Morgellons – A Mundane Approach is going to make a slight turn in direction, I know many of you are wondering what my idea’s are for the campaign, let me just say I will not be organizing any marches or petition signings. While I know many of you want some bold drastic plan of attack, the opposite will probably be true, it will be but a whisper. However, it will be more effective in the long run, and that’s what we are in for, a long run. If others want to organize marches or petition signings I say more power to you, but that’s not my plan. This will give you some insight into my decision making process, or at least how I arrived at this decision.

There is no accusation I level that I am not also guilty of …

As you read this post and get angry at me, please return to the quote above, I sincerely mean it.

The Morgellons Community – Perception to the Outside World

As we all know most think this condition is a delusion of the mind. If that was our only obstacle we wouldn’t be in too bad a shape. However, all one has to do is Google “Morgellons” and they’ll find all the evidence they need to quickly write us all off. When I first started this blog my first post was trying to pinpoint the cause. However, I no longer even care to think about what the cause is, it’s a waste of time. I am not a scientist or a doctor, period. Our community is full of well intending backyard scientists and even some real scientists. I’m not going to mention names, but we have nanotechnology, chemtrails, parasitical worms, arthropods (collembola and alike), dental materials and mercury, alien origins, Lyme disease offshoot, GMO concoctions, and the list goes on and on … (and some of those were mine !!)

I believe in large part that to the outside world looking in they can find all the evidence they need within the first page of a Google search to put us all away. Right or wrong, those are the facts on the ground. The truth is, we need to clean house.

I was watching NCIS with my wife the other night when Gibbs was interrogating a lady and he picked up one of her blond hairs, held it up and said “I have people that can take this hair and analyze it, and tell me if your mother smoked”, then he paused a moment and said “menthol or regular”. Now he was using some hyperbole there but to this day we haven’t had an analysis of the fibers which astounds me.

I am not going to focus on the cause, my focus is going to be on education and reaching and protecting those that out there without any support. First and foremost I want to make sure they do not harm themselves by self medicating with anti-parasiticals and other dangerous techniques.

Making your Perceived Enemies your Friends

We as a community have been reacting incorrectly to the medical community, it is my belief that they want to help, but lack the tools, and it’s found in their own words. Please truly take the time to read these two quotes below, not just the highlighted parts, it’s important.

Here is a brand new article on pubmed, October 2011.

Delusional infestation (DI) is a psychiatric disorder characterized by a fixed, false belief that the patient is infested with extracorporeal agents. It is known by several names, including the more commonly used term ‘delusional parasitosis’. The psychiatric disease is responsible for the cutaneous pathology. About 90% of patients with DI seek help from dermatologists, and most reject psychiatric referral. Thus, effective management requires incorporation of psychiatric principles. We report three cases of DI with inanimate materials, and examine ‘Morgellons’ disease. We believe that patients with unusual presentations of DI are likely to be seen more commonly in the future. These patients appear to be a subgroup of DI, and may be even more difficult to treat than other patients with DI.

Morgellon’s syndrome. Evidence of a microorganism causing an unexplained dermopathy.

MD (Morgellons Disease) is not going to go away. Firmly ensconced in the electrons of the Internet, the frustrated patient with severe atopy, chronic contact dermatitis, acne excoriée, prurigo nodularis, chronic urticaria, or delusional parasitosis will eventually come across it in their search. They will be greeted by like-minded and similarly afflicted individuals who will encourage them to ignore the closed-minded physicians who have been unable to help them. Dermatologists need better tools to diagnose and treat the misery of these patients and need the willpower to spend the time they need to convince their patients that even though they do not have all the answers, they will listen and they will try their best. One cannot treat MD in a 7.5-minute visit; these patients require time and education. The psychiatrists cannot help most of them and MD patients are particularly sensitive to being referred for psychiatric medications. The primary care physicians have an incomplete knowledge of how things work in the skin and will not have any answers dermatology lacks itself. One does not have to agree with the “fiber disease” concept in order to provide compassionate care. If the patient wants to call their prurigo nodularis or delusional parasitosis “Morgellon’s disease,” that is fine as long as efforts are made to steer the patient away from wasteful and sometimes hazardous “cures.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study on “unexplained dermopathy” has yet to report on its results, but when it does, clinicians should make themselves aware of how that might modify the debate.3

Do you need this volume on your shelf? No, and you probably will not need the second book that the author states is on the way. Unless you have an exceptionally large Morgellons Disease clinic population and an unusual interest in all things Morgellon’s, your publication dollars are better spent elsewhere. All dermatologists, on the other hand, need to know something about MD and need to prepare themselves to deal with sufferers who have put “itching” and “fiber” into their Internet search engine and have finally discovered the diagnosis they have been looking for. Worthless scientifically, Dr Conroy’s Morgellon’s Syndrome does still provide a detailed insight into how Morgellon’s “researchers” think and how they draw the conclusions they do.

So there you have it

From the above two articles I hope you can get a glimpse of where I want to go, and indeed I am changing the focus of this blog to that end. Doctors want to help, and while many of you might be bitter over the treatment you received you need to remember, the doctors you saw had little to no information and when we walked into their offices terribly distraught with samples we matched the profile they have been taught, what other conclusion would you have come to? We don’t have to agree that the condition is real to work together. My focus is not on getting people to believe Morgellons is real, frankly, I no longer care about that aspect.

Please take no action based on the above, don’t try to outguess what I am thinking. There are many, sadly, within our own community that like to derail all efforts but their own. The only threat to our success that concerns me will come from those within our own community who will try to derail everything I (hopefully we) are about to do. I can ensure you that this campaign will never make reference to this blog or myself or any other Morgellons site for that matter. My only goal is to help those convinced they have this condition and who are adrift at sea, terrified, and alone.

If we treat the medical community as our enemy we are failing those that need help, we don’t need to convince anyone it’s real, you know that. Besides, only true science can prove that. For those of you that have, through common sense measures, improved your health and greatly relieved many of your symptoms you know that the fear and horror are over, and life can be lived again. That’s all anybody needs in the end.

Finally, remember, as we try to slowly turn the tide of public opinion everything you post is being read by somebody, perhaps somebody considering joining in on the cause. Fear of being associated with the term Morgellons is enough to drive most away.


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  1. MelFriedman said:

    Hello Mr C,
    God bless, Never give up Hope!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Thanks Mel, and GodSpeed with your recovery, I am very happy to hear you are without pain for the first time in a long time, what a relief that must be. Your story is amazing, from being very very sick with Morgellons to now being more healthy than your pre-Morgellons days. You are a ray of hope for us all. And even more to the point, you had a doctor willing to work with you, we need our doctors.

      • MelFriedman said:

        Thanks Mr. C. for the kind words. How true it is that we need our doctors.

        I was blessed to have a doctor who is both compassionate and open minded. Her first concern was for my welfare. She knew that my disease was beyond her understanding, but she also knew I was not crazy. So we set out together to find answers following a credo that has become our website slogan, “First Do No Harm”.

        I have always admired your hutzpah. This is a great undertaking. Winning over the hearts and minds of physicians will take time and considerable effort, but I agree that the investment must be made. You certainly have my full support.

        Meanwhile, I will remain focused on helping – with common sense measures – as many of our comrades as possible who are trapped in hopelessness and despair to regain a life of meaning and productivity.

        When I was sick, the who or why of Morgellons never really mattered to me. My only focus was on recapturing my health and restoring my quality of life. Now that I am well and pain free, I realize that the miracles I have experienced are not for my benefit.

        I applaud the new direction you are taking with your message. Please let me know how we can assist.

