While you’re watching this video think about the tawdry 350k they spent on our “supposed” study as they workout in their state-of-the-art excercise center complete with 30,000 sauna’s, quite rooms, and zero gravity chairs fitted with mood enhancing lights for their employees. I figure they must need all these things because, as we all know, they are working feverishly night and day to discover the cause of Morgellons Disease.

Please, Everyone watch this video. Click on the image.


Comments on: "CDC – Where does the money go?" (24)

  1. Robin Laws said:

    UNBELIEVABLE… but no surprise either!

    • Disgusting but not surprising. Seems more and more the $ bill trumps anything. Makes one wonder if there ever was legit research done on Morgellons.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I’ve been watching JAMA and other journals for the CDC Report on Morgellons, of course, it never shows up. But what does show up is all kind of nonsense and I believe politically motivated (as in politically correct BS) like obesity and crap like that which is being driving by special interest groups to further whatever whacky agenda’s they have.

    Click on this link:

    and scroll down to the “From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” section. I’ve watched this for every issue, alot of it pure and utter nonsense when their are real pressing issue’s facing our world.

    I mean “Chemical Suicides in Automobiles—Six States, 2006-2010” ? Really, honestly, that’s what they’re spending thier time on, how about spending some time on those of us that actually want to live?

    And “Trends in In-Hospital Newborn Male Circumcision—United States, 1999-2010” was this done to fuel the whacko’s in San Francisco trying to ban Circumcision, my guess is probably so.

    And finally “Prevalence of Obesity* Among Persons Aged 20-79 Years, by Sex—Canada, 2007-2009, and United States, 2007-2008

    The CDC is a political tool at this point, nothing more.

  3. Where is the OUTRAGE.

  4. MCS…this is an excellent find and quite appalling for people to hear of yet another example about how our tax dollars are misused. Honestly, I worked at the CDC for about 2 years and I can personally testify how poorly it is run and managed. To put it mildly, there is a lot of “dead wood” working there because once you are accepted as a permanent employee, you’re pretty much set for life with job security and almost literally have to break the law to get fired. For example, the center where I worked was blocks away from a strip club and one manager was known to have “assistants” who were in school come and “help him/study” in his office behind a closed door. Another time when they did actually let an employee go, they found his lower desk drawer FILLED with closed beer cans as they cleared his office. So clearly, there are significant gaps where our dollars could be better spent. On the other hand, they do get some valuable work done in the favor of human populations. It’s just unfortunate that they are just another example of how some of the workhorses in the world are making up for all the freeloaders. Wouldn’t this world be an amazing place if everyone just did their part??

    (P.S. Trisha…I believe the lack of outrage is directly correlated with a lack of knowledge. We don’t hear on the news about this kind of thing much because organizations like the CDC AND THE MEDIA are directly linked to/controlled by the government (and we all know the ultimate objective of the government is to make sure money is flowing into the economy. Unfortunately, one way to do this is to keep people sick.) So, it will really take an effort from the masses to effectively get the word out and until people start to shift their thinking from an individualistic to a more collective point of view, I don’t see significant changes around this.)

  5. Here is a model for how medical research could and should go (my opinion). How fantastic and effective would an “Open- Source” approach to Morgellons be?

    • I could not get to this site. I think credible research on Morgellons depends upon where it came from. No one knows for exactly sure where or how it gave birth. If this is something not out of nature but created in a scientific lab, there is no reason why research would be funded by anyone if something is trying to be hidden. More and more it appears this way, but as I said, no one knows. There are no knowns about Morgellons except for the people who have it and know what the go through, what is does financially, and what it can do to relationships. Those are the only real “knowns.” Agree?

      • Posey, I’m going to disagree with you. I think there are definite patterns found in Morgellons sufferers. In addition to obvious physical evidence (fibers, lesions, specks), the study by Harvey, et. al.2009 documents systemic physiologic symptoms (such as low core temp./ high heart rate, high rate of endocrine disorders) and the 2010 write up by Amin indicates the symptoms occur on a spectrum. Detox work appears to help manage or elimination of symptoms. The “Open Source” approach I mention above could more simply be called- professional sharing. If you look at the 32 Morgellons related research pieces on pubmed.gov, the majority start out with the flawed premise this condition is delusional; it is high time this crock was buried! I think we need the best of the best to come together and look at Morgellons seriously. The suffering needs to end.

        • Here here Joe. Well said.

          Posey…I agreed with you entirely on the origin of Morgellons until I saw the video MCS recently posted from the story on the History Channel. That video got me thinking. This bug is most certainly not from Earth’s nature. Perhaps it was created in a lab. But the inference from the video plus the fact that these things hate oxygen have me wondering if it is from space due to meteor/commet activity. Did you know that Nov 3-8 Earth is passing right through the tail of Elenin (a comet that we’ve never seen before. See orbit on Nasa website at: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=elenin;orb%3D1=;cov%3D0=;log%3D0=;cad%3D0=;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb as well as: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news171.html)?? If this bug is from space and not from a lab, it is possible that what may be coming our way could be far worse. My God how I hate to even think about that because Morgellons is such a nightmare all by itself. I just see this is as more reasons to do whatever I can to get as healthy as I can now–while I can.)

