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Mel sent me two emails the other day with comments from a few people following his protocol, the same one that helped him recover from Morgellons. If you do plan to follow Mel’s protocol do it under a doctors supervision. I have never taken MMS and cannot vouch for its safety. I also have not taken Bactrim (need a doctors prescription for Bactrim). These are comments from the forums on Mel’s site (How I Cured Morgellons).

Post 1

Mel asked me to share a little bit about myself. I guess I am one of the first to have found Mel’s site about 3 yrs ago.

I have had this for 4 1/2 yrs now. Had I listened to Mel 3 yrs ago I would probably be pretty much cured by now. But I did not know who to believe. Who was this guy and why is he trying to help strangers, what’s in it for him. This is what I thought.
I have gone through the same experience as everyone else, No need to rehash it all. Except I have not had lesions or fibers. For me it all started with a flea infestation of my dog and before I knew what was going on it had spread to my 3 cats. All my cats usually find their way into my bed during the night. By the time I found out we had fleas they were jumping on my bed. I was sleeping with them. Before I know it I am in the Twilight Zone.

I have been a health freak for 40 yrs. I was reading prevention magazine as a teen. I had been driving my family crazy complaining about additives and preservatives, etc. for decades. I studied Nutrition in college. I refused to take medications, antibiotics, etc. I was a professional dancer for many years. I was in the best of shape even at my age of 50. So why me?? Obviously, this could happen to anyone. I am sure that I contracted some bacteria or parasite or both from the fleas. As I learn more and more, I realize that it may be some new organism that is not identified or some genetically modified thing that is being covered up by the CDC. My original thought was that it was something as simple as a mite that wraps itself in skin so that the body can not detect it – this does exist. (There is a great book called ‘Big Fleas have little Fleas’ if you want to read about the beginnings of genetically modified substances.)

I tried Mel’s protocol and for the first time I started to see improvement. But I hated the MMS so much I stopped and went to Mr.C’s protocol. That seemed to work too, but there was something missing. I then took both protocols to a terrific Holistic Doctor in NY. This doctor graduated from Harvard as an MD but decided at some point that mainstream medicine was not doing the job it should be doing. He became very disillusioned with the profession and decided to look into alternative medicine.
He asked me – out of all these pills you brought me to see, what one thing would you say actually works the best. What makes you feel the best? I said to him – the MMS without a doubt. He explained to me that that means there is a parasite involved and that mms was perfectly safe to take and I should continue taking it. This was what I needed to hear from a doctor I respected so much. I went back on it.

But I again eventually started to look for answers that did not involve mms. I did this mainly to help a friend that would not take mms. I tried to find a cure for her. I went on another protocol by another alternative doc but every day I got worse and worse.
After 4.5 yrs of looking for answers, the real answer was the first one I found. The only people getting better are on Mel’s protocol. I started mms again along with my own group of supplements. It took only 3 days on very small doses to feel better than I had in months. By the 5th days I came down with the worst cold, congestion and laryngitis I ever had. But I stuck with the MMS . My illness lasted 2 weeks. I added the Bactrim back in twice a day after the first week. I am so much better now. I did not think it was possible to ever feel this good again. And my improvement was almost overnight

I will now slowly add in other supplements. I like paragone very much and it seems to help. And I probably should add in molecular silver.

At this point, I am convinced this is the only route to take to completely get rid of this. There is no other solution that works. I am not stupid enough to wait for the medical profession to find a cure. I hated doctors 40 yrs ago and I hate them even more today. It is an embarrassment today to be a doctor. They should be ashamed by their arrogance and ignorance.

Mel – where would I be without you?? On psychotic meds, dead..I can’t even imagine living like this without hope. You gave us hope to look forward to living our lives as normal as possible.

From :

Post 2

I’ve had Morgellons for over three years now. I’ve only known that it’s Morgellons for maybe a little over a year. When I first started experiencing symptoms( bites, itching, and black specks) I thought maybe my home was infested with fleas or mites. I had the exterminator spray my home top to bottom several times but it never seemed to help. My symptoms only got worse.

Then I want on to thinking that maybe it was scabies and at one point I even thought that I was losing my mind. Losing my mind would have been much easier to deal with.

One day I decided to look up my symptoms on the Internet. The first thing that came up was Mel’s site. I started reading and realized that my symptoms were the same as many people on this site.
After contacting and speaking with Mel I decided to try the protocol. I had everything but the bactrim because my Dr. was skeptical about Morgellons and thought that it could possibly be a well known parasite instead. After I showed him pictures of all the lesions on my hands( seventeen altogether) he immediately prescribed the bactrim.

Once my Dr. started believing that it was Morgellons, I brought him everything that I could print out from Mel’s site. After reading, he completely agreed with Mel’s protocol including the MMS and the Molecular Silver.
I’ve been on the Mel’s protocol for about two and a half months now and I’ve made a huge improvment. I no longer have any lesions, I have more energy than I’ve had in 3 years, the brain fog is finally clearing up, vision is clearing up, and I’m going back to work full time again. I can also spend time with my six year old daughter again( I kept a distance between us because I was afraid that she would get it).
I truly believe that I couldn’t have done this without Mel’s protocol and MMS.