        God Bless, Never Give up Hope,


  2. Great post. However it seems your sentiments have changed concerning the cause. However you named all the possible causes including nanotechnology etc. I really do not have the horrible dermal damage but have fibers and discombobulated system especially GI and something is up with nerves. I pray a holistic doctor can help me with that much .

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      To be honest, the word “cause” is really not even in my lexicon anymore. Nobody knows what the cause is and all the speculation is not only discrediting us but causing many to harm themselves. There are threads on many forums about it being this worm or that worm and then you have people buying antiparsiticals from oversea’s pharmacies and self treating based on such threads posted by backyard scientists, that has got to stop. Do I think it’s a worm, no I do not, but it really doesn’t matter what I think. I know people that have done ivermectin and other antiparasiticals every sing day for a YEAR and it did not cure them, it’s crazy to do such things, in fact, it’s very dangerous.

      My focus is changing, you are correct.

  3. hello mr c.m.
    and hello to everyone. in the beginning when i was really sick and most had thought i had lost my mind i remember my cousin telling me that he just really didn’t believe me. i told him him that was o.k. because all i need is for just one doctor to believe. that is all. at that time it was not o.k. that he did not believe me. i was just trying to not care. i think i was faking it till i made it. well i finally made it. when the anger subsided i was able to start healing. i started to realize that if so many doctors and people have a hard time accepting this than it is more “normal” behavior than not. these people, family, friends, doctors…they are not evil people. they just do not understand. doctors really have not been trained to deal with this. this is a big problem though because as you say mr c.s. people are out there alone and suffering.
    morgellons is definitely not “all in the head” but there truly is a significant amount of cognitive issues that come along with it. partly from the illness itself but also the fallout is pretty stressful. if this disease does not make you a little crazy you then you are a little crazy. it is hell.
    so all this is a recipe for disaster when you turn up for a doctors appointment covered in lesions, crying , hyper ventilating, talking about stuff crawling in your skin…
    i am with you mr c.s. for the now the cause is not the most important thing for someone that is suffering. we / they do not have that kind of time. humans can not live with this kind of misery and expect to wait patiently for a cause / cure. there needs to be some kind of medical attention in the meantime.
    how can we do this? we need need doctors and nurses to start coming around. a few to start than more will follow.
    i think god for the few practitioners that have opened their hearts and minds and leaned into this. that trisha s. is a good example. there are others but we need more. i do not have any answers because not long ago i was the lesion covered hyper ventilating patient. i guess i just do not speak doctor language. i am getting better though and i have noticed i am being better received. i know that sucks but we are going to have to meet these health practitioners half way and mr common sense you are a voice of reason when you you ask for all the arguing amongst ourselves to end. it has got to end.
    sorry this is a long reply but i think this it is important. i hope people do not get mad at me common sense would you consider writing about how we a patients can work on ourselves to be better patients. all you people that are suffering please do not misunderstand me. the doctors have acted atrociously! that is for sure but we need them and maybe for now we can kind of tell them what they want to hear so we can get what we need.
    i wish i knew what that was though.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Tina, I’m so glad you are making progress toward better health, you’re experience echo’s so much of mine, and I love what you said here

      Morgellons is definitely not “all in the head” but there truly is a significant amount of cognitive issues that come along with it. partly from the illness itself but also the fallout is pretty stressful. if this disease does not make you a little crazy you then you are a little crazy. it is hell. So all this is a recipe for disaster when you turn up for a doctors appointment covered in lesions, crying , hyper ventilating, talking about stuff crawling in your skin…

      You are exactly right, when we show up we not only seem crazy, we are a little crazy. It’s extremely frightening to have the sensations of “things” crawling in and under your skin, by the time a person shows up in a dermatologists office they have mostly likely been through the ringer for some time, and have been rejected by thier own family which is very hurtful.

      I really liked what you had so say, well thought out, and so representitive of the Morgellons experience. It’s probably harder for those just coming down with this condition, the thing they want most is the “magic bullet” cure to get out of this mess, that’s where the “dangerous cures” come in and the desparation to try things they shouldn’t. And what we need to do is help doctors to help those with this condition to avoid. Remember, most of these people are not on forums, on blogs, they are just suffering out there lost and afraid, I and many others eventually see the emails from them, it’s terrible.

      • I just recently seen my dermatologist again for the first time in a year and the look of amazement he had on his face when he first seen me made me feel better. He was actually able to help me some this time when before I was such a basket case it was hard for anyone to help me. He didn’t have any answers but he was more willing to help me. I still haven’t even mentioned Morgellon’s to him.

      • i was thinking about that “magic bullet”, the only thing i can say for sure about morgellons is that there is without a doubt no magic bullet. there never are magic bullets for complicated problems. there is no little bottle of pills for the state of the planet either.
        these problems we have with our health and how we have to do the work says a lot about the state of things in general and how we all have to roll up our sleeves and get in it for the long haul to find real solutions.
        morgellons has been a serious wake up call for me.

  4. My name is Rachal. I don’t post or reply much but would like to give a brief summary of what I’ve been dealing with. I can’t pinpoint when I first had symptoms due to them coming and going. I stumbled across Morgellon’s maybe a year ago when I was desperately searching for an answer. I had a severe episode close to 3 years ago. I thought I was becoming schizo, but over time I have been able to grab a hold of myself and not let myself become consumed with this illness. I have been actively doing research on this illness for about six months now and have seen many doctors. A ENT, Dermatologist, Psychiatrist, GP, Internist, and now being referred to Infectious Disease. I’ve was obsessed with the issue when it first came about but realized it only makes it worse and physicians do not take you well when you are. I have approached it in a totally different manner now explaining to doctors I do not know what it is but I just would like help. I have gotten a much better response this way. They are more willing to assist me now. My dermatologist agrees it’s something he just isn’t sure what. I totally agree with Mr. Common Sense on this post. You can’t make someone believe in something they don’t understand. My family and friends believe that I do have some type of issue now and don’t think I’m delusional, when they once did. Our best approach to addressing this illness is to be open minded and not obsessing over it. If you obsess on it, it will consume you. Not sure I make a lot of sense but I just live everyday as best I can and try my best to ignore the whatever it is that afflicts me in hope that one day soon there will be an answer or relief to it.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Rachal, you make perfect sense, I have a blog post somewhere totally dedicated to the pitfalls of obsessing over this and trying to convince family members “it’s real”.

      Your approach is absolutely correct. My advice to anyone is to be calm, do not mention the word “Morgellons”, merely explain your symptoms and ask for help. This is a very hard condition to get a handle on, both for the sufferer and the doctor. Good for you Rachal for figuring this all out. Keep us informed of your progress.

      • I will. I’ve found this site to be the most useful to me in trying to understand what is going on. I don’t have any specific theory or belief to what is actually going on, I just know it is there. I know the only way to get help is to be as open minded as possible and eventually all will work out.

  5. Mother Jones said:

    Is this the “Call to Action”? I don’t know how a whisper will help us when our cries of terror go unheard. I’m still not sure what you want us to do. Can you explain it simple laymans terms?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      No, this is is not itself the call to action.

      This is merely giving those who are curious some indication of where it is heading. Writing emails and such to the CDC will not change anything. Only when the realization comes as to how wide the impact is, and when those cries come from the doctors themselves asking for help saying “Hey, there really is something going on here” will things change.

      You said it best “our cries of terror go unheard” and they will continue to do so, that is why I am not taking that approach.

      And when I say whisper, I only mean the beginning, a small spark burns down a mighty forest. When I say whisper I mean to indicate that something so small, and so simple, and yet will have a mighty affect. There is something I am going to ask of all of you who want to be a part of this, but like I said before, it starts in 2012 which is just around the corner, things are being worked on as we speak.

