Casual Observations

First, let me say that I’m finally working on a “Welcome” page for first timers who have recently discovered that they suffer from this condition. It will be a page that urges them to remain calm, not try dangerous self treatments, not to believe in the wonder cures, and to avoid reading forums that are full of scary and fantastic information. It’s not that I want everyone to come to this site, there are other good sites and I link to many of them in my Blogroll section. I think the Welcome Page is going to be a wonderful addition to this site.

Also, I rarely ever have have to refuse comments on threads on this site. It’s amazing how wonderfully grounded you all are. I recently disallowed two posts and my apologies go out to those people. One was from Deborah from CT with claims of a doctor curing all manners of disease. Now, it might be true, but it might not be, and I don’t want sick and desperate people coming to this site and getting taken for what little money they have left. Also, another post was from a supposed participant in the CDC Study, the story was so fantastic that I could not post it, sorry Matthew. Both Mathew and Deborah are certainly welcome here, but I have to watch I allow to be posted here, to protect the readers and to prevent this site from being discredited.

As far as the campaign goes, things are going well, hopefully in a month or so the entire plan will be revealed and you will be able to see how you can help. Not surprisingly, the campaign kick off video was not all that well received on many Morgellons forums, it seems the camps just cannot come together still to this very day. I made a post on the MDR and the thread was locked after 4 posts, the post somebody made on LymeBusters though read many times had no comments for days, finally, today, I see someone posted this message to it.

wow…..sad to see no one else responding to this post. not surprising just sad. thanks for posting pdidit and thank you mr. commonsense, you have my full support. please contact me if i can help in anyway.

This has no effect on the campaign, trust me, we are going to be successful on this. Please don’t post negative responses about certain forums, they play a role, and for those that can handle the rough and tumble atmosphere, it works for them.

Meanwhile, everyone is busy devouring this outlandish (“hogwash”) story about a CDC worker on the inside who became infected with Morgellon’s (read here …) that they were studying. It’s a load of absolute hogwash and the kind of nonsense I refuse to blog about or allow to be posted here. If you want to read that kind of stuff you’ll have to surf the forums. Yes, I did post a link to it here but only to make a point. I have nothing against those that post those kinds of stories. It’s not a matter of disliking a person, it’s a matter of maintaining credibility and protecting the readers from undue anxiety. Also, stories like that if believed, are enough to make one go out and try all kinds of things without a doctors supervision, and that is exactly the kind of mistake I hate to see people make. I know first hand, because I was that desperate person once, and did those things. That is part of why I started this blog. But remember, I am not the keeper of the truth, anything I post should be filtered by your truth detector. And as always, work with your doctor on any protocol you may be trying.

I hope to have my “Welcome” page posted within a week.


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  1. How do you know that story about the CDC worker is “hogwash?”
    Do you have any information or a reliable source that would negate it that you would like to share? Or is this you speaking from a sense of disbelief/knee jerk response? What is your source for saying that?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Ayla, (you know I like you and I’m glad you asked). I simply don’t believe it’s true. If it was true this person would be talking to a Washington Times reporter or someone that could truly protect his identity. It might come to a surprise to you (or maybe not) that when you post on forums your IP address is recorded (it’s not shown on most forums though some do actually show the IP address). From the IP address can you find the exact person who made the post (you might have to subpoena the ISP but it can be done). Your IP address is assigned by an ISP the moment you connect to the internet and some IP’s are even static, that is, always the same for you. A person with information that dangerous would just not be that stupid as to go up and post on forums. Also, the source on the link in the original article, no longer works, so there is no source to even “source” the original story from.

      I have actually tracked down individuals from nothing more than an IP address, more than one time too, that is to say, tracked it down to the persons actual home.

      Finally, it’s really not up to me to disprove his story, he needs to offer the proof, I’m not the one making the claim.

      My point is this however. I know how desperate I was when I was in the thick of this mess, if I read this story and thought I was infected with some crazy super parasitic worm I might run out and try all kinds of dewormers without a doctor’s supervision, that’s what many of us did, it was a big mistake and I HIGHLY recommend nobody take that course, ever.

      We have many enemies, and they love to feed us stories like this so we’ll post them and them talk all about them. This has a two pronged effect; first, it totally discredits us to the outside world for believing in such fantastic conspiracy theories. After all, who typically believes in that kind of stuff? The mentally unstable that’s who, and that’s exactly who they are trying to paint us out to be. Secondly, it causes some folks to “lose it” and try dangerous self-treatments. If it’s reported in the news that some person suffering from Morgellons died from crazy self-treatments because they believed in crazy stories going around within the Morgellons community, well, then they have done more damage than we could imagine.

