I want all readers of this blog to take a deep breath.This isn’t the CDC study. This is posted on CNN and HEALTH.COM

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Published today May 16, 2011 on WebMD News

Archives of Dermatology

Again, the CDC study has not yet been published.


(Health.com) — For years, dermatologists have been aware of — and baffled by — people who feel a constant creepy-crawly sensation beneath their skin, which they believe is due to bugs, worms, or eggs below the surface.

Now, in the largest study to date to examine skin samples from patients with these symptoms, doctors have firm proof that these infestations — known as delusional parasitosis or delusional infestation — are not real.

The researchers acknowledge, however, that the findings may not be enough convince many of these patients. Patients often feel dismissed when doctors reassure them that the infestation is all in their head, and many continue to believe they are teeming with bugs even when skin biopsies come back negative.

"It’s almost impossible to get them to shake this belief, no matter how much evidence you produce to the contrary," says Mark D. P. Davis, M.D., a professor of dermatology at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Antipsychotic drugs are the standard treatment for delusional infestation. But, Davis says, "A lot of patients with this disorder don’t want to take these drugs because they don’t feel they have a delusional disorder."

Some patients who experience this skin-crawling sensation believe it is caused by textile-like fibers produced by an unknown organism.

Along with a group of sympathetic doctors and advocates, these patients have pushed for the condition to be officially recognized as Morgellons disease, and have lobbied — successfully — for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate it.

However, most doctors maintain that the condition is psychological rather than physical.

In a new study, published this week in the Archives of Dermatology, Davis and his colleagues sought to confirm this view by presenting the results of skin biopsies taken from patients in whom the delusional infestation was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic between 2001 and 2007.

The researchers performed 80 biopsies. As expected, none showed evidence of skin infestation, although 49 patients did have some skin inflammation, known as dermatitis.

This inflammation might be due to some underlying cause, such as allergies, or it could have been caused by the patient’s efforts to remove the bugs or objects by digging them out or even trying to burn them, Davis says.

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In addition, 80 of the study participants — including some who also had biopsies taken — supplied their own skin samples to the doctors.

Ten of these specimens contained insects, such as a mite or tick, but only one such bug was actually capable of causing an infestation; it was a pubic louse, but the patient’s biopsy did not show any signs that his or her skin was infested with the lice.

The CDC recently completed its own study of the condition, which the agency refers to as unexplained dermopathy, but the results have not yet been published.

Davis’ study "leaves little room for speculation," says Roland Freudenmann, M.D., an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Ulm, in Germany. Freudenmann is an authority on delusional infestation but didn’t take part in the current study.

"It may irritate those who cannot accept the diagnosis of delusional infestation," he says. "But the study shows that delusional infestation exists and that it is the patients who are wrong."

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Freudenmann adds that he hopes the new findings, as well as the forthcoming CDC report, "bring an end to the ‘Morgellons story.’" Jennifer Murase, M.D., a dermatologist and associate clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), says she typically sees a handful of patients with delusional infestation each year.

It’s important to take the patient’s complaints seriously, says Murase, who was not involved in the new research. These people often have an underlying skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, which could be affecting their nerves in abnormal ways and contributing to the sensation of infestation, she explains.

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Murase and her colleagues often conduct biopsies in these patients, mostly to reassure the patients rather than to confirm the diagnosis of delusional infestation.

The patient chooses the spot where the biopsy is to be taken, and must agree that only one biopsy will be done. The patient also has to agree that if the microscopic examination doesn’t find evidence of infestation, "they will be more open-minded and think of other causes for the condition," she says.

John Koo, M.D., a dermatologist who works with Murase at UCSF, estimates that roughly one-third of these patients can be easily convinced that the problem is not a real infestation; one-third require more convincing; and another one-third can’t be swayed from their conviction.

"If you kind of hang in there and stay with them, they can get better," Murase says. "They can actually do quite well."


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  1. This only proves that the CDC etc do NOTHING AT ALL WHATSOEVER…

    All they want is more money from the government.
    And then they’ll do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING yet again.

    It’s kind of childish to refuse to understand/see/believe something
    just because you don’t WANT TO.
    And this is exactly what doctors/authorities are doing right now.
    It’s despicable. To say the least.
    I’ve had this disease. It’s 100% real. You get it from an insectbite.

    The only thing that works is to buy Kleen Free. (From the net.)
    This stuff is completely non-chemical and biodynamic.
    Do this:

    Take a shower every other day for about 30 days.
    Use ordinary soap first. (Even if it’s painful due to sores etc.)
    Turn off water.
    Mix Kleen Free with some warm water in a bowl.
    Marinate the entire body with this solution. Use a spunge.
    Avoid eyes. Let it dry. (Don’t use a towel.)
    After about 30 days purple patches appears on body.
    This is dead parasites. First LOTS (in my case – I was sick for seven years before)
    of black stuff, dry blood – whatever, falls out almost by itself.
    Then beige and red, dead small worms come out. Lots.
    It is no picknick. It’s totally real and extremely painful.
    It takes a long time to get well again.
    The CDC etc should bow their heads with shame.

    This disease (insect) is probably from the deserts of the Middle East.
    It has probably found its way to the West due to soldiers/equipment.

    If the authorities did their job, they would know all this by now.
    But -alas – they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    And while you’re sick this disease affects the mind – you get confused,
    perhaps paranoid, tunnelvision, you get drowsy, lethargic…
    And then you realize that doctor’s think you’re schizofrenic (which delusions
    usually refers to…), I mean really, that is NO FUN AT ALL.
    In any way whatsoever.

    • How long did it take you to get better? Did you drink anything else? I am trying to use the product that you mention. Anything else that I should be following up? Please let me know. I am getting hopeless.