  6. Patricia Morgan said:

    Excellent approach so far. I realize that frustration, crying, even hysteria are -what I think natural reactions to this – but we cannot afford them. Do we want to be right or do we want help? I want help. My hope is that enough of us will learn how to engage doctors in the way they seem to need to be engaged, that eventually the problem will be actually studied.

    I do not care about the cause anymore. If my house was on fire I would not stand around and want to know why. I would put the darn thing out- then think about why it started.It just is. I want this fire put out in my body. Maybe if we can get doctors to study this, then heal, then they might find out Why. The order of Why first is not helping us. I do not need them to understand- how could they- i would never understand if I did not experience this. Our families barely believe and understand us and we want strangers too. Even though doctors Should,even though CDC should- I am tired of shoulding on myself. – they Do Not. I accept that am and now willing to look at parameters that will work better.We are in a war for our life and our children’s future. A little guerrilla political correctness fighting would certainly be in order!!
    I have spent too much time wanting to know why. I cannot afford the energy. I need my energy to further hope and to get better. Thank you Mr. common sense. I appreciate your willingness to continue to look for ways that help us find a Solution.
    Patricia- Ohio

  7. MCS,

    I understand your change in approach. However, to be honest I must say I am disappointed. The first thing that came to mind is that someone of authority contacted you and persuasively asked you to back off.

    Being a support for those who are new to this condition is critical. I think most of us who have already been through the discovery stages wish we had more support and guidance in our beginnings too. Still, it is unclear how your change in direction is also a movement to continue helping those of us who have moved way past the initial stages.

    You’re right, we don’t want to piss off the medical communities–but my gosh what do you do when they are turning the other cheek despite THOUSANDS across the globe crying out for help with the same symptoms??

    I believe a change in approach may be warranted. However, backing off in your new approach may not be the best way to achieve your ultimate goal. (Also…without intending to be critical, your secretive Call to Action is starting to feel like there is no real plan and you’re making it up as you go. I believed differently in the beginning. Perhaps that was driven by hope.)

    My knee jerk reaction to your post was “So disappointed. I’m out.” The former still stands true but I will meditate on the latter before I make that decision.

    At a minimum, I’d like to thank you for the direction you’ve provided us so far and all of the very helpful articles, documentation, etc. It is very much appreciated.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I know my change in direction will disappoint some, but it’s something I need to do. I wasn’t contacted by anyone about stopping anything, frankly, I haven’t done actual research into the cause for a long time now. Most of my posts have been geared toward providing a place of calm.

      I do have a real plan, and it will be ready to on 2012 as stated.

      Remember, it took chronic Lyme 20+ years to make any progress, same for CFS, we are in it for the long haul, like it or not.

      Also, Senators and Congressman have asked the CDC to get moving, if they couldn’t get it done, I certainly cannot force anything to happen at that level. We need to start at the ground level, not a the top.

      My goal is not to find a cure or the cause, right now, we need to change the debate from we’re crazy to “Hey, there is something going on here” and to have that message coming from the doctors themselves. And to do that we need to provide them with the tools, how to recognize this, and advice they can offer to people they admittedly state are likely to be “seen more commonly in the future” and so on …

      We can turn the corner on this, but it won’t happen by clanging on cans and raising hell. It’s been 10 years of that already.

      I firmly believe this is the best approach, stick around and see if it doesn’t make a difference.


        • I don’t know how you feel about using things that are not truly natural. However, when I had parasites crawling all over me (no it wasn’t the internal itching, it was actual little white things I believe are Collembola), I purchased a lice product. The salt spray claims (not sure I believe it, now) to be a homeopathic remedy. It is called Lice Free and I purchased it at Wal-Mart for $9.30 including tax. It is great, in that you can use it as frequently as you like. The product states you should not spray it in your eyes. However, I was desperate for help, so I closed my eyes and kept them closed, while in the shower stall. I stood there for several minutes. When I felt easier, I would rinse off. I never had any problem at all. I looked at the ingredients, and it has some alcohol in it. If you are allergic that might be a problem for you. Although I expected it to burn the lesions and cuts on my body, I never felt a thing.
          I did find a black speck inside my lower lid once, when it was stinging, and managed to get it out with kleenex. I am told many have gritty sensation in eyes, as I did. This spray made that feeling go away. Hope it helps.
          I am new to this, so can’t suggest anything about organ involvement, except to say you need to get to a doctor, and failing that, or rather if you can’t find one that will help, go to a health practitioner who could advise nutritional help for the involved organs, including the eyes. Find an herbalist, regardless, and take care of your “terrain,” as Mr. Common Sense calls it.

          • Celia, Turtle, That sounds risky to put in your eyes. I had the same problem though not and occasionaly still. I use first a warm water compress to the eyes using a clean wash cloth for several minutes, then a generous amount of sterile eye drops called blink. They are moisture drops only, but seem to do the trick. Or go to a doc. Don’t mention Morgellons though. before you go to your appointment right out all of your symptoms and calmly read them out to them. I have learned this through trial and error (many errors)! I forgot to mention earlier another test I had done was for heavy metals and found I was FULL of aluminum, lead and nickel and a wee bit o mercury for good measure. I am too broke to retest or follow up at this time.

  8. Thank You Mr. Common Sense. I am 3 months into this and at the totally not sleeping stage because of the biting. Without your blog I think I would have went over the edge. With lack of sleep I still get very close to it.

    I don’t go to Doctors but I feel so alone I am going to approach a Dr. and be calm. I will not mention Morgellons. I will just say whats going on and to see if I can get any help. I will just say I am getting bitten and something wierd is happening to my skin.
    I have already been through this with my family and they think I have gone over the edge which makes me feel alone and terrible. I will now take the same approach with
    them that something is biting me and not mention Morgellons. Thank You. Ruth

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Thank you Ruth, you said:

      “I have already been through this with my family and they think I have gone over the edge which makes me feel alone and terrible”

      Very common and I feel for you, in fact, we all have been through that to some degree, back to what somebody said above, if we cannot convince our own family members something is going on how do you think a perfect stranger is going to react?

      That’s a good plan, don’t mention the word Morgellons, it’s meaningless really, just describe the symptoms you are going through. Despite my change in focus I am not going away and will always be here to help. In fact, I will soon be posting my welcome page which will help folks like you hit the ground running with some good info.

      As far as the sleeping, what I did was get mite proof mattress and pillow covers at bed, bath and beyond (after sleeping on a leather couch for 2 years to protect my wife from something I didn’t understand, you don’t have to do the leather couch part, lol). Also, wash your clothes in the Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap (but don’t bath in it, use it only for laundry). The mite proof covers are vinyl, you won’t even notice them, but it totally cuts off dust mites and all kinds of other mites, a good start if you ask me.

      • Thanks Mr. C. I have done the mattress cover, cleaned like crazy, seperated clothes to the basement, used menthol, wash my clothes in Bonner, wash with sulfer soap, cover myself in coconut oil with peppermint do the protocol, had the ductwork cleaned with a mite killer, spray the green stuff but I am still getting bit and fall asleep at about 6:00 in the morning. Can someone please suggest something, I will lose my house if I can’t work.

        Sorry for derailing but I really need to sleep. Ruth

        • P.s. My next step is try Trish’s stuff and get a hepa air filter. Just looking for more suggestions. Ruth

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Well, when I got to the point where you are now, I realized that I wasn’t getting bitten, I couldn’t be. Nobody else around me was, I had mite proof everything, I got on my hands and knees and looked with my pocket scope for anything and everything, but there was nothing. This goes way back for me know, but it was a turning point for me, I realized that whatever was happening was internal, not external. It might have felt like I was being bitten but I wasn’t.