In the beginning I was so afraid of MMS. After talking to Mel and my Dr., I realized that I had no other choice. I started taking doses of it just every few days and soon realized that it wouldn’t help unless I was more consistent with it. I saw the biggest improvement in my health when I started taking it every night and bathing in it once or twice a week. I still get afraid of it each time I take it but after taking it I feel so much better. Ive come to realize that MMS is nothing short of amazing and I really hope that I can help other people overcome their fear of it so that they can get better too.

Also, I would like to add that there’s no quick fix for this disease. Mel’s protocol does take time. When i realized this I thought to myself, ‘I’ve had this for 3+ years. What’s a few months?’.
If anyone would like to hear my conversation with Mel and Pat last Sunday, please go to the conference call Archives at the top of the page. Also, if anyone has any questions for me please get my cell number or email from Mel. He knows that I’ll be more than happy to help.

Mel, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You and your protocol have saved my life!

God Bless,
From :


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  1. I, too, started taking MMS a while back and truly hated it, and stopped. Months later I am realizing that MMS must be a part of my protocol.

    • MMS did not make me HORRIBLY ill, but I can say that it messed with my insides in a huge way. I did do it for 12 weeks, I honestly cannot recall that time. I am finding cat’s claw and B12, along with my other myriad of supplements. lots of minerals and organic food are getting me over the top.

      I find that I get “food hangovers” if I eat junk, dine in a restaurant or eat non organic.

      Perhaps that’s just me! Doses of methyl b12 5000 every other day… 1/2 tab , minerals,
      alkalinity stabilizers help greatly.

      I cannot say that I am cured but these are things that help me to live a more normal life.

      For that alone, I am eternally grateful to God and all of you!


      • lyndaincanada said:

        Hi Lamb, from what I can gather we are approximately at the same place in our healing…I have never taken MMS but always noticed more sensations when i did not take MSM. I have also recently starting taking larger doses of B12 and also liquid (vegetable based) iodine – I feel that these last two inclusions have dramatically sped my healing ahead — this past “moon phase” – I felt almost nothing…God what an ordeal this has been… but I believe that the worst of it is now over…some joint pain but other than that I feel 99% cured…ditto on the food hangovers — way worse with any red wine!

        • Lynda, are you speaking of MMS (sodium chlorite) or MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) or both? The first is a water purifier, later to be found to cure some water born disease according to jim Humble and his followers. MSM is a type of organic sulfur found to be beneficial for arthritis and other inflamatory disease.

        • Lynda, It took sometime but I finally got your email address though it may not be until September that you get my message. I Hopefully we will connect soon.


    • Ann there is new dosing recommendations much lower but more often. I believe it is on Jim Humbles’ web site. I have read that the feeling of illness is a result of die off or what some ND’s call a healng crisis or an Herxheimer reaction. I just ordered some, if nothing else I will use it in the bath water and for purifying our well water.

  2. re: “a seemingly good protocol” that being a dirt sourced probiotic (Body Biotics),truly good fat, that being hemp,and/ or flax (uneverythinged),word is these fats include the sun’s good energy,as well as a mushroom supplement such as cordiceps for adrenal nurishment and immune boosting properties.Let’s all try it together,I promise, from my personal experience these things seem to “help take the edge off my morgellons symtoms”.I’m including pretty much mega dosing of all of the above.

  3. hello everyone,
    just wanted to mention that while mel has an excellent protocol it is not true that the only people recovering from morgellons are taking mms. i know this for a fact because i am one of them. i am not saying you should or should not take it. no matter what you choose it does take a long time and a lot of effort. it is also important to stick with your protocol. for me, in the beginning i really had to push through more then a couple of real bad herx reactions. it is hard to realise at the time that you are actually getting better, especially when you feel worse sometimes. if you are like i was and are very ill with morgellons i believe it is helpful to understand that this thing takes time to beat down…dig in and prepare for a long steady haul. i wish there was a quick fix. do whatever you can to keep the worry and stress down and stick with your protocol, it is so worth the pay off.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well said Tina

      1) John Blue Skies recovered using all natural type products, no MMS.
      2) Jos Keleher recoverd without MMS
      3) Herehoping, a reader of this blog recovered without MMS
      4) I myself recovered without MMS, though I still have inflammation issues, no Morg symptoms at all.

      And I have received a ton of messages from those who may not be 100%, but have regained thier life back. I just felt to be fair to everyone I need to post all avenues where folks are recovering. I’m not comfortable taking MMS yet, maybe someday I’ll try it, but not now.

      • MMS is in fact a water purifier (as in drinking water) widely used in Europe that is far safer than chlorine. The lower dosages now recommended should not make you ill. Though perhaps bathing in it would be more beneficial. You should add Pamela Mae to your list as having used MMS in part of her protpcol. This is where I got the idea of bathing in it. Am I cured…no but am going to try it again. My biggest problem is still scalp issues with nematodes.