      This is not my quote but I’ve always liked it:

      “A lie travels around the world while the truth is still strapping its boots on”

      Anyone and everyone is perfectly free to believe that story. But I don’t, and won’t. It comes from those that want to discredit us. If this person comes forward and offers undeniable proof I’ll freely admit I was wrong. Why doesn’t he go to the press instead of posting on what is certainly a comparatively insignificant Morgellons forum compared to a major newspaper?

      The onus of proof falls to the one making the claim.

      • This is good. I appreciate your explaining about the ISP address because that is an important piece of the puzzle in discovering credibility and source. Sometimes I think you react quickly to things you might not agree with, so I wanted to hear from your mouth how you knew the post was bogus.

        That I asked it out loud, here, was intentional on my part. I’m sure other people were thinking the same thing and now that you’ve explained how you knew the post was false clarifies your statement (and position) much better. It also will put the issue to bed for many who read the original post on the MDR forum, but may not understand the technical ways in which to trace a source.

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          It’s more than just the IP address though, it’s motive, what good does it to to post a story like that on the forums, it it’s true this person should be going to a real, professional media outlet, but they don’t, they just drop the bomb in a forum and let it work its magic. My thought is this, if the story is true, and the source can even be found (not likely) tell them to go the media or simply take thier story to some bigfoot/ufo sight.

          • If this were a true story, taking it to the media would be the likely thing to do. However, the media hasn’t done a whole lot for us—thousands ill with a possible pandemic, so I wouldn’t count on them to reveal the story even if his fiction were true.

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          I am not the only one who thinks like this, a comment from “ahopeful” up there, made long before my post.

          hmm sorry folks, not convinced by any means. If fruit fly, where does this nematode connection come from. This is an entirely different species. Ability to mutate is one thing, to change entire species another. Why the curiously specific 54 km per hour, and 84% likelihood if 3 or more symptoms etc. If it is bogus then I agree with the above posters, this sort of thing is really damaging to people genuinely suffering.

  2. Deborah McDonald said:

    Mr Common Sense,

    I understand very well your concerns and applaud them.
    Please research for yourself Dr. Savely Yurkovsky
    and FCT (Field Control Therapy).
    Thank you and best wishes (I am greatly in agreement with a movement to bring influence wherever we can -CDC or otherwise – as this is a most important issue)

  3. Dear Mr. Common Sense,

    Thank you for bringing some integrity to a very real and rapidly spreading dangerous situation. Of course there will always be extremists on both sides of any issue that thrive on challenging anything and everything. So I applaud you for presenting the facts as you know them, and encouraging your readers to make their own conclusions by taking what applies and discarding the rest.

    When I first became aware of this crazy creature (whatever it is!), I started a website hoping to draw attention from the medical community. Then of course I became aware that there are many websites already out there with the same objective. So I thought “Why reinvent the wheel?” and learned to join and post on them. At that point I had already personally contacted the CDC (even reaching the associate director of the parasitic division); but like many others before me, hit a hard wall with canned responses. So I wrote on my website the following:

    What is even more disturbing is to learn that different sources on the Internet document how the CDC has known of this parasite for over a decade without public acknowledgment!

    So why would they keep quiet about a potential health hazard that they know exists and is rapidly spreading? One guess is that they are rightfully trying to avoid mass panic. Imagine this: global news broadcasts how the CDC just announced a new human parasite. They state that the parasite already lives in the majority of our homes and then begin describing this sci-fi bug and all of its forms (like flying and biting, burrowing in your skin, floating intelligently, swimming in the bath, internal/external fibrous strands that are made of unknown material or external fibers that animate movement like a snake). They also share how it rapidly reproduces and lives in many kinds of fibrous material throughout our homes (including clothes, furniture, and beds). They finish with how they’ve learned of certain chemicals that can stun or weaken it, but that presently there are no known treatments that can effectively kill it without also killing people and animals. Can you imagine the mass panic that would occur all over the world and how people would simply avoid going in public altogether?

    Other reasons why they have kept it quiet include:

    – They want to have an effective cure before they announce it to the public.
    – They’re ignoring it as a real threat because they’re sure that someone else (a victim, researcher, etc.) will eventually find what works just so they can swoop in and announce there’s a new disease but it has a cure.
    – Or worse, perhaps the CDC–itself–is responsible for actually creating it and “accidentally” exposing it to the public. So, they’re taking advantage of a “fortunate” accident because it allows them to study public exposure to biological warfare. (I’m sorry…if this is the case, I never signed up to be a test subject!)