          That’s when I turned to my terrain strategy and felt like I had to address my overall health. Let me think on this some more Ruth before I respond back. By the way, when I started getting better I had long given up on cleaning and stuff. That being said, there is something external that can bother me even to this day, not sure what it is, it’s almost like a allergic reaction to dead dust mites, it quickly passes, and I cannot be around pets, but other than that I’m pretty good.

          I will email you directly if that’s okay? Don’t post your email here, as admin of this blog I know the email address of the poster.

          • Please emal me diredtly,I so want to sleep Ruth

            • Hi Ruth, here are some tips if you do not have a prescription, some of these natural and safe things helped me sleep and not too costly: – this works well if itching is also a problem keeping you awake. Trish Springstead, RN gave me this advice is to take Benadryl at night. They have a night time formula that works great. If available where you live or order from it is called Melatonin in a spray. Also herbal teas that are especially for helping one sleep or at least relax. One that comes to mind is Traditional Medicinals Easy Now tea and it tastes good also there are herbal capsules you can take with the tea and melatonin that work for me. One trick is not to get hooked on any one thing. Trisha’s herbal bath/soak is great before bedtime also. Yes the air filter helped me greatly. I gradually built it up to having three (one on each floor of the house) Take it easy on yourself, it is even more difficult if you burn yourself out and lose work. All for now……

          • Mr C, I know what you mean about being around pets. I am in the unfortunate position of having to rent a home with carpeting for another 6 months while we build our cabin. I never had allergies like this until having a dog and a 3 storey fully carpeted house! It will be worth the wait though as we will be living in a forest on the Canadian Shield ssituated on a big ole slab of pink and black granite and quartz.
            I also agree regarding excessive cleaning. It became a practical decision as there was not enough time or energy to keep up both the personal and household hygene regimes. Not to mention huge water and power bills.

            • Sharon, thank you for your suggestions. I picked up some benadryl and will look into the tea. Thank You. Ruth

  9. You Mr C are RIGHT ON! This is how we help those who cannot help themselves.
    I agree,the internet can be bad press.
    I completely agree to this approach and think that we DO need to help the docs and it is we all who have endured this who have the undertanding to help them.
    I do not envision it as ‘Weak’ to whisper – ones whisper can be done with intelligence, reasoning,wisdom, kindness,such sense of selflessness that it transcends having to ‘SHOUT’ and grab to push to have our own way.
    I applaude your ideals,I support your actions,and will help serve in any way I can.

    Good job, and can I say ‘You are smoken em out of the hive bud!’ ツ

    Stay strong in the journey and lets push the medicine with intelligence,kindness,and selfless service.

    God Bless you my friend,
    You Rocked this, nicely defined! ツ

    Pam Crane╰ ☆ ╮

  10. Robin Laws said:

    Sooooooo perfectly said MRC… and I agree 200%!!!

    big huge hugs ~~ me

  11. I am very curious….

  12. HI MRC
    I am also into this for about 3 months now, but somewhat stabilized myself, However I am nowhere near being cured. I’ve been to 10 Dr.s at first with minimal help, but after changing my approach I was able to get more help from them. Now, I do understand others concerns about your new approach, as I am also in the medical field very disappointed and at times angry…..However not controlling our emotions not only will not help us but it will harm us in many ways.
    Now about changing our approach with the Dr.s, this is a very difficult subject as we need to let them know whats really going on with us, however scaring them or making them feel stupid will not get us anywhere as many of them truly not aware of this disease or somewhat close minded. Here s some good tips from Holman Foundation for the new comers and their first visits, so they wont make the same mistakes as many of us did at first.

    Now going back to your new approach, I know you haven’t completely revealed your plan to us yet. But I believe that with out a cause there will not be a cure, and by no means I find myself or many others qualified to find all the answers. I also can relate to Buggys frustration, because I also like to know what happened to MRF, Holman foundation, OSU, and many many others and Dr.s that where supposedly working so diligently to find some answers, most sites last posts dates back to 09 and that’s when CDC also was to share with us their findings. So I also sometimes question Buggys concerns if in fact someone have told them to stop…..

    Going back to your approach, I am all in, I would support anyone that is in fact trying to help this community in anyways they can. Without you and many others like you, I don’t know where most of us would be today, probably still be doing Horse paste (never tried that BTW). So this is all we have for the time being and we need to unite and have one voice.

    Its funny that you mentioned Lyme community, because as I was watching the PBS this weekend “under My skin” I told myself we are really on our own. Insurance companies and all the politics involved will never let us find a cure, as what they did to Lyme community. I think everyone should watch that movie (I never been tested for Lyme). Anyhow as I said before I am all in and I will do anything to help your approach in anyways I can. God Bless and thanx for all you doing, please keep going.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Funny you should mention the Morgellons research groups, I left that part out but was going to cover that area too. Some have gone totally silent, others have for years been saying there were going to analyze fibers but have no results. I don’t know what to make of it other than the fact that we are on our own.

      You make a valid point, without cause there will be no cure, however, that being said, there are many that I know, including myself that no longer have any crawling, biting, or classical Morgellons symptoms. It was my hope of course that there would be people reporting in in droves that they had resolved their symptoms after I made progress. I’m not sure there is a documented repeatable path to recovery as of this moment, however.

      And don’t worry about trying to make doctors feel stupid, quite the opposite, the goal is for us to be on the same team, soon we will be.

  13. Just to let you all know we are having a huge sale on our products. 2 for 1. Children with these issues Can use the New Hope 1 or adults with not so severe problems.
    Adults with Severe problems can get the New hope 2 at 2 for 1. Or if you want to have a little of both worlds you can order the Kit that we have made for Pamela which is AWESOME. My Business got hacked we got hit with over 3,000.00 in monies.
    Go to We are running specials the whole month of Nov for sufferers. This is at our cost and we only make 10% on products. We had to find a way to help sufferers and regain our Account standing. Thanks Trisha.

  14. mary kelly said:

    I think the cdc has no right not to release the results on it’s website to us. I think that a strong ( meaning many ) letter writing campaign to our senators and congress people would possibly help do that. That is what got the investigation started. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama… they pressured the cdc.

    I just want to know the facts the cdc came up with my tax dollars.

    You have a kind and sensible way about you that makes you a natural leader.

    Thanks for your blog over the years, big help!


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Here’s what I just read that somebody just got back who wrote to the CDC about the report:

      The letter dated 28th October, 2011;

      The Centre for Disease Control study and final report is still to be published and the Office of Health Protection will consider the findings of this report when it is available.

      So wait, the “Office of Health Protection” has to wait until it’s published in a Magazine to receive the information, the CDC just can’t email them a copy? Really? I think you get the picture here.

      The Washington times last year said the study would be published in early 2011, as of October 28th the say it is “still to be published”. My guess is the 30,000 spa and zero gravity chair they purchased are just too cozy to part from to get any actual work done.

      Now, nearly three years later, the CDC has completed its investigation of Morgellons, or what it calls unexplained dermopathy, evaluating patients in Northern California and sending tissue samples to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for analysis. CDC experts are preparing the final draft of their report, which they hope to submit for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal sometime in early 2011.

      Interestingly, if you click on the link above, that was published on Sunday, October 31, 2010 in the Washington times. So, the CDC admits that it finished the study over 1 year ago but hasn’t released it’s findings …

      • You are right. It seems that they are stalling. Can someone not point out to Hilary Clinton, and the other Reps and Senators that wrote the recommendations to the CDC that sparked the study? Perhaps a brief polite letter with copies of the conflicting statements. Does anyone have Ron Paul for a Congressman? Just a thought.

  15. Rhonda Fouch said:

    I totally agree, the biggest problem for my doctors have been getting the help and information from other doctors and researchers. It is hard to do research without money.
    I have been ill for over 10 years, and have tried everything (except the strong anti parasite meds).

