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Delusions of delusions of parasitosis (sometimes known as DODOP or DDP) is a poorly understood but increasingly common condition, most frequently seen amongst dermatologists, although it can affect physicians of any specialty.

Sufferers of delusions of delusions of parasitosis present with a fixed conviction that a patient (and in severe cases multiple patients) are suffering from delusions of parasitosis. This belief remains firmly held by the afflicted physician, despite being presented with clear evidence of somatic pathology in his or her patient(s). Affected physicians will appear otherwise rationale and rarely display psychiatric comorbidities.

A characteristic sign of delusions of delusions of parasitosis is a refusal for the physician to conduct more than a cursory examination of patients presenting with symptoms of parasitical infestation. In the most extreme cases the physician will also refuse to engage in a professional doctor/patient dialogue.

Whilst the etiology of delusions of delusions of parasitosis remains unknown, there exist several hypotheses as to it’s origin.

One such hypothesis states that delusions of delusions of parasitosis is in fact a ‘meme’, commonly taught to vulnerable physicians in training. Once this belief takes hold, it is extremely difficult for the sufferer to free themselves of this conviction and it becomes increasingly difficult – if not impossible – for the sufferer to approach unfamiliar cases of parasitical infestation without diagnosing delusions of parasitosis.

A modern variant of this hypothesis states that delusions of delusions of parasitosis is an ‘internet disease’ – whereby physicians inadvertently reinforce each others delusions of delusions by reading about them online.

When pressed, sufferers will classically cite flawed, poorly researched and dated medical literature in an attempt to justify their beliefs. They will then go on to transfer their belief system to younger physicians who become similarly deluded. It is thought such cycles have served to perpetuate this condition amongst the medical community – where it has believed to have existed, to a greater or lesser extent, for some 75 years.

The prevalence of delusions of delusions of parasitosis is unknown, and case studies in the literature are few. Some have estimated that over 90% of dermatologists in the UK alone suffer from delusions of delusions of parasitosis. In recent years reports of delusions of delusions of parasitosis have displayed a worrying upward trend.

Treatment of delusions of delusions of parasitosis is troublesome. It is sometimes recommended that the patient attempt to strike up a ‘rapport’ with the physician, in order to gain their trust, and perhaps open their mind to the possibility of explanations other than delusions in patients presenting with symptoms of unfamiliar parasitical-like infestation. However this approach is difficult and is thought to have a fairly low success rate. The physician’s delusions of delusions are frequently firm and will remain in place despite the most striking and rationale evidence to the contrary.

If directly confronted, afflicted physicians may even respond by accusing the patient of suffering from delusions of delusions of delusions of parasitosis, although evidence for this advanced phenomena is beyond the scope of this review and will not be discussed here.

In any case, no randomized controlled trials into the treatment of delusions of delusions of parasitosis have been conducted, and currently it is recommended that it be managed on a case by basis.

Strategies to overcome delusions of delusions of parasitosis in the medical community have been proposed. One such strategy is for patients to apply continued pressure on government bodies to properly investigate increasing reports of parasitical-like conditions in their populations. It is hoped that this approach, whilst by no means a ‘quick fix’, will yield a gradual improvement, and – it is at least hoped – bring some relief to the thousands of physicians currently believed to be suffering from this debilitating illness.


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  1. ahopeful said:

    Thanks for the re-post MCS, thought this might appeal to you 😉
    I hope we find a cure for DDOP soon… maybe then we can start to make some progress with morgellons too. Keep up the great blog too. Regards from London.

  2. Very true!!!

  3. Yes indeed, and well written!

  4. I love it !
    Thanks Mr C for posting.

    Pamela mae

  5. Hah!!! What a dilemma – physcian heal thyself. If they could get their head (and ideals) transplanted from their “nether regions” maybe ‘they’ could enter into the ‘real world’ of sufferers, patients and prospective patients and listen to those who know. It is so sad to think that so called intelligent people have lost their brain and ability to rationale for themselves and blindly follow the ignorant teachers.
    God help us, cos if we depend on the general medical fraternity to do what they are supposed to do (which is to heal us) then we are all doomed, doomed I say. Keep up the good work of the dedicated, afflicted and afflicted by nothing people who are trying to save us all.
    Why would an intelligent person look at a sufferer and say “it is all is your mind, there is nothing wrong with ou”

  6. Joe Keleher said:

    This would make a great public service poster!

  7. It was suggested to me sometime back that I drink as much aloe vera juice as I could stand in a day…saw a display of Fruit of the Earth brand whilst “getting the heck out of Dodge”(Walmart)…simply looked appealing, bought a jug and drank three 8oz glasses in about two hours, don’t think it’s by happenstance I’m peeing black flecks.I’m sharing this information w/ my loved ones as well, that sadly have morgellons same as myself.Word up…aloe vera juice is said to be very alkalizing.

  8. Cracked me up, great article…

    …but I’ll ‘see’ your DODOP, and raise you a new & improved Altschuler-type study.

    For example, many derm-researchers are now openly blaming D. Folliculorum (microscopic mite) for several Rosacea symptoms, a direct “tiny bug = big disease” connection.

    My take at this time, since doctors are ignoring us: Find the bugs. Present the bugs. Repeat.

    THEN political/medical pressure gets stronger, faster… but not before. You seem to have the platform & skills to generate some interest in organizing for this approach.

  9. One of my physicians actually threatened to call the police!

    Now, that’s fear for you. Ha, ha!!

    (Stupid ******** bastards.)

  10. wonderful words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maggie

  11. LOL..loved this and see that this newly upcoming disease is spreading and contagious! Hey, considering what we have all been through, at least we can still maintain a good sense of humor. 🙂

    And btw…is it true that the CDC sent out a letter to all dermatologists within the last year, that to take notice: that they would be seeing an increase in DOP patients…? I would like to think this is not true, but from the way some of these doctors act, it would seem more than likely than not…wish I knew a dermatologist personally, to ask if such a public announcement was actually circulated. If this was true, then this would have contributed to the spread of this DDOP disease even further…

    Agreed–we need to make a public announcement poster of DDOP to increase awareness and hopefully lower infection rates!

  12. I am so disgusted with this whole thing. I don’t know what to do. I how ave suffered from this godfrsaken disease for 4 yrs. now. I have lost my income, my children and my partner all due to morgellons, even my dog has it. somedays I just want to end it all, but there is my two children 10 and 12 to think about. they are with their dad who will not even let me see them after I raised them for the la st 6 yrs. without him even when we were married I was the one there, not him. Now all of a sudden they are ripped out of my house and I can’t even see them, cuz I’m sick. When will this maddness end?!

  13. I love,love,love your music while I,m reading your blog. the DDOP is a stitch. I appreciate your positive attitude and you don’t scare me to death. I am just now investigating all this as I’ve been with something for 2 years. and I’m ready to shoot myself when I read some of the depressing. My son has been infected with something for qbout 7 yeaars and he shared his Christmas present was a huge white eel shaped thing with a barbed tail as long as body??? Since the greatgrandmother came out his skin has remarkably cleared

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