      • Amanda, Drink lots of water. Also look up watercuretv on YouTube. or watercure2.com
        It has helped me a lot. See Poor Man’s Protocol or PMP2 on this site. Another great one is Pamela Crane’s called MorgellonsFocusonHealth.com
        They are very good and communicate directly if you contact them; another great lady for advice is Trisha Springstead, RN at ESPBotanicals.com They have wonderful products that help heal the skin. You will get better

    • Hi,

      Just wanted to mention that you might be right regarding the Middle East. I also wanted to say that there is bunch of folks sick in Russia too, it is not only in the US. One of the guys in Russian forums mentioned that it might be a might called Oribatid mite Notogaster, which has a lot of species in Iran, which were not even studied and yes, it crawls and can drive someone crazy with its crawling.

  2. My very simple statement always is this.’
    Loan the Doctors and writer of this article your brush and coat,ask them to use them .
    Also remind them that their equipment and testing methods are ‘Outdated’ and that they are NOT equipped to find this ‘Taxonomy’ unknown,nor do they know how to read ‘Functional medicine testing’ which shows the ‘deficiencies,’ bacterias,fungal overload,and parasites that this new species creates.
    Remind them that when we prove there is something such as an Amoeba/Protozoa that is unknown, that they will have to sign a paper saying that they have done harm to many good people who still trusted the main stream medical practitioners and that instead of doing good research they closed their learning capabilities and decided instead to bully trusting individuals into submitting to their uneducated diagnosis-one that could forever cast them in a negative light.
    I encourage everyone to NOT listen to this awful awful articles discouragement.
    Mail your hairbrushes your coats your hats to the Doctors who wrote this make them sign a document saying they will wear them for 1 week!!!!!!!!!

  3. pammaecr said:

    Sorry, edit in last …fit of anger…… The sentence should say”Functional Medicine Testing,which shows the deficiencies,bacterial infections,fungal overloads, and parasite that this new species carries with it in the body system(not creates)
    Also should we add, ‘THE BIOFILM this species creates is TOXIC and even after the bacterial loads and fungal elements are treated you cause the sleeping giant to rise and the biofilm spews its nasty venom in the body system because it does not like being disturbed

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I received this comment in a private email and thought I would share it.

    “Alas, what fools these mortals be”…..

    When will these idiots recognize that antipsychotic medications are derived from PIPERAZINES, which are the most effective anti-parasitic agents known (check any pet store)?

    Don’t suffer these fools gladly, but also know that “we SHALL overcome”!

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Here are my initial thoughts, the article says:

    Now, in the largest study to date to examine skin samples from patients with these symptoms, doctors have firm proof that these infestations — known as delusional parasitosis or delusional infestation — are not real.

    80 People? and what a punch biopsy and maybe a run of the mill blood test and they make this claim?

    That would be like me going to China and lifting 80 rocks to see if their is any gold underneath, and upon finding none under those 80 rocks, declaring there is “No Gold in China“.

    The only real claim I could make is that “I found No Gold” not that “There is No Gold in China”. However, this article claims, “firm proof” that this condition is delusional rather than the truth of the matter that “They couldn’t find the cause in these 80 people”. Even I, a non-scientist can spot the spin here. One can only assume they know what the CDC results would be or they would be ruined making such a claim only to be proven wrong by the CDC report.

  6. Joe Keleher said:

    This is simply a flawed study. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack by only considering one strand of hay. We know Morgellons is systemic. To understand the condition, you need to take a systemic approach.

    One other thought occurs to me. I wonder if this study was released to see how the Morgellons community (and rest of pop.) takes it. You know…a mean for the CDC to test the waters before they release their version of the same.

    • I absolutley agree Joe.

      Pamela Mae

      • It’s more about “politics”. Now that the disaster that is Obamacare is being shoved down our throats (except for all of the Unions, McDonalds, chi chi restaurants, hotels and day spas in Nancy Pelosi’s San Fran district and the three thousand odd other exemptions dictated by Kathleen Sebelius)
        These absolute POS’s know this disease is real, they KNOW that they had a hand in creating it and they also KNOW that the Government is on the hook for our healthcare now.
        Welcome to Hopey Changey Socialism Gang.

        We are screwed, thank God there are a lot of smart and caring folks here who will help one another.

        Unless Pamela and Nancy perform a miracle ( I mean that with all due respect and reverence )
        We are on our own. Keep on keeping on.

        Light therapies, Far Infrared, even perhaps Rife or the Leishmanaisis Therapy developed for the Military called Thermosurgery Technologies will help.
        All worthy options, including all of the Nutritional, supplemental herbal support offered here.

        They know… and what really sucks is that they know that we “know”
        and nobody wants to blow the whistle/ and or the payoff.

        What a Country we have allowed ourselves to become!

        I feel ill all over again.

  7. I do think Joe is right, that this is a precursor to the CDC results, testing the waters… I also think and that Mr. C S is right, “no gold in China” in my opinion it was never undertaken as a serious study, preconceived notions always skew any result. It is said to really learn something new “forget everything you thought you knew”. I have been forced to rethink everything I believed throughout my Nursing career. I do not know what I have or what caused this…..but I do know it is not delusional and this label will only defeat a few…not the rest of us.

  8. Outrageous! They are just pulling out the DOP card yet one more time.

    I believe this article is setting the stage for the CDC release of their study. They are trying to leak it ‘gently’ so there will not be as big a backlash from our community when the study is finally published. They are easing us into the pool. Shame on them.

    If these indeed are the ‘results’ of their study, then in my mind it fully implicates the government in having a hand in Morgellons. Either they created it and it leaked out by accident, escaped into the environment, was stolen and released, or was intentionally spread. They are really concerned about being found out. Why else would they need to suppress people like this in what appears to be the thinnest amount of science that they can come up with?

    If anyone in the community has access to this study by Davis, I’d really like to read it.

    • ahopeful said:

      You’re absolutely right. Chilling.