    My husband is continually experimenting with me. The latest is using EMF silver fabric attached to low power voltage. He actually sewed the batteries into the fabric, put aloe as a conductor, and taped in directly on the lesions. He got his idea from Dr. Robert O. Becker, who used this technique to regrow human tissue by stimulating stem cells.

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried this. I was using silver bandages I received from the wound clinic, but even with insurance it gets very expensive. Last night was my first night of using the sewed on version. The results are amazing! I am always skeptical because many treatments lose their effectiveness over time. I have always tried to rotate daily what I use topically. Again, would just like some feedback if this is something anyone else is using.

    I have more disappointed in the Morgellons groups than the doctors. I hate to say it, but it’s true. I have to remember that we aren’t exactly able to cope the way we use to. Our emotions and thoughts can be so affected by this horrible affliction.

  16. Dear Mr Common Sense and All,
    I love the “whisper” having spoke to so many sufferers on the phone and in person since I first saw this disease, I have noticed a pattern.
    1. Many times when they get a hold of me by email, the tag line is HELP ME NOW I THINK I HAVE MORGELLONS. Then they send a phone number.
    2. When I do call them back they tell me their life story along with every single symptom they have. Many Screaming into the phone FRANTICALLY.
    3. Many want not just minutes but hours on the Phone and tell me their theories on what they have. There are as many theories as there are Morgellons patients. While I do not have this disease I have seen enough people and listened to enough people to understand what their symptoms are. In most cases I can tell you what your symptoms are before you can spit it out.
    4. Many are having Huge family issues, divorce, deaths of loved ones, trying to convince others that this is real, analyzing every speck that comes out of their bodies. (If I hear nanbots one more time I am going to scream) I am sympathetic to family problems and emotional turmoil but people must calm down when speaking to a Doctor or a health care practicioner.
    5. Many ask me to call family members and tell them this is Real or Call their Doctors and tell them this is real. That isn’t my job I have made visits with patients to doctors in Florida. 2 months ago a Doctors office called me to help assist with a woman who was 65 years old. I showed up at the office at the Doctors requested time and guess who did not show up…..”THE FREAKING DOCTOR”
    6. In summation the advice I want to offer everyone is when you go to see a medical professional or you call to see a physician….lower your voice, be as calm as you can almost as if you had a cold. Slow down your speech, that is something I have learned to do myself. MD patients are very sensitive, scared and very frustrated and I understand this. When they get someones ear they can be very hard to deal with do not scream into the phone, or spout out theories ie, depopulation, chemtrails, nanobots if you do you will get a prescription for an antipsychotic or the looney bin. I am a good listener but there are only so many hours in a day and so many who are sick. I can only help one person at a time and I have no control over your family life. Remember that if you want validation you must act rational and even then you may not get validation.
    I am very disappointed in the CDC also and I am very disappointed in our Health care system, it is slow and it is horrible that the CDC, now that we are heading into 2012,
    can not just come out and say it is REAL. Just like the people of the Gulf who are ill can find very few doctors to listen to them either.
    Many Blessings, Good Post Mr Common Sense,
    Trisha Springstead .

    • trisha this is what we need! thank you! this is good advice. also it might be helpful when speaking with health practioners is to make sure the OTHER non skin issues are communicated. for example i found that so much focus was placed on my horrible lesions i never got around to telling them how much pain i was in. not just my skin. my muscles and joints. also the debilitating fatigue. these things will help point the doctor in the right direction. my focus was so poor i just could not spit the words out. i think the open sores are scene stealers because they just jump out but the other symptoms will tell the doc that this is more than skin deep. hopefully. does anyone have a list of doctors that are actually trying to treat this?

      • Hi Tina, Yes, Pamela Mae at MorgellonsFocusdotcom has a connection via the labs that do baseline functional testing for doctors who are treating folks in a more holistic fashion than some that many of us have been up against.
        I made all of the mistakes when I first became ill. Just describing all of these bizarre symptoms and being sleep deprived made me lose control in the office and when I pulled out zip lock bags of samples his imediate comment to a colleague was “in the old days they brought match boxes and now zip locks”. Much later I found out that I had been labelled as DP before any examination or testing was done. I would recommend any new sufferers before seeing there doctor to start a list of all of your symtoms and questions. Then when in there office calmly read it off to them. Perhaps suggesting that they wait until you get to the end of the list before any further discussion takes place. Oh yes one more biggie do NOT mention the M word.

  17. Secret Cat said:

    I had a horrible experience here in Sweden, going through similar symptoms as so many of you. This blog was a great relief zone to me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    I would just like to highlight something that may or may not be pertinent for you who are reading this. As explained by a dermatologist that I trust, the two most common and clinically accepted biological causes for “Morgie” symptoms are seborrheic eczema and psoriasis. The former turned out to be troubling me. I think that many of us that identify with morgellons are in reality part of one of these clinical categories.

    My problem in the Swedish healthcare system was finding someone who trusted my description of the symptoms. Luckily, after 5 months and the fourth doctor I met, I was offered medication that helped me. I’ve received tetracycline and ketokonazol that have helped me become symptom free from seborrheic eczema. Had I been told of these two diagnoses when my DP symptoms erupted, six months of suffering could have been avoided.

    Based on experience – my suggestions when dealing with doctors:
    1. Try to be as collected and forthcoming as possible. Describe the symptoms clearly.
    2. Do not bring up any of your own theories – this will 100% lead them to think that you are delusional.
    3. Do not become defensive, instead ask questions that show trust in the doctor’s ability – thus offering the clinician an understanding that you are not trying to undermine him or her.
    4. Finally, NEVER bring and show samples of specks that you believe are pertinent. If the doctor finds something directly on your skin, then fair enough, but don’t offer them the chance to diagnose you as a DP case. Doctors do that whenever they have the chance – it’s their way of getting home early that day 😉

    And RELAX! Things will be looking up. Hopefully some of you will be helped by this. I send you all my love and wish you all restored good health.

    • Secret Cat said:

      Actually let me share a short conversation that I had with a close doctor friend.

      Me: Ok, so you’re a radiologist. Do you ever meet any actual patients?
      Him: You wouldn’t want to meet any patients either if you were a doctor.

      Thinking of this always makes me laugh, and it certainly brought me some well-needed perspective on how to handle doctors. So remember guys, don’t underestimate how forthcoming you need to be to find the right help 🙂

  18. Sistah Trish,

    Nicely done ツ
    Where did you learn all that? You must have helped a few people,hey?
    Big Hugs to you!

    Pam ╰ ☆ ╮

  19. Dear Pamela,
    I can tell you for a fact that after I discovered this disease was real my life was about obsessing for the truth. I can remember back in 2006 when I pulled parasites and fibers out of my first patient. That Oct I did an Observation at my husbands office and all the Doctors and Nurses walked out when I pulled an organism out of a man. Even the Entomologist ran out the door.
    We had a videographer there and he stole the film, I could have proven this a long time ago had he not done this. Out of 10 only one person was delusional and boy was she delusional.

