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  1. BTW looking forward to what you have planned.

    • Ya know, it might just not turn out “peaceful.” It is our goal but enough of us being, sorry, whimps. The CDC is not being “peaceful.” They are torturing us! I feel strongly that we follow the plan with peaceful attempts. But we stop at nothing but the truth and what we deserve as human beings. We stop at nothing! Enough of living worse than an animal. I will fight for my life and to prevent this in the lives of others.

    • maria vanderpool said:

      I have a couple of hookups in the movie industry and I’m currently writing a screenplay about Morgellons. I want to get millions of people into the theaters to watch the movie. I’ve got the log line like this…”The movie you are about to see is about a disease that is unrecognized by our medical professionals, and ignored by our government. It is a true story, about real people with a real disease that is so horrific, so terrifying, so deadly, that it will leave you speechless if not insane.”
      I want to tell all the nasty little secrets about GMO foods. I want to open the public’s eye’s. If you have input for this, please respond and we can write it in.
      Also, Ammonia and epsom salt baths in hot water give immediate relief, and helps heal the sores fast too, Not a cure but close.

      • Torpedolynn said:

        Hi Maria V.

        I think you have a great idea and hope you great success. If you come to road blocks sometimes I am good at figuring another way.

        Hey Mr. C.

        I am in for anything I can do.

        In Light Lynn/TorpedoLynn

      • barb miller said:

        i read about the monsanto genetically modified seeds. you might check that. bees don’t know the difference and could be infesting food plants. was a bit creepy to think about. also, the bees are dying. is it because they’re getting viruses, etc that have been spliced into food genes? just a couple of things i’ve been thinking about.

        • Yes many of us strongly believe that this is GMO related. Even the spraying that they do now is done by GM organisms perhaps fungus. Has anyone noticed extraordinary spider web like stuff hanging from trees or around there property. i beleive this is a delivery device for spraying.

          • barb miller said:

            my friend has it all over the yard. she sprays it with vinegar water and it seems to help. she finds things that help, but then a few days later, it doesn’t work any more. it’s like whatever it is can adapt. i told her to not use things on a regular basis – no routine. use several things randomly. what’s causing her the most trouble now is her eyes. you can’t pour vinegar in your eyes, and i can’t think of anything acidic that wouldn’t burn like fire and possibly cause irreversible damage. she’s worred she’s going to go blind. anybody got any ideas? she’s putting a tablespoon of vinegar in the dogs’ water, and it seemed to help for a while, but they’re losing the battle. i’m in texas and she’s in california, so there’s a limit to how much i can do for her. she’s spent all her money on doctors so is broke. i wish i had more money and could help at least buy immune boosters like acai berry, magneseum, and d3 pills. i’m looking for a job so i can help her with that.i sell on ebay now, but ebay isn’t as lucrative as it used to be. we’re getting a 3% increase on our social security next year i hear, but they’ll go up 20% on medicare premiums like they always do. 🙂 she can’t get disability bec no doctor will help her, and they want her to sell her car. try getting to a doctor without transportation. bah humbug!!!

            • Robin Laws said:

              Let her know there’s 2 people I know of barb, who have gotten disability DUE TO MORGELLONS! Just tell her not to give up and not let Soc Security discourage her, cuz it CAN be done!

            • Trisha Springstead, RN of ESP Botanicals has documentation of a precident case was won in Flordia. Trisha has worked tirelessly as an advocate and would proably be happy to help.

        • Janice Barket said:

          The recently proven facts about why the Bees are dying is definitely the corn raised by our farmers. The most recent article I read said this, “Scientists have predicted when the Bees will be all gone and how long after humans will follow.” It is the GMO corn, sprays, and all the rest in it. The issue that took so long to prove it was the Bees died in the winter. Well, according to research the Bees carried the pollen back to the hive and then the hive died over winter. Morgellons is not the only serious problem we have as you can see. Can we live without food? Bees keep us alive without them we are doomed. surely our government knows this already. However they keep approving more GMO crops as fast as the crops can prove how much GMO’s are failing us all and worse.

      • Torpedolynn said:

        Hi Maria Vanderpool
        We are slowly trying to piece together adds or flyers to hand out depicting Morgellons and someone half heartily said something and I took the ball and ran. It may be a very good idea. In your movie could it fallow a certain action. Like take three people that put out high amounts of things out of skin with some supporting Dr.s, nurses, or scientist to verify what is happening. Go to a science fair or Dr.s convention for the day with recording the whole thing. On a big screen what the stuff that is put out of the skin for the whole day. Also have a big chart of the symptom list. Each point of each symptoms the names of those and the date of those that people came down with that symptom. At the bottom of the chart when they actually learned of Morgellons on the net. May help dispel the belief it was all learned from the internet. Have a chart for those animals that have this and a chart for those who have had surgery and the body part was full of fibers. Symptom list may prove its not a skin disease

    • this is a rough draft but we all need to come together, will some one Help refine & help get this started, we need numbers, being at 5 different sites for the last almost 6 year’s more & more Father’s, Mother’s come to these sites frantic about their plight & their Children’s, & all the young people that walk trough the doors of all these site’s also, will you help!!!, I feel we do need a new Petition including the General Public, it is a fact that if nothing is done the general Public will become infected some ime in the future, all of the time I spent on 5 different ProBoars more people came through the doors of these site’s every single day, we need to draw up a new petition with the right language to people educate the General Public their Family’s are at risk, with with said we need to draw uo this new petition to involve all that is at risk contracting this Disease & include them in the language of this new Petition, this could be posted at the M.R.F. , the Charles Holman foundation and all the Probodes, Morgellons Disease site’s with downloadable capability not only for thr Petition, but for information & photo’s to help educate the Public so they can understand their at risk aslo & get them motivated for the cause, people could download all this grab a lawn chair & table to bring this to the people at City Hall, the Supermarket, Collage campus not only to get signator’s for a comprehensive study & program that will make a difference, but also employ Collage students to help, in all my life I noticed Collage kids will always fight for a good cause. Sincerely: Doc Holliday

      • sorry been very sick with a very nasty Flu & seemed to make no sense at all, heir are my thoughts, like many feel we will all be dead before the C.D.C. comes out with anything & most fear it wouldn’t be good anyway, I feel a need for a new E-Petition that includes the General Public, for the simple reason they will be infected some time in the future if nothing is done, hence Morgellons Disease is a Public Safety Issue, we need a Comprehensive study & program to deal with people sick with Morgellons Disease, the E-Petition could be posted at many ProBoards .& site’s. I feel the General Public should know they are at risk, this is not a scare tactic but is the truth of the matter, each E-petition could have the right language so people understand completely & have down loadable photo’s & information to help the General Public to understand the Disease, people could simply take a lawn chair & table to the local City Hall, supermarkets & Collage campus’s for signatures, Collage students have always fought for a good cause, thank you.

  2. I m on board, let me know if there is anything I can do to help….

  3. Awesome job Mr. CS! Can’t wait….

  4. You’ve got 100% support from me! I’m curious what you have in mind. The release of the studies (time, date and place) is important as is the accountability of those federal employees causing the delay (the premise that a peer reviewed medical journal would cause such is nonsense). It’s time David took on Goliath!

  5. OK, I’m in. I’m currently getting, (just begun) treatment from a lyme doc, he’s hitting me with a huge array of herbals and meds, predicts it will take a year. Hanging onto my job for $$ and insurance, but he says it will be a rough ride. This guy actually takes insurance!

    • Are you on a special diet. What do you use to soothe you skin and is your doctor in the Massachusetts area? Please advise I been to over 10 doctors and even though they see lesions and bits they stil dismiss me. I have proof from an entomologist that I had a collembolla finding in my skin samples. But the medial profession doesn’t recognize this. They get in my nose, scalp, ears face and upper body. Only recommndation is heavy duty physco drugs which I will not tak since I am not dilusional. I went to get a facial last week and the women kept say what is this? She siad it three times and refused to work on my skin because she didn’t want to take a chance on infesting her place. She said she would consult with her colleagues and that she would pray for me but I never heard back from her, and I don’t blame her.
      I can barely keep a happy face at work since my face is so itchy and it doesn’t help that it rains in my building and the rugs are constantly wet. I am allergice to mold, dust mites and soy. I just want to rid myself of this parasite that is eating aways and scarring my arms and face. Please let me know the name of your doctor.

      • Joanne, Contact Pamela Crane at She can hook you up with a doc. that is somewhat Morg literate. Her web site also has a mountain of information. Take Care, it does get better of not 100 per cent.

      • Please see the website regarding colembolla and use texas
        red cedar oil mixed with a carrier oil. Also the Tennent Institute may be of some
        help to you

  6. i am feeling pretty healthy now and was wondering how i could get in the fight.
    count me in!

    • HI, What were the main things that helped you get healthy?