    • I think it’s pretty telling that the so-called study the CDC ran was done on only people from one small group, all from the same HMO, and that the ARMY lab was used to do the so-called tests! Very well controlled so they could come out with the exact results that they intended to come out with from the very start. Our government, I’m sad to say, is totally corrupt and doesn’t care who gets hurt or sick. All they care about is cover up!

  9. To add to Joe’s comment about them testing our reaction, I agree…this is a tactic that paints folks into a corner.
    Depending on how we counter, they have already set up the frame for ‘don’t pay attention to them, they are mentally unstable.’
    Another possible ally:
    Today in the psychiatric profession the “Martha Mitchell Effect” has been coined where by a psychiatrist mistakenly identifies a patient’s extraordinary claims as delusions, despite the facts.
    Quoting psychotherapist Joseph Berke, he notes that “even paranoids have enemies.” Any patient can be misdiagnosed by clinicians, but this is especially true for ones with a history of paranoid delusions.

    This is the tactic being utilized…having control over ‘who’ is writing history.
    How do we counter? By continuing to write the facts our selves, using more scientific basis and less emotional charge.
    Recommended reading…Chpt. 2 “It’s the Environment, Stupid” from Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief.
    The whole book is exceptional.

    • I see a jump in my thinking that I want to clarify.
      When I speak of the Martha Mitchell Effect, my point is that we are in a similar scenario of dis-information and character assassination as befell her.
      Her life was ruined b/c she pointed her finger at the corruption of the Nixon Admin.
      These latest reports and mainstream media coverage are designed to do the same thing to the Morgellons community.
      We must continue speaking out in the open and focusing on the successes.
      This community is growing fast b/c our world, food, water, and air are all toxic beyond recognition.
      ‘They’ can not keep a lid on the quantum escalation of this occurrence.
      ‘We’ need to continue unifying, sharing, and expressing the root issues rather than get tangled too much in finger pointing and blame.
      Know the facts, recognize the threats, make informed choices but stay above the battle ground cause its messy enough!
      Start the Mission Impossible music…see you out there.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Ramona, I totally agree with you and your idea’s on how to approach this.

        ‘We’ need to continue unifying, sharing, and expressing the root issues rather than get tangled too much in finger pointing and blame.

      • “Morgellons Community”…. ??!!

        Has “morgellons” become a word to use when “the people” reacts to
        whatever mischief “the government” or whatever is up to??

        That’s not a good idea.
        At all.
        Morgellons is a new disease that is spread by an insect. Period.
        It has nothing to do with GM foods, toxins in general, emissions from aeroplanes or (for that matter) mental illness.
        It is a disease – it probably derives from the deserts of the Middle East.

        To add “all the panic in the world” to this disease is NOT a good idea.
        To trigger every hypocondriac alive is not a good idea either.
        The disease is truly horrific in itself.
        It doesn’t need this too…

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Lotte, with all due respect that is your theory, you have no proof of what this really is. Since the dawn of time mankind has been fighting wars in those areas, but Morgellons appears to have been within the last 20 years which correlates with a lot of other things including GMO Pharming.

          Research conducted by a team of senior plant and animal scientists found that Monsanto’s glyphosate chemical, which is the primary ingredient in itspopular RoundUp herbicide formula, appears responsible for infecting plants with an AIDS-like syndrome that destroys their immunity, blocks their absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, and eventually kills them.

          Dr. Huber explains in his letter that the destruction caused by glyphosate does not appear limited to plants, either — animals and humans alike that consume foods tainted with the chemical, or that are exposed in some other way to it, are potentially susceptible to developing the same autoimmune disorder. For this reason, Dr. Huber urged the USDA to further investigate RoundUp, as well as to deny the deregulation of GM alfalfa.


          There are many possibilities … It’s when people become “matter of fact” that it tears communities and forums apart. The truth is you have no proof, science behind your claim, you’re welcome to it of course, but don’t cut everybody else off at the knees.

  10. LyndainCanada said:

    To be honest – this CNN report DOES NOT truly upset me. I am disappointed…of course…but Doctors are scientific — they require proof — and the majority of doctors out there have not had the opportunity to see the proof…I don’t blame them…really. Many well-educated believed the earth to be flat UNTIL proof was provided. I agree with you Mr. CS that such a news release must be taken for what it is. The earth is round…Truth is eventually revealled – it requires proof AND that is we must focus on still. The good news is that this proof is indeed being gathered by many…Fry and their protozoa biofilm study is what we all MUST focus on here and others like it. As far as the CDC study goes – Consider the following: It is improbable that the CDC would make a statement that they might have take back at a later date. Their credibility is on the line! The Fry study proves that there are logical expalanations for our symptoms…I predict the CDC will release a vague statement suggesting that they ‘found no gold in China’ and that more study is required. They cannot release a statement suggesting the symptoms are delusional without considering/investigating recent biofilm/protozoa studies etc. I don’t believe that the CDC would put their credibility on the line by releasing a statement purposting with absolute certainty that Morgellons is DOP — think of the legal backlash onslaught they would face, when they are disgracefully proven wrong in time. The CDC has a lot on the line here – there release will suggest that further study is required – to cover there butts – do they have another choice? As sufferers and survivors – we will not tolerate nor will we accept invalid studies or their invalid results. We will however focus on investigating further the real explanation – not the easy one – but the real expalnation for our suffering – we will not lose hope – We know the earth is flat…

    • LyndainCanada said:

      That is – the Doctors cited in the study believe the earth ‘to be flat’ based their invalid research..We know ‘the earth is round.’

      p.s. what is the latest re: the Fry Protozoa/biofilm research?