    I was left with 9 very sick patients and no Doctors or Nurses to help, a friend stayed and helped me.
    After that I was on the phone for over a year talking to patients day and night. My home life suffered, my business went under, my family turned on me and I almost lost my marriage. I went to Miami twice and interviewed with Patrick Fraser and did the Body Bugs films with wsvn. I lived Morgellons and I did not even have it.
    I called everyone and I even met with Randy Wymore in Atlanta in July of 2008. I spoke to Michelle Pearson at the CDC and she was less than interested in what I had to say and Mark Eberhardt her boss said ‘There are no parasites”.
    I did the Barbara Minton articles with Natural News and after that went to Calif to work with scientists who could think out of a box and understand what was happening. I have been on Coast to Coast, Feet to the Fire, all kinds of Radio shows trying to get the word out.
    This Disease has taken it’s tool on me Financially, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally
    In the middle of everything my Mother died, so I really had no family left the rest of them thought I was Nuts. I have been accused of a lot of things snake oil salesman, I have been beaten Battered and Bruised by the people in the University system and by warring factions. Some pretty hurtful and hateful people have said things about me that were untrue and yes it took it’s toll on my heart and my spirit. If it had not been for MRC standing up and defending me against the cruelty of others on the chat groups and here in this sanctuary of light, I do not know what I would have done. He was the one who stepped in and defended me against some pretty horrible things that were said about me.
    One thing I have learned is that all we are all in this together and that the beatings just made me stronger. We shall know each other from the bruises on our knees from falling down and getting back up and we shall know each other by the scrapes on our knees from kneeling in prayer.
    I have also learned that nothing is free in this life and I am a warrior. I am in the middle of the largest catastrophy in the history of our country….the Gulf Oil Spill. Many do have hypertoxic conditions and NCS but I can not call it Morgellons, it is too frightening of a word to tell them, if I know they have it. So I just call it hypertoxicity. There are so many here who are suffering and also with no monies. I posted MRC’s Poor Mans Protocol and it is helping many here. It is estimated that 10 to 20 million people will be affected and so I am in for the Fight of my life. Maybe it was Morgellons that brought me into this spill as a matter of a fact I am sure it is.
    So I just wake up every day and say, “Father take me to the people, places and things so that I may make a difference in this life.” So in ending have faith, be still and know that there is hope and there is love and as frightened as I am for these people and all Morgellons patients who suffer, I have faith that somehow, financially, spiritually and Morally it will work out in the end.
    Much Love and Light to all who suffer,

    • trisha,
      i know this morgellons thing is a nightmare for so many. the people that have it, the people that will get it, and the the people trying to treat it. also of course all the innocent by standing loved ones and family.
      you are an angel in this hell nightmare. do not forget that. all the camps may argue..they will say this and they will say that. mostly because they are sick. i guess a few of them have no excuse for their poor form.
      the point is you are an angel in this nightmare. it will get better and you will know in your heart you did your very best. that is something to be proud of. thank you for all you do.

  20. re: treatment …suppose we are dancing around the obvious…as mentioned previously by many, sulphur, sulphur, sulphur …such as sulphur based amino acids, msm, garlic and all the rest supplemenatly speaking.and then there’s BACTRIM …i want to believe bactrim is what made mel symptom free…i can’t convince my nurse practitioner to prescribe bactrim for me in that i made the mistake of mentioning m word to her early on into morgellons, she won’t go there w/me…my next step…fake a tooth infection at our county minor emergeny clinic and then do the obvious…ask for bactrim…ain’t i smart?

    • Hi! I’m a newchum.:) A doctor friend gve me some Bactrim. It came free from alocal grocery store’s program. They have a list of anitibiotics they give out for free in two week increments. When he asked me how this was being treated, I replied that no one knew what to do, but that long-term antibiotics were meeting with some success. The bottle says 400-80 M Tab Int, which is generic for 400-80 M Tab Url. I don’t know what amount that is. I am used to seeing 250 mg. or 500 mg. etc. It has seemed to help with the brain fog, but the communication/typing problems are still there. I am on my 5th week starting tomorrow. Had no more lesions before I started taking Bactrim, though, and got new lesion yesterday. I don’t know if that is a large enough dose or if I should try something else. Or if it is just because I haven’t been able to start working on my “terrain” yet.You said “Mel” got better. Do you know how much he was taking? I’ve heard Tetracycline a couple of times. Do I need to get that instead? I am expecting a change in my financial situation soon, so could probably follow more suggestions say, next month. Glad to hear, though , that this antibiotic helped someone. Thanks for your remarks. Wow! Even questions help others. 🙂

  21. Mother Jones said:

    Many years ago I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert, it was around the time of the start of the ar in Iraq. Bruce made this statement to the audience… “these days having blind faith in anything including the governement could get you killed”. At the time I was a little ticked off because I prefer musicians keep their political opinions to themsleves and just do what we are paying them to do..entertain. However, now I think back to that statement and realize that it’s so true. Those of us who are afflicted with this know that we are on our own..for now. We are absoultely the most courageous, brave and tenacious souls. We have to be, we were forced to be. When I first discovered I had this I was ready to go out and shout and scream to anyone who would listen in an attempt to find help or an answer. Well, I like alot of you, know now that theres no one out there listening, let alone helping. We must help ourselves in order to be of any help to those who follow. I just want to thank you Mr. Common Sense for being a beacon of light in the darkness, the voice of reason in this mad mad world, the shread of hope we all need to cling to. You are to be commended for your efforts. Kindness is the highest form of wisdom. Thank you for your kindness. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  22. Mother Jones said:

    See that, I can ‘t even spell properly anymore thanks to my “brain fog”. lol

    • Yes too true Mother. I find that I constantly reverse lettters now when typing as well as sic’s

  23. Mother Jones said:

    Sometimes when I try to say something my brain and mouth are not in sync and the words come out like some strange foriegn language, made up non existant words.. My kids just look at me and say “what the hell did you just say?” spooky.

    • One word – neurotoxins…

      • So, do we know what to do, or at least how to start working on “neurotoxins”?

        • Hello Turtle, I am not an expert nor am I cured totally but have had great improvement. if one can afford it it is obviously best to have a good perhaps ND or doctor who will do a baseline functional test I believe it is called. one doc who has helped many is Dr Amin. i believe Morgellons Joe went to him. Also check out where they have a poor mans protocol that is easy to follow. if you contact Pamela she has helped many linking folks to docs that do this kind of testing. One major step in my recovery was having my silver (mercury) fillings replaced (very carefully) by a holistic dentist. Then I had all of my root canals redone and bridges and crowns replaced with more bio friendly materials. The root canal procedure was really important. What my dentist discovered when he went in was a black sticky tar like substance that when it tested it had RNA of mycoplasma and bartonella the latter is known as a coinfection to lyme but according to Dr Schaller is far more widespread as it comes from fleas, flies or mosquitoes.
          DNA blood tests revealed that i had CPnemonia otherwise known as CPN. There is a website for that as well. Google CPN. He is another Doc that thinks outside of the box that has also helped some folks. I believe he is on the board of the Morgellons Research Foundation. He practices in Fla. Do the google. But Pamela at Morgellons Focus can help you as well. After I did all of the dentist work thousands of dollars later I had a great improvement but cannot afford to see a doctor or pay for the tests now. I still have scalp and itchy issues but it is manageable. Also see Mr C’s Poor Mans Protocol or PMP2 on this website. Helpful sites are listed I beleive at the bottom left column of this website. All the Best, sharon

  24. Amen to that Sharon!

  25. Hi, Trisha, This is Chris from Pa. We talked at length one day on the phone — I wanted to interview you and get your story into “People Mag.,” remember? We discussed the fact that you’d just enjoyed a landmark victory in Court over a case involving the toxic effects of the Gulf Oil spill. I’d love to talk with you again. I still have your email so I can initiate contact if you no longer have mine.

    On another note, I understand and agree with the cooperative, less demanding approach Mr. Common Sense recommends in dealing with the health care profession, particularly physicians. I believe this strategy may prove more effective in the long run than pro-active attempts to elicit their involvement.

    Essentially it is a mental and, for some, a spiritual discipline to step away and simply WAIT while resisting the impulse to control others in order to produce a desired outcome.l. . A slogan frequently used in AA fellowships defines this mindset as “letting go, and letting God.”

