychiatrist.

    Neither can answer the question because they both live in disciplines that would not exist without Pharmaceuticals .

    They don’t know anything without Drug reps in their offices 2_3 times a week.

    “Here… throw THIS at that symptom” Hell, don’t cure it… that will put us out of business!

    I hate to be filled with hate, but I am when it comes to this issue!
    Sorry!/rant off

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