      • I agree, we cannot depend on the CDC or institutions.
        We must do grounded study and back it up.
        We have learned that we must be our own health advocates,sound in mind,sound in study and washed from any personal gain other than to see this community get well and find answers to regain their health.
        We need to keep the foxes out of the hen house.
        I truly feel saddened when we place so much hope in institutions ,and like my friends here, never count my chickens till the eggs hatch.
        Most of the time if the work is going to get done we need to wisely do it ourselves,we guard the hens,learn the best and smartest way to care,feed,and help them grow.
        We cannot get away from the fact that certain institutions ‘seemingly’ run things, we simply learn how that is done,and make our work’better’
        Because we are not Doctors does not mean we have under developed brains,and cannot think,and I have been blessed to know several practitioners that think the same way,treat with respect those who want to learn,and understand. When we study and think smart we become ‘Aware’ and as my other friend says in here’we do not create mass hysteria’ and encite riots.
        But we make our paper work,our studies,our proof legitimate and above and beyond set medical standards.
        We meet IRB boards requirements in the way they do ‘control groups,and paper work’and soon they have to say’Oh yes that Fox has been in every institution around,your work is true’
        Im going to keep trying ,and give out the truth as I learn it until the day I breathe my last,how can I stop? My family, my friends,and my life depends upon it!
        And with tongue in cheek here is still my recipe for the CDC and especially the Docs in recent report:

        ***Give the heads of the study at CDC your hair brush, your cap,and we jacket.
        Wear coat without washing (ignore possible fibers you might see remember they aren’t really there)
        Brush hair liberally with borrowed brush(again ignore what you see in brush)
        Wear cap every day (please ignore everything,remember its imaginary)

        We all will be donating same items plus some good GMO foods,and Non organic processed stuff.
        Wear items,eat foods liberally (you will be getting more each week)
        We will send you to your same doctors involved in this (trumped up) study:
        Even though you may now have lesions,and are seeing fibers and experiencing itching crawling and stinging..
        SIGN THE PAPERS YOU ARE DELUSIONAL, you are delusional,you are delusional…
        Now..next step go away..we want to ignore you..stop itching& crying, we want a Happy Happy Disney World Do not interrupt our fantasy…

  11. LyndainCanada said:

    I recently read in People magazine that Catherine Zeta-Jones has come forward admitting she suffers from Bi-Polar II. I was impressed with the strength it must have taken to come forward and admit to the world that she suffers from mental illness. I do not believe that morgellons sufferers primarily struggle with mental illness, however the parallel I wish to point out is that Morgellons, like mental illness, is stigmatized…

    However — someone — somewhere — with pull, money and fame — is suffering and is considering coming forward as a spokesperson for Morgellons. Joni Mitchell has come forward, but for whatever reason (quite probably very valid…) has not really come through for us…(As a Canadian myself..how I wish she would…) However… collectively we need to get the message out there: We need a spokesperson, someone who is suffering and/or knows a Morgellons sufferer/ survivor, to fight the cause. Perhaps this person is you – dear reader…

    I do believe in the power of collective thought/prayer – Take a moment now and say a prayer that someone very soon, has the moral strength and position to ‘do the right thing’ — and be the spokesperson and voice for so many of us …Yes, there IS stigma…but like Catherine Zeta-Jones (and so many others for other causes, Betty Ford etc…) I pray, we pray, that YOU come forward, for all of us soon…Can we as a community focus on getting that message out – someone will come forward…I just know it…

    • Er – yes, I’ve had this disease.
      There might be other syndromes/illnesses out there that perhaps
      should not be confused with this one…
      I can only answer for what happened to me.

      I went to several doctors when I was ill – I had sores and red dots all over my body and my mind was VERY muffled, I could not focus – in retrospect I now remember how confused and strange I felt in general.
      That’s a part of the disease.
      And yes – a test from my skin was taken and nothing was found.
      The reality was that I was seriously, VERY seriously ill.
      The doctors prescribed antipsychotics (I never took them) and
      years later I found some kind of DOP diagnosis in my journal.
      (I had to send for my journal, they didn’t have the guts to say this.)

      I have zero history of mental illness and I’m VERY well educated.
      This disease has wrecked my life (understatement) and
      yes, it is very real. I found a cure (see top of page) and that’s it.

      Would be great if someone would listen.
      My generation is obviously too spoilt and childish in general to be
      able to act when it really matters…

      • Lotte, what you found is something that worked for you.

        That is great and you should share it, but understand – many people with Morgellons develop a profound failure of their bioterrain that cannot be corrected with topical marinades.

        For most, it is a systemic problem that demands a multifaceted approach that includes detoxification, restoration of metabolic pathways and cellular energy systems, controlling inflammation, restoring immune integrity, and eliminating infections and coinfections.

        The Fry research project sounds very exciting to me because identifying and eradicating the biofilm communities that harbor these pathogens is a breakthrough that can mean the difference between stabilization and “having your life back” and permanent freedom from this bondage.

        • Torpedolynn said:

          Hey J. Burgstiner

          Do you have a link to that project. I would love to read up on it. Thank you.

          In Light Lynn

  12. ItchyInPA said:

    Amen to what Ramona said. We musn’t let the deniers write our story.

    But the extra challenge here, as I see it, is that most of those afflicted are experiencing fatigue and cognitive impairment to one degree or another. This makes it hard for us to tell our story effectively. I am–or was—a very capable freelance writer; now it takes me an hour to write am email. This could be a key reason why the spokesperson Lynda longs for has not materialized.

    I intend to write about my own experience, but I won’t do so until I’m well enough to be coherent about it. Unfortunately, people who are sleep-deprived, terrified, and disfigured aren’t taken very seriously. I learned that the hard way after half a dozen traumatic doctor appointments.

    Some of us do not have enough of a safety net (financial resources, family support, et al) to “out” ourselves as sufferers. I applaud all the brave souls who have. Many silent others are with you, so don’t back down now.

  13. Ramona,
    You are a breath of fresh air and sanity. I must admit to becoming very reactive after reading the initial article. Should know better by now not to dash off anything in that state. It never serves.