    Clearly there are countless conspiracy theories out there as to why they have kept quiet. But the fact is:

    REGARDLESS of their reasons, the CDC has an ethical responsibility to let the public know of any potential health concerns—with or without known solutions—and advise on known preventions/interventions in order to help us avoid potential epidemics.

    Please keep doing what you are doing. Eventually enough of the public will become aware (either through personally suffering from it or knowing someone else who does) and proper attention will be drawn to require the attention and research it deserves.

    In the meantime, please be aware that I have experienced new forms of this thing that I have not yet seen documented. One form is a thread that animates like a snake when subjected to a simple, homemade solution of Borax, raw organic cider vinegar, Epsom Salts, and water. I imagine it has not yet been detected because a thread that is found lying around anywhere in your home is 100% unsuspicious and I don’t know anyone else who has taken the time to “test” it. But I have found these things around my home and am mortified by its behavior! I posted a video on YouTube that I shot on my desk in my home office just 1 hour after demonstrating that exact same thread and behavior to a dermatologist (yet after seeing it animate AND looking at it under a microscope, I will still dismissed with Delusional Parasitosis! I guess the doctor was delusional then too?). Most of these “threads” are fibers from my parrots’ toys that are very much like strands of sisal rope or coconut fibers. Although I was able to track one of the toys down to the Philippines, I don’t believe that is where they originated from because I’ve seen it react in other types of threads (like the one in the video which is a striated thread like that off a sewing spool). I’m not posting this to cause question or panic. I’m only sharing this information so people can also become aware that whatever these things are also take other forms than just the fibers shown under a microscope.

    I wish you (and all of us) restored health sooner than later. Thank you again for all you are doing.


  4. This desease is worse than aids,atleast they have some medications,and some are been treated and live normal lives,instead this condition is categories as a mental problem,because they dont take the time to listen to the patients,looking for some help,i dont knowwere it came from,but this is avery real and terrible nightmare,we have to united,and be heard,this desease is not going away,it is yust getting started, May God help us all.

  5. Robin Laws said:

    All I wanna say right now is thank God for you MRC! You’ve always been and remain to be a very solid rock for us! I’m so grateful to you… as I know each and every one of us morgies out there are! I love you bunches!!

  6. The welcome page is an excellent idea! I know I could have used one. Just knowing you’re not alone in the experience makes life a whole lot better.

  7. Thank you so much for all that you do to help others with this. I come to this site to help relieve the pain of being alone and disbelieved. I am in shock everyday how badly this condition is viewed by the very people who are professionally responsible for finding it’s cause and treatment. How can that be found, if they refuse to look any further than their own misconceptions. It’s like a battle of the wills. I have never in my life seen a medical condition treated that way. First cause no harm. My heart sinks everytime I think of how many doctors discounted not only my symptoms, but went straight for my reality with piercing disregard for my welfare. Which quite honestly I could forgive, if someone, anyone, would do real and unbiased research, unlike what Mayo just did. I shudder to think what it is going to take to turn this around. But yet, I still wonder, how on Earth did the door get closed in the first place? I hope we can make an impact on some level through the works of your new plan for action. I think anyone involved would be happy to have a voice through that kind of avenue.

  8. Since learning what was behind all of my years of “crazy” symptoms this past July, I have searched for answers all over the place. I found sites that told me I was mentally ill, (ok, I’ve had panic attacks, I can accept that) I’ve found sites that tell me what I’m seeing doesn’t really exist, (nope, can’t accept that one, I wear glasses, but I can see fine) and I’ve learned that doctor’s are the last ones who will be of any help. I visited several sites before I found this one, and I ran into some really strange ideas from what I must assume are really strange people. I have chosen to only come here, and to sites recommended by Mr. CS because I find reasonable discussion, and hope here. Today has been really bad for me as I’ve just recently developed a few lesions on my face, and now I’ve “dug” out what I guess I should say “looks like” larvae. It’s gross and disgusting. My grown kids don’t want to talk about it at all. They tell me to go to a doctor. Finding one who won’t have me committed or throw out the samples I would like for them to look at under a stronger microscope than I own, in this state, (WV) has so far been impossible. I’ve been keeping a journal of my experiences with this disease basically because it helps keep me sane. But some evenings I just sit and cry in despair. WHO would want BUGS living in them? Whatever I can do to help bring this “closet” disease to the public, I’m all for it. Just let me know what steps to take. Thank you SO much for being here!

