This just aired for the first time I believe last night on the History Channel. Ancient Aliens season 3 episode 7 Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics


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  1. i saw a strange mist in my room. i thought i was hallucinating. it looked like a small cloud of smoke from a cigarette. then a few minutes later i felt a burning pain in my arm. i looked down and there were things that looked like glass needles trying to get into the skin of my forearm!

    • dear scared,
      by chance do you live anywhere near a waste/sewage treatment plant? i just read a blog about a man that got it from working at one in Texas and caught it there. He worked with manmade nanochemicals that create a free floating mist/fog to eat oil/sludge but that free floated in the air without precautions. I live a mile across the water from a huge sewage plant and walked outside this Aug 2011 to what felt like an attack by electric needles and now have morgellons. Just a thought…

      • I lived within blocks of a sewage treatment plant and it was “dismantled” around the onset of my illness. I often wondered about the possible connection. To no avail though; I could never prove it or get any ino regarding the whole “treatment process”

  2. Fun and interesting to watch. Thanks. I really have a problem with the idea of intentional seeding of pathogens by aliens from other planets who, oddly, would have evolved elsewhere to look just like us. And for all the trouble they supposedly went to, they miserably failed, as our population is huger than ever. But this video does demonstrate that comets and asteroids can carry stowaway lifeforms. Hey, I think I’ve been sick ever since Haley’s!

  3. Cliff Mickelson said:

    It was certainly a pleasure to work with the fine folks from Prometheus productions on this episode. These journalists deserve a lot of credit for a professional and unbiased presentation. It was refreshing to see a national program treat the subject of Morgellons and Morgellon sufferers with the respect and credibility that is deserved.

    A special thanks, once again, to the fine team over at the History Channel.

  4. Implying that this disease comes from outerspace would certainly take the heat off of those that created it right here on earth. Where do they get the figures of 12,000 sufferers? How old was this show anyway? This site alone is averaging 10,000 hits a month. They should have stressed how more research needs to be done. They should have exposed the fact that the CDC will not tell us the results of the study paid by tax payers or even what journal will be publishing the results. It should have exposed that this disease is more than fibers and sores but systemic. Did they look at any of the research that has been done showing that 92% studied tested positive for serum chlamydia pneumonia and many others lyme, babesia and bartonella disease ? Oh yes, don’t forget mycoplasma. These were created in labs right here on earth. I do not believe this did anything for our plight.

  5. I’m disappointed. Shouldn’t the history channel be focusing on the history of The Morgellons such as presented by Kellett ? Why do put so much into this alien bacteria stuff? Why not list all of the possibilities?(…including toxicity!) I think the symptoms are scary enough without implying the best explanation is alien lifeforms.

  6. I am with Joe too.

  7. I’m sure there’s a number of new diseases out there.
    We can’t call all of them “Morgellons”.
    To ramble on about “outer space”-theories only adds
    to the DOP or “madness” diagnosis/idea.
    I had exactly the sort of lesions/sores you see on the pictures.
    I was ill for over seven years before I found a cure (Kleen Free/enzymes).
    This disease is very much from earth.
    It’s from the deserts in the Middle East and is carried by an insect-
    a springtail/collembola that likes dirt/soil and moldy places.
    The insect carries parasites (small worms) and mold.
    This invades the human tissue.
    I guess the mold can be green/blue as well.
    I got rid of the mold early via Tetralysal (often used to cure acne).
    After marinating my body several times w. Kleen Free,
    the parasites surfaced. (You don’t see them until they’re dead.)
    Then I had to pluck them all out.
    It took A LONG time and was very painful.
    However, this disease IS real.
    I can’t believe that scientist still are so clueless.
    Is it because they want more money to do “research”?
    Probably. Most certainly.
    They want to add to the “mystery” as much as they can.
    And meanwhile people out there are still suffering…

    BTW – check out The Bible.
    King Herod had Morgellons for more than 30 years.
    All the symptoms are there. All of them.
    (Including brainfog and paranoia.)
    And as we all know – this guy was a builder – in other words,
    he came in contact w. dirt/soil out there in the desert.
    Hence – Morgellons….
    Gee – why won’t anyone listen to me? Oh well.

    • Lotte, Read Judith’s book. This is more than a skin disease. That is great that Kleen Free and a liver cleanse worked for you. Judith is a certified ND that knows about cleansing and detox. Kleen Free is not going to do anything for the fungus and now cancer she has growing in her lungs!

      • Of course I’ve read Judith Knilans book.
        She had/has exactly the same thing.
        That’s what the disease looks like.
        (There are pictures in her book.)
        I got a prescription for something
        to cure acne (!) in 2003 (when I was 39,
        ha, ha! And I never had pimples/acne
        at all before that. My skin was always perfect.)
        By accident this took care of the fungus part
        of the disease.
        (I had some kind of fungus around my nose
        at the time. Grose – huh?) The medicin for this
        was Tetralysal. It didn’t kill the parasites in
        the tissue, though.
        The enzymes in Kleen Free does that.
        This is not a skin disease.
        This is parasites invading the human tissue.
        And you get it from an insectbite. Okey?
        I’m getting really tired of all the confusion. Really.
        This is a VERY serious disease.
        It’s to say the least appauling that the CDC etc
        only reacts when a disease kills people after a few days.
        It takes a few years for this disease to spread/get serious.
        So – the CDC/”scientists” can in the meanwhile
        apply for lots of money to do “research”. Bastards.
        Is Judy Knilans still alive?
        Has anyone heard from her lately?
        Please let me know.