      • hi jade,
        sorry so tardy in answering. i just now saw it??
        i sort of changed my whole life. i would say look towards neuro toxin detoxing. you can go to where he posts his nuero toxin detox protocol which involves mainly cilantro and chorella. those two items are like gold! i cut out wheat, sugar, and dairy (except for kefir).load up on fiber and get your transit time (bowel movements) moving. also i have to say to this day the detox baths are my number one weapon. they help your skin but also the sweating and heat seem to make all the supplements and immune system work better. scrub yourself towards your heart for your lymph system. after the baths i covered myself head to toe with coconut oil and olive oil. as far as my supplements i looked at mels, clear blue skies john, and mr commons senses and pulled out of those what seemed to resonate the for me. also i have to say stinger has some real good ideas too. i like far infrared, dry opaline oxy, and willard water or any trace mineral product really. if i did nothing else and had to limit it to a few things i would say diet (load up on fresh garlic, cilantro, ginger root and olive oil..crush it up and drink it) then also support your immune system like your life depends on it (cuz it does). if you can’t afford probiotics drink a few ounces of kefir several times a day. try and get the plain no sugar kind.
        in the baths i like lots of baking soda and epsom salt. when i had lesions i used borax and occasionally still do for prevention.
        when you find items that work for you its really important that it is sustainable. a few baths and a bottle of msm are not going to do it. go to costco or smart and final and load up on your bath items. its a long haul. on the msm buy the big jug of it in loose powder. its much more cost effective and you can add it to your body products or coconut oil, olive oil etc. speaking of msm..more gold in a bottle. it really helped me. but the number one top healer has to be AVOIDANCE OF STRESS. get it out of your life. i got sick with this during a highly stressful time in my life. if it stresses you..cut it loose. even if its a lamp that only turns on sometimes. throw it away. toxic relationships..say goodbye. and control the things you let yourself think about. i draw an imaginary black curtain in my head when my thoughts stray to worrisome things. sounds nutty but it works for me. be well. i wish there was an easier shorter answer.
        so sorry no short answer here.

    • How did you get healthy? Please advise

      • hi joanne,
        i just sent jade above some info. check it out. like i told jade, sorry no short or easy answer. be well

  7. Thanks for your energy which helps us to keep moving forward.
    I think thoughts and words have a lot impact on our current reality, so
    don’t forget to visualize a successful solution and wonderful healing for each of us.

    Some think GMOs may be related to the Morgellons condition (to be determined very soon). I received this today from Staff of the Institute for Responsible Technology [] regarding actions that can be taken now to protest the lack of safety testing and health impacts…….

    “Download this fantastic new song about GMOs by Rob Herring and play it proudly on World Food Day, Sunday, October 16th!

    Whether you’re joining one of dozens of World Food Day rallies or just enjoying a Sunday with your family, share this brilliant song as a way to creatively demand healthy non-GMO food.

    Half of the $.99 download fee goes to support the efforts of the Institute for Responsible Technology to end the genetic engineering of our food supply.

    Click here to listen to a 2 min. excerpt of this 5 minute song.

    Click here to download on iTunes.

    Trouble with the links above? Copy and paste these into your web browser:

    Enjoy a happy, healthy, non-GMO World Food Day!

    For nationwide World Food Day events, visit:

    Safe eating,

    The Staff of the Institute for Responsible Technology “

  8. ItchyinPA said:

    It’s time all the factions came together to demand answers. “Occupy the CDC!”

  9. Great video! What is the plan for the call to action in January? January is just around the corner. Will it be specifically about Morgellons?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Oh yes, it’s definitely about Morgellons, it’s a multi-facited plan and I’m hoping we can get lots of people involved, will do another post in probably two weeks and let everyone see the plan, I think it’s a good one.

      • Thanks for what you are doing…..I am suffering terribly and feel close to just giving up. I am very angry and believe 100% that the CDC and “others” know what this is. I am sick of the lies and want to make my voice heard….count me in!

      • Hi Mr C, did you make the post regarding the mult facited plan? Looking forward to reading it….

  10. mary kelly said:

    You know, one of the symptoms of this has been a heightened awareness of things before they happen. I have been thinking of this and hoping you would do something like this. You are the perfect person to lead your kindness and determination. Thanks so much for all your work through the years. So many people including myself come here 1st and follow your protocol and start to heal. You are awesome. I would be glad to help.

    mary ( aka stumped curezone )

  11. I will help where I can.

  12. Great job,sending now to where I promised.
    Knowing you the ‘Awareness Plan’ that you are spearheading has been
    well thought out .
    I look forward to helping you in any way I can.
    I am in.

    Blessings, and so glad to see you back on deck 😉

  13. barb miller said:

    the cdc gave kaiser permanente over half a million dollars to do the study. the army was also involved. kaiser finished the study, if you can call it that, 2 years ago. the cdc claims it’s still under peer review & will give no more info than that & the fact that they won’t release the findings until they get the glory of publishing it in a medical journal (my words, not theirs). when i called the army, i found that the dept has been disbanded & the personnel involved scattered to the 4 winds. the study – what a joke. to qualify, subjects had to live in northern california & be over the age of 11 or 12 ( been a while since i spoke with them). yes, i was actually able to con my way into the research dept by phone & speak with a researcher!! they had a total of 48 people. that does NOT a study make. i have one of those form letters from the cdc that was sent to my congressman on my behalf too. looks just like the one in the video. i don’t have morgellons, thank God, but a friend does & has been threatening suicide for a year. it’s taken a lof of my time and energy to talk her out of it. to those who are considering it, think about what you’ll be doing to those who love you & how stupid you’ll feel if a cure comes right after you do it. don’t know if you can really see from Heaven but, if you can, you’ll feel really stupid. 🙂 DON’T DO IT!! we’re trying to help you. i wish every one of you suffering from this would go to your congressman’s and senator’s offices & sit there for a while. when it’s finally your turn, tell them you have it & hope that you haven’t left any little buggies on the seat while you waited. if they get upset, tell them the cdc says it’s psychological, so they should have nothing to worry about. mr common sense took my post off last time i said this, but by golly, it’s time to DO something besides cry & scratch. it’s not illegal to go out in public including to your rep’s offices.

    • Barb, just before reading your post I was wondering to myself: why have we not heard anything from the 48 people who were part of the research. Is this not odd???
      Hello to all out there if you took part in the research as a sufferer what is your take on the situation??????

  14. Robin Laws said:

    You know I’m in buddy!! I also want to thank you my friend, for all that you continue to do for us!

  15. Once my strength returns I will help all I can. Three weeks ago I had my lower right lung removed. It was an adenocarcinoma but I know it was also linked to my years of having Morgellons. No spread whatsoever is the good news. The lung tissues are being studied now. So far they have identified the fibers (which were in my lung fluid flush) as fungal forms but they are unable to identify the fungus. That is where I am in getting any answers and moving this up a notch. It has taken 16 years to get to this point. The fibers are fungal! The other good news is that I have, at long last, found doctors who listened and looked – that only took me 16 years to accomplish too.

    I believe, but have no proof, that the fungus, due to GMOs, mutate in the various organisms that people report form in their skin. Different people get different organisms, which is something unique, and again my reason for linking it to GM. The two, Morgellons orgs and fungus, are somehow linked.

    I agree that it is time to hit it hard again as the whole thing as gotten cold, let’s put a fire under it again and demand some serious research. I will provide any of my lab work to any professional who wants to do something positive with it towards further study of this condition.

    Judith Knilans, ND, PhD
    (natural health sciences and author e-book Pathogenic Mutations)

  16. Silent no more!!! I’m in. Thank you

  17. we really need some real answers

  18. I am on the edge of my seat, and January can’t get here any fast enough!. My kids and I are going on our 4th year of torture, and suffering. My son being 13 and my daughter being 6. This disease has ruined our lives! Please tell me what we can do to help! We need answers!

  19. barb miller said:

    i’d like to know if any of you had any of these things happen at about the time you started noticing this crap. my friend had a neighbor cut down a tree behind her house that was seriously diseased. when it went down, it scattered debris and dust all over her yard. her lawn died and her dogs got sick, then she got sick. she also had surgery and had an infection that wouldn’t go away, and she still has issues with it. took massive doses of last resort antibiotics to get it nearly cleared up. her plumbing sprung a leak that went unnoticed for so long that they had to take walls down to get the mold out. it came back and spread. if anybody had things other than this happen about the time they got sick, i’d be interested in knowing about them too. we can do our own little survey. my friend lives in the sierra madre area of california. oh, one more thing, they had a serious mosquitoe problem in that area, and the county started spraying something to get rid of them.

    • Yes, Barb, in my case they had sprayed for mosquitoes just prior to my illness. It was when we had the phony West Nile Virus scare. They told us not to go out after 11. But what about open windows, dryer vents, air vents in our cars, etc.

      • There were three things going on a few months before this started for me. At least these are the three things that I kept going back to in my mind as possibly related:
        -the county sprayed for some sort of bug maintenance and posted signs to tell people to stay away from the immediate area. I obeyed the warnings only up to a point…I also lived about 10 feet from the area sprayed.
        -I was doing a lot of gardening, often with bare hands using compost from my b
        -And I got several amalgam fillings replaced with the (not for me) healthier white alternative. I’ve since tested highly reactive to the dental products used and had almost all that dental work redone by a holistic dentist with products compatible to me.
        I really appreciate this blog for all the constructive information and calm positive approach.

