Okay, I have kind of a warped sense of humor, so forgive me, by the way, stop it after the 1st song, while I did set the start time of this video you cannot set the stop times.


Comments on: "CDC Releases Findings – Hires Axl Rose to Deliver Report" (6)

  1. ahahahhahahahaa. ha!
    mr. c.s. you suck!
    ok that was some good medicine. best i have had in a while. thanks for that!

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

  3. Hey Mundane, I wish someone with the means would draft a new Petition that would include the General Public to sign as well, over the year’s being at many pro boards every single day new people would join our ranks, so this Disease is a Public Safety Issue as well, I feel the new petition would be sign by Morgellons infected people & the General Public for a comprehensive study & program by the C D C, if this Disease is not dealt with the healthy Public will join us, this is just a fact. The Petition could be placed at all the Pro Boards, Independent site’s & have a downloadable Petition with photo’s & information so anyone could take it to the Public drawing larger numbers in order to push the Government to act!!! people could take this material with a lawn chair, sit at City Hall, Collage’s, supper markets & so on to collect signatures & send the to the M .R.F. to register them.

  4. Mr C! You funny!
    Actually I think my sense of humor is right in line with yours.
    But what this means then since Axle gave us ‘The Word’ is that Joel the reporter
    has to be on my Blog talk.(his interview was based on…..hold your breath-findings from
    the CDC) go figure.
    He said as soon as CDC gives the report on their findings he would appear on an
    unedited Blog talk with me, hmmmmmm.
    Think he’s mine.Cwaaazzyyy Ayayyyyy.. nuthens buggen yah yo yah..
    Big Hug Mr C! Times are changing..all is well! God is in the house.
    Pamela Mae

  5. velvethammer said:

    Mr. C- Absolutely THEEEE best comeback and explanation of the work of the CDC that I could ever enjoy so much! I played it over and over! It’s perfect, never been a fan of G&R, but my kids were, secretly, ha! I am now a fan of at least that one song! I have not red the report by CDC, considering their first finding, I can just guess. So, now “we are all CRAZY?” I sent this to my Psych., he has a sense of humor. I agree with Doc Holliday in a sense, but I think we should make an all out effort of the social media. If President’s can get elected through it, maybe Morg can get some attention. I agree the “healthy public” should realize that they are vulnerable. Have you ever seen so many ads on TV for ‘Itching relief” and for “bed bud” protection? Makes one ponder…..

  6. Is anyone here from Texas? Perhaps Ron Paul being a Doctor could at least find what journal it was to be published in. It has been months since the “study” was complete.

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