  8. 50PercentCuredButStillTraumatized said:

    I can’t bear to watch this video, b/c I know that getting angry for the zillionth time won’t do anything for my healing. There is nothing outer-space or hocus pocus about this disease–it was created (unintentionally, let’s hope) right here on Earth. And if the military doesn’t have something to do with it, why do THEY have the data, and why are they sitting on it? Like Sharon says, this kind of crap just takes the onus off those who are responsible.

    • The reason why the miltary is involved is because
      a large procentage of those suffering from Morgellons
      are ex-soldiers. And I guess they want to avoid panic
      or something…

  9. Mr C, What say you about this “professional” peice of work?

  10. What about ingesting proteolytic enzymes to possibly do on the inside what the kleen free seemed to do on the outside,(Lotte”s skin)…we might want to proceed w/caution re: the above mentioned, in that I read the proteolytic enzymes break down freindly flora biofilm the same as it does bad bacterial biofilm…makes sense.

  11. As ya’ll can see,I’m hitting these keyboard keys in the dark and I apparently don’t know them by heart…but the intent is good. I’m back on the NAC and I’m peeing “funny littles”

  12. I can’t find this anywhere on the site Mundane, so I’ll post it her if you would like to move it to a better area thank you, it interviews the maker of a new & promising product call ins to ask question directly to the maker. Sincerely: Doc Holliday

  13. I’ve just signed up for twitter and, honestly, I’m still trying to figure it all out. I am following the CDC though and thought people might want to send messages asking when and where the CDCs report on Morgellons will be released. I’ve sent a couple already and wonder if they will respond….maybe numbers could force the issue? Since they are having a live session tomorrow with a “disease detective”, I feel it is a good time to ask.

    Their message:
    Wondering how CDC stops outbreaks? Ask a disease detective. Live chat 9/16, 2pm EDT. Send your questions @CDCgov.

  14. i am so agreeing with you Joe,
    hmmm … Sharon suggested it,,,,,, I’m telling ….. I am going to get Trisha
    You, Joe man are radical, in a very good way….
    I’ll be Back…oh – guess that’s not so popular…
    Going to find Trisha ..with
    I asked Trish,et us see if we can’t make this interesting, lets go get those $%&*$()&*%#$@^

    Pamela Mae

  15. I am in I have photos, a winning lawsuit for SSI, I have dates and I never delete an email. I would be honored to help you rock their world. Just been waiting to do this for about 6 years.

  16. Emails of the CDC principal investigators the woman that said she never met dr KOLB who lied. Michelle Pearsons Boss Man who said no one has parasites


  17. Judith Knilans is very much alive. She has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer recently.
    She is a fighter so keep her in your prayers.

  18. You go Girl!!!

  19. I’m going to tweet or twitter, or whatever the verb may be, once again. I’ve passed the word on through my blog. If we jump in and do this, we could clog the tweets by 2pm and force the issue.

  20. Joe I do not know how to tweet ot twitter have tried gave up. But we do want Trisha Springstead to get through.

  21. Sharon, As I understand it, you need to be a follower of CDCgov on twitter (I am on there under jwkeleher). You can click on their messages and respond to them. As for the live session, I’m not certain how that goes (will it be audio? Text?). Give it another try, if I can figure it out I think anyone can.

  22. To tweet questions on Monday, you need to put #CDCcontagion somewhere in the message. I’ll try again and again.

    The #CDCcontagion Twitter chat continues on Monday, September 19th at 2PM with CDC EIS officers. #Contagion

  23. Thanks Joe for letting us know about this.Chat 2pm pacific?? central??
    I am going to do my best to be there…

    you go Trish!!!

  24. Eastern time. The best way to make a dent in their armor is via numbers. The way I see the twitter conversation is they can pick and choose questions to respond to. If enough got on to request the where and when of their Morgellons study at least a pattern of avoidance would be documented. They have my tweets from the last session, so they may have a canned answer prepared? It amazes me we are paying for these people’s salaries!

  25. This whole alien and space thing seems to be part of a spin, even the CDC is using it featuring Contagion, before that they featured Zombies. Click this link for a very interesting reason this is all happening:

  26. Amazes me as well ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

    I will be there╰ ☆ ╮ ..lets give it a shot.

    2Pm Eastern….adjusting for Pacific..
    WILL look FOR yer tweets ツ

  27. his just this morgellons has just made me crazy the docter dont know nothing . i afrade this is going to be pased on to others dont realy care right now whar it came from it Just needs to go away . it is exstream . and beleav it has traveld to my lungs.. my hair has been strangeld and broken off .. and whats next my toung has been sore 4 around 3 years now … im so glad to have found some one out there .. that makes me feel not so alone … cause t

  28. his just this morgellons has just made me crazy the docter dont know nothing . i afrade this is going to be pased on to others dont realy care right now whar it came from it Just needs to go away . it is exstream . and beleav it has traveld to my lungs.. my hair has been strangeld and broken off .. and whats next my toung has been sore 4 around 3 years now … im so glad to have found some one out there .. that makes me feel not so alone … In this crazzyness thank u 4 to who ever put this chat togeather .. and bless us all in what ever lies ahead 4 this morgellons stuff ..home some one will help soon and no help at all with CDC Thy r a joke.. i could go on and on like most of us out there with this .we know alot about it been using teetree shampoo with a scalp neam cream rince and salt and salfer .. coming with a lice come seams to help . and coming bleach threw hair everyother day spraying the toilet several times aday .. cant seam to find that old lickwid lysal .. That kills 100 things Help

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