        • ….I meant compost bin.
          anyway, this site really helped me in understanding that I wasn’t dealing with a solely ‘mite’ condition, and made it a lot less scary to accept that it was something else that could be treated and managed.
          That’s a great idea to have a spot focused on newcomers. Thanks Mr. CS!

        • So that makes three of us becoming ill after our area was srayed for bugs. Anyone else out there? I believe Ramona became ill after being sprayed and actually getting it in her eyes if my Morgie brian serves me. So perhaps that is four. Anyone else out there.

          • Robin Laws said:

            All I know is I got zapped one evening in the upper forehead by what I now know as an exploding morg crystal. It felt very electrical and immediately infiltrated my hair. Course 8 yrs later, it’s entirely systemic. Anyhoo, at the time of my onset, I lived in California up in the high desert. There was tons of spraying and tons of testing goin on out there (still is today.) So yeah, I think both chemtrails and GMO’s are behind this thing we call morgellons. Hope everyone has a golden day!!

  20. MCS – good to hear from you again. I will help where possible. A review post of how you managed to control your symptoms as mentioned recently would also be useful if possible..?

    • I was thinking of that earlier today. It would be helpful for the desperate newcomers.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        You are exactly right, I am creating a page specifically for new comers, it should be posted in a few days, it will encourage them not to panic, not to try dangerous things, and not to go off reading every frightening thing on morgellons they can find. I’ll also cover what helped me, making sure they understand I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to have a cure. But hopefully they can start their journey grounded in some common sense and not make many of the mistakes I, and many other made. Discovering you have this and the symptoms alone are enought to make a person become unmoored. A little comfort and guidance is really needed at that time.

  21. mr. cs–
    thank you so much for carrying the torch!! we really need a grounded leader to focus our efforts; there are so many of us. it is a long time coming. may God bless you in this undertaking.
    and yes, amalgam fillings are definitely behind our susceptibility to this condition — but DO NOT get them out by a regular dentist, must be done with a doctor’s help (to help you detox the fallout), and MUST be done by a mercury-literate dentist!! i cannot stress this enough. and NO SHOTS — many immunizations are loaded with mercury, one of the most toxic substances on this planet, except for lead or arsenic. it is connected with the electromagnetic forces that are making us more sick than we would be. FLUORESCENT lights trigger symptoms like crazy – they contain mercury. much of our technology is contributory: cell phones, computers (yikes), tvs, are all ramped up to an insane level. do the research and avoid what you can.

    peace to all,

  22. Robin Laws said:

    Still holding you in my prayers Judy… and in my arms. I love you!

  23. MCS – May I add a hope that this call to action is not sidetracked by unproven theories as to what lies behind the syndrome. Of course, I understand the need to understand the cause and this is clearly important for many reasons. However, the “community” of sufferers at large would benefit far more from a focused strategy to help track and gain acceptance of ‘M’ amongst the both politicians, scientists, the medical community and the general public.

    This pursuit is not helped by the now dozens of exotic theories as to the cause. Yes I am equally guilty of such speculation, but in many ways it simply impedes serious medical research. So for the purposes of this campaign at least I hope we leave the cause aside for a moment. Highlighting the devastating effect on lives, and shameful inaction of the authorities, should be enough. And may I also add – that music… Really!?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:


      Ahopeful, if I didn’t know better I’d sware you somehow got a hold of a copy of the national campaign that is about to rollout. You are so dead on. You and I must think exactly alike. Honestly, my heart lept for joy when I read your post.

      I am so greatful to have people participate in this blog like you and others. Honestly, well said. I often think there are others so much more qualified to host this blog than I am.

      Well said Ahopeful. You are so correct. In my estimation, 80% of what is going on in the Morg community is not only an utter waste of time but further descrediting us.

      Thank you for making my day, YOU GET IT !!

      • MCS – thanks for your response, and any time. I too am so glad we are on the same wavelength here. On most things, except perhaps music tastes :p

  24. Yes, that’s it! The public needs to be aware of what is happening to people, families, communities, (small companies, even, where many employees have this).
    I will help with whatever needs to be done (I am in the UK) and will ‘work’ both sides of the Atlantic, if that is what’s needed.
    Mr C, I have been totally well for the last 7 (seven!) months. Don’t ask me how it happened, because I honestly don’t know. I only know that I have so many things to be grateful for –this blog especially, for unending encouragement and unconditional acceptance and understanding.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and hey–
    There is no one more qualified to host this blog than you, Mr C.
    That discussion isn’t even on the table. (smile)

  25. Mr I don’t have ur email so don’t know where to post I know u can move this to a proper place if u decide to post it, just found another site collecting signatures, thought maybe people on your site may be able to add to it thanx and God bless

  26. kelly pickens said:

    whatever it is you’re up to mr. commomsense consider me in.

  27. I’m on board as well. Please keep us up-to-date.

  28. forgive my typo’s & not putting the New petition Idea in a good format, I am not very well.

  29. MR. C I’m all in. Time to roll up our sleeves and and give these bastards hell until we get some answers!

  30. Lydia Buchanan said:

    Lets do whatever we need to do.
    The way we have to live with this nightmare is just so wrong.

    Thank you so much for this blog.

  31. Mr. Common Sense, I have just got this Morg’s thing in the last few months from a person with a dog who had fleas who lived at my house for 2 months. I noticed all black specs in her bed, hundreds. Now these black specs are coming out of my body. If not for your blog I would have lost my mind. The other boards scared the hell out of me. I am alone and very frightened. I am following your protocal. I will help in any way I can. Thanks, Ruth

    • Robin Laws said:

      You’re gonna be ok Ruth… we have your back now and we’re here to help!

      big hugs ~~ Robin

      • Thanks, Robin, It’s like this is not an acceptable disease. I have no support. My family thinks i have gone over the edge. Do you know that in Canada that you cannot get treated for lime disease properly. They shut the last Dr. Down recently. Canadians now have to go to the States. So forget about help with Morgellons in Canada. Canada is not even doing it’s own investigation into Morgellons. They are sitting on there asses waiting for comments from the CDC. Hope I got those initials right. Meanwhile, I have black specks and fuzz coming out of my skin and can’t sleep more than 2 hrs as am getting bit constantly.
        Is there anyone out there from Toronto. Ruth


        • Robin Laws said:

          I know a couple of morgies in Canada Ruth… one is mfromcanada who posts ALOT on You Tube. The other is Arni, who still posts on my support group which is Lymebusters/Morgellons. You can leave a message with mfromcanada at You Tube or register at our group and talk to Arni there (his username is morghunter.) They’re both really great people and mfromcanada does alot of research and letter writing, so she would probably be great for you to talk to for info in Canada regarding morgs!

  32. liesbeth43 said:

    Here some support from the Netherlands. Any Dutch morgies over here? Could you please contact me so we can make a fist here also?

  33. I feel if we don’t get it!, so what is your point please?

  34. Patricia Morgan said:

    Thanks for the video Mr.Common sense. I am looking forward to finding out how to participate. I agree absolutely with Doc holiday- college kids would be a good resource to engage.
    patty- Ohio

  35. Patricia Morgan said:

    Thanks Mr. Common Sense. Am looking forward for the next segment to see how to participate.
    Patty – Ohio

  36. Patricia Morgan said:

    No- I am aware it is not a lab- just good ole grassroots movement type of stuff!

  37. While at a rally in Alabama, I saw telltale lesions on the skin of people. They have the brain fog, Mercury, Hexane, Benzine and Toluene toxicity along with horrible illnesses. The people of the Spill will unite, we are tired of being ignored and we are fighting like hell for the health Safety and welfare of everyone who is ill. Whether it be from Morgellons or the People of the spill. I am tired of NICE, peaceful I am screaming very loudly now. It is going to take me going in the BACKDOOR to get on the inside. We have been lied to by the FDA, CDC, HHS and our own Government. NO MORE MS Nice Trisha anymore. Listen to the Video that follows our fish is loaded with Mercury now. Do not eat Gulf Seafood Please it is dangerous.

    • Robin Laws said:

      You go girl!!!! And thanks for all you do too!

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi Trisha
      Thank you for all your hard work. The video was wonderful. I hope many hearts were pricked and they look into all that was being said on that beach. So sad we have to do this. Stinking money grubbing oil barons for not caring enough to do what is right and our government also. Unravel, fall apart and start over again seems to be past history. It may be that time for the U.S. They are causing our down fall. Rome all over again.

      In Light Lynn

  38. barb miller said:

    i hope the big plan isn’t some kind of march or protest like they’re doing on wall street. morgellons sufferers can’t. thay don’t have the energy.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      You are so right Barb, no marches, no petitions. And everyone can help, I’m working on it, hope to have some more news soon.


    this is a very inspiring speech by a slightly different approach to the Occupy movement by Dr David Suzuki scientist, environmentalist, activist and host of “the nature of Things”

  40. Hi everyone, Trisha I think you’ve done a great job in all that you have done to help those that needed help, as far as Mundane’s idea I feel it is useless!!, in the fist two year’s on contracting the Morgellons Parasite I visited at least 15 to 20 different Doctor’s, the fist Doctor diagnosed me with scabies that was far from the case as the medication recommended did absolutely nothing, in the following months then year’s I lived a hellish nightmare, with some Doctor’s I was chastised, ridiculed even laughed at as a pest, I salute all Doctor’s & nurse’s that really went out of their way to help these people. God bless you Trisha for the work that you do. Sincerely: Doc Holliday

  41. barbara miller said:

    january is fast coming to a close. thought there would be some kind of action this month. my friend is getting more and more depressed and suicidal.

