We know you all have been asking ‘Which tests work for Lyme disease?’ and ‘Does it do any good for a Morgellons patient to be tested?’ Don’t miss this segment! One of the most skilled interpreters of Organic testing for this era will be speaking.

nancy OCTOBER 14, 20114:00PM Pacific
5:00PM Mountain
6:00PM Central
7:00PM EasternClick HERE on the 14th to listen to the show

Nancy Guberti

Call to ask Questions
(661) 621-7550

Nancy will be speaking and sharing what she has seen in her over 20 years of practice in Treating Autism, Lyme Disease, and Morgellons. Nancy’s practice is based on Lab tests for Biological Treatments for Autism, PDD, ADHD, IBS, GI Disorders, Allergies and chronic diseases.

We all have slightly different ideas of what good medicine is, but we all agree it should be based in good sound science. Just because someone speaks the words ‘this is good sound science‘ does not make it so. It must be tested.


Sponsored and Hosted by Pamela of Morgellons Focus On Health …

Click ==> HERE on the 14th to listen to the show


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