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Clearly a sane voice emerges from the darkness shrouding this phenomena.

  14. Ya’ll (We) have known it would come to this ,here it is,plain and simple.I heard the above mentioned report yesterday on my local news station ,I promise you, they were paid to report such as that.My mother tells me TV stations are politically ran.My mama smart.

  15. Yesterday I spoke to the Journalist in Calif who wrote the initial story. Believe it or not she is on the side of the people. This is what she said, “The CDC is getting ready to come out with their stance on Morgellons, the very minute I get a heads up I will call you.”
    I sent her everything and I mean everything I had in my arsenal. I gave her the Names of Doctors, Omar Amin, Dr Susan Kolb, Dr James Schaller and more. I said call them and take a statement. She was very kind and very compassionate.
    So in summation: “The CDC has given Mayo a heads up and the other nit wits who are writing this. ” On June 20th 2008 at 1200 hrs I spoke with Dr Mark Eberhardt and Dr Michelle Pearson when I was in Atlanta, Pearsons exact words were, (after she filed her nails and yawned, just kidding) “When the CDC comes out with the Findings the Morgellons Community is not going to be very happy.” My Friend Nancy was right there while I spoke to Pearson, so I have a witness to this. I met Randy Wymore there in Atlanta, with Nancy for 3 days….just hoping they would give me 1/2 hour to show them my research.
    The CDC is feeding the Media in dribs and drabs. The Study of 80 patients was totally bogus, (Did they have 2 people of same sex and close to same age as a Control Group) I highly doubt it. That is the rule of thumb for any good study….Control Groups. Did they Do a full panel of blood work….I highly doubt. They went into it to debunk it, that is called Collusion, they probally Cherry Picked also I have seen this in Studies. The sicker the patient they throw them out of the studies. I want to also know what their hypothesis was when they did this so called Study. This is Bad, Horrible Science that lacks any integrity in my honest opinion.
    Ask Dr Kolb, Michelle Person personally went to here office and she showed her parasites ect, she said…”This is Facinating”. Facinating????? my butt. I say sickening to let people suffer with no open mind and no true validation.

    • Good job Trisha! Keep the pressure and the proof on them!
      My husband died of Agent Orange exposure.
      I fought the government for years with proof,over and over.
      Paper work,facts,md records, joining with the suffering vets to gather their documentation.
      Finally the government yielded and said”oh ok, your husband died of Agent Orange. we sprayed the guys with it, they bathed in it,and, jumped in the fox holes where we had pools and pools of it”
      One of the Doctors recently said “Dealing with the CDC is like letting the wolfe in the chicken house”
      I think our research has to be ‘Clean and true” no trumped up groups of people from one area,and as you say Trish “with control groups”
      You guys, we have been around, we know who does ‘True study’ for the people.
      It will never be the ‘Names’ all over media, its going to be a quiet humble research done brilliantly,correctly,with a complete grouping of subjects studied the same way each time.
      The government has tried 2 times within the last year to take my*widows pension,imagine that? They lost because my paper work was all neat and tidy and they were the ones who signed it.
      We still win if they cannot back away from ‘proof’
      I think we need to ‘mind share’ our little pieces of ‘victory over the disease, as Trish has done,and find-what worked, like Trish’s suit, codes attained etc.(I cornered the VA and did you know they have a code in waiting for Morgellons?
      I am willing to conference in groups with anyone who has something positive they want to give to plan a more effective ‘CASE’ to the government.

    • Why is a transcript not posted on the internet?

  16. PS Mr Common Sense, do you have the Copy of the SSI lawsuit that we won in Ocala. The judge said Morgellons 3 times. So the Judge, myself, the lawyer, the patient and every one in that Room was delusional???
    I have not seen it posted and would gladly share again with you.

  17. Joe Keleher said:

    Way to go Trish! I suspect any reporter with a couple of brain cells can see the faultiness of this study.

    Not to be overly paranoid, but I suspect the CDC monitors blogging related to Morgellons. If they know our next move, they can manipulate the situation to their advantage. Please consider this, as we all move ahead. The truth will come out eventually. My opinion is the sooner, the better.

    Peace, Joe

  18. LyndainCanada said:

    Trisha – Truly a spokesperson with ‘pull, money and/or fame’ would be ideal to fight this fight – but in the meantime, however, your voice and efforts must be applauded…again…and again…Thank-you sincerely for your work!

    Today’s news release re: BT in India’s cotton and G.M. cottonseed is timely… The CDC are being bombarded with possible explanations for Morgellons. Would the CDC really be that arrogant and legally short-sighted to suggest with certainty that Morg is DOP without suggesting more study is required? I really don’t think so…(There are so many other possible ‘scapegoats’ explanations to give! If there is a coverup happening re: responsibility, there is no need for a believable explanation – Case in point: The aids and apes ‘explanation’ – Didn’t we all buy it at the time? I mean the CDC could release anything as an explanation – For example – Morgellons is a fungas brought to America by Bin Laden – that would be a good one…

  19. LyndainCanada said:

    If only closed minds came with closed mouths…

  20. No escape said:

    All Morgellons sufferers should join together and show up at the doorsteps of the CDC and perform a rally until we get some legitimate action on this. Let the press make videos of our bodies covered with oozing boils, bugs, fibers, granules, fungus, etc. Let us tell our stories to the press. Let our voices and our suffering be heard. We have a right to be heard. They don’t have the right to keep dismissing us as lunatics when we are suffering day and night 24/7. My God, people are commiting suicide over this monster. Dosen’t that say anything about the seriousness of this thing? Dosen’t that confirm that this thing is real? How many people have to die before someone believes us?