  42. Robin Laws said:

    I’ll be praying for her Barb… praying she finds the love & positivity again that will allow her to fight this mess like nothing else does. God bless… and much love.

  43. CDC Findings Found this on anothe site. So apparently we are drug addicts. I am so pissed. Ruth

    • Figures, do you know we’re the full report was published ?!

      • Robin Laws said:

        My comment to their hideous report…

        I knew in my heart… as well as many other morgellons sufferers have that your final report would be Godless, shameful, and so very disappointing. I tried to have faith in our governement… I tried to hope for an honest outcome of your study of Morgellons. But now I know how disgusting our governemnt has truly become. You hide the truths by hurting the hearts of those who suffer from your attacks on us via chemtrails, GMO foods and the like. I’m so very sickened by the greed, the lack of compassion, and as I said, the lack of truth. But it’s my heart that’s been numbed by what you’ve accomplished in destroying even more lives with this so-called study. You must truly be ashamed of yourselves… I know I’m ashamed of you all. You’ve just destroyed so many people who’ve been holding on by a thread waiting for the answers to stop their suffering. How could you… how could you be so very heartless? I will continue to hope one of you who must know the answer but are being held to secrecy over the cause of this nightmare to step up to the plate one day. Maybe you will the day you or one of your loved ones is hit by the Morgellons delusion… a delusion I might add that has been filmed by thousands of people around the world. How can that be? Because… morgellons is as far from being a delusion as you are from being truthful, compassionate, and strong. So very dissapointed in you all… but believe you me, our fight doesn’t stop here. For all who suffer… my heart is with you today.

        • Should we be surprised at this cover-up. Robin, (and everyone) it only should make us more determined to fight for our health through alternative therapy because the conventional doc-in-a-box practitioners are not made aware of truth and given this inaccurate information they have no comprehension of how to diagnose or treat. WE have to take care of ourselves and use non-conventional treatment because the conventional medical system is not going to help us. This CDC action further demonstrates it.

          I have a fungus (identified by Mayo Clinic labs) – called Scopulariopsis Species which I believe is involved in my case of “Morgellons” symptoms. I think everyone with non-healing sores needs to be working with fungus identification labs on their own because most physicians don’t know what to do. I believe that the fungus is mutating into skin organisms OR drawing the organisms to the skin to feast on the fungal infested body tissues.

          THEY (the medical system) don’t get it. Now is the time to jump on this from all directions and take advantage of the media that is going to be on it for the next several days Go nuts folks – demand attention.

          • Robin Laws said:

            Very well said jk… and I agree with you completely. I’m gonna go back over to the Good Morning America video and leave my comment there as well.

          • liesbeth43 said:

            RIVM ( similar as CDC) report 265001002/2005
            Nanotechnology in medical applications:
            possible risks for human health:
            From a regulatory point of view, the implementation of a risk management strategy that
            includes a risk assessment by the manufacturer, is already a requirement for all medical
            technology applications. Health care providers and European and National Authorities also
            have a significant role in the management of risks associated with healthcare technology.
            With regard to applications utilizing nanotechnology, this focus on risk management is
            considered sufficient, as long as all the stakeholders are made aware of the possible specific
            toxicological properties of nanostructures and nanoparticles. From our current knowledge of
            the effects of size reduction on material properties, we can conclude that an evaluation of the
            possible specific behaviour of nanostructures in the products needs to be incorporated into
            any risk assessment performed. Risk assessment needs to be carried out for each separate
            formulation of a nanosized product. One should not rely on existing knowledge of the
            toxicity of the constituent chemicals or materials but include particle size among the parameters to be considered during the risk assessment. This may result in the recognition of
            a ( !!! ) new or additional risk to those who are exposed. It is strongly recommended that specific
            guidance at European level is developed, pointing out the above conclusions to the relevant

            Those new risks are right under their noses and they simply close their eyes for it.


    I did not know how to link it, I guess you could copy and paste. Ruth

  45. I watch an hiv/aids movie the other day, it got me thinking how organized they were and then they were finally heard. The end conclusion was hiv was not linked to aids and maybe the drugs they begged for killed many people with hiv, when they might have had a longer life without the drugs. Ruth

  46. Well, I just read an article this morning that says we are all crazy. Everything we feel and see is all in our heads. What about the slides with REAL specimens? What about normal intelligent people who have severe insomnia from itching, scratching, and stressing over this illness? What about those of us who had the symptoms for YEARS before we discovered what was wrong with us? WHAT NOW??? My family either didn’t believe me, or were skeptical before, now it’s official. The illness doesn’t exit, so I’m crazy. It’s all in my head. The way I see it is their “study” could not find one simple cause that can make the pharm industry a lot of money with a pill to fix it, so since they can’t find the cause, it doesn’t exist. So what’s next? I THOUGHT I was a normal person, a Kindergarten teacher who loves her job, who has a large pretty normal family, but today, I discovered I’m crazy! So, what now, guys?? Any ideas??

  47. Robin Laws said:

    I have a feeling they’re never ever gonna admit to what this is… especially being the fact that it’s caused by environmental toxins that are deliberately being sprayed upon us and GMO’s that we’re continually being fed. It sickens my heart… so I’ll never stop praying for someone out there to eventually step up to the plate. Think I’m gonna go throw up now.

    • I totally agree with you! Even about the being sick enough to throw up at the scam of a study that supposedly proves none of us are anything but delusional!

  48. dividingcricker said:

    the cdc already admited this stuff is real look up dr don huber/ dr mercola a 2 part ytube came oout 12/12/2011. this mercola / huber has gone virial on the web. huber is giving speaches all over the world. other nations believe everything hes saying. i read a web yesterday saying gmo is dead it was a finacial web site. people are making a dent . please go to dr john symes aka dogtor j all about diet and our health stay well

  49. Dear Judy,
    PM me I have moved to another location in Florida. I am still reeling from the CDC stance on this disease. How many more have to suffer from this, it is truly gut wrenching.
    I do not even have this disease and have had so very many report to me.
    All the Doctors visits I have made and all of the people who we have tried to help only to be called delusional and downplay the numbers.
    It is not only saddening but frighteningly horrific that humans would be treated as less than such.
    I have personally spoken to Dr Eberhardt and Dr Pearson when in Atlanta, Pearson stated, “The Morgellons community is not going to be happy with our outcome.” I should have listened that was in 2008. I just kept praying that, the outcome would have been different.
    This knocked the wind right out of my sails.
    Love and Light,

  50. barbara miller said:

    why is it that the army pathology dept where some of the testing was done was closed down & all personnel scattered to the 4 winds right after these tests were concluded? how serious is a study when it only has 48 participants who are all insured by kaiser permanente which has a lot to lose if they have to cover medical treatment for people who have this? oh no, that wasn’t a conflict of interest. my behind, it wasn’t!! if it’s all in your heads, why do my friends dogs have it? are they able to think & become delusional? why won’t the fibers burn? cotton catches on fire & synthetic fabrics melt, so why did nothing happen when my friend tried burning them with a lighter, putting them in the oven on 500 degrees for 5 hours, & making a fire with paper & wood & dropping them into it? so many questions, yet the media asks none of them.

    do not think you’re crazy. we believe you even if we don’t have it. my friend in california is NOT crazy. don’t give up because these people are the crazy ones.

  51. barbara miller said:

    i’m putting this in a seperate post bec mr common sense took it off last time i tried putting it on here. if i had this & had a bag of fibers, i’d take them to my congressman’s & senators’ offices & drop a bunch of them out of the bag onto the desk in reception & tell them good luck. it wouldn’t be illegal since they said it’s not real or contageous. i’d go to every media outlet in my area & show them they don’t burn then ask why nobody in the media has asked the hard questions. i’d take action &, if i had to, i’d be militant about it. i know it’s hard for y’all to even take care of those things you must, so getting up enoughenergy for doing this would be monumental, but i’d do it some how. mr common sense, instead of taking this post off, why don’t you offer reason why you wouldn’t/shouldn’t do these things & offer alternate suggestions?

  52. I will be on Coast to Coast with George Noory on Tuesday NIGHT as one of the Experts on Morgellons. Please Tune in I am going to BLOW the Whistle on the CDC and on the Army Institute of Pathology who lied that this disease was DELUSIONAL. I will post times ASAP.
    Love and Light,

    • Robin Laws said:

      Good goin Trish! I did a thread 4 yrs ago over at Lymebusters that ended up on Coast to Coast receiving 2,000 something hits within a day or 2. Here’s the link in case you feel like referring back to it on the show…

      The thread is 5 pages long… but somehow, some of the hexagon pics (both mine & fighter’s) started to disappear from the thread. So here’s the link to my hexagon pics (all the pics being one in the same chip, which you’d never guess becuz of all the changes that took place.)