    Physicians, nurses, research scientists, pharmaceutical companies and other relevant health care professionals will finally turn their attentions to treatments and a cure for this horrid affliction when they contract the condition themselves or if a spouse, child or other loved one begins to develop the freakish symptoms of this poorly understood malady.

  26. noteastnotwest said:

    Hi All,

    I would just like to thank Mr. Common Sense and God bless him for his efforts here.
    I think it would be of benefit to share my testimony here, perchance it may help others. I’ll try to be concise.

    I was living abroad with my wife. Some pigeons roosted on our window sills. Both us and our neighbors were afflicted by bites – from creatures that we could not see. Long story short, after removing several nests and even moving to different apartments and throwing away personal possessions – we still felt constant bites and itching. We brought exterminators twice, both with only temporary effect ( so it seemed). One consoling moment was that as the exterminator was about to spray some of our possessions, he himself felt a bite, as if it were confirmation of our case, since we feared that we had become delusional. To this day we have never seen anything external.

    Cue the internet. As you may know there is a lot of activity online from those affected by “bird mites” – and a lot of scam artists trying to make a dollar from them. Forums filled with delirious people going insane. Morgellons seemed even more nuts to me then. But I never judged its sufferers as being liars, something which seemed quite incomprehensible to me. Compulsive cleaning, spraying, things I know all too well and I sympathize with everyone suffering from such a tiresome routine. I lost hope and became quite depressed, stuck in a cycle of cleaning and insecticide (which I hope people avoid so they don’t poison themselves!)

    I considered myself living in a third space between the bird mite and Morgellons community. This is why I think my testimony is significant as I hope people in a similar situation read this.

    Cue Mr. Common Sense. It was a breath of fresh air to find his blog: First things first: Be calm, think rationally. If a crazy cleaning schedule isn’t working, then think about fixing your own “terrain” – to make yourself inhospitable to any parasite out there. I took his word for it. Coconut oil was seriously a revelation for me, and I think many people know what I’m talking about. In addition to copious amounts of coconut oil. I went on a strict diet – no bread, no sugar. I felt this was key. I used other items from the PoorMansProtocol. And sure enough many of my symptoms subsided. It became clear to me that I was fighting an internal enemy – perhaps there had been an external one at some point, and perhaps even following the protocol had made me less appealing to the external enemy, I don’t know. But now it became clear I had something systemic. Itching, bites, red fungal splotches and tiny pimple like things came and went – all depending on how consistent I was with my regimen.

    I am not cured of my symptoms, which started about a year and a half ago, but life is considerably easier than it used to be and I don’t slave away at extra laundry loads and spend extra money on peppermint soap anymore – 🙂 . Doctors have been not much help unfortunately. But I think the best bet is to ask them for concrete tests – blood tests and skin tests. I still am waiting to find a doctor who can give me tests for fungal infection (I am abroad again, and the medical care here is not so great). I lean towards thinking that many people out there are suffering from something fungal/yeast and the like. One thing worth mentioning oo: After a doctor gave me medicine for urticaria, some of the symptoms actually subsided as well. Urticaria is a symptom and not a disease. It is a result of your body overreacting to stimulus thus creating an excessive itching feeling. For some longterm sufferers it would not hurt to take medicine for this for about a month or so to make sure your body isn’t overreacting to stimulus which isn’t there anymore. Thats something I’m sure these pill-happy doctors will do in a heartbeat, no questions asked.

    Additionally I personally recommend coconut oil, oregano leaf oil, olive-leaf extract from barleans, turmeric tea, raw garlic, and most of all avoiding sugar and starches as much as possible. Look into base foods versus acidic. Do exercise, do whatever strengthens your immune system. But whatever you do, do what works for you and don’t poison yourself as many people are doing. My wife and I used to get mad and fight because of our symptoms – now we fight because she’s sick of our new diet 🙂 – that’s an improvement as far as I’m concerned.

    Here’s to Mr. Common Sense and everyone else out there who is thinking positively and trying to help other people. The world out there is in a state of terrible imbalance, it is a great thing when people can reach out to each other and give them a helping hand without asking for anything in return.

  27. Joyce A. Clark said:

    Dear Mr Common Sense:

    I see no problem with being calm and not making a scene when speaking to others. That is just common sense 🙂 I am not sophisticated on the Internet, so please excuse, I don’t know how to make those happy faces you guys do.
    I hope you get this. I have tried many times to reply on the other (blogs?) but I don’t get any answer. Must be doing it wrong lol.

    I saw a reply to your post, Mr Common Sense, on Oct. 21, 2009, addressed to Sandy, which said you know how to clean a car or a room simply. I gave my car to a friend who seems to be immune to the attack of mites, parasites, whatever. I gave it to him because, not only am I now unable to see more than a few inches in front of my face, but every time I entered the car I was attacked by something. Mostly it is invisible. Once I found little black dots with little string tails, like tadpoles, on my body after I left his car. Now, I seem to have infected my roommate’s car. I get attacked in her car now.

    I could really use a way to clean up transportation. But when I tried the (address?) (link?) you created, it said the page couldn’t be found. It did give me a list of your other articles, which was great, and that is how I found this one. Thank you so much for your articles. It has been like a ray of hope to find them. I consider it to be a miracle, since I am so inept with Internet.

    I am so sorry. I know I am talking too much. I don’t have anyone to share with. It is kind of late, but I don’t seem to want to sleep any more unless it is daylight. Guess I am used to parasites keeping me up. Losing ability to think clearly or communicate properly. Have to keep trying to come up with right words. Really silly, for an English major with huge vocabulary, huh?

    If you will excuse me, I’d like to tell my story. Went to Mexico to help a friend. Visited in poverty-stricken area of mountains. Water from a hose coming from top of mountain into old reservoir. No bathrooms. No glass in windows. Lots of mosquitos. Couldn’t sleep in rooms with dirt-packed floors. Felt like I was suffocating. Slept on cement porch. Got a floor burn on elbow which turned into a hive. Returned Aug. 7, 2011.

    Discovered had head lice, got rid of it. Still itched. I now believe I had four different parasites. I thought I had body lice.

    Don’t laugh, but research on the Internet–Parasites/Mexico brought up a photo of a bull with the parasites I believe I had on my face–little short walking sticks. I got rid of those with lice shampoo. (I used it for four weeks, until I discovered that I had to do it three days after first treatment, not wait 7, then a third time on the seventh day.) I also believe I have Collembola, or springtails. I also have a rounded parasite which may be a second type of Collembola, or it might be the Cheyletiella, which go into my eyes and nose, or I may have both.

    My right eye still has vision, and I am extremely nearsighted. An eye doctor once explained to me that, though I could see my pores, others could not see theirs. I can see these little rascals. Only when they are either babies, or are eggs, do I find it more difficult to differentiate between them, ’cause then they are just little round white things. I found out all this as a direct result of your website, Mr. Common Sense. Thank you so much!
    The Morgellons parasite is the little black round things. At first, they were much bigger, but it seems like the more I comb my body for them and take them off, the smaller they get. They were like sand grains. Now they are like the smallest piece of black pepper.
    Also, by flooding my body with body lotion, I could take scrapings and I eventually started to discover a black-bloom like film all over my body. (Bio-film?)

    The fourth of the original parasites may not be a parasite. I have a large, brown stain on my tailbone, which has channels and dry, scaly skin coming from it. I don’t think it is scabies, because in general, it doesn’t itch. I took a picture with a friends’s camera and two weeks ago I took it to a (disbelieving) friend at church, who is also a doctor. I have tried on several occasions to get him to help, but that was useless. Upon seeing the pictures, he said it was not scabies, and gave me a prescription for Bactrim. A store called Meijer’s gives out prescriptions for certain antibiotics for 14 days for free.

