The Bridge Master and His Son

The above is a YouTube video of the famous story about “John Griffith, the Bridge Operator“. I’ve always liked the story, and you can read it by clicking the link in this sentence. However, I feel it important to post something in case you don’t read the story (but I do recommend that you read it).

Even now as I retell this story, I’m moved by emotion. For this is but a faint glimpse of what the Father did in sacrificing his Son to atone for the sins of the world. Unlike the Memphis Express, however, an express that caught John Griffith by surprise, God in His great love and according to His sovereign will and purpose, determined to sacrifice his Son so that we might live. Not only so, but the consummate love of Christ is demonstrated in that He was not accidentally caught as was John’s son. Rather, He willingly sacrificed his life for the sins of mankind.


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  1. Janet Davis said:

    I heard the story several years ago. It knocked my socks off! It puts the gift of Jesus Christ right in our hands; so we can “see” it from our humble human hearts. If I had to sacrifice the life of one of my four children to save one other life, I could not do it. I have 4 children-all married, and I have 10 grandchildren-one in heaven from Leukemia (she was 2 yrs,1mo when the angels came to get her). I am selfish, I do not want to loose any more of my family. I know the pain of loosing a g’child, the pain of not being able to help MY child’s child. Double pain, for my beautiful auburn haired little angel, and the pain I feel for my daughter who is in pain from loosing her first child. How does a loving Father-Daddy knowingly, willingly give his only son for the likes of a sinner like me? Unfathomable! But the story makes me shake and weep for the pain God had to feel. It also makes me shake and weep when I see crowds of people and wonder if they know my Jesus…thanks for this story, Mr. C! I needed to be reminded.

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