  21. LyndainCanada said:

    This is totally off topic but I thought possibly important: I wondered if anyone had comments about types of washing machines…I am buying a new (better) one – do the steam, sanitize options significantly help with the ridding of pathogen x? Also Samsung has a model that infuses
    silver ions into the water as it cleans – people have had to have their septic fields re-done because the silver would kill the ‘working bacteria ‘ in the septic tanks…Wow – my thought is – Morgellons sufferers could really benefit from such a washing feature: half the battle for me is laundry and killing pathogen x – – re-infestation from laundry is such a bummer… I am going to be purchasing this Samsung washer and dryer today and will keep posted. The bad news is that Samsung has discontinued the pair as they faced some people with environmental concerns…right now my concern is my health and my family’s health…

    • Go for the LG with steam, I bought mine on sale at HD in November. Wave Force (W) and Wave Steam (D).
      Made a huge difference! I am still fastidious re: my laundry routine.
      Vacuum the filter and wash it off with Dr. Bronner’s after each use, dry filter. Wipe down the dryer door with Clorox or generic wipes, Vacuum out the filter cavity and wipe it down as you are able to inside.
      I spray everything with enzymes and Lysol, meaning dryer and dryer parts, clothes as well after they are in the dryer.
      Dry on normal, spray again and use the steam sanitary cycle again.
      My clothes have not “bitten” me since.

      I know this sounds nutty and I apologize for that. I am willing to admit that this is what I do environmentally and it works for me. I have been paranoid about giving this to my family through the laundry. They are healthy and the mental relief for me personally has been a huge burden lifted because I don’t feel guilty anymore.
      I am much healthier as a result. I still have my whole barrage of supplements based on the Poor Man’s protocol but this is the first spring I haven’t been miserable.

      I think that these technologies were developed in advance of all these 3rd world germs/bacteria/virus/fungus thriving in this country.

      Somebody knew what was coming, same with these “studies” being leaked.
      They all live in Washington D.C. They make their money off us and have no shame.

      How else do you go to Washington with little money, make a nominal salary and retire as a millionaire 18 to 20 years later?

      Insider trading in a twisted way? Utter Sleazebags!

      • LyndainCanada said:

        Thanks for the response Lamb — Your experience seems to parallel mine re: guilt and fear for family…my family appears to be fine as well…So the steam and sanitize cycles seem worht it..I’ll give it a try and keep posted…

  22. LyndainCanada said:

    I just found time to read this News clip – IT IS VERY RELEVANT FOR ALL OF US!

    (Headline) “Jairam must take a call on Bt brinjal”
    Dinesh C. Sharma | New Delhi, January 20, 2011 | Updated 07:52 IST

    “While announcing the moratorium on bt brinjal a year ago environment minister Jairam Ramesh had said it would remain in force till independent scientific studies establish safety of its long-term use on human health and environment.”
    “No new studies have been initiated till now. But independent analysis of data submitted by Mahyco to the regulator has raised new questions. First it was Dr David Andow of University of Minnesota who had pointed holes in environment risk assessment data submitted by Mahyco. Now Dr Lou Gallagher has done the same with toxicity issues. She has pointed out that the toxicity data is full of holes, inconsistencies and conclusions that do not match raw data.”
    “Sets of ten male and female rats were fed with powder of Bt brinjal mixed with vegetable oil for 90 days (they could not have been fed baigan bharta!). This study, according to evaluation of raw data by Gallagher, revealed signs of inflammation, allergy, tissue injury, liver damage, reproductive toxicity and chronic infection and even blood cancer.”
    “Neurological functions, behavioral effects, reproductive performance and biological resilience were not even tested. Yet Mahyco concluded that Bt brinjal produced no toxicity and was safe for human consumption.”

    My response to the above news report:
    The symptoms that the rats exhibited are the same types of symptoms we are all experiencing! The CDC are supposed to be world leaders/trail blazers re: the safety of humans…Why aren’t they putting 2 and 2 together? This article from India suggests that ‘more study is required’ re: the ramifications of Bt human consumption…You would think that US would match or exceed the safety concerns of India here…If the CDC announces Morg is DOP what are our legal rights? When the truth comes out can we respond with a class action against CDC for defamation of character. (Essentially, such an announcement would suggest that we are all delusional — which is libel? – NO?) If the CDC is ‘testing the waters’ to gauge what the Morg community response will be – they need to know that there is power in numbers and that our community will not accept a response that suggests we are all delusional…such a release would be emotionally abusive. Couldn’t we band together and respond with a class action demanding fair and respectful treatment from the CDC?)

    • LyndainCanada said:

      If the CDC releases/suggests that Morg is DOP I am considering going on a hunger stike to raise awareness and to demand that a more in-depth study be undertaken. I urge all other Morg sufferers to consider the same. (I just read about a mother in Minneapolis who is doing this to protest another issue – she has made “countless TV appearances, enlisted celebrities for help etc…” The media is giving her plight excellent coverage.) We could acknowledge this would be a desperate measure but one that would match the desperation of those affected…A massive hunger strike covered by the media would get this the attention it deserves. The CDC needs to be aware that we will not just ‘lay down and die without a fight….’

  23. LyndainCanada said:

    Message for Trish:
    it seems to me that the two doctors (Dr. David Andow and Dr. Lou Gallagher)mentioned in the above article could be contacted and lend support that morg is hypertoxicity possibly related to Bt consumption:
    “First it was Dr David Andow of University of Minnesota who had pointed holes in environment risk assessment data submitted by Mahyco. Now Dr Lou Gallagher has done the same with toxicity issues. She has pointed out that the toxicity data is full of holes, inconsistencies and conclusions that do not match raw data.”

  24. Torpedolynn said:


    This link is posted at Lymebuster and I think its aweful how some of the replys at this article are mean spirited. Even if they truely believe we are delusional. Then whare is their lack of kindness for those who are ill. Makes you wonder if they like going around making fun of those of any illness. I use to say I would not wish this on anyone. Well those who are mean spirited about this. I wish they would get this horrid disease in spades.

