I thought you might find this interesting. These are the stats for my blog from start to end. The average is around 10,000 hits per month. September is low because we’re early in the month. I wonder how many lurkers are out there who read but never post? I think quite a few based on the stats.


These are the search terms that people used that lead them to this blog. Collembola is searched for a lot. These are the top search terms for the past 30 days.


Anyway, just though you might be able to glean some information about what the community is like here.


Comments on: "Mundane Approach Statistics and Information" (6)

  1. A lot of people are sick with Morgellons and don’t know what it is. I often wonder how many people in these scabies, mites, bedbugs, collembola, and lice forums are actually really suffering from Morgellons (or actually started off with infestation, that developed into Morgellons).

    What would be interesting to me is to know if these are the same 10,000 people returning month after month to mine the articles you’ve written, or if a fair amount of them are newbies in search for “What is biting?”

    You’ve been getting these kind of stats for awhile, so that could be an insane amount of people who have it.

    Be good if there was a little button on the posts that people could check if they wanted to let you know they were a first time viewer of your site.

    • I stop in just to learn more. I don’t copy and reproduce the info., although I may bring it up and give the link. Heck, I stop all over to try and learn more about this hideous “thing”. How else does a person learn. Isn’t the internet somewhat for research?

      I may not always say something but it is because I don’t believe in saying just anything just for the sake of being credited for contributing. If I have nothing of impirtance to add, I believe it is my responsibility not to waste your space here. However, I could more often give words of thanks and praise for what you do. For not doing that I am deeply sorry. You have a site that helps others to understand something which is near incomprehensible and it is goin on with thweir own bodies.

      I do not consider myself a lurker or miner of info. I am very appreciative of the info and treat it with respects in regards to its’ righful owner. I think your hits per month show that you are a trusted site. Obviously ppl come back to read more of what they consider to be credible info. or they wouldn’t return. I think you should find pride in this; to have so many trust your site.
      condider to be credible information consider as credible.

      • I forgot to proof read my reply so please disregard my typos. Since I have obtained a new laptop I find the keyboard is a bit more to the right. So my fingers sometimes hit the wrong keys.

  2. It was only a short couple of years ago when I was asking “What’s a blog?” I’ve been reading The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott (primarily to better understand how to promote my fiction); he compares the internet to a city and blogs like someone stepping up on a soapbox. If you are providing information people are seeking, you’ll get plenty of readers. The quality of information you’ve shared is outstanding! Keep up the excellent efforts!

  3. Hopefully some of the lurkers are responsible professional health care providers wanting to help their patients.

  4. I would like to announce a Radio Blog Show that is going to come about on Sept. 16th, 2011. It is about a new patented product that many are using for Morgellons. Mind you, this is not my product and I have no monetary interest in telling you about this.

    My reason to tell you is that I have been using the product myself and can attest that it is a great help. If you listen to the show you will learn much. The product itself is made of 4 enzymes. The maker of the products called F-5 and F-6 will be on the show to answer Pamela Crane’s questions as well as testimonials being on. I am not advertising, I an only giving information of what is happening in the world of Morgellons. You can go to this site to learn more about the Show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/morgellons/
    9/16/11 5:30PM

    Host: Morgellons Fo…

    Category: Health
    Our Second Segment will be Hosting Gordon Stamp, from Big Island Skin Care. Gordon has produced a skin care product known as F5 on the internet Media. Gordon will be sharing and a … more
    Tags: morgellons big island ski…

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