    I have been unemployed for a long time, and have no income. I am hoping to get a pension from Social Security. (I am 62, now.) But need to get documentation together first. Friends have given me liquid silver on two occasions (even though they don’t believe me), but I need three teaspoons a day for it to do anything. That is only one week per bottle, and it is expensive.

    When I didn’t have silver, I also took fresh whole garlic cloves four times a day, but they stopped helping after about two weeks, at which time I also found black grains growing out of my garlic. So I don’t take that any more. I was taking ground cloves along with that, thinking I had scabies on my tailbone. I didn’t have the money for anything else, and didn’t want to take advantage of my friends. I am really lucky to have my friends, but since my roommate doesn’t believe me, I am not allowed to clean. I am so miserable.

    The first month I was tempted to kill myself. Prayer helped that, and the problem is I don’t believe in it. I just felt so exhausted all the time. No sleep the first month. No way to do anything for myself. I feel guilty, because I only got six lesions, and the first one was self-inflicted. I read about the freckles, and tore one up to see what was underneath. It had six black specks. The silver healed my lesions right up. I am not nearly as badly off as those with lesions and stuff coming out of them, but I am very anxious. I know I shouldn’t be.

    Thanks for listening. Or reading, as the case may be. Or maybe you smoozed off half-way through my long-winded speech. Sorry, and thanks aagain. Please don’t forget to let me know about cleaning the car. You are welcome to e-mail me if you like, at 🙂

    I consulted a doctor at church (who is also a disbelieving friend). Finally, two weeks ago he condescended to give me a prescription for Bactrim. I was worried that it wasn’t any good. But I see that it helped drmimi. Everything I have read has said Tetracycline, and the Bactrim doesn’t make me feel as good as the Silver, but I think the bio-film is going away.

  28. Joyce A. Clark said:

    Dear Mr Common Sense:

    I see no problem with being calm and not making a scene when speaking to others. That is just common sense 🙂 I am not sophisticated on the Internet, so please excuse, I don’t know how to make those happy faces you guys do.
    I hope you get this. I have tried many times to reply on the other (blogs?) but I don’t get any answer. Must be doing it wrong lol.

    I saw a reply to your post, Mr Common Sense, on Oct. 21, 2009, addressed to Sandy, which said you know how to clean a car or a room simply. I gave my car to a friend who seems to be immune to the attack of mites, parasites, whatever. I gave it to him because, not only am I now unable to see more than a few inches in front of my face, but every time I entered the car I was attacked by something. Mostly it is invisible. Once I found little black dots with little string tails, like tadpoles, on my body after I left his car. Now, I seem to have infected my roommate’s car. I get attacked in her car now.

    I could really use a way to clean up transportation. But when I tried the (address?) (link?) you created, it said the page couldn’t be found. It did give me a list of your other articles, which was great, and that is how I found this one. Thank you so much for your articles. It has been like a ray of hope to find them. I consider it to be a miracle, since I am so inept with Internet.

    I am so sorry. I know I am talking too much. I don’t have anyone to share with. It is kind of late, but I don’t seem to want to sleep any more unless it is daylight. Guess I am used to parasites keeping me up. Losing ability to think clearly or communicate properly. Have to keep trying to come up with right words. Really silly, for an English major with huge vocabulary, huh?

    Well, sent you too long a reply, ’cause I got notice my comment “is awaiting moderation.” So I’ll just say thank you so much for your articles, advice, and suggestions for treatment. It has been a real safety line for me, emotionally as much as physically.

    At present, I have no lesions; the silver healed them up. I do have black specks and tan-colored, sliver-like things coming out of normal skin on my right wrist, and I am on Bactrim right now. I aljust started the sulfur Azufre soap. Please don’t forget to send me info on cleaning a car. 🙂 You can e-mail me if you wish, at Thank you!

    • Hi Joyce, to clean the car it’s been suggested to use menthol cyrstals from Mountain Rose Herbs. It worked for me. Ruth

      • Joyce A. Clark said:

        Gee, thanks, Ruth. I didn’t think I would ever find out. I don’t know Mountain Rose Herbs. Is that an online store, a local store brand? Or could I get it anywhere?

        • Hi Joyce, it’s an on-line store just type it in. Menthol cyrstals work great. If you can plug something electric in your car to a coffee heater it will work good. I myself just had a thing with a candle and a pot on top and watched my car carefully for a few hours. I do not recommend this method of how I did it but it got the job done. Ruth

          • Joyce A. Clark said:

            Plug something electric from my car into a coffee heater? Something electric = only my cigarette lighter (which doesn’t work)? A coffee heater = a hot pot like you boil water in for tea or hot chocolate? (I don’t drink coffee, so don’t know what you mean). Sounds like I’d be better off following your own experience and using the (more risky) method. 🙂 Thanks for the info. Happy New Year to You!

        • hi joyce i was going to email this to you but i thought others might like this information as well. just today while i was picking up some prescriptions i asked my pharmacist about menthol crystals. i had heard that some pharmacists keep them for compounding. he had them and actually just gave me a jar fro free. he was curious what i wanted them for.
          anyway my point is that those of you that have old school pharmacists in town might try asking. especially if you don’t have a credit card anymore (like me).
          fyi, mountain rose herbs has excellent products. you can get all kinds of
          clays, herbs, etc there (and menthol crystals).

          • Thanks Tina. I, too, don’t have a credit card. I figured I would try to find a natural store that sold it locally, or borrow one from a friend. That is a good suggestion, about the pharmacist. I will ask when I pick up my prescription for Bactrim. What did you say when he asked why you wanted it? 🙂

            • Turtle, Tina: I do not have a credit card either but discovered that PayPal can be set up through a bank account rather than credit card, which helps a bit. Note the pharmacist should be an old school compounding pharmacist.

  29. I just wanted to chime in here. What she is trying to say is to use a coffee warmer and put a bowl of crystals on it. You have to be very careful, don’t use a candle. I burned up the inside of my car. At any rate, and especially in the summer months, I had great results just putting a bowl of the crystals on my dashboard and let the sun beat down. The inside of a parked car goes upwards of 150 degrees. Especially, when I am in Florida, it gets so hot that you can’t touch the thing to remove it without a welding glove. In the winter and being up north, a heating element of some sort and a cord run through an open window…then, duck tape the open cracks. This works fine, don’t go too hot, be sure you watch….electricity can do wild things, don’t burn up your car like I did. I have a sneaking suspicion that this methol crystal vaporization may also work against bugs like bedbugs. I haven’t tested that as I haven’t any BB thank the heavens.
    In that case, one can also use the enzyme spray from Genesis or the cedarcide spray.

    • Gee, thanks! I will wait for warm weather and do it that way. I still could’t figure out what a coffee warmer was. In addition, since I am in apartments, I don’t have easy access to electricity or private area where could let the car sit like that.

      Uh, oh, even though I am on Bactrim, I seem to be getting worse. Instead of letters, I now have to correct entire words and wow! grammar, too! I really thought it had come out correctly, and had to re-type. This is not good.

      I don’t understand. I’ve been reading comments, and thought, since I am under 5 monthat, would be less serious than the others. Also, I have no lesions, or only one or two at a time. Why am I deteriorating so rapidly, unl;ess, at first, until can can fix your terrain, it really is necessary to clean (which I can’t). I stay on a hard chair during the day, and wash the table area and chairs down once a day. wash my clothes in bleach, but otherwise my roommates will not allow me to clean.

      In two weeks I will have some income. I am thinking of getting a juicer. Has anyone had good results with that? To make matters worse, I think my friend, to whom I gave my car, is getting it. He is extremely tired, but has no lesions as yet. Of course, he doesn’t really believe in this syndrome.

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