      Anyhoo, good luck Trish… you still rock my friend!

      love you big bunches ~~ Robin


    I shall be on Coast to Coast tonight at 10 pm PST, we will archive it. I will address the fact that Kaiser the CDC and Mayo Clinic are STUCK ON STUPID.

    Love and Light,

    • Robin Laws said:

      Cool Trish… and yeah, they’re stuck on stupid just like my brain’s been stuck on pause for toooooo long now! Looking forward to the show!

      love & light right backatcha!

  54. Thanks Trish for speaking up! I’d like to believe they’re just being stupid…however I suspect they’re being more sleazy than stupid. They need to be held accountable.

  55. Dear Joe,
    Sleazy and Sneaky come to mind for the MINDLESS. I am on a rant today.

  56. I did not have enough time to get everything in on Coast to Coast. I apologize it was too short of an interview. I will keep trying.
    Love and Light,

    • Robin Laws said:

      Was it archived Trish? I can’t find it and I so wanna listen! Also… you never need to apologize for anything honey. You light the way and that’s a huge accomplishment you should be very proud of. I know I’m very proud of you, along with many others out there. You rock!

      big huge hugs ~~ Robin

  57. sharoninthehighlands said:

    Robin, you can find it under recent shows. Trish is in the first hour. I just found it though have net listened as yet.


    Email from an Ex Pat from Vietnam, this is Gut wrenching. He emailed me asking for help for the Vietnamese people.


    • dividingcreeker said:

      wonder how many hot spots like this go unreported ….i heard poland was burning there gmo fields last nite a read china has rejected the gmo rice a judge in calafornia has put a block on gmo sugar beets things are really moving … i also read dr don huber was going to washington to confront the doa ….i guess its only a matter of time until its on cnn fox csnbc…. would the head lines read MONSANTO IS KILLIG US ALL

  59. I’ll certainly add them to my prayers.

    love you ~~ me

  60. dividingcricker said:

    ive been scratching the surface with nanotoxic nanobots nanotoxicacology nanotechnology with all 27 federal agency its a hot topic everywhere…. if everthig we come in contact with and only some people are allergic or toxic what could that be?the connection with gmos could be a seed coating -larvacide nanobot. cant be killed easy,will last 7 years …now just suppose this stuff is in corn ,making fuel cant be burned comes out of the tail pipes still viable..they have been using ethanol first with milatary now with nonmilatary jet fuel..same with corn for eating …remember the taco scare…in seeds of deception -india …workers had it the same day…wonder how there doing…i read to much but the bucky balls-nanotec containers for nanobots are made of polyethelen-silicone FBI study…found everwhere…and in morgellons i also think we have these nanobots that attract bugs…it seems that its a toxin to kill bugs and attract bugs… the seeds are coated with something but they are also blasted with dna as many as 50 kinds of dna …weeds that are roundup proof….bug proof…drought proof…and are annual….so they will not reproduce. seems this should have been studied a little more…. thats all for today …my head hurts thinkin all that theroy up at one time

    • dividingcricker said:

      was thinkin again where the seeds are manufactured i wonder how many rejected seeds do they have and what do they do with them…just say that the seeds are run through several steps of blasting and coating with no oversight and just say the rejects from one process are not thown away but recycled back into food i know i think too much the other thing is maybe fully processed seeds ,tons of seed have been mixed that way(taco bell) probably been listining to too much rense or jesse…does anybody know anybody in this seed process maybe we can find out.


    Hypertoxicity Disorder Affecting Thousands. You can pull off free diets PH and Non Gmo from the Site.
    Love and Light,
    People are bloging on there also.

  62. Most of these samples came from my very first patient her name is Susan and she has been through hell and back again

    Tell me that this is not real?

    • Trisha, many of those photos could be duplicates of ones I have! Of course it’s not real though! Who would have such things come from their body? I’ve also found some of the exact objects in rotted wood behind my toilet! There you have it! We ARE turning into rotting logs! The long striped tube shaped object is exactly like a much smaller piece that I found. I labeled it “sea shell?” because that is what it reminded me of. Now I wonder if there is a LOT more of it that I didn’t find! My oldest granddaughter (24) is the only person who believes me about this and has looked at several specimens under my microscope. My 15 year old granddaughter just says “Go to the doctor, mama!!” Useless advice, but she means well. I mentioned finding what looked like tiny pieces of thread in the mucus from my eyes, and my eye doctor’s response was, “hmmmmm.” Well that helped me a lot!

    • Robin Laws said:

      Some of those samples are mine… Mark was so very helpful to many of us!

      Thanks for posting those Trish!

      big hugs ~~ me

    • dividingcricker said:

      video is a mindbender doc…what is the end game here…well i ve been looking for a internal cleanse and was readind about zeolite…in animaluse farming waterconditioning and radation removal…well i just bought 2 containers to try it…seems the powder maybe cheaper and better… in chernobal russia they mixed the zeolite with bread and other foods to remove radiation they also used it directly in the reactor….its been used in farm animal feed to remove toxins…well i ll keep reading ill keep searching seek and you shall find…..i guess that cdc didn t really look to hard did they….

      • Robin Laws said:

        Nope… the CDC didn’t look hard at all, but that won’t stop us from doing it! Thanks for all you do to find the answers!

        big hugs ~~ Robin

      • This Doctor is the only person I heard explain this Disease as well as she did dividingcricker, the end game is the oxygen baths she talks about, I did a search where to get food grade peroxide that is 35% , one needs to be careful with this, 1 cup in a full bath will do I just need to find out for how long it took her to become almost symptom free, she was nice enough to put up two Documents on my F B site witch contains 14 pages, be well dividingcricker nice talking with you surely. P.S. zeolite?, I’ll have to check that out thanks, I’ve been taking Chlorella with my multi Vitamins to help purge heavy metals

        • Hey Doc, from what I have read Chlorella is great for taking out heavy metals and Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide baths are also good. You can get the purest chlorella from I like Doctor Mercola’s website for all sorts of good info and I trus his brands of supplements, etc as he researches them for purity and often has free shipping deals too.

      • I watched this video for 24 minutes and could not get further it kept freezing on me. Just when it was getting good. I did not see or hear how she was healed. Did you see the entire video? She is hard to understand and my Gran had the same kind of accent. It sounded as if she was eating at some parts of the vid.

  63. dividingcricker said:

    DOC i have been using h202 for years in waterconditioning and health. i did some baths in the begining with little or made it worse effect…now if this will work i ll try it again…the vendor i use is eagle enterprise a very good book is hydrogen peroxide by conrad LeBeau a32 page paperback…i have the 12 edition ..if you find it on amazon or whatever, get the 12th or earler..they took out all the good really good stuff… i used this oral start with one drop worked up to 40 a day…it is a rough go ..took it for 4 months…all i can say is it didn t kill me…..the baths wok the same it is absorbed through the skin….now that i ve brought all these memories up wow….eagle ent sells pints quarts gallons 25gal 55gal the way i use in business is customers that can t stand cholrene smell i use peroxide (no smell) works the same as bleech or chorlene dioxide(pool chorlene)akamms… later i read about chemo and a study by a new england uni..chemo stessed the cell to the point of death, in death they release h202….so the human body produces its own peroxide..saw that in some cancer book???ps everybody this peroxide is 35% it is a very ….well if you get or spill it on you it will burn leaving white marks read all instructions…and they may not sell it to you ,,,some chemicals are not for sale to the general public…..the same peroxide can be purchased at there a vitaman store in nd…was just looking up the h202 in the bath tub is one 35%pint in the tub or 6 pints of 6% in the bath and 12 pints of drug store stuff it has stabalisers for shelflife….well thats all for now

    • dividingcricker thanks for all the information, check out the video again by Caroline 3/4 of the way through she talks about the baths & her theory on the morgellons that can survive very well with out oxygen but multiply’s to a point where they can’t cope with the over population & start attacking each other. What do you feel about this??.

  64. dividingcricker said:

    DOC were you thinking that oxygen is peroxide…ill tell you i can t really understand that woman…i think she means ozone which is like h202 but ozone is a oxadative gas…works like a lightning storm.. when added to water it removes odors an helps irons stick together which helps in iron removal(waterconditioning) my game i sell these units 3500 lightning air for home use…never made a business out of it just to family and friends…if it would work i should have never gotten this damn stuff…ozone really does great with settling dust removing odors in waterconditioning it removes sulfer smells kills bacteria mold fungus virus..i have used these things for 20 water is a system that has a air compressor/ozone which is pumped into a 40 to 100gal tank -retention tank ,the excess air is removed through a air bleeder,this water is then ready to filter ,which really depends on what has to be added or removed…well i wish it were just that easy..that is removing this stuff and getting back to normal but i said this a long time ago if i can t figure this out it can t be i m will not quit it is not in my nature….well i m waiting for my zeolite..DOC ps its hard to believe anybody ,its really a showme thing , i sleep knowing i never riped anybody off i try to tell the truth as i see it and what ever we find (IF we find a cure) lets hope they don t kill us)

    • I understand dividingcricker, from what your saying it’s fanciful in a sense, she states she is symptom free but as you came close to saying, .. is it true?,… I don’t know,.. all I can say is this seems to be what she is thinking, I noticed in time symptoms do tapper off & we begin to feel somewhat comfortable compared to what was, could it be just coincidence?, be well & would like to hear your thought on this.