    In Light Lynn

  25. Belinda said:

    Well, despite all the downplay from the media that this skin problem (and all the other symptoms that accompany this illness), I can see for myself that the illness is spreading.
    Last week, riding on the public bus, I happened to sit beside two women who were discussing this. One has it, the other has a grown child with it. Both were saying “the doctors don’t know what it is”, and one of these people was off to the hospital for blood tests. Blood tests, hmm.
    Two points: out of about 80,000 residents in this community, what were the odds that I would sit next to TWO people who have intimate knowledge of this illness? Probably similar to the odds of winning a lottery. That now makes a total of 5 people with this illness in this community that I am aware of. Sure, 0.0000625% is not a large number. But I suspect that it will increase.
    Also, along those thoughts is the curious conundrum of exposure. I know neither of these people, ever saw them before. These two women also did not know one another. I personally know one person who also has this (who was at my home many times before I got ill with this), and know of and have seen the fifth -observed but never spoken to. If only two of us know one another, how is this spreading? I think of commonalities: public transportation, touching/handling goods in shops, handling money, door handles and shopping trolley handles, public restrooms, and the like.
    Second point: Both women said that the doctors have told them that they do not know what this is. That means there was no dop diagnosis, or suggestion of one. I am speaking here of NHS doctors in the UK. These are doctors who dispense antibiotics without taking cultures for lab work, when a patient shows up in the surgery with a sore throat during a week when many have likewise attended doctor appointments for sore throats. Doctors who diagnose patients (over the phone) with scabies. In my experience, for UK NHS doctors to admit to two patients with the same skin symptoms that they do not know the cause of this group of symptoms is very significant.
    Perhaps the tide is turning.

    • Belinda, I too feel the disease is spreading. Especially having looked at the skin of a few people that are ‘healthy.’ Two friends not initially exposed to me both have fibers in their skin. I have examined a few other people and know that some do not have any indication of fibers.

      An acupuncturist (with Morgellons) that frequently posts on some of the forums told me she informally looked at 25-29 people with her microscope and that roughly 6 people had fibers. None have any symptoms of the disease though and would never know they were carrying this had she not looked at them. That so many people have fibers tells me this is a very widespread phenomena. The individuals looked at came from Pennsylvania, NY State and Nevada.

      How long will these people be asymptomatic I wonder? I believe Morgellons can sit in the body for a very long time without becoming full blown. One man I am in touch with had skin issues on and off for ten years before the disease fully expressed itself. He knew that something was physically wrong, but no doctor could help. It was only after taking a course of anti-fungals that his body showed the disease. How many others out there are like this man, noticing small changes to their health that come and go without diagnosis till the day comes when it blows up in their faces? Interestingly enough, some of the meds that doctors are giving patients to try and help them are causing the disease to become fully active.

      More and more I hear of doctors who say they don’t know what this is, but they believe it is real. The CDC will push this false diagnosis and many doctors will blindly accept this ruling, but many will not. Those that have half a brain in their head and have learned to recognize disease, will stand away from the DOP diagnosis. I believe the tide is already turning.

    • ahopeful said:

      Yet such is the fragmented nature of primary care in the UK, and the (currently) low incidence relative to the population, I believe its been flying under the radar for some time, and will continue to do so without some sort of central action.

  26. Belinda said:

    By the way, has anyone seen this document?


    • Thank you for this Belinda. Just to clarify these biological weapons were used by US military in the 1990’s Gulf War, but guess what the US government sold this stuff to Iraq as well as the depleted uranium weapons. check out the documentary called Beyond Treason. I am only going by the testimony of the many ill veterans of that war, check it out. I saw it recently I think at the Brasschecktv.com website if not check Spreadtheword.com or Youtube; it is most likely on all of them.

  27. Lovinmalamutes said:

    I am not surprised that these are the findings of this study. I don’t believe it is true. I know for a fact that Morgellons is real. I live with it everyday of my life and have for 5 years now. Each year it gets worse and nothing seems to help, no matter what I’ve tried. I also have 2 dogs that have it. One worse then the other.

    How could they have “DOP” ? And how could so many people suddenly come up with this “DOP” in so many different states, and countries ? I would like for those who did the study to come and stay at my house, use all my stuff like brushes, towels, bedding the works. They would know in short order that this “Morgellons” is not only real, but that it is able to live in water, air and soil with no negative impact on it. It is terrifying stuff and a nightmare to live, and to be dismissed as though we all have mental disorders is such a disheartening feeling.

    I don’t know where this stuff started from, or came from, but from what I’ve seen and dealt with I imagine it won’t be easy to eradicate. I cannot stay up on it when it comes to keeping it vacuumed up. It’s as though my carpets are growing the stuff. Even my floors without carpet are covered with this stuff. It sounds like little shards of glass being vacuumed. I know how that sounds to those who aren’t experiencing this, but it’s the honest truth.

    While trying to remove the fibers I discovered that I had what seems like glass embedded in my skin and it feels like it too. I have pulled out what looks like glass cat claws, and is extremely painful to remove. Not to mention the many sliver like pieces that are like glass thorns pricking and poking me.

    Thanks for the heads up on these latest articles.