      • p.s.
        Mr. C, at one time I was a vegaterian as recommended by a health practioner as I was suffering from back and neck pain at the time. She was in fact correct as my pain diminished within days; though I found it difficult being the only veg head in the household. I am nearing that point again as meat is becoming less appealing to me. Our western meat and potatoe diets are a major cause of inflammation.

      • Hello Mr CS,

        Based upon your own experience and the common experiences of many who have “gotten their lives back”, clearly the key to successfully navigating the difficult path of Morgellons is restoring integrity to the bioterrain… which, like your Poor Man’s Protocol, is exactly what a large portion (Logos Nutritionals’ Morgellons Support Kit) of Mel’s protocol is designed to do. However, Mel’s protocol does much more than that, and for that reason, those who follow it faithfully and diligently can expect consistent results.

        The nutritional component of Mel’s protocol contains a very well balanced blend of herbs and nutrients that are designed to boost natural immunity, promote detoxification pathways, restore digestive efficiency, strengthen organ systems and revitalize cellular energy pathways. In addition, the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol targets inflammation, calcification of soft tissues and biofilm formation.

        In many ways, the Logos products form the underlying foundation of Mel’s protocol, or the “defensive component” of an overall strategy of reclaiming one’s bioterrain. Its like restoring order where chaos has reigned in terms of the body’s operations and communication systems.

        Mel’s protocol also contains “offensive components” that have a direct and sometimes dramatic impact on overall infection and coinfection levels. Silver has well known broad spectrum antimicrobial properties, and in Mel’s case, the prescription antibiotic Bactrim was deemed to be necessary in facilitating his complete recovery.

        However, Mel feels strongly that MMS was a critical factor in his victory because of the multidimensional benefits it offers. Not only does it alkalyze and oxygenate body tissues, but it is thought to help lower the burden of heavy metals in the body. Its safe antiseptic properties are well known in water quality control applications. MMS is used extensively to control unwanted bacterial overgrowth in the meat processing industry, where it has proven to be more effective and less caustic than hypochlorous acid.

        All of that being said, Mr. CS, I share your concern about the safety of MMS when it is used improperly, which is why Logos does not and will not sell it. However, it does appear to me that, when used properly, MMS is quite safe and definitely effective.

        In fact, if I thought I had Morgellons, I would absolutely use it… but not according to the “new instructions” offered by Jim Humble. In my opinion, the new directions actually cause more herxheimer reactions and may have led to a flurry of complaints that spurred the recent FDA crackdown on MMS.

        The new dosage strategy is tantamount to an “IV drip” with continual low dose exposure that eventually overwhelms the body’s detoxification pathways and results in severe reactions. Mel believes (and I agree) that the body needs time to recover when it reaches certain toxicity thresholds, and a pulsated dose affords the body an opportunity for rest… not to mention the possibility of MMS interfering with or offsetting the benefits of some of the foundational support treatments in his protocol.

        Mel’s overriding philosophy has always been “First Do No Harm”, but he does plainly state that in order to beat Morgellons, one must often be willing to feel worse before they feel better. Mel has never claimed that his way is the only way to beat Morgellons, but his protocol has worked for him and many others who have followed it faithfully… as evidenced by the many posts on his testimonial page.

    • Greetings Tina,
      I have been working on this for over three years and although its not resolved, I have it under control. Seems I am on a high wire with this condition. I would be interested in Protocol sharing.
      I haven’t gotten “my life back”. But certainly have much more hope thanks to my connecting to wonderful people on the internet who shared their knowledge and success to overcome this horrendous health issue.
      Thank you, Mshaah

      • hello,
        i am very into sharing info. can you believe how long this thing takes to beat! i am so grateful to be feeling so healthy, i am however still “gun shy”. i do still have some issues with my nose and slightly in my sinuses. it feels maybe like someone that has light to moderate allergies. in body and mind though i feel healthier than i was before all this. which of courses begs the question of how long exactly this m stuff was in me before i finally hit a critical mass of sorts. i do not feel secure as of yet to back off my medicinal herbs etc. it scares me too much to think of getting back in the ring with stuff.
        you can send me a private message at “The Redline333” on youtube. for the next month or so i am hit or miss on the internet as i have been traveling. i will soon be settled in. thank you for connecting with me. t

  4. Dawn Porter said:

    Dearest Mel,
    I see that you are helping many people with Morgellons… I’m in a great deal of pain and ostracized from medical community… Lesions are now on my face as well as all over my body! Please I can’t focus.. Is there a way to have you please contact me… By phone… 214-868-8300… I’m scared have no support at home.. Please please help me … I’m scared 😦

    It’s destroying my marriage I cannot work as I am soooo sick .. I don’t know how I can have the strength any longer to continue this torture..

    • Dawn, you can reach Mel on his web site: How I cured Morgellons. It is listed here on Mr C’s site. The right hand corner I believe, if not google it. Mel will be happy to help you and they have a great ineractive site.

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