  65. dividingcricker said:

    was just reading a dr mercola site fda considereds the human body a drug,,because of human stem cells,,, well if i stick a plunger up sombodys but could i patent this a new tool..i think that would have a better chance going through the patent process…i just don t get it…maybe all the washington workers president to congress to senators to justices to janitors everybody has morgellons or what ever it is…if they found a terroist putting this crap in seeds on the crops in the air they would go to guantonnomo bay –water boarded a lockup for life…..i just don t get it….i sent a e mail to some ORGANIC CONSUMER they wanted suggestions–mine was—get all the real facts about gmo nanotech etc. what has been proven—put it in a very condenced one page flyer aimed at mothers with only that in mind and start in one state one mall ,,,it could be sent to churches schools po boxes just a idea!!! just got my zeolit i m going to watch these buggers jump right out of me!!!

    • dividingcricker keep me posted on this,—( just got my zeolit i m going to watch these buggers jump right out of me!!!)…. would like to know what kind of results you get, be well. ….btw I found most of your post extremely hilarious made me think a bit on what you said, almost fell off my chair

  66. dividingcricker said:

    there are so many zeolite sites i bought it took it well see looks like a flour ive taken diotomatious earth its like that, no taste to it mixed it with organic green tea and stevia x now.. if you don t here from me i m dead….just a joke!

    • Don’t forget to drink lots of water along with your zeolite! Zeolite was used at Fukashima to douse the radio active emissions and is also being baked into bread, etc to counteract radiation.

      • Really Sharon?, I’m not very familiar with Zeolite do you have more information on this product?. thank you

        • YEs, Doc but I have read so much lately, I think it was spoken by Leuren (darn now i forget her last name – my Morgie brain!) Google zeolite for radiation; or google Fukashima and zeolite, it should all come up. But I also was serious about drinking lots of pure water.

  67. dividingcricker said:

    was just at its a wonder any body is alive and kickin..alot of goverment studies….well just had a bacon lettus and tomato all organic glutin free toast with a little sharp cheese-goat organic potato chips utz,hope there not gmo well a real treat….the bacon was from canada now after i read this web i just wonder how much toxic crap was in all that stuff …i just think too much

    • Hey Dividin, your organic lunch sounds pretty good to me. Organics are much harder to find in small town Ontario, Canada. Speaking of which, was your bacon actually from Canada, or do they call it Canadian bacon which is what we call peameal bacon, which if you are going to eat bacon it is the best; in my opinion.

  68. dividingcricker said:

    just talkin switched to a glutin free diet before i had this crap the bacon i think was a brand name like deits and watson said canada…i ve been to vermont and maine and canada and have eaten that thick bacon maple surup–right out of the kettle …great memories….stayed at a lake seymore next to island pond vt… maine next to farmington maine great times back to reality its alot to wade through but this john symes has a real gift to put all this together… never met or talked to him but everybody would be better off glutin free….most people can t break down glutin or casin wheat barley rye and cows milk.. this glutin-casin coats the intestin causing malabsorbsion–this causes the coligin vitamins enzymes and what ever else thats supposed to be absorbed doesn t get in the body…this coating also causes a dieoff of vili that leads to ulsers leaky guy bowl disease….just a little run down….i know i keep harping on this but its a problem for most people ..if you become ill stay away from milk and bread…most allergins begin with the two most basic foods does seem a bit odd that the foundation of our diet are the worst thigs you can eat……goats milk is ok rice based bread is ok still alive after two doses of zeolite well thats all for now……

  69. dividingcricker said:

    on my second day of zeolite other than itching more and being screamed at for trying to change the cooking pan to a nonteflon type well i m still alive …there was a on line book i printed and bound that mr c might be interested in mary jo fahey iodine remedies:secrets from the sea (pdf) i found it on the j. crow iodine site when i was researching iodine..americans consume iodine in the 0 range they took it out of the food except salt and most of that evaporates… the asians consume 12 mg america about .150mcg and if i look mr c has probably been there and done that…some of the early cancer drs used large doses 75mg in the prodacalls…so the 12mg is a basic ammount…iodine was the main cure for every hospital dr ets until antibiotics….of course silver dates way back there to acient man greeks and was used to purify water…then the romans started using lead…big iodine is somethig everybody should look into…i take it lugols 2 drops one cap of bragg vinagar and 1 tea of melaluca honey in hot water then add ice….there are many brands lugols sski isol? its just figuring out how much to take….so read researsh and learn…..over and out

    • That is why the salt and water cure is SO good. Celtic Sea Salt or any not processed sea salt has over 80 minerals including: magnesium, potassium, iodine, iron, etc…Amazon has celtic salt for $ 25 for $ 25 pounds – free shipping in USA , if your salt is white and crystaline it has been processed. Also you must be careful when supplementing with iodine cause you can OD on it.

  70. dividingcricker said:

    have been reading about nanobots in medicine. most were about cancer and aids ..i was trying to find out if they could be killed or shut down cleansed ..well i didnt have much luck… a nano is about 5 atoms a 1000 nanos make a particle of smoke,,20thousand nanos are the width of a hair and 25million make an inch..they were talking about 20 billion in a human to cure cancer…i m really not very smart about this stuff but i m wondering if a few mistakes were flushed down the toilet or vacumed up thrown out with the trash..maybe some unthinking college student inadverntly with out the slightest thought well i m runnin on and on but you see the kind of absent minded people we could be dealing with… every university-college-drug co. foreign country(that we taught) about nanotechnology/nanobot could make another mistake and the us government has no oversite,no concern,doesn t mind ……….on the other hand and i think we are not going to stop the tide…it seems that were suffering but its just up to us to cure ourselves…there probably reading every post to see if we hit on something they can steal….or cover up……over and out

    • barbara miller said:

      when my friend told me what was happening to her, my first thought was my God, nanobots run amok!! then i thought of gm foods, seeds, etc. the more i read about both, the more frightened i am for this earth. why must humans play God? didn’t the fishes in the sea and the critters on the earth He made sustain us for millinia? did God really not know what He was doing? we MUST start reading package info and make sure we stay away from this crap.if we don’t buy it, they’ll stop making it. i thank God every day that i don’t have whatever this is, and i pray for those of you who do. love, barb

  71. dividingcricker said:

    start your day with zeolite still alive and well i have been itching more but havent felt bad…. i m taking it 3times a day..i guess its worth a try …and if it removes all the other toxins out of my body…its worth it…one thing i havent noticed my heart palps yesterday or today…so it might be doing something….was reading that heavy metals can cause heart palpatations….a friend of ours has hemochromatosis a iron overload on ytube i saw a video -iron in cerial(fortified) they crunched up the cerial in a bag added water then took a magnet and needed the slush-cerial around for a few minuites then sniped that bag around the magnet washed and dried it you couldn t believe the metal that was in there…..i don t think thats the kind of iron were supposed to be getting……gotta go work calls

    • Don’t forget, lots of water when detoxing! I make my own granola now, yummie takes only 20 minutes and way cheaper.

  72. In response to Nanos have you seen the Nanos that are in skin care and all the chemicals in skin care creating hormonal disruption.
    Check out this site, there are nanos in leeching plastic, skin care, pesticides, fragrance oils and foods. Product lines that are endorsed by plastipure are essential, to healthy skin.

  73. dividingcricker said:

    zeolite cleanse on day 3 no heart palps a little less itching a alot less nose blowing and mind seems clearer and last nite my eyes seem to be seeing thins clearer..i m drinking it 3 teaspoons(not quite heaping) a day in 10 oz glass a mix of green tea with stevia and water…its a easy cleanse so far..been eating very lite glutin free toast ,cerial. eggs with alot of fluids tea water coffee….fruit had,carrots yogart/flax oil nuts walnuts almonds. and some crackers…trying not to eat heavy dinners so the intestins can have time to clean out…so far so good i m feeling hopeful but ive been hopefull before so well see….trish i m still researshing nanobot death or how to cleanse or how to turn nanobots off..from what i have read they can direct them but havent read how to turn them off,,,just sounds so alien too furturistic so out of control,,i ve worked for researcheres doctors engineers,,they don t really have a reality plane and no moral compass….so unthinkable well thats all for now

    • barbara miller said:

      you should read Prey which is a novel by Michael Crichton. also available on cds. check your library for a free book on tape or cd. scary!!! it’s fiction, but…

    • barbara miller said:

      haven’t heard from you in a while. still alive? it’s been 10 days, is it helping? would love to tell my friend it will. problem i have with her is she expects instant results so quits before she can see if my suggestions help. would be good to be able to tell her at what point it gets worse then at what point it starts to get better.

      • dividingcricker said:

        zeolite cleanse –i m still researching zeolite ,the powder, all the studies are done on the powder . the liquid is hoax .it was develaped for acancer drug that didn t work has to be in a powder to work…i really think its a 1 or 2 month cleanse… i ll stay with it but so far i niticed my eyes seem clearer and i m getting more angry about the toxins in our world…theres a mercola web today about monsanto that is so desturbing..and get this monsantos cafiteria dosen t serve gmo food.So i gess its all right for the rest of us to eat it….this cleanse is stirring things up ,i m itching more ..and i wish i had more input with other people that have tried this …i think that if removes metals and toxins its worth doing…i m still breathing and if it dosen t kill you it ll make you stronger…has anybody heard of using phosphorous saline its suppose to disolve the fibers in 8 days …i m still looking for more info….well over and out…..