          It also made sense that they may be from space when the video talked about how humans see things that can live in outer space as exotic because they can live without oxygen yet they (if there are such creatures) would see us as exotic because we *can* live in oxygen. I think the latter point of view is possibly more accurate since Earth’s atmosphere is quite unique for our universe. Anyway, the fact that these creatures struggle with high levels of oxygen leads me to think that they may have originated from space rather than a lab (perhaps they were grown/enhanced in a lab…but *originated* from space). It puzzles me how they are found all over the world. If they were lab-produced, the ease of transportation these days would make the widespread of it quite easy but I’d think if they started a laboratory experiment, the entity/ies that are responsible for creating/studying it would have done so in remote areas (say the North Pole???) where there was no chance of it filtering into populated areas. They survive without air as well as being frozen, so studying them in hostile environments like one of the Poles doesn’t seem like it would affect it much.

          Here’s a thought…there is a crystal that was once widely available and is now much harder to find called Moldavite. It comes from a meteor that hit Earth long ago but it is estimated that 275 tons of it were scattered around the world. Today, it is the only crystal (that I know of) sold to mankind that is truly not from this planet. I have a piece of it that I used to wear often but after seeing MCS’s video and thinking about it, I looked back and saw that my awareness of these things started close to the time I got that crystal. I’m wondering if anyone else with Morgellons has it, has knowingly come across it, or knows someone else who is into crystals that may either have one or been around one? I’m not speculating, just curious that’s all.

          Anyway…just some food for thought.


  6. Incredible bunch. Seems the CDC fits with the world trends and even the FB trends these days.
    PUT UP SMOKE AND MIRRORS to cover your real intent!!!
    A front for covering for the tight system that is in place to control give nothing in return.
    But we know the nature of the beast don’t we?
    I am wondering why we even count on the CDC at all?
    It is we who are studying,those labs on the IRB boards that will get this where it needs to be.
    There are good people working on this who do not desire to be known,nor the power,and most definitely would never go on FB.
    This is a relief and restores hope.
    If we only hope in the CDC,which to me represents government,we would be doing the same thing as trusting that every person who runs things on the internet is who they claim to be.

  7. No wonder we havent heard anything from CDC, they ve been busy with their state of the art new toys, while thousands of people sittining in suffering and waiting for an answer. I too personally have given up any hope getting any answers from CDC. Our faith is in our own hands…..

    • yep. This is a very sad but very true statement. I believe the CDC is either very knowledgeable about this and using strict strategy on *when* to tell the public, or they really don’t know/don’t care to much about it because no one is dying from it yet (yeah, right). So they are sitting back and letting the public and private sectors do all the work so they can swoop in at the “right time” to make the announcement along with a cure/treatment. Regardless, their approach (or shall we say lack of) is IMMORALE and against everything they claim to be/do! I am nearly outraged by their lack of action and passive aggressive attempts to keep this so hush hush. So very sad. So very disappointing.

      All we can do right now is continue to amass support from others while taking full responsibility on getting ourselves as healthy as we possibly can–both of which are extremely challenging.

  8. I think at the base of this disease is the unknown protozoan, It was found because the Labs had
    *Specialized highly expensive equipment
    *Patented a stain process that would find unknown amoeba/protzoan hiding under layers of biofilm.
    Both, which equipment to use and what process to use, determined through research and development,and thousands of dollars coming out of the Labs own pockets.

    When asked recently why did I think any of us could find an answer when the CDC couldn’t?
    I came unglued to say the least. – but held my calm and simply asked back:
    “Does the CDC have the correct equipment that serious research labs have? Do they know the specialized blood stain process that will find an unknown parasite/amoeba/protozoan that is hiding under layers of biofilm?
    We are dealing with an unknown, it takes ‘EXTRA’
    *Correct process and procedure
    *Correct Equipment
    *Purity of Intent

    Even if you do the simplest test in a lab, if the process is the wrong one- What will it show?
    If the wrong equipment is used, what good does it do?
    You can throw a million Morgellons patients into the mix and still get what we are getting now from the CDC.
    For what it’s worth those are my thoughts…..still smoken.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      “Does the CDC have the correct equipment that serious research labs have? Do they know the specialized blood stain process that will find an unknown parasite/amoeba/protozoan that is hiding under layers of biofilm?”

      Here is the Official CDC Response:

      Well, ya, you got a point there mam, you see, we were going to purchase that equipment but decided to get this really cool zero gravity chair, you should see it, It even has mood lights and emits the sound of ocean waves … It didn’t really cost anything either when you think about it, the money’s free, it just shows up in our coffers …

  9. i have to say, it is a really beautiful building. What is it’s address?
    I just got a few new spots on my face and am feeling like a sauna. Am sure they wouldn’t mind. Anyone else game?

  10. Noreen, What a great idea! We could all show up wrapped in towels with our water bottles in tote and stop by the front desk to ask, “Where’s the sauna?” I love it!

  11. Spa ROBES any one?
    Lets do a Theme on our design of Robes……..
    Spa Robes the colors of the FIBERS !

    You guys QWACK ME UP!!!!!!!

  12. HHHHaaaaah hhhaaaa ! Perfect!

  13. Thought I would share this with you all, I haven’t forgotten Morgellons I am getting scads of facebook emails of people with this crap and seeing more illnesses here.


    The Earth Organization……none should survive alone.
    Love to you All,

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