I was driving home the other night and and heard this song on the radio. It’s by a girl who’s only 21 years old, her name is Adele. Don’t let her speaking voice fool you, when she sings she’ll break you in half. Believe me, this is worth listening too …


Comments on: "Nevermind I’ll find someone like you" (4)

  1. I give her a thumbs up!

  2. Amazing voice. It looks like she comes from a musical family. Did you see the 2 gold grammies on the shelf?

  3. She’s one of my favorites and that song gets me in the gut. I like this version too.

  4. Nice. The words mean so much.
    Thank you for sharing a part of your soul& spirit.
    We writers know something, it is that we can write on paper often what cannot be verbalized. We know that ‘what’ we write can(if we let it) touch our souls
    and our writings reach (often) where spoken words cannot.
    Writing Frees the soul and, ‘can be’ a spiritual communion between yourself,your creator,and to those you want to ‘really’ know you.
    If we write it, then pray over it, ‘IT is given life and Gods heart touches ours,what is written,and the hearts of those we open up to.
    Keep writing and sharing ,your words have been given life upon these pages.
    Bless you My Brother- Mr C.

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