        • it is my understanding when you are drawing heavy metals out of your system yu also need to do colon cleansing, otherwise themetals get re absorbed through the colon and you get toxic overload all over again.

          • dividingcricker said:

            sharon—go to tells usage and history but most bloggs are not talking about overnite cures but haven t seen anything about colcn cleanse. i have noticed i ve become very regular.this zeolite is a negative charged hollow cages that attract and hold the toxins then released during excretion.your idea may come into play later because i read about using phosphorous saline for cleansing morgellons but i m still researching this,i ll keep you up to date……i did lower my dose of zeolite to 2 doses a day with more water ,,,,it was just to much trouble to do it 3 times a day… well all for now….

            • barbara miller said:

              can you give us an update on how the stuff is working for you? haven’t heard from you in a while.

  74. dividingcricker said:

    barbara lookup grey goo its a way the world will end.all about nanobots….even knowing the danger of nanotechnology denying lying covering up hiding this is going to explode but probably after its to late truth is stranger than fiction…did you ever watch the movie( train)–where two escape convicts are on this runaway train (john voite)and there fighting each other….the worst and scarest animal on this planet is a human. well i ve been on this zeolite 4 days haven t noticed any heart palps (very good) eyes seem clearer ..last nite i was listining to some old comics red fox ruddy ray moore very dirty stuff.but funny…maybe just a glimmer of my normal…over and out……

  75. When you are doing a Detox of any kind you should be supporting the liver and the kidneys. That is crucial. I have some oils that were sent to me by a man in New Orleans, the mix is propietary but made in Indonesia and I have the MSDS sheets on it. . Although I do not have Morgellons I have other underlying problems. I noticed that I have been urinating heavy metals.
    When that began happening I immediately got on Milk Thistle and Kidney support. Any cleanse whether it be Zeolite, my Therapy, Colon Cleanses you have got to support the kidneys and the liver.
    I push lots of Penta water, Anu Sport and now am Ph ing 4 times a day to keep up my PH.
    Still on a PH diet and am working with a few Doctors on my Condition.

  76. dividingcricker said:

    trish i ve been checking my ph with litmis paper or ph paper seems ok but i ve been taking calcium magnesium and potassium seperate not a multi and calm at least once a day… the zeolite info says it dosen t wash out minerials and i haven t had may reactions but was real hot a few times on the first few days 12 i sort of felt washed out and stopped work for a an hour and was really hungry ate a bunch of snacks nuts potato chips this ginger candy just couldn t get enough but later i felt fine ,,the other thing is my bowls have become very normal. ive tried all kinds of stuff but this is a reaction that is very welcome….i expected all kinds of symptoms and weird reactions ..i mean i did that lemon cayenne and maplpe syrup is tough..fasting is tough a no sugar diet is a hard change a change to a glutin free diet is hard and learning how to cook with a glutin free organic no sugar flare and do that and your guests don t even know…and i just love food and love to cook…well my ph is around 7 so i m doing ok… was wondering about cell salts sodium phosphate,,have you ever used this to help with a morgellons cleanse..i ve been using the 12 salts together hylands bioplasm? i m just wondering if loading up on this would help—i just wish i knew more about nanotoxic cleanse—there just isn t much about this on the web…well i m going to eat dinner organic roasted chicked mashed potatoes /gravy and fresh asparagrass with strayberrys for desert..that made me hungry just writing that ….

    • Not for nothing and I know some don’t agree with her, but Hildegarde Staninger sells the best mineral salts. It’s called Choc Mool and on her website. It’s all the salt I use and is very good.

      • Even better try for Celtic Sea Salt and others, this is the most affordable for high mineral and low sodium content – they have a chart on their web site giving a reading and a comparison for other mineral salts. I started using Celtic Grey salt a few weeks ago for both theraputic and cooking use as well.

  77. dividingcricker said:

    i keep reading abort this zeolite..there are so many sites on that i mean the good things and i ve said this before about maybe i sounds to good to be true…i m taking the chance anyway…and i m going to buy this hylands phosphorous saline and the hylands 12 bio salts ..i m going to double the dose to 4 8x a day for 3 days then to 4 4x a day…and for the kindney and liver cleanse i read some reviews and this is not nessasary ..the zeolite does not go through the blood stream like most cleanses stays in the intestines -picking up toxins and excreating them..tomorrow will be day 14…i feel its doing something good …the more i read the better i feel that …i m on to something here…..

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi David

      I may try this if it keeps helping you. I have wanted to detox metals for so long and just so sensitive to everything. For some reason this product gives me a green light. When ever I look at other products I get a red light no matter how badly I want to take it. Thank you for the link.

      In Light Lynn/TorpedoLynn

  78. barbara miller said:

    i know this sounds strange, but my friend with morgellons emailed today that she’s better. i told her about pepsi and kraft using aborted fetus livers in their products, so she quit using them along with nestle. she was using creamer by nestle. she says she hasn’t had any of the hard white things falling off her head or anything coming out of her skin for 2 days!! not saying it’s a cure, but she’s eating which was almost impossible before because of things falling from her head into her food.


    Here are a series of Articles from The Health Coach,
    Thought you might like to see that someone is on our side, Part 2 speaks of Morgellons, candida, mercury ect. One of the best I think you will find to explain all these unexplained diseases.


    I think you all will love this. A group of Healthcare Pros are trying to help us.
    Love and Light,
    Trisha Springstead RN

    • hello trisha
      i am going to go read on the link you provided but i wanted to leave a quick comment. just by reading the two words candida and mercury i know i am interested already. i agree with you about this giving this helping us understand these unexplained illness.
      a shift is happening, americans are starting to understand that our food water and medicine is tainted. that most doctors are de-eduactaed and if you really want a heathy life the answer is in knowledge.
      i can thank morgllons for one thing. for giving me the scare and the drive to dig deeper and get for myself some of the answers that main stream media will not provide.
      when americans really start understanding (and it is happening..people are getting hip fast) what gmo means to our health. we are loaded with metal. and then when we understand the connections and relationships with the’s all connected. the truth always comes out. it takes a while but it always surfaces.
      it is the truth that will shed light on morgellons disease and a whole slew of other crapola that has been going on on way too long.

    • Thank You Trisha, i have put them on my Favorites list.

  81. barbara miller said:

    friend sent me this.
    The danger of GMO’s
    The question of whether or not genetically modified foods (GMO’s) are safe for human consumption is an ongoing debate that does not seem to see any resolution except in the arena of public opinion. Due to lack of labeling, Americans are still left at a loss as to whether or not what is on the table is genetically modified. This lack of information makes the avoiding and tracking of GM foods an exercise in futility. Below are just some of the food products popularly identified to be genetically modified:

    1. Corn – Corn has been modified to create its own insecticide. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared that tons of genetically modified corn has been introduced for human consumption. Monsanto has revealed that half of the US’s sweet corn farms are planted with genetically modified seed. Mice fed with GM corn were discovered to have smaller offspring and fertility problems.

    2. Soy – Soy has also been genetically modified to resist herbicides. Soy products include soy flour, tofu, soy beverages, soybean oil and other products that may include pastries, baked products and edible oil. Hamsters fed with GM soy were unable to have offspring and suffered a high mortality rate.

    3. Cotton – Like corn and soy, cotton has been designed to resist pesticides. It is considered food because its oil can be consumed. Its introduction in Chinese agriculture has produced a chemical that kills cotton bollworm, reducing the incidences of pests not only in cotton crops but also in neighboring fields of soybeans and corn. Incidentally, thousands of Indian farmers suffered severe rashes upon exposure to BT cotton.

    4. Papaya – The virus-resistant variety of papaya was commercially introduced in Hawaii in 1999. Transgenic papayas comprised three-fourths of the total Hawaiian papaya crop. Monsanto bestowed upon Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore technology for developing papaya resistant to the ring spot virus in India.

    5. Rice – This staple food from South East Asia has now been genetically modified to contain a high amount of vitamin A. Allegedly, there are reports of rice varieties containing human genes to be grown in the US. The rice will create human proteins useful for dealing with infant diarrhea in the 3rd world. China Daily, an online journal, reported potential serious public health and environment problems with genetically modified rice considering its tendency to cause allergic reactions with the concurrent possibility of gene transfers.

    6. Tomatoes – Tomatoes have now been genetically engineered for longer shelf life, preventing them from easily rotting and degrading. In a test conducted to determine the safety of GM tomatoes, some animal subjects died within a few weeks after consuming GM tomatoes.

    7. Rapeseed – In Canada, this crop was renamed canola to differentiate it from non-edible rapeseed. Food stuff produced from rapeseed includes rapeseed oil (canola oil) l used to process cooking oil and margarine. Honey can also be produced from GM rapeseed. German food surveillance authorities discovered as much as a third of the total pollen present in Canadian honey may be from GM pollen. In fact, some honey products from Canada were also discovered to have pollen from GM rapeseed.

