I have to decided to start using my MPS Global FAR Infrared PAD again. I’m going to use it all the time from a distance of a few feet. I spoke with Ramona (she’s in the first video) tonight. She was very gracious to me. My last battle it seems is with pain, fibro, and Lyme Disease type symptoms. I am not a doctor, nor am I recommending everyone go out and by a heating pad, I am merely sharing information which is the purpose of this blog. If Far Infrared is not your thing please don’t be negative.

Oh and Russell, it’s good to see you again in a new Video !


Comments on: "Far Infrared Therapy – Two Videos" (4)

  1. I use far infra red everything I can get my hands on! I have a far infra red pad that I sleep on or under every night. I have a FIR hair dryer, a FIR hair straightner and I just bought a FIR BBQ made by char broil! Had an absolutely AWESOME certified organic steak the other night!!
    Light and heat therapy needs to be embraced, not feared !!!

    I go out of my way for FIR any technology! My arthritis is almost gone (damp, low barometer days are tough) They even make a FIR detoxing foot bath , it was sold out when i tried to get it.

    I believe FIR has saved me and I am 95 % better than I was!

    I still take my supplements and am starting axathansin (sp?) Will let you know how that goes..

    Do not fear the FIR!

    Good Stuff.

  2. MCS, why would you use it from a distance of a few feet? Why not on the back of your chair like you used to do?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well, I’ll do that too, but I’m going to be positioning it to cover all areas of my body throughout the day. The guys at work are going to think I’m nuts with this thing but oh well. It’s not that I’m worried about it being to close but I need to have it on my legs, arms, front side and so on …

  3. Use it in the privacy of your bedroom at night. It will not bother your spouse. Eight hrs. will do ya fine.

    I move mine every couple of hrs so it covers all of me.

    Well worth the effort.

    When I was at my worst… I could not WAIT to get to bed on my pad!

    Do Not fear the FIR! Great stuff.

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