  9. Mr C as time and my life roll on once in a while I do check the forums “once a month or so” and can just shake my head at what I read. Do you know when your in line at the supermarket and quickly glance over at those crazy magazines that read” Bigfoot found… UFO beam up grandma for lunch.. and Elvis is still alive hiding in Connecticut”? I just laugh and wonder to myself “who the hell would believe this crap and pay money for this stuff?” Well sadly I feel that what we are becoming just that and it really hurts me because I know that unlike those magazines this is very REAL. But with what some “suffers” are posting on others forums witth there conspiracy Theory’s and the like. It must look like we are no different too people who have never had this awful condition before . I honestly believe that because of this others will suffer much longer with this condition than they have too as a result of these bat shit crazy posts. And that is nothing to joke about it’s a tragedy.

  10. MCS. I was very perplexed as to why your thread was locked on MDR, and most saddened about your story on lymebuster which I tend to avoid on account of a very high “crazy” index.

    I should add that I agree that this “CDC leak” seems completely inauthentic. And I applaud any effort to control the snake oil salesmen who leech off this community, like the very parasites they claim to cure.

    There are rational and intelligent people affected by this “M”. It is our duty to counter the conspiracies and try and deal with the facts – at least in public facing communications. We want recognition and genuine research. We must look to ourselves to achieve this as it is now clear it will not happen without a fight.

    There are more of us in the UK thinking exactly this (have you seen morgellonsUK – the real site not the bogus one). I urge you to join forces. I believe there are several strategies planned, and “in house” knowledge of science, PR and lobbying that I hope will help turn the tide. I may well contribute myself.

    And one more thing. ME/CFS went through the same thing but is now – just about accepted by the “nedical community”.

    Here is an extract from–ia-articles/what-is-me/classification-conundrum.

    “Much of the difficulty arises from the concept of ‘medically unexplained’ symptoms. There is nothing innate about this. What may be medically unexplained to one generation of doctors may be perfectly capable of explanation to the next, given the onward march of science.

    It is entirely wrong to assign a person to a category of psychiatric illness because his or her symptoms are medically unexplained. Such a label points more to a deficiency in doctors because of their inability to explain symptoms, than in the patient. Indeed to assign someone to the wrong category on the basis of a false understanding of the nature of the illness and its context is an example of a well-known phenomenon which psychologists term ‘fundamental attribution error.’”


  11. I’m curious as to why *no one* has created a Morgellons group on Meetup yet. I did a search for the whole US and came up with nothing. I know this disease still has a bad rap and is sketchy to talk about. That, coupled with how (I imagine) most people who have it do NOT want to be associated with it, makes it very difficult for people to band together to support each other. But I’d think by now someone would have started a group. (Meetup is quite powerful–and effective–and now worldwide.) Am I just missing it altogether?

  12. regardless of the parasite type, oxygen deprivation seems a more logical approach than poison. parasites can develop antigens to many poisons and the host can suffer from poisons as well. of interest is that some psoriasis sufferers have claimed to be cured by sauna suits. the poster claims not to know the mechanism, but seems to me that no oxygen (ok smothering) hurts the wee buggers (whatever their names are). possibly the same mechanism as slathering oneself in oil? any sauna suit experiences here?

    • This is an interesting and logical guess but my experience with this thing leads towards the contrary. These things don’t seem to die. Aside from flushing or burning them, I can’t seem to kill them. I’ve soaked them in ammonia overnight (under liquid with no air and limited oxygen), they recover. I’ve frozen them in the freezer for weeks (clearly sealed off from oxygen), they recover, I’ve sealed them inside a ziplock baggie, inside another ziplock baggie, inside a bubble wrap mailer for MONTHS and they recover. So it seems they do not *need* air to survive. I’ve learned that they hate hydrogen peroxide which led me to learn about oxygenating (and alkalizing) the blood. This seems to be fairly effective for me to put them at bay in my body (perhaps it is even killing them but I’m being reinfected all the time because they are in the environment). Much of the research I’ve done talks about how nothing bad can live in pure oxygen–even cancer. And it makes sense that they are in our multiplying environment because the oxygen levels on the planet are compromised by all of the pollution. So I’m now at the point now where I’m thinking/wondering if one part of eradicating them completely is through the use of, rather than the deprivation of, oxygen. Thoughts?