  28. Lynda Boshcoff said:

    Morgellons as B12 deficiency? When I first had initial symptoms I went to a nutritionalist who was certain my symptoms were of B12 deficiency…when the unexplainable stuff started happening this original thought was dismissed, ( although when I was tested I was indeedEXTREMELY B12 depleted and had to start oral B12 “under the tongue”. )
    I do not have the science/medical background needed to really formulate a formal “hypothesis” re: Morgellons as B12 deficiency. We all have some protocols that seem to work however what is missing is the “prime mover” – what started this ordeal for all of us? I am wondering if lack of B12 is this “prime mover” — as lack of B12 shuts down the liver preventing its ability to detox the body properly leading to hypertoxicity/hypersensitivity overload and other freaky things… I am currently taking great doses of liquid B12 and along with MSM – I have recently had NO symptoms at all. I just read a little about how B12 deficiency on Wikipedia – it is often masked and not revealed through medical testing…Could we all be B12 deficient and not know it? God that would explain why huge amounts of detoxing and protein help us all get better…Even Joe’s theory that mercury is connected makes sense because if the liver is shut down because of
    B12 deficiency then mercury in the body (or any other pathogen) would not be able to be removed/ detoxed either. This is definitely worth investigating. I see an Infectious Disease Doctor in the next month or so and will be sharing my thoughts with him…Pernicious Anemia maybe has something to do with it…Perhaps this if the “prime mover” – something to investigate at the very least.

    • Torpedolynn said:


      Please share the details of your B-12 making you symptom free. What brand, How many milgrams. Was it with meals once a day three times a day? Same with the MSM. I take 2 a day and 1 B-12 a day. Oh mine is B-100 to many different mgs listed to put here. My MSM is 1000 mg. Just wanted to see if I need to tweek anything. Thank you.

      In Light Lynn

    • Lynda Boshcoff said:

      It seems plausible that for whatever reason our livers are not able to detox our bodies properly – resulting in our hypertoxic/hypersensitive bodies. Perhaps the liver has “shut down” because of b12 deficiency (entirely possible…) or maybe another reason – in any case, it certainly makes sense to focus on repairing our livers so that proper “detox” function can be restored. (Even before I experienced Morg-symptoms – a naturapath nutritionalist identified that my liver was not functioning properly and prescribed MILK THISTLE as a restorative — that was probably 20 years ago.) I think it is possible that we ‘Morgies’ have poorly-functioning livers and that this IS the reason why our bodies have become breeding grounds for pathogens – the analogy of a fish tank having its filter system break down is a good comparison: Our bodies (fish tanks) are unable to “filter out” pathogens and as a result have become overburdened and hypertoxic and hypersensitive to any pathogen. (Our ‘fish tanks’ have become green and slimy!) This seems inevitable if the liver is not able to detox properly. We have all been focussing on how to detox our “fish tanks” — yet if we not not fix the “filter” (our livers?) – can we really expect full recovery? God – the above just makes soooo much sense…It is certainly possible that the above IS an explanation of our ordeal…

      Shouldn’t we ALSO focus on protocols that get our livers re-functioning? (If indeed my theory IS true…) The liver has got be involved here somehow! Read up on ‘Milk Thistle’ and consider supplementing it to help regain liver functioning…I’ll start on it today and report back soon. Mr C.S. – perhaps a new post that presents my hypothesis might get some good feeback? In the meantime:

      “Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years for the treatment of liver and gallbladder disorders. Milk thistle is believed to have a hepatoprotective effect, meaning simply that it protects the liver from damage. Milk thistle’s hepatoprotective effect has been attributed to the antioxidant and free-radical scavenger properties of its flavonoid constituents, silymarin and silybin. Milk thistle is also believed to increase protein synthesis, decrease tumor-promoting activity, stabilize immunologic response, protect against cellular radiation damage and increase stability of cellular membranes. “

      • I totally agree that if our livers aren’t functioning properly, we need to try to get them functioning. It can only help! I had to kinda laugh at the fish tank analogy though. I can’t even keep a tank anymore. The stuff invades the water, clogs the filtration device, grows strange “gunk” on the gravel, and no matter how hard I tried to keep it clean, the “gunk” eventually ended up on the fish, and they died. I won’t even consider setting up another aquarium until I know more about this pollution of our bodies, homes, and environment. My Pug has this, my cat has this, and I find the same fiber in dust in the house. I just wish someone could find out what it’s going to take to clear this up. I’m so tired of it all. Especially the things that wiggle and jerk around after they have come out of your skin!! Drives me insane. (OK, maybe I shouldn’t say that. I forgot for a minute that the CDC has already determined that we all are! Insane, I mean!)

  29. Just checking in….life is full of changes and with changes comes growth. I have moved from Brooksville opened a new formulary and have a new home in Crystal River.
    My husband and I have divorced and it has been a roller coaster ride.
    I think of you all and have not been feeling too well myself lately but I can over come that obstacle.
    When I say Morgellons destroys marriages and many “friendships” I truly mean it and have now seen first hand what happens to advocates who scream too loudly.
    Could I have been a better wife and friend???? I am sure I could have been….. but it is what it is and every day brings new growth and re evaluation of me.
    It is a new day and a new life though and in this new life I am revisiting on how to more effectively have a life, do everything I need to do in order to make a good life for myself and others.
    Love and Light to everyone,

    • Peace be with you Trisha, this may sound trite, but life really does lead us down many paths; having been down a few myself and all for good reason. Sending you love and good wishes.

      • Dear Sharon,
        It does not sound trite it comes from the heart. I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. I will never give up on my patients, nor will I ever give up on the People of the Gulf.
        Everything happens for a reason and God is good. I am going to petition the National Institute for Alternative and Complimentary Medicine to do a study. I am beginning to understand that NCS could be completely different from Morgellons Syndrome.
        When I did my observation I pulled out fibers and parasites. I still have so many reporting to me and I can not let them fall by the wayside.
        Why is it that so many have parasites and people do not want to look at this. It is not a normal thing. but it is reality.
        I intend to prove this reality, So many in the Gulf Oil Spill are showing the signs and symptoms of this disease and are all PM ing me. I will keep on keeping on but in my single life.
        Love and Light,

    • Trisha, I once met a man on a road. He said, “It’s all about having fun.” Sure we all have our challenges- our greatest may be to put all of our troubles on a peg, let life unfold and enjoy it! Fun to you- Joe

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