    8. Dairy products – It has been discovered that 22 percent of cows in the U.S. were injected with recombinant (genetically modified) bovine growth hormone (rbGH). This Monsanto created hormone artificially forces cows to increase their milk production by 15 percent. Milk from cows treated with this milk inducing hormone contains increased levels of IGF-1 (insulin growth factors-1). Humans also have IGF-1 in their system. Scientists have expressed concerns that increased levels of IGF-1 in humans have been associated with colon and breast cancer.

    9. Potatoes – Mice fed with potatoes engineered with Bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki Cry 1 were found to have toxins in their system. Despite claims to the contrary, this shows that Cry1 toxin was stable in the mouse gut. When the health risks were revealed, it sparked a debate.

    10. Peas – Peas that have been genetically modified have been found to cause immune responses in mice and possibly even in humans. A gene from kidney beans was inserted into the peas creating a protein that functions as a pesticide.
    The GMO link to strange disease
    As early as 2008, reported about a condition called Morgellon’s disease. The article went on to report the symptoms of the disease as follows: crawling, stinging, biting and crawling sensations; threads or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin; granules, lesions. Some patients report fatigue, short term memory loss, mental confusion, joint pain and changes in vision. Furthermore, there have been reports of substantial morbidity and social dysfunction leading to a dip in work productivity, job loss, total disability, divorce, loss of child custody and home abandonment.

    Prior to its reporting, the condition was dismissed as a hoax, but upon further investigation, the evidence pointed out that the disease was real and may be related to genetically modified food.

    Despite this link being established, the CDC declared Morgellon’s disease of unknown origin. Worse, the medical community could not offer any information to the public regarding a cause for the symptoms.

    When a research study was conducted on fiber samples taken from Morgellons patients, it was discovered that the fiber samples of all the patients looked remarkable similar. And yet, it did not seem to match any common environmental fiber. When the fiber was broken down, and it’s DNA extracted, it was discovered to belong to a fungus. Even more surprising was the finding that the fibers contained Agrobacterium, a genus gram-negative bacteria with the capacity of transforming plant, animal and even human cells.

    Morgellon’s disease is not the only condition associated with genetically modified foods. A growing body of evidence has shown that it may cause allergies, immune reactions, liver problems, sterility and even death. Moreover, based on the only human feeding experiment conducted on genetically modified food, it was established that genetic material in genetically modified food product can transfer into the DNA of intestinal bacteria and still continue to thrive.
    Heeding the warning
    Time and again, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has warned that GMOs pose a serious threat to health, and it is no accident that there can be a correlation between it and adverse health effects. In fact, the AAEM has advised doctors to tell their patients to avoid GMOs as the introduction of GMOs into the current food supply has correlated with an alarming rise in chronic diseases and food allergies.

    This should come as no surprise. More than 30 years ago a food supplement called L-trytophan killed 100 people and affected 5,000 to 10,000 more. The cause was narrowed down to the genetic engineering process used in its production. If the symptoms had not had three simultaneous characteristics – namely, they were unique, acute and fast-acting – the disease could never have been identified.

    If science could assure us with certainty that serious consequences do not wait for us at the end of the line, it might be to our best interest to let this opportunity pass. Progressive thinking in terms of profit is certainly not wrong. But to brush off precaution on the convenient argument that there is not enough evidence to prove that GM food is indeed harmful is sheer irresponsibility. It certainly is a lame excuse to offer in the event that GM foods are indeed proven to contain health hazards.

    Sources for this article:

    Learn more:

    • dividingcricker said:

      Barbra This is a very good post giving a one two three aspect of gmos and there harm The american public just hasn t seen the connection yet. When the soccer -pta moms get the connection there in trouble. Its at least getting back to the point of this information getting to those who need it…..Great Work!!!! As for everybody else try switching to a organic diet. Its a chalange but very workable. Whatever you can do to hurt the gmo products and help the organic is good. Some products I use Ive called the or email the company and some of the products are gmo some are not gmo tested but are safe and the people are very up front telling me that the customers that are calling to find out have gone though the roof.. So stay on top of the diet and tell family and friends. The ministers will tell the flocks. Tell the moms Print that paper out and hand it to them . I found almost the same info on a anti-gmo web Ive been using it Good Luck From D C

      • barbara miller said:

        i don’t have morgellons, but i have a friend who does. i try to keep up with stuff about it. i can’t believe the friend who sent me this sent me this. we’ve never talked about morgellons. seems the word is getting out!!

        • dividingcricker said:

          Really seems this has been a news worthy year for monsanto and gmos I follow the stock and I feel this labeling law in california is really got them up against the wall. They do have alot of money and the weight of the us government behind them so nothing is off the table , China rejected a rice deal . Poland seem to have kicked them to the curb . Indina has made gmos against the law in the largest states. Many states are working around the Labeling law and informing the public how dangerious gmos are AND they are linking the gmo-roundup to autism ALLin THIS Year. ITS a BIG Year. Hope your friend is doing ok. I was on a glutin free diet and already trying to stay ahead of the devil on health. That is probably why i didn t become so Ill but I got Ill enough and i m still not anywhere near healthy or cured. If your friend needs suggestions giveme a buzz Im pretty go at helping….

      • sharon said:

        More on GMO’s the latest study proves, GMO RNA transfers to the cells causing major damage to organs, especially the liver and reproductive systems. Thsi came from Mike Adams from natural News though posting came from Real Food TV.

        Contribute to the Money Bomb y’all!!

  82. So fine to come across fellow targets, Name is Kat severely bent but never will break, this one blinsided me hard, damage was done TO MY CHARACTER in nanno seconds my doc rolls his eyes at me friends have doubt in their eyes towards me and the worse one of all is my own fear for friends and family I may be contagious, however IM IN I will do all I can if there are ANY ROADS NEEDED TO GO DOWN THAT I CAN TAKE WITH U ALL I WILL BE AN ADVOKAT FOR MORGELLONS 60 YRS. OLD BATTLING ALL THE PHYSICAL SYMTOMS BUT MOST OF ALL THE BATTLE IS IN MY EMOTIONAL BODY, DOIN MIND OVER MATTER CONTINUOUSLY, SO POSSIBLE THEY WILL GETAWAY TOTALLY GET AWAY WITH THIS ONE…………….THEY OWN MAINSTREAM MEDICINE…. OK WHOOPS I GOT Carried away THERE, OK, FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE GIVE OUR ENERGY TO THE MOST PEACEFUL PATH OF BEING HEARD I GOT I GOT IT. Been dealin’ with this condition for 4 years, biting ones tounge is yet another side affect!! IM DOIN ALL THE ORGANIC HOMEOPATHIC POSSIBLE,
    I also have had the insect/plant mutations raise off my hands and if we can get past that science fiction movie part of it and not snap, are doin’ alright, focus, breathe, if we are calm our disease IS CALM, EASIER TO DESTROY, HAVE A STRONG FEELING IT WILL TAKE A MAGNETIC FREQUENCY TYPE THING TO RID OF IT TOTALLY FROM SYSTEM, my main concern is when and if they make it to our brains, THEN WE MIGHT LOOSE THE AWARENESS TO FIGHT! LOVE, LIGHT, HEART and humor, hopefully one day morgellons will just be a rumor………Oh, one more thing, I met Patch Adams, the Real Patch, he was eating dinner at a local restaurant in town AND I FOLLOWED HIM TO HIS CAR HAD A BRIEF TALK, TOLD HIM I WAS JUST RECENTLY DIAGNOSED WITH MORGELLONS, HE RESPONDED…..”FRIGGIN CHEMTRAILS, “FRIGGIN GMO’S”, ” BOUND TO GET US ALL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER” ‘IT’S IN THE AIR WE BREATHE, THE FOOD WE EAT, THE DIRT WE WALK ON”, ” IF THERE WAS NO MONEY IN MEDICINE THERE WOULD BE WAY LESS DISEASE” THEN I ASKED FOR HIS AUTOGRAPH ON MY PLACEMAT HE WROTE, “HEY KAT, U JUST TELL ALL THEM DOCTORS YOU NEED LESSGELLONS AND U NEED IT NOW ” THAT TINY Interaction with him gave me a new outlook and a new inner strength, that is a true doctor, laughter, should be all prevailing I was GETTING CLOSE TO A STATE OF DEPRESSION WHICH I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE, SO ALONE THIS IS A VERY LONELY CONDITION WHEN U R a single person on 160 acres, used to have all kinds of folks happen by, not anymore and I don’t blame them, I TELL THEM ALL I’D NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF IF THEY CAUGHT IT FROM ME ………. so now I will leave you all in hopes we can all band together from every site, I for one will march to the CDC building, any building anywhere anytime with all of you, let’s do it, round em up calling all morggies!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow I HAVEN’T HAD A CONVERSATION WITH ANYONE I COULD TOTALLY RELATE TO FOR SO LONG, MAYBE JUST MAYBE WE CAN CONQUER THIS THING TOGETHER, AT LEAST WE CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER WITHOUT THE WORRY OF NOT BEING BELIEVED,I FEEL BETTER ALRERADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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