Even though you might not understand the language this report seems pretty involved. Also, I know it was made very recently as it borrows footage from the History Channel special. This first video is part two, I have it so it starts during the doctor examination, but the full video’s are shown below.

Here is the two part series:

Part One

Part two


Comments on: "Another In-Depth Television Expose on Morgellons" (5)

  1. Is there a translator in the house?

    Did anyone catch the powder she put on her arm in the first part that caused the fibers to emerge?

    I was surprised to see Morgellons on the medical report. At least they acknowledge it.

  2. It is interesting to see how different the media is between countries. Currently our own media appears to be downplaying the Occupy demonstrations (with right, left and everything in between it is democracy at its best). I wonder how long a large group of Morgellons sufferers and supporters would have to camp out at the CDC to get them to release their findings? And would the media cover it?

  3. Patrick Van Niekerk said:

    Hi Folks,
    I just came across a comment that referenced an article about Dictyostelium…..
    Has anyone heard of this? Is there perhaps a commentator who would have more medical knowledge who can comment on this? It sound remarkably to me (as a layperson) like something that could either be Morgellons or a contributing factor.
    One reads quite a few of the Morgellons “buzzwords” in this article. Here is the link:


    Patrick Van Niekerk

  4. Patrick Van Niekerk said:

    It is easy to make the fibres emerge. I use a hand sanitizer, which is simply 91% pure alcohol in a gelled base. I apply it to a lesion and then rub my finger in a circular motion around and over the lesion. In about 30 seconds or so they start coming out, sometimes by the hundreds. Hope this helps

  5. Hey guys. I feel for everyone who suffers from this modern-day pre-plague. Although I do not have the sores and fibers coming from my skin, I have been observing samples from my body, my parrots, and my environment under a microscope and I’m seeing exactly the same thing as Morgellons sufferers. I pray with you that society wakes up soon and starts to give this horrible thing the attention it properly deserves.

    Unfortunately, I am also observing other things that I have not yet seen documented anywhere. For example, I found a thread on my lap several months ago that was unlike any material I was around or wearing. So I tested it with a simple solution of Borax, raw organic cider vinegar, Epsom salts, and H2O. My jaw hit the floor when it started animating like a snake! I was being bitten by something all over my abdomen and arms so I went to a dermatologist and brought the thread with me. He let me test it for him and it did the same thing. He was floored with amazement yet still dismissed me with Delusional Parasitosis. Very common misdiagnosis used when a doc doesn’t know what else to do. Anyway, I took the thread home and shot the following video: http://www.youtube.com/user/BuggysBeGone?blend=7&ob=5#p/u/12/WTehWWtIckg Same thing!

    The other thing I’m observing is this “lint” in my home that somehow knows how to float intelligently. I’ve seen it hang out in mid air while a fan was blowing. I’ve never suffered from delusions or hallucinations, which certainly makes sense as the first conclusion when considering something as radical as this, but I assure you it is real. I’ve had friends over that say they can see/feel it here too. That alone was enough proof to confirm I’m not losing my mind and making this craziness up.

    Anyway, I’ve shot hundreds of pics and videos through a microscope over the last 8 months and now I’m combing through them and posting them on YouTube.

    If anyone knows a technician or student who has access to an electron or universal microscope and would like to look at this “thread” up close, I’d be glad to bring it or mail other samples. Morgellons is worldwide and I’m certain there is a country out there who will make a significant discovery soon. There is a research company in England called The Sanger Institute. Perhaps they will lead the way if the US doesn’t wake up soon, open our minds, and start using the technology/talent we have at home.

    I have faith we will get to the bottom of this.


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