  13. BuggysBeGone,w/this month being five years into having morgellons,literally within the last few days i am wondering about the oxygen thingy as well…morgellons seems to thrive off of oxygen…i soaked in a bath just this morning that included two 16 oz bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide … white fibers would poof right up out of my skin as well as to fall out of my hair as i brushed it following the soak. i’m still trying to figure out how to remove this god awful stuff from my brain…a contrast MRI showed brain lesions due to the “infection”…the budwig protocol seems to help most re: ingesting something to address the symptoms.word is the budwig protocol oxygenates the truly seems to help my brain to function better.ya’ll know, G Webster

    • Hi G. Clearly this is a horrible condition that causes us to turn to more drastic attempts to rid ourselves of it. Unfortunately, as time goes on without an results of a cure, many of the measures people will take are toxic and dangerous to our health. So please be careful with the treatments you do. Remember, the goal is to get healthy again, not rid ourselves of these things only to find that the measures we took to do so left us in a worse condition than when we had it (man that sounds really nice…when we HAD it!).

      I’ve had to do some VERY deep soul searching to finally get to a place of acceptance. See, I’ve learned that through diet and lifestyle, I can keep this thing at bay. There may even be times where I’ve eliminated much of it from my body. So, as I’m sure you’ve experienced too over 5 years, there is great discord when they come back with a vengeance on another flare up. I was amazed to see how much I was surprised each time they did because I think the mind wants to hope so badly that the nightmare is finally over. But I finally moved into a place of acceptance that these doggone things are truly here to stay until more of the world gets involved because I believe they are primarily coming from our environment. So I had to realize that no matter how many individual efforts I make to rid myself of it, it didn’t really solve the problem and kept coming back. That was a double edged sword that was more of a blessing than a curse because it led me down a path to get as healthy as I can because, really, in the end is all I can really do for myself to keep this at bay plus has so many other beautiful effects in my life! So instead of focusing on destroying them (which they seem to feed on that challenge!) and letting that effort dominate my life, I choose to focus on increasing health (which they seem to hate because the energy that envelopes them seems intent to distract me from anything positive/forward moving in my life. 🙂 It’s harder than hell sometimes to flat out ignore them when they get right in my face, under my nose, and in my way as I’m trying to move forward in life. Sometimes I still fail and find myself slipping back into their lure. But most times I can now move past it from knowing I have a higher agenda. I sincerely pray to your Higher Power that you can get to that place too.

      I met a guy in Daytona Beach, FL at a health food store called Michaels. He taught me how to SAFELY oxygenate my blood with 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. There is a very easy regimen but **you have to follow it closely if you want to keep it safe.** You have to go into it very slowly to allow your body time to adjust because if you don’t, you will experience too many symptoms that are unpleasant from the detox happening too quickly. Anyway, that combined with other recommended protocol with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (like spraying toilet paper before wiping, keeping a bottle in the bathroom to spray down your body after a shower, etc) have seemed to work very well for me in keeping this thing under better control. If you are interested, you can call them and ask them to send you the information or you can research it yourself online. Their number is 386-267-9000.

      Another treatment that I have found to be quite effective is acupuncture. Granted…you REALLY have to be selective on who you see and find the right doctor who truly understands TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and knows how to use/combine knowledge, experience, and intuition to properly treat you. But when you find that kind of doctor, the results can be astonishing. There have been times where I’ve left the office feeling euphoric for several days (which is so welcome when you experience the heaviness of this condition on a daily basis).

      No matter what treatments you decided to go with, please be careful and gentle in how you treat your body. As hard as it is to shift our focus sometimes, we have to remember this thing is greater than ourselves and I believe will soon affect even larger populations. As they become infected and aware of this, they will be looking to us for examples on what to do and not to do. Which example would you prefer to be? 🙂 If it’s the former, the best way to help yourself and those around you right now is to get your body as healthy as possible. That way you will be stronger when others are going through the hell we’ve already endured.

      My blessings go out to you and everyone who is aware of this nightmare in their lives.


      • buggysbegone,thank you for your prayer.gayla

        • Just an aside folks , this is jmho. Stay away from MDR, it is useless.
          There is one relentless poster/disruptor there who has an immediate negative google/wiki reaction to all suggestions no matter how non toxic they are.
          It would not surprise me to discover that this poster is a cdc plant or gov’t worker.

          Best wishes and God’s blessings to